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Found 1 result

  1. I'm not admin.Hello.Here is a new program based on ETHERIUM payments.PROJECT ETHEREUMMEMBERSHIP INCLUDES• No qualifiers• Forced Matrix• Automated upgrading• Complete team building concept• Up to 510 direct donations to you, per month• Start receiving donations with just one person in your organization• Receive real information via Crypto University (Social Media Hub)$90 to join - in Ethereum.Start on June, 1The initial cost to join PE will be $90.00, paid in $90.00 worth of ETH. Once you load your account with $90.00+ in ETH, you will be ready to advance to Stage 1. Leave some allowances just in case there is a very small transaction fee. Put about $100.00 worth in your internal wallet when available.Please use gmail as your e-mail when signing up to PE.Your password will be created once you sign up and reply to the email sent to you.PE’s platform is a 2 x 8 forced matrix. This means new members are placed in the order they come in from top to bottom and from left to right. The FASTER you secure your spot, the higher you go and the greater the income potential you will have EARLY in the team build.We will have a full University that will teach us a great deal about cryptocurrency.Stage 1 - You pay $90.00 to the person directly above you. Receive $90.00 by up to 2 members ($180.00 total).Stage 2 - You pay $180.00 to the person 2 levels above you. Receive $180.00 by up to 4 members ($720.00 total).Stage 3 - You pay $360.00 to the person 3 levels above you. Receive $360.00 by up to 8 members ($2,880.00 total).Stage 4 - You pay $900.00 to the person 4 levels above you. Receive $900.00 by up to 16 members ($14,400.00 total).Stage 5 - You pay $1,800.00 to the person 5 levels above you. Receive $1,800.00 by up to 32 members ($57,600.00 total).Stage 6 - You pay $3,600.00 to the person 6 levels above you. Receive $3,600.00 by up to 64 members ($230,400.00 total).Stage 7 - You pay $7,200.00 to the person 7 levels above you. Receive $7,200.00 by up to 128 members ($921,600.00 total).Stage 8 - You pay $14,400.00 to the person 8 levels above you. Receive $14,400.00 by up to 256 members ($3,686,400.00 total).Although the numbers above are represented in dollars, remember, we pay in ETH, but in the value of the numbers above.Your 2 level 1 members will pay you their Stage 1 contribution. Your 4 level 2 members will pay you their Stage 2 contribution. Your 8 level 3 members will pay you their Stage 3 contribution. Your 16 level 4 people will pay you their Stage 4 contribution. This continues all the way to level 8, which alone has 256 members paying you $14,400.00 each.The most you'll ever pay in any given is $28,530.00, but that is over a time period of 1 month to maybe 5-6 months. This depends on how far apart you make your contributions. If you’re paying the $28,530.00, you are taking in a butt load of ETH.The most you can receive passively over the same period above is $4.914,180.00 Million.JOIN HERE