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Found 26 results

  1. Секреты работы на дому и интернет-джетсет - Джон Крестани Work-at-Home Secrets & Scams - это цифровая рабочая тетрадь, которая поможет вам понять, какие возможности для домашнего бизнеса доступны, и включает упражнения и дополнительные ресурсы, которые помогут вам создать дополнительный доход на дому. Internet Jetset - это еженедельная обучающая серия, в которой участвуют интернет-миллионеры, чтобы показать студентам новую бизнес-модель, которую они могут воспроизводить каждую неделю. Создано Джоном Крестани (John Crestani), партнером по маркетингу, который был представлен в Forbes, ABC, NBC, Fox News, CNBC, Entrepreneur.com, Fast Company и многих других. Преврати 1 доллар в 1 000 000 долларов, стань финансово независимым https://bit.ly/3fqi7uQ
  2. First in The world .. arbitrage Exchanger .. daily profit daily www.exchangerbit.com To all trader in The world .. now very Easy no need to do arbitrage and monitor chart .. now have first exchanger help you monitor profit on time arbitrage get Very save you can withdraw averages profit daily 0.3% to 2.5.0% .. monthly more 8% to 50% follow Market and capital can take back any time Manual trade and auto arbitrage Package : No1) 0.02. BTC No2 ) 0.05 BTC No 3 ) 0.5 BTC No 4 ) 1. BTC No 5 ) 2 BTC No 6 ) 5 BTC No 7 ) 10 BTC - [ ] Free registration: 👇👇👇 https://exchangerbit.com/UserRegistration.aspx?ref=exchangerbit https://t.me/exchangerbit/143 YouTube : https://youtu.be/p22LRwg9FHU https://exchangerbitarbitrage.blogspot.com/2019/11/exchangerbit.html?m=1 http://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=84931313088 Min 0.02 BTC and no maximum for Trading auto arbitrage to get daily profit ... never lost Trading if all Coin go up more profit .. maximum profit daily from auto arbitrage Why need auto Arbitrage 1) no need monitor exchanger 2. Profit daily And never lost because inside System auto detect price when have diffirent % auto buy and sell for you 3. No need to register many exchanger because inside System have account Binance, Bittrex, Hitbtc, Kraken 4. No need to manual because manual take too much time 5. Inside System have robot auto trade for you 6. Minimum 0.02 BTC also can do arbitrage and my suggestion need to put min 1 BTC for you withdraw daily profit For exemple: 1. You invest 1 BTC profit 1.2% (0.012 BTC) Withdraw manual and auto to your bitcoin wallet address .. very good sistem not hold your profit .. you open your bitcoin wallet see money 💰 in your account forever every day More important This not money game This first in The world arbitrage exchanger .. Next generation exchanger .. inside This exchanger have many exchanger. You can try min 0.02 BTC or 1 BTC .. to See result .. and withdraw profit min 0.001 btc ( 10 usd
  3. I'm not admin !!! https://financebit.net/ Investment Plans: 10% to 11.5% Daily For 15 Business Days (Principal Included) Min Spend - $25 Min Withdrawal - $1 Payment Processors - PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, BitCoin Cash, Ethereum, LiteCoin & DogeCoin Referral Commission - 3 Levels - 10%, 3% & 1% Withdrawal Type - Instant About Us:
  4. I'm not admin !!! https://tanaris.biz/ Investment Plans: 101% After 1 Day (Principal Included), 110% After 5 Days (Principal Included) & 127% After 9 Days (Principal Included) Min Spend - $20 Min Withdrawal - $1 Payment Processors - PerfectMoney & Bitcoin Referral Commission - 3% Withdrawal Type - Manual within 24 Hours About Us: Plans Details:
  5. I'm not admin !!! https://miningry.com/ Investment Plans: 3.50% Daily for 40 Days (Principal Included), 5.5% Daily for 26 Days (Principal Included) & 7.50% Daily for 20 Days (Principal Included) Min Spend - $10 Min Withdrawal - $1 Payment Processors - PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin & LiteCoin Referral Commission - 4 Levels - 8%, 3$, 1% & 1% Withdrawal Type - Instant About Us:
  6. Project Legend: Marketing: Investment Portfolio Trading: The user’s statuses influences the profit from investments to Trading and ICO. Also, the statuses influence the time periods, options: “Insurance rate” and “Closing the portfolio before the end of the investment period”. Chosen cryptocurrency for the investment portfolio means a lot as well. The profit for investment portfolio is accrued on a daily basis. Investment period is from 30 to 150 days. The profit percentage changes according to the period. Timing 30 DAYS PORTFOLIO BRINGS STANDARD PROFIT 60 DAYS PORTFOLIO INCREASES DAILY PROFIT FOR 5% 90 DAYS PORTFOLIO INCREASES DAILY PROFIT FOR 10% 120 DAYS PORTFOLIO INCREASES DAILY PROFIT FOR 12,5% 150 DAYS PORTFOLIO INCREASES DAILY PROFIT FOR 15% OCTOIN has got 7 statuses: USER Is given to everyone at the completed registration process. ASSISTANT Partners with Assistant status get 3% of additional daily profit. SUPERVISOR Partners with Supervisor status get 5% of additional daily profit. MANAGER Partners with Manager status get 7% of additional daily profit. LEADER Partners with Leaders status get 10% of additional daily profit. DIRECTOR Partners with Director status get 15% of additional daily profit. PARTNER Partners with Partners status get 20% of additional daily profit. Minimum amount of deposit: 10 USD Maximum amount of deposit: 100 000 USD Average monthly profit: from 26% to 32% depending on the status Type of payments: manual return of deposit at the end of investment period Payment systems: PerfectMoney, AdvCash, Payeer, Bitcoin, ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Dash Early portfolio closing Rate Insurance OCTOIN is for the secure investments! The service “Rate insurance” is allowing to fix the rate of the cryptocurrency in USD at the moment of the payment of the investment portfolio. Thanks to the insurance you are protected from the losses. The daily profit will be shown in both: cryptocurrency and USD. Everyday the user can choose in which out of the two currencies to take the most profitable income. Closing of investment portfolio after its full completion is possible in USD or in cryptocurrency of investment in accordance to its current rate at the moment of portfolio creation. The payment for service “Rate Insurance” is spread during the whole period of portfolio validity period. It is 30% of the daily accruals for the specific invest portfolio. This payment is taking only for the risks which Octoin is baring. Mining: Deposit minimum amount: 10 USD Deposit maximum amount: 100 000 USD Average monthly profitability: 35% Types of payments: Manual Deposit is included in the payments Payment systems: PerfectMoney, AdvCash, Payeer, Bitcoin, ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Dash Investments in mining are profitable Advantage when paying by OctoinCoin Rental period Octoin makes profitable the rentals of mining capacities for a long time. The longer is rental period the less is the rental payment of the mining capacities. 30 DAYS RENTAL. DISCOUNT - 0% 60 DAYS RENTAL. DISCOUNT - 3% 90 DAYS RENTAL. DISCOUNT - 5% 200 DAYS RENTAL. DISCOUNT - 10% Partners Trading Program USER 3-2-1% from the partner’s deposit ASSISTANT 3-2-1-0.5% from the partner’s deposit Supervisor 5-2-1-1-0.5% from the partner’s deposit Manager 5-3-1-1-0.5-0.5% from the partner’s deposit Leader 7-3-1-1-1-0.5-0.5% from the partner’s deposit Director 7-5-3-1-1-1-0.5% from the partner’s deposit Partner 10-5-3-1-1-1-1% from the partner’s deposit Partners Mining Program: USER 3-1-1% from the partner’s deposit, 3-2-1% from profit ASSISTANT 3-2-0.5% from the partner’s deposit, 5-2-1% from profit Supervisor 3-2-1-0.5-0.5% from the partner’s deposit, 7-3-1-0.5-0.5-0.5 from profit Manager 5-3-1-1-0.5-0.5% from the partner’s deposit, 7-5-3-1-1-1 from profit Leader 7-3-1-1-1-0.5-0.5% from the partner’s deposit, 7-5-3-1-1-1 from profit Director 7-5-3-1-1-1-0.5% from the partner’s deposit, 10-7-5-1-1-1% from profit Partner 10-5-3-1-1-1-1% from the partner’s deposit, 15-10-5-3-1-1% from profit P2P-exchanger is a platform of free exchange of cryptocurrencies inside Octoin. Each registered user can place as new exchange order all cryptocurrencies that he/she has got and all the money, which he/she has got on the balance. There is a calculator to make the process of order creation easy and simple. It will show the current rates of all the currencies and calculate the amounts. Lern more here
  7. Are you in search of a legitimate,profitable & a long term online investment program to invest & earn a stable income online?? I was introduced to this investment program just few months ago and i started with a little investment of about $100, and now i have over $5,000 invested,all i did was reinvest my profits for just a few weeks. Lots of people all over the world are making good money from this investment program,make sure you don't miss this wonderful investment opportunity. Click or copy the link into your browser to see the website & understand better,then you can register,invest and start earning. You will surely thank me later... https://laser.online/?referrer=Prince5005 SEE PICTURES OF MY ACCOUNT DASHBOARD & PICTURES OF THE C.E.O AND STAFFS BELOW.....
  8. BTC-Genesis is the lead company in bitcoin and cyrpto investments. You can at: bitcoin-fast.com About: Welcome to Bitcoin fast How Is This Possible? We are a small group of investors, programers and brokers which have dedicated their time to research and development. Why would we share our tools? We are not actually providing you access to our tools but we do provide you the benefits of them. Having more BTC from investors like you, will help us to get even higher returns on investments. How can you start? All you have to do is chose which plan fits you from the "invest" area. and you deposit the required amount. Plan 1: Min deposit 0.005 - Max 10 BTC Time 100h bonus 200% Plan 2: Min deposit 0.01 - Max 8 BTC Time 48h bonus 209% Plan 3: Min deposit 0.1 - Max 5 BTC Time 24h bonus 225% bitcoin-fast.com
  9. HI, My name is Fred Albert and this is my story. Before today I was regretting my existence on the surface of this earth because of my financial situation which was very bad, I had no savings or disposal income at that time. The total money in bank account was less than $2130 which was very bad for 27 year old man, that state made me in a weak condition because i was broke and had my family bills to cover, this situation lead me to make intensive research on some ways to make money without getting ripped-off , I read countless articles on many blogs and websites about making money online the list at that time required a start-up of $25000 and that was above my total money, Raising that money was going to be a big challenge, so i asked all my friends for quick solution because i was drowning financially and needed a quick solution. I reached out to a friend who makes income online from blogging for little loan but that didn’t go well between us. Blogging about tech stuffs could make this guy rich then why can’t i try this too, but later realizing that i wasn’t ready because of my zero idea about blogging and source of visitors to my websites if i ever planned to start. After few days he got back to me and decided that he was going help by sending me a link to my email, which i was to open and watch if i wanted to change my financial status, I was skeptical for days trying to avoid getting the wrong information and making mistake. So i decided to click the YOUTUBE link on my phone which redirected me to youtube. The video got me motivated to get rich within a short period of time, I was interested in what the video was offering because it was different from others and the video clearly explained new ways of getting financial freedom, I quickly bought the idea and requirement after watching the video which was less than $5. I was amazed when i got my first income online after 1 week of trial. Today i can brag and share how i moved from $2130 to $17500 in total revenue paid in my paypal account by PSD Tuts+, ACHS, and the host of others. I wasn’t paid to share this but I chose to do so because helping each other reach financial breakthrough is a basic need for everyone which will make the world a better and safer place to live. This article am sharing would increase a change your financial status. The youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZLSwkfAfJQ
  10. Bitcoin-Paradise is the lead company in the bitcoin doubler business. You can REGISTER HERE About: Welcome to Bitcoin-Paradise How Is This Possible? We are a small group of investors, programers and brokers which have dedicated their time to research and development. Why would we share our tools? We are not actually providing you access to our tools but we do provide you the benefits of them. Having more BTC from investors like you, will help us to get even higher returns on investments. How can you start? All you have to do is decide how much BTC you want to invest and how long you want wait for the return on investment. Just login with your Bitcoin address and transfer some Bitcoins to the address provided. Please note that we do not accept investments below 0.005 Bitcoins.. Plan: (min deposit is 0.005 Bitcoins) 200% Return of your selected invested amount in 100 Hours. Maximum Amount To Deposit: 10 BTC REGISTER HERE
  11. I`m not admin Start of the project - 11/02/16 Register Here Technical description:
  12. I am not an admin here. http://clubfastcoin.com/app/openaccount/ One of the steadiest ways to get revenues from investments without the risk of hyips is CLUBCOINFAST.COM (*you need to write the referral email to enter this club c.ci.8.a1984@gmail.com Cecila Ochoaa) No scams paying every thursday up to 113% at the accumulated at the end of 6 weeks only direct deposit to any bitcoin wallet!! Daily payments (working days) .5 btc = .030 daily payment for 6 weeks 1.0 btc = .065 btc daily payment for 6 weeks 1.5 btc = .1065 btc daily payment for 6 weeks AFFILIATE PROGRAM 15 % COMISSION FROM THE FIRST 5 NEW AFFILIATES INVESTMENTS AFFILIATE 6 OR MORE AND GET 20% COMISSION FROM THEM ON!!!
  13. I'm not an admin of this project. A few days ago found this project. already withdrew my investment. Great new thing. Looks like a part of wellknown bitcoin market - Bitstamp. Some info from the "about us" page bellow: Every year cryptocurrency industry is growing. There are big enough amounts, that is accumulating make it easy to enrich everyone. However, what is the chance that it is your bet, like most others, will bring the desired profit? The risk is high, but do not you want to have a steady income, which can provide a thorough knowledge of the market? In market research, you can spend years and unfortunately your income will be limited to those funds that will be under your control. Is everything so hard? We can help you get the desired revenue now! We are actively engaged in trading cryptocurrency at Bitstamp Market. How will you get your profits? Imagine that you are trading in the market cryptocurrency yourself. With limited balance to trade, you cannot make really big deals. You probably have not enough knowledge... that’s why your profit in this case will always be in doubt. But we offer you a better option! In order to have a really significant income, you need a powerful experience and a fairly large initial capital. We invite you to invest in our fund and have a stable passive income. You can start to invest your funds for short periods, extracting maximum profit compared to what you would get by trading cryptocurrency on your own. Do not hesitate! Make a stable financial future with Bitraise! Our partners Our affiliate program is a great way to earn money by referring customers. You can use your website, blog, e-mail or even your signature on forums, submit a special link or banner to your friends, family and colleagues and involve referrals. Join and start invest: http://bitraise.net If you need any help contact me via pm. P.S. We'll add payments proof.
  14. India Financial Inclusion NDFC company stocks shot up by 6.20 percent in the course of business. The company's net profit in the third quarter of financial year 2016-17, about 80 per cent to Rs 143 crore. In the October-December quarter last year, net profit was 79.50 crore. Stock Futures Services Revenue grew 33.1 percent In the third quarter revenue by 33.1 per cent at Rs 409 crore. Last year the company had a revenue of Rs 307.25 crore.
  15. OctaFX: Our Advantages OctaFX values every customer and does everything possible to make their Forex Trading experience with us positive and profitable. It has always been our top priority to provide our clients with high quality services in accordance with international standards and regulation. Our aim is making a trading experience convenient and outstanding, striving to drive forex trading to a completely new level. ECN execution OctaFX works with various liquidity providers around the world - clients' orders are sent directly to one or several liquidity providers to be executed on their end. Our system is designed to offer the best prices available at each moment to the clients. Read more. The more liquidity providers a broker has, the better the execution for the clients is: more liquidity available generally means less price slippage. What makes us a true STP (Straight Through Processing) broker is that we don’t internalise the orders; instead we send them to liquidity providers, acting as an intermediary between the client and the real market. Client funds security Account verification. Providing your ID and address proof ensures your transactions are safe and personalized. Segregated accounts. OctaFX acts in compliance with international standards keeping customers’ funds segregated from company’s assets. SSL-protected Personal Area. Secure SSL encryption makes all your information confidential and inaccessible to third parties. Secure transactions. 3-D Secure technology adds an authentication step for online payments making your VISA/Mastercard payments protected. Negative balance protection Our client’s losses cannot exceed their deposits, and if a client’s OctaFX trading account balance becomes negative, this does not mean the client is liable – OctaFX will compensate the client’s OctaFX trading account balance back to zero. Regardless of the market circumstances OctaFX protects the client from losses exceeding their deposits with OctaFX, which comes in handy in a constantly changing economic situation. However, the client’s capital is at risk and they may lose their initial investment. Trading Software OctaFX provides a wide range of trading tools available on both desktop and mobile platforms. Totally client-oriented Our operators reply to more than 2000 enquiries on an average day and are highly trained to comply with every company standard. There’s no question left unanswered – an average enquiry takes our award-winning Customer Support up to 5 minutes to solve. OctaFX provides you with qualified support in English, Bahasa Indonesia and Chinese. Moreover we are always expanding our multilingual staff. You will spend 4 to 10 seconds waiting for a reply in our live chat – the convenient and swift way to contact OctaFX! Our well trained multilingual customer support is available 24 hours a day Monday to Friday to answer your enquiries and help you. The team are highly skilled and trained to comply with our corporate quality standards whilst providing efficient client assistance in a polite and professional way. Join promotions and contests! OctaFX develops a range of promotions to keep your trading spirit high, and to support healthy competitive attitude towards trading! Join our contests that engage more than 3000 people monthly! Check out Supercharged Real Contest to win Tesla Model S, cTrader Weekly Demo Contest to win $150 without risking your own money, or OctaFX Champion Demo Contest to win $500. Press about us "OctaFX have managed to conquer the hearts and minds of many of their clients with the effort and dedication that they put into providing top notch services to their clients. For those who are in the market for a reliable and efficient forex broker, OctaFX certainly comes highly recommended." FX Empire Ready to trade profitably with OctaFX? Follow one of the links below:
  16. Hello guys If you want to make money in internet you need to have access to more earning methods, I create facebook group where I will share some good earning systems and methods its free to join click HERE to join in the group. SOON I will post some verry good method to earning online.
  17. I am not Admin or Owner Of this Project >>> Link for Registeration <<< SILVERYGOLD ENTERPRISE LIMITED TRUSTED TRADE GOLD INVESTMENTS Want Passive Income per week The right place for passive income Only in Silverygold Enterprise Limited Registered in the UK Incoperation No. 10384176 Obviously Office Address Business Type Clear Trading Gold and Silver Commodity trading world's most reliable Weekly Invest Plan for 13 Week Daily Starter 90% Daily For 90 Days Return total 190% Min. $ 10- $ 200 Weekly Starter 18% Weekly Return total 234% Min. $ 10- $ 100 Weekly Regular 20% Weekly Return total 260% Min. $ 100- $ 500 Weekly Silver 22% Weekly Return total 286% Min. $ 500- $ 1,000 Weekly Gold 25% Weekly Return total 326% Min. $ 1.000- $ 5,000 Weekly Platinum 30% Weekly Return total 390% Min. $ 5,000 $ 30,000 Payment Processor PerfectMoney Payeer ฿Bitcoin Reffral Comission 6% - 1% Live Chat Support Fast Respon Minimum Deposit $10 >>> Link for Registeration <<< ( Investment programs are always Risky so do not invest if you can't afford to loose )
  18. I'm not admin! Start:11.05.2016 New Bitcoin Doubler: HandsOfBit WELCOME IN OUR BIT HANDS! BITCOIN DOUBLING SERVERS AND SERVICES HandsOfBit- What is Bitcoin? handsofbit.com is Bitcoin platform where you can generate additional Bitcoin funds. Invest plans: 2% per hour at 100 hours (doubler, a total of 200%) Accepted: BitCoin BTC Withdrawal: Instant (every hour automatically to the wallet). Referral Plan: 15%; No fees for withdrawal; Minimum deposit: 0.005 BTC; Maximum: unlimited Registration Data:2016-05-12 08:40:13 https://blockchain.info/tx/85e11c4aa...2233e5d5a1ec3a ID Batch:85e11c4aadfa200f36ff3a98dc5d5d0727115ae30f8f 7debeb2233e5d5a1ec3a Amount: 0.025 BTC/ $ 11.27 Sent To wallet:1MTNAL4rabGzM995NwqmRZ4iU8CBa1wYzC Auto Paying!
  19. CoinDouble To get rich, you have to be making money while you’re asleep. Be the master of your income so you can get more out of life. Receive 200% profit in just 100 hours! With CoinDouble You will get an automatic (instant) payment every single hour, total of 100 payments! www.coindouble.com IMPORTANT! I bought this web-site from the previous owner, which in fact was very bad, as far as I have investigated. Let's do a decent run, I did check the script it-self, it is pretty good, it can last long - with right administration. We have plans to extend the web-site, adding a user account, to provide our clients more personalized experience. Also, there will be a Public Chat, and we are looking for Chat Moderators right now! To apply for a moderator, please send your CV or SkillSet to support@coindouble.com __________________________________________________________________________________ INNOVATIVE & AUTOMATED BITCOIN PLATFORM CoinDouble.com service has been designed & crafted to be simple, innovative and user-friendly. Every single payment is automated, and processed instantly. After you have deposited the amount that you would like to double, you will receive a new payment every hour, total of 100 payments. "CD" will generate you a 200% return in just 100 hours. You can use the provided live data table on our homepage to track your progress, payouts, and time-left. Don't hesitate to contact us for any questions, we will respond shortly. Don't let your Bitcoins to sleep, start using them to earn! __________________________________________________________________________________ How To Start? Enter your Bitcoin adderess where to receive profit and press the big blue button Personal generated wallet will show up, choose the amount and deposit funds to it, the minimum is 0.01 BTC Congratulations! Now you will receive profit instantly every hour for the next 100hours Referral System To get a referral link, just click the "Start Now" button, enter your personal BTC Wallet (Where you want to receive your earnings), and you will be presented with your own - unique referral link! You will be able to see all referral commissions in the table "Referral Commissions" bellow. For each of your referrals, who will make a deposit, not less than 0.01 BTC, you will receive a grand 10% commission instantly to your Wallet! Our Promotional Poster http://www.coindouble.com/images/promo.png __________________________________________________________________________________ This is an automated bitcoin platform, which allows users to earn bitcoins in a fast and efficient way. System is very simple, and requires no special skills to use. Our developers are frequently updating the system, and adding new features. Update information is shared on our social network accounts regularly. You can support us just by sharing, liking, or tweeting about us in social networks, we are very grateful for using our system. www.coindouble.com __________________________________________________________________________________ Change-Log __________________________________________________________________________________ 04.01.2016 New "Animated" Start Now button added. Removed the "Red Line", under the table menu. Design improvements, fixed 2 alignment issues. Updated the Main Thread and Added "Change-Log" Code optimizations for faster loading speed. Daily Database Optimization for faster processing speed. Added daily backups.
  20. Hello I wanna show u one of the best site for now where u can make lot of money by viewing ads, this is like a PTC but here ads are from 0.001 to 10$. Admin is part of a team that has a two-year project with great success , paying today. Not HYIP or MLM and is known cheap PPC sites. This is Traffic Exchange, mixed with PPC, an incredible opportunity to win. Get paid ads to be view up to 18 hours after you have activated your account. Activation is done by watching the ad activation , you will see the first page of the site. The site is unique graphics, script and marketing plan. Offers two ways of winning : - By purchasing traffic or watching commercials. A traffic package costs only $ 1 and includes 50 visits your site 100 views a 125x125 banner and a 728x90 25 views bner . Each package expires $ 1.55 - Through the upgrade from 5 cents of which get recycled many ads to watch. Works with Egopay, PM, STP, WU, Bank Wire, Paypa. The site can be used as exchanger , that you can withdraw in various processors no matter where you invest Here is the Payment Proof : This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1096x700. 3th Payment: Here is step by step what need to do: 1. Register here Make sure u write real date of birth becouse when u try to withdraw some money u need to write same date that u write when u register!!! When u already register u need to watch activation ad, go to Members Home Page and will see where is. Now u need to watch 5 free ads, this mean u no get money but u will get 100BAP points for every ads, and your account will be active 7 days more for every ad. Go to Members Home Page and click here: This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 708x202. U need to do this step 5 times every day to keep account active and to get more points, more point that u have more ads u will recive! 2. More and fast money u need to invest 1.05$ For what is this money? U will buy ads for 1$ from here: This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 681x179. U will recive : 50 user visits for 30 seconds each, after copying 3 lines of text about your offering. Plus 25x top of page 728*90 banner impressions & 100x 125*125 banner and 3100 BAP points Other 0.05$ will buy Upgrade to can revice more ads: Go to My Account and scrool down to end of pafe and will see where is Upgrade. Now u done this, then visit site couple of times every day to watch ads and get money. Every time when u have 1$ will buy ads to can get more BAP points and will recive high paying ads this is IMPORTANT, MORE BAP POINT=HIGH VALUE ADS 3. If u dont have 1.05$ to buy ads and upg. u need to watch 5 free ads every day and watch paid ads to collect that money. When u have the money buy 1$ ads becouse for upgrade u need to have 2500BAP point. Ref Link - PaidVerts Non ref - PaidVerts: Home up up :wink:
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