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Found 6 results

  1. Merchants and e-commerce business platforms are integrating the cryptocurrency payment gateway to accept crypto coins. In this blog, let’s chat about the workflow and advantages of crypto gateways. https://www.uptrennd.com/post-detail/chit-chats-on-cryptocurrency-payment-gateway-workflow-benefits~Mzk0NDc2
  2. You must always be careful while picking the payment service providers for your business. Consult the mandatory crypto payment gateway features to the professional expert and then integrate into your POS! https://blog.blockchainfirm.io/ultimate-guide-to-understand-crypto-payment-gateways-better/
  3. E-commerce is a global business that serves consumers irrespective of localities and borders. The major advantages of accepting crypto payments in the e-commerce sector are Devoid of cross-border restrictions P2P Transactions Devoid of governance Secure Transactions Rapid processing If you’re in quest of understanding the Benefits of Crypto Payment Gateways integration in e-commerce with nuances, do check out this blog!
  4. Best Cryptocyrrency payment gateways are aimed at developing a platform that facilitates the payment processes by reducing the intermediaries involved. The gateways are also intended to increase the use of digital currencies in our daily life. https://blockchainkicks.wordpress.com/2020/04/13/crypto-payment-gateways-how-they-are-benefiting-the-e-commerce-businesses/
  5. AIGOPay is a revolutionary payment protocol that goes beyond the basic benefits of a blockchain-based payment protocol which are transparency and access to cryptocurrency AIGOPay leverages an advance algorithm designed by AIGO company itself. The project will utilise AIGO AI-payment chain protocolwhich offers reduced processing costs, protection against chargebacks, and customizable payment formats. This product successfully fulfills the needs of both business and individuals. AIGOPay SWOT Analysis SWOT analysis explains in detail the potential of a blockchain project. AIGO company is entering a tight market as payments fall under a natural utilisation of the blockchain. Succeeding in such a competitive market requires a competitive edge, and AIGO has just the right product to make them the next market leader of cryptocurrencies. Payment products are unique in that they need to directly serve both businesses and consumers. AIGOPay's team has long years of experience in financial and e-commerce industries. The team has experienced the difficulties and pains current channels for transactions offer to both merchants and consumers. So, this is the first-ever payment product that is tailored for both individuals and businesses. Yes, AIGOPay is cheaper, transparent, and packed with many other amazing features, but these are only its value offerings. Having a team that understands that a payment product needs to not only please consumers, but also the businesses —especially the small business—makes AIGOPay a product designed for fast adoption. This reason that AIGOPay has already seen adoption from many businesses despite being only in its conceptual stage. The defining strength of this product is its team vision to properly develop a product that can support the success of businesses and consumers alike. Rather than only being an additional network for performing transactions, AIGOPay is offering a product that serves as a channel to transact, access more revenue, and seamlessly manage product issues (like returns) through a single offering. AIGOPay is the complete package. The major weakness peculiar for AIGOPay, despite its highly desirable features that the project is packed with. The product will need to expend money to marketing. As the company will have to spread awareness of its product, a good portion of its early pool of funds will need to be allocated to marketing campaigns. There is a bright side to this though. Given the desirability of the product, proven by the fact many merchants have agreed to adopt it during just the conceptual stage, the conversion rate from AIGOPay's marketing campaign will be high, and that means the ROI will be easily able to fund future marketing campaigns. The cryptocurrency market have attained a very high volume and many coins have a higher trade volume than the native currency of some country. Yet a major challenge plaguing cryptocurrency is that there’s little ability to utilize these currencies for day-to-day needs. There are many jokes and memes that fly on the internet about people having large crypto assets but are unable to even a beer with it. This pushes crypto to be a victim of ridicule. It’s about time that the world is able to fully tap into this market’s power and AIGOPay is providing just that. AIGOPay aims to turn crypto as liquid as any currency and that in itself is a massive market. This benefits both consumers and merchants as aggregate buying power of consumers is going to increase. Additionally, businesses are clearly given several pains by the existing payment systems. AIGOPay targets each of those pains by utilizing the blockchain, a native XGOtoken, and an AIGO AI-payment chain protocol. Click here for more on AIGOPay's Benefits for businesses AIGOPay's market outlook is very strong. And It’s deep-pocketed fiat competitors may see this product as a powerful new acquisition opportunity. While MasterCard and Visa will clearly not risk their entire revenue stream by shifting their payment protocol to an entirely new concept they’ve never dabbled with before, they’d be more than interested to acquire a product that is born with the intention to leverage blockchain technology. And these companies have a strong history of acquiring promising and competitive start-ups. But an acquisition isn’t entirely bad from a business perspective. And this article is offering a business analysis of AIGOPay. While the pure enthusiasts of the blockchain movement would be angered by any acquisition attempts by a centralized company, AIGOPay's valuation would gain a strong boost. Visa and MasterCard regularly pay huge premiums and provide billions for technological advancements to their product offering. AIGOPay would be a powerful product diversification for Card Network providers, and that makes AIGOPay a highly desirable acquisition target—though, this is not something to be dismayed about if you are looking at AIGOPay from a business perspective. AIGO project Official links Web: https://aigopay.tech Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17K2inOew076KJ_iTKL3n4g0tDz8JXUf0/view Telegram: http://t.me/aigo_global Twitter: https://twitter.com/aigopay LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/aigopay Author Peer Gynt: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2545129 Eth: 0x242C8Db94A1c2693f9A61A6FF8c875493868e8aB
  6. Hello there. According to the last changing, the main offshore zones are: British dependencies: Alderney, Jersey, Guernsey, Maine; Central America: Belize; Middle East: Bahrain; Europe: Monaco, Gibraltar and Andorra; South Asia: Maldives; Africa: Seychelles, as well as Liberia; Pacific region: Marshall Islands, Cook Islands, Vanuatu, Samoa, Niue, Nauru. Carribean islands. Our company - PaySpacelv can give you a high-quality consultation in an opening and registering an offshore company. Feel free to drop us a line
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