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Found 6 results

  1. We offer Premium Rate Numbers from many destinations covering 200 countries globally. Our company will provide you a live stats service with real time statistics and user-friendly web interfaces for you and your sub clients. We will also provide you a 24/7 support and a full end to end service for your any Premium Rate Number business. We offer the best rates around and flexible payment terms. Our goal is to build a solid relationship by paying our clients on time. Please add me on Skype at: live: wilsem_8 or email me at sem@mediatel.com to open you an account with our company. Mediatel has been trading for over 25 years showing testament in our ability to both innovate and maintain strong ethical business relationships with both our customers and our suppliers. The global telemedia industry evolves every few years and to maximise opportunities be it relating to Voice, Data or SMS you need the very best advice and guidance and Mediatel has the experience, commitment and dedication.
  2. 17 years old Premium Domain is For sale. OnlineJobAgency.com want to buy ?? just message me here or reply here.
  3. Premium Crypto Domain Bitcoins.tk is for sale. pm me now to buy. Contact fast before Sold out...
  4. One Place To Get your Best Premium Domain Name.Premium Domain Names is For Sale. Must Visit. visit Now - NameGolden.com
  5. Today I'm going to share with you my money making method. Easy method, earn money daily for following these simple steps Like less than 5 minutes a day of your free time, and you're all set! First and foremost : READ ALL THE TOPIC, TO NOT MISS ANYTHING. You can make real money here, but it takes time. Remember that most people give up way too early! It doesn't require investment, but a strategy ! JUST FOLLOW MY GUIDE MEET INVESTINBUX: It's an advertising platform used for advertisers to reach potential costumers. The users of the site get paid to simply view the ads for a specific time (5 segs, 15 segs, 20segs). It's a brand new PTC site , however it already has over 6K members. It's owned by the same Admin that owns HQbux (registered admin, trusted, paying on time) Getting Started You need to register an account, click banner below and fill in the details of your account . After that, check your email as you'll receive an activation email ( Avoid using hotmail, some hotmail accounts are not receiving Activation Code). Login into your new account and then go to tab "Earn Money" and view all ads available, except the one that says DON'T CLICK, it is to verify if you're a bot. By doing that you'll receive immediate cash and your account will be fully activated for extra earnings. For registration click below: You'll get FREE PREMIUM UPGRADE FOR LIFE, BONUS POINTS and MORE: PHASE 1 After successfully registering your account you will find some ads to view, view them all to activate your account in full (except the one displaying "DON'T CLICK"). However, if you don't have ads momentarily, don't panic... please allow a up to a few hours for everything to be set ( it's usually instant, but sometimes your account needs time to be validated and ads displayed). After viewing all the ads, your account will be cashed immediately just like any other PTC. And you have the chance to use them to play games like "Head or Tail" (if you guess right you can win 200% of your value!!) or to accumulate them for your GOAL Your GOAL will be getting 1$ PHASE 2 (FIRST WEEKS- 1$ MARK --> 5 REFERRALS) As I mentioned earlier, your goal will be getting that 1$. If you're not an investor you'll get there within 3 weeks. However, if you'd like to invest you can always buy shares and they will pay you 0,25$ daily! As a Standard member you can buy 5 shares, however if you registered now using the link : premium members can buy up to 10 shares ! Each share costs 10$ and the return is 15$ after 60 days. That means 150% PROFIT, 150% ROI ( RETURN ON INVESTMENT) . BUT MORE IMPORTANT, if you register now you'll get FREE PREMIUM , click the banner. As a non investor the time expected is less than 3 weeks and after that you can begin with the referral rental process. THAT'S YOUR MAIN AND ONLY FOCUS! 1$ = 5 Rental Referrals However it is critical that you view every ad to be eligible to get comissions. As a premium member for each click your referrals do you'll get 0,005$. If you referrals click 4 ads, you'll get: 4* 0,005* 5* 15 = 1,5$ That means that after 15 days you'll have gained 0,5$ (since you're going to rental again, each pack costs 0,20$* 5= 1$). TIP: You can always enable Autopay and you'll have some discount in the "re-rental" process. Autopay means that if your referral is active it will pay for himself. And you don't need to be worried with saving money for rental! Also you can get a discount by using this method. Other than that, you can always play games (bet cash) to speed up the process. IMPORTANT: I'm not mentioning investing, since we're discussing with 0$ investment, of course if you invest it will be noticeably faster ( you'll get AT LEAST 50% OVER YOUR INITIAL BUY, and other features...).. PHASE 3 (CONFIGURING THE AUTOPAY FOR THEMSELVES) So let's say you've found your good referrals and now you can autopay them ( check 2ND GOAL). After that grab another pack of 5. That means you'll be earning at least 3 dollars only spending 2$ or less (using autopay). The remaining you will be using to buy another set of referrals and so on 'till you get to the 300. And this is the fun part!!! PHASE 4 (THE 300 MARK) From here on your next goal will be getting to the 300 mark. Picking the right referrals to autopay, viewing your ads, rental more... 'till the 300. If you didn't get throught here : My friend, you've missed all the fun!! Don't worry! This works exponentially, it's slow at the beginning, but then you'll face the BOOM effect! After having your 300 referrals. You're forced to upgrade your account to Silver, if you want more! That will cost you 25$ allowing your maximum rental referrals from 300 to 600. Anyway, don't worry! it's a monthly value, and by the time you have 300 referrals you'll be making way over 25$ a month. Maybe enough to skip that upgrade on to the next ones, and with each upgrade comes more earnings, of course! Let's say you have 300 referrals, each and one of them does 4 clicks , each one for 0,005$: 300* 4 * 0,005%= 6 $ That means you should be making at least 6$ a day! A few days, and you're able to upgrade! And gather more referrals, and more value for each click! That means each click will get you more than just 0,05$ PHASE 5 (UPGRADING YOUR ACCOUNT) Depending on how much you're making by now, you'll be able to upgrade your account in at least one level, while sustaining your income. Do that so you can extend your number of rental referrers and maximize profits, as each level carries more advantages than the last !! Each upgrade costs as follow and allows the number of referrers displayed: Silver (25$ - 600ref) Gold ( 65$ -1000ref) Big Investor (120$-1500ref) Ultra Investor(350$-2500ref) ULTIMATE Investor(840$- Unlimited) PHASE 6 (BE SMART)!! All it takes is a strategy and good decisions to make the best use of it. Be smart, my friend! You need to be able to figure out when is the best time to upgrade, to reinvest, which members to autopay.. There are a lot of decisions you need to do. And each and every one of them will affect you in the long run, believe me. But fear not, because if you register I'll most certainly help you with that too! Anyway, bear in mind that the upgrade should pay for itself, and the referrers as well! And you need to be proactive deciding who to autopay, when to buy shares, upgrades...etc IF YOU HAVEN'T REGISTERED, DO IT HERE: GET FREE PREMIUM AND OTHER BONUSES (POINTS, EXTRA EARNINGS IN CLICK [CASH AND POINTS] FINAL CONSIDERATIONS AND THOUGHTS: First of all: If you're reading this so far, thank you! However there's still more! You need to acknowledge some things: The matemathics used here are our friends, they are logical. However they can certainly become your enemy if you don't do things right or if you don't follow through to the very end. Don't expect to gain money when you're first one to give up. Nobody is going to pay you thousands if you don't prove yourself. You need to commit to yourself and the business This is not a get quick rich program. As I mentioned some times it can provide you with a steady income, and it will depend mainly on you! But first you need to treat it like a business and to get to the top you need to work. But the reward as you get there, is worth every minute spent. The strategy was set taking into consideration, the minimum working , meaning: There are other ways you'll gain more money in this website, and faster:​ Points ( everyday you will get more than 10 points, 1000 points = 1$ to reinvest, cashout...) Games Played (200% each win of value bet in "Head or Tail") Investments made Contest and promotions Number of Reinvestments... and so on The beginning will be hard: It will require some Time, Patience and Goals. If you set your goals right, everyday you will be making money INVESTING and REINVESTING in Shares always speeds things up, and the more you work and earn, the more you will be available to RE(INVEST) or CASHOUT. Each investment generates 150% RETURN SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? REGISTER NOW AND START MAKING MONEY: THAT'S IT FOR NOW! REGISTER USING THE LINK TO RECEIVE SOME BONUS ! IMPORTANT: BOOKMARK SITE, ADD TO FAVORITES, SO YOU DON'T FORGET TO CLICK EVERYDAY, JUST ONE TIME! IF YOU ENJOYED MY GUIDE DON'T FORGET TO SAY THANKS
  6. Uploadboxs is a new hosting likes Hotfile, Rapidshare, Ryushare,... Have a look at its features: For affiliate members, it pay PPS 65% of Sales + 3 Banner ads of your choice Payment processors: LR, WMZ, PZ, WU, Bank with security lock. Remote premium from more than 10 sites (you have to fill up your account). Click here to find out more: http://uploadboxs.com/free43.html
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