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Found 2 results

  1. Smarter wholesale product purchase method By definition, wholesale products are products and merchandise purchased in bulk by retailers, and retailers typically turn to and sell them to consumers. The basic idea is that the more you buy at a time, the less money you pay for each item. This is exactly what retailers like Wal-Mart can offer at such low prices. Wal-Mart buys more products from wholesalers than anyone else on the planet, so they can ask for a lower wholesale price than anyone else. In turn, these products, accessories and items are sold to you and me at a lower price. At the same time, you can make money. The same principles apply to online retail. If you are launching a fashion accessories website, the traditional way to get goods and goods at a reasonable price is to approach wholesalers, such as wholesale clothing suppliers, and buy all wholesale goods in bulk. This is great because now you can buy 40 crocodile bags ($150 retail price) for $80 each and sell them for $120 each, for $40 for each wallet. Wholesale is great, right? It's ok, but first let's make sure we see all the shortcomings and advantages. Risk of purchasing wholesale products So now you have 50 people making crocodile leather wallets. Remember, you haven't really sold anything yet. Before you do, you need a place to keep things clean, dry and intact. No big deal, you have some extra space in the garage or in the pantry. perfect. Keep in mind that as your store grows, your need for storage will increase. The biggest risk is the hard earned money. Before you sell a single wallet, you need to buy all 50, which will cost you $4,000. If something happened before you sold them (the leaked garage roof, the happy dog, the two years of revenge, you said it), then every wallet you can't sell would cost $80. Let us say that the crocodile skin became out of place overnight, and you only sold 10 pieces. Suddenly, the opportunity to profit from the remaining 40 is going with the wind. The best thing you can do is to discount them like crazy, and then sell them to people to pay for them. Wholesaler Dropshipping Not familiar with dropshipping? Quickly bypass our transportation infrastructure page. The beauty of the event is that the risks we have described above are greatly reduced. The Dropshipping supplier purchases, stores, packages and ships all of your products to cover most of the risks involved in e-commerce. You only need to bring the product to market and sell it to your customers. In exchange for taking such a large risk for you to disembark, the wholesaler usually charges an extra fee for the delivery. Here is the biggest benefit of Chinabrands. From wholesale electronics to dropship beauty products, Chinabrands has negotiated low prices with various distribution products from hundreds of distribution wholesalers. If you are willing to provide cash and bear the risk of bulk purchases, you can find lower prices, but we guarantee that our catalogue has the lowest price reduction for wholesale products, accessories, gifts and items. Goods can be seen everywhere!
  2. According to the statistics from Statista, it can clearly find that the size of the global hair care market is become bigger from 2012 to 2018. Moreover, it is possible to expect that the size should increasing in the next few years, and the market size can grow up to approx 102 billion U.S. dollars in 2024. Therefore, hair care products should have potential development in the market, and it is noted that hair care products also can be sold for the drop shipping business because of its small product sizes and it can be repeat purchased. There are lots of hair care products selling on drop shipping websites such as hair dryers, hair straightener, shampoos and so on. In this post, I’m gonna introduce Chinabrands as an example to describe that ‘how’ and ‘what’ to selling in the hair care drop shipping market to be profitable. What to sell for the hair care dropshipping websites products? As the data from Google Trends shows that the interests of ‘hair care products’ are keeping on a higher level in the past 12 months. It is believed that the hair care products should be the hot products in the drop shipping market for the future development. Moreover, here is a list of hair care products which can be expected to have higher sales for the drop shipping business in the following description. a. Hair straighteners. It is believe that hair straighteners are one of the most popular hair care products in the drop shipping market because it can help consumers to straighten their hairs especially long hairs. For example, the picture below is one of the hair straighteners on Chinabrands which have the higher sales online. It is a steam hair straightener that can quickly straightens hair with steam, and also protects hairs from damages by high temperature. Moreover, it also has a total 6 levels temperature setting which is helpful for all types of hairs. It is possible to understand that a common hair straightener cannot make much profits in the drop shipping business now because consumers are prefer buying a stylish and safety hair straightener which should not causes any damages to their hairs. b. Hair dryers. As we know that hair dryers are the most popular hair care products in the market now because it is repeat purchasable and almost necessary for each consumer. As the following picture shows, it is a professional salon hair dryer that selling on Chinabrands. Just like the name shows it provides powerful airflow in order to make hairs become dryer quicker. Moreover, as the special design within this hair dryer, it can also keep the hair waves live and useful for designing a new hair style. However, it can not only use in the salon for professional hair style designs, but also available at home. c. Kids hair-cutting cloak. It is a interesting product which is designs as a bib for kids hair-cutting. It can be dressed up while kids are taking hair cuts, and it can prevent hair from falling on the ground. It is useful for hairdresser to take a hair cutting without cleaning hairs on the ground. Moreover, it also convenience for parents to take a hair cuts to their children at home. The following hair-cutting cloak is selling on Chinabrands now, and its simple design helps a lot to consumers for storage at home. Furthermore, it is available for most of 3-10 years old kids. In conclusion, it is believe that most of ordinary hair care products cannot gain amount of profits now because of the market saturation. However, trying to figure out some kind of hair care products which have special design or unique function may be helpful for selling in the drop shipping business. Anything we need to know if dropship hair care products? It is believed that dropship hair care products may not gain so much profits in the recent years because of the market saturation and the lower margin profits. Therefore, cooperating with a reliable drop shipping platform is quite important before selling because they can deal with lots of problems such as logistics, supplying and products selection. There are a lots drop shipping websites are available for people who want to jump into hair care drop shipping business such as Chinabrands, AliExpress, Oberlo and so on. In this part, I’ll introduce Chinabrands as an example to explain why so important to cooperating with drop shipping platform whoever beginners or veterans. a. Quality control. Quality control is one of the most important part during the drop shipping process worldwide because of different policies related to countries and regions. It is possible to understand that retailers need to make sure each hair care product they sold out must be safety because it may directly causes damages to hairs and skin if there are any quality issues. For example, Chinabrands has its quality control team to make sure each product that selling online should be safety. Moreover, as the data released by Chinabrands, they illustrate that the quality inspection rate is approx 100% and the product return rate is approx 0.01%. b. Order fulfillment. It can clearly understand that drop shipping platform is able to carry out the complete order fulfillment once the order placed.Therefore, the cooperation with reliable drop shipping platform should be helpful for delivery, customer services and so on. For instance, Chinabrands is cooperating with a bunch of logistic companies in the world such as DHL. The logistic routes cover more than 200 countries and regions in the world. In addition, the better logistic services should make sure hair care products can be delivered quickly and safety to end-customers because most of hair care products are fragile. c. Courses training before selling. It can find that there are some drop shipping websites are providing drop shipping courses training to their members. It should be helpful for each retailers to clearly understand the operation of drop shipping business especially beginners. Chinabrands provides training courses to their members which can make them easily understand how to carry out drop shipping business. For example, Chinabrands provides the courses about how to do product selection and store promotion. It should be quite important for retailers to learn that because a better product selection and store promotion may directly influences the sales of the hair care products. Also Read: wholesale nail supplies
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