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Found 5 results

  1. YearnNFT is a community-centric NFT marketplace and Minting platform that utilizes the YFNFT token to empower the visitors and users who are willing to interact with the protocol and new set of features. Moreover, the team will soon release a sneak preview of their new functionalities and applications in the coming months. Users on the YearnNFT platform can feasibly create NFTs for unique digital items casually called artworks. This project provides its users a fully-featured marketplace that is entirely filtered and sorted with variant categories to create a smooth and easy user experience. Additionally, any user using the platform can create and post NFTs as per their preference on the YearnNFT minting marketplace. The YFNFT token is a fundamental pillar of the core platform as it holds much value and is the default currency to buy/sell NFTs for users interested in participating in the governance of the protocol. YearnNFT marketplace helps creators and artists alike to mint and auction their digital artworks as NFTs on the most popular BSC blockchain. Likewise, as collectors bid, they fuel an eventual system of value for online expression. Introducing the new era of NFTs with YearnNFT, the team is ready to accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency. Some key features of this project are as follows: Visual Art: Upload, showcase and sell the digital artworks as NFTs with most simple drag-and-drop options. The project drives in easy-to-use marketplace with very low transaction fees operations. Authentic: Every digital creation portrayed on YearnNFT marketplace is online signed by the creator/owner and gets permanently recorded/verified using the blockchain. Unique: All digital creations are issued with respect to a unique digital edition. With a proper use of blockchain technology, any creator/owner can ensure the ownership of a limited number of authentic editions. In fact, this will ensure digital creation scarcity and uniqueness. Ownable: Holding/reserving a unique digital creation depicts that user has full ownership over the creation, which can be transferred and secured in their respective digital wallet for safe-keeping. The YFNFT team has presented a passionate group of veteran technologists, experts and creators who have verified and claimed the quality and the immense value created by digital creators at YearnNFT platform. Many new rare items and NFTs are yet to be displayed and released soon. Many experts define YearnNFT as an open, decentralized marketplace welcoming all sorts of digital items right from game items to digital collectibles to virtual art. The platform operating team permit users to freely buy and sell any NFTS with regards to YFNFT Tokens that complies and matches the open standards for BEP-20 protocols. Moreover, for artists and new developers, the team offers an open storefront creation procedure, where developers can hand-in-hand get a customizable marketplace to showcase and portray their items without any worries about creating any of the auctioning infrastructure themselves. The digital creation or NFTs available at YearnNFT is an authentic and truly unique digital assets officially on paper signed and issued by the creator. The tracking is done using the most recognized blockchain technology. The platform has recently burnt 50% YFNFT tokens to raise the value and indeed follow the principles of quarterly token burning.
  2. YearnNFT Finance is now considered a big name that has made DeFi available to all YFNFT low supply token flipped BTC price at times This project is a huge success among the crypto users Inspired by the advanced concept, the team is building a NFT marketplace with simplified application protocols. The YFNFT has a low supply of 73339 running on BSC network. YearnNFT is proud to announce this new project is a big success currently familiar as YearnNFT Finance NFTs and Collectibles Marketplace. This project is basically a DeFi NFT and digital collectibles built on the Binance Smart Chain network. We consider it as the first decentralized NFT art platform to offer its governance token where users can exclusively mint and brand their digital artworks. Here, we give the user Ownership, Provenance and Historical Audit, Transferability and Liquidity with the ease to use YFNFT tokens despite any limitations. YearnNFT marketplace is: Decentralized and non-permissible Framework is specifically designed to amend the benefits reducing risks of digital asset ownership and trading. The core technologies are strictly developed on the blockchain protocol, and automated smart contracts. Blockchain Protocol We use the Binance blockchain protocol named as YFNFT that gives you the security benefits of the Binance network, avoiding any chances of a consensus attack. Less Costly Fee Exposure We apply some charges including NFT creation and listing, application usage fees needed for trade execution, NFT auctions, as well as network fees for YFNFT transfers. On-Chain Management governance The YearnNFT roadmap make sure that stakeholders have the authority to feasibly enhance the basic protocol and modify important framework parameters to meet the fluctuating requirements of market and the community. Client Partnerships We offer a unique platform welcoming artists to display their digital products to the NFT marketplace. We guide the user to sell their own images/items on a marketplace along with some significant business models. Incentivization and Rewards We believe that community is almost everything and emphasize entirely on rewarding early adopters for their efforts, time and valuable contributions. We have diverse incentive and reward schemes that are specifically organized to back up successful creators, artists, sellers, and buyers. YearnNFT Finance: New DeFi NFT Marketplace on the Binance Smart Chain Network The development team working at YearnNFT project has accomplished yet another feat by presenting a successful version of blockchain platform- YearnNFT NFTs and Digital Collectibles Marketplace. Soon, this NFT project will acquire lots of Digital Art, products, collectibles, and services actively participated by the YearnNFT community. We are in a process to make our purpose transform into an exciting reality making a reputation-based financial-system and one of the most demanding one. We preferred Binance Smart Chain over other blockchain network to efficiently develop NFT marketplace with overwhelming speed and fewer gas fees. Also, it has a simple UI, and its mining process makes it top-class choice. The BSC follows a reliable approach concept and already reached 12 million transactions on May 16, 2021. We believe that this is indeed an exploring chain and is yet to influence the entire crypto era. The Noticeable Rise As per our close analysis, the growth of YearnNFT community has been so remarkable to experience a boost more than expected. This project is relatively new that has been recently integrated into the BSC blockchain. We have started our visionary mission to grab 50k+ members to join YearnNFT community and a growing number on social network as well. However, we agree that some still considered YearnNFT project as an “under the radar” platform as our YouTube Bounty goes live. There are many more upcoming milestones and releases plans ahead. We are on our way to bring back-to-back announcements that will keep everyone’s mouth wide open. Soon, YearnNFT will be among the renowned and trusted NFT marketplaces in the digital artwork industry. YearnNFT Token (YFNFT) Governance Asset YearnNFT marketplace is developed in order to offer a crypto-powered digital trading platform for users that they can effectively build, develop, buy and sell NFTs to grab the YFNFT token. We also provide exclusive services like governance mechanisms, auction listing, trade history tracking, especially based on user opinions, etc. This platform asset permits the stakeholders to vote, amend or modify the base protocols developed on the platform. We provide major token holders the rights and community ecosystem that includes analyzing the outcomes of any crucial decisions, core key parameter reconciliation like fee rate and community initiatives. * Allow asset holders to buy physical/virtual content, goods, and services within a decentralized marketplace. * Reward digital content creators providing quantifiable value with respect to the consensus of the community. YearnNFT YFNFT token can also be used in following ways: * The native asset of YearnNFT project is the core base digital currency for transacting the charges. * The user can vote on policy-making ballot on governance with YFNFT. The more YFNFT tokens holders have, the more they hold the power to vote. * The initial and only exchangeable counter crypto asset is YFNFT for all referring trades on the project marketplace. * The user can use YFNFT to pay for various NFT marketplace applications like listing fees. * We denominate the rewards distribution and contribution to all uses in terms of YFNFT. Tokenomics and Distribution Token Name: YearnNFT Symbol: YFNFT Network: Binance Smart Chain Features: Governance, Fees, Rewards, Payments and Trade YFNFT Token Distribution Details Total Supply: 73339 YFNFT Available Supply: 73332 YFNFT Presale: 40% Liquidity: 35% Registration and Referral Bounty: 8% Influencer and Airdrop reward: 4% NFT Publishers Reward: 3% Development Team: 3% Marketing Team and Advisers: 3% Founders and Investors: 4% Highlights YearnNFT Airdrop and Bounty Program was a great success. Registration and Referral Campaign is also running at the official platform. Each new registration gets a reward of 100 NFT points and bonus of 100 NFT points on every referral. YearnNFT YouTube Bounty is Live. YouTubers can join the event right away to claim 100 BNB. Presale at YearnNFT Finance will commence from 19 November 2021. The complete details regarding presale are yet to be disclosed. YFNFT tokens will be listed on ApeSwap and PancakeSwap About YearnNFT Finance We have carefully organized YearnNFT platform along with social channels to be known as a spot for global community Marketplace in the domains of NFT, digital contents, good and services with only native asset- YFNFT. We demonstrate a marketplace specifically for NFT lovers and crypto freak to trade. YearnNFT welcomes artists and creators to create NFT of their items/images and easily sell them on the platform. The users have an option to add single or multiple items on the YearnNFT marketplace to sell. Just the only requirement is registration from a unique account and participation with YearnNFT platform Our team holds rich experience in traditional as well as digital arts alike. Their knowledge and participation will guide us embracing and exploring great NFT artists around the globe. All the transactions are done using YFNFT token on the YearnNFT Marketplace. We aim to transform the current NFT industry by making it simple, easy and available for every enthusiast.
  3. Non-Fungible Tokens are the digital assets depicting real-world entities such as art, music, in-game items, videos, etc that are linked to the proof of ownership. To earn massive profits and income, major creators, artists and animators are starting to invest their ideas in NFT and making a master plan to sell such NFTs through trusted NFT Marketplace. NFT Marketplace is a field where investors, users, enthusiasts and business persons play great business opportunities. Therefore, any individual can purchase and sell their virtual properties such as collectibles, music, artwork, etc. without any worries of counterfeiting. To be precise, these NFT platforms are designed and built using blockchain technology to validate the provenance of digital content. Some NFT marketplaces provides a “burn” option to remove the duplicate one, where royalty shows a crucial role. If the NFT is somewhere traded and is ready for second-hand sale, the creator automatically receives a sharing of revenue each time evaluating the NFT. The bold fact says that the NFT marketplace owners earns more profit in comparison to the NFT creators. The users have the credibility to freely create NFT using variant marketplace on different blockchain networks including BSC, Ethereum, Polygon, etc. Testing these blockchain networks, Binance Smart Chain is considered to be the most preferable network chain for entrepreneurs in order to create and establish their own NFT marketplace platform. BSC is mostly referred while choosing an NFT Marketplace to create, trade, reserve and sell the NFT assets. YearnNFT is a NFT Marketplace developed in the BSC blockchain network. Here, the users can sell, bid, reserve, sell and buy digital collectibles. The individuals can even explore and trade using BNB coins and BEP20 tokens. This new project is more popular among entrepreneurs due to the BSC blockchain architecture comprises less complications as compared to other networks which seems perfect for the development of NFT and Marketplace altogether. The YearnNFT marketplace also consumes lower gas fees and provides instant transactions using BSC blockchain network. This project now has potential huge fan base among investors and depicts a great future. Creating your NFT at this marketplace gives you exclusive profits and takes your business career to the next level. All transactions on the YearnNFT marketplace are performed through the native utility token- YFNFT token. The team members working behind this project have rich experience in traditional as well as digital arts. They evenly participate, keep discovering NFT artists around this vast globe, empower YearnNFT functionalities, and fuel the productivity of the project in the crypto art world. Roadmap Version 1.2 is Live NFT has been said the newest implementation of blockchain technology that has gathered everyone’s interest right from fame artists to emerging creators. This concept is relatively new to some individuals wherein some find it pretty polished, however, we believe that our platform brings exceptional features to create and buy NFTs in easier way. Not only artwork but also, we are preparing a way to make the transaction experience smoother. Check out the milestones of YearnNFT marketplace with updated, finished and future planned stages: October 2021 · Website Release · Whitepaper Launch · Airdrop Begins November 2021 · Smart Contract release · YFNFT Token Contract Audit with Interfi Network · NFT Marketplace Setup · YFNFT Presale Start December 2021 · Achieve 5000+ holders · Airdrop distribution · Airdrop Ends January 2022 · NFT Marketplace (Beta version) · Achieve 10000+ YFNFT Holders · CMC Listing · Launch YOFO token · Start YOFO token Airdrop February 2022 · YFNFT Burning- 50% tokens · Marketplace — Music NFT’s launch · Achieve 12000+ YFNFT Holders March 2022 · YearnNFT Dex Launch · YFNFT Token Contract Audit with Certik · YOFO Token Contract Audit · YOFO token airdrop Ends April 2022 · YFNFT Token Presale ends · Listing YFNFT on Pancake Swap · YFNFT token Staking program · YOFO Token ICO on launchpad New NFT Marketplace YearnNFT is a new NFT marketplace developed on Binance Smart Chain to make it available for users to buy, sell and create NFTs. We have a mission to drive this project and NFTs to the mainstream. YearnNFT marketplace presents a well-designed website, standard roadmap and an easy way to create NFTs. Not only the documents but also our features are appreciated by the holders, community members and mainstream consumers. Small creators can affordably use our NFT launchpad to attain the exclusive exposure. Additionally, we offer a massive variety of NFTs like artwork, game, videos, photography, music, etc. Our new marketplace allows the general users to mint NFTs on the BSC and altogether the minting does not ask for any gas fee. NFTs such as jpg, png, gif, is acceptable with a maximum file size of 100 MB. There is very low transaction fee and creators/owners can set the royalty that gets paid each time these NFTs are sold on the official platform.
  4. · YFNFT Team started the contract development of the NFT minting model which will be followed to release the NFT marketplace. · We are building YearnNFT as a high-volume NFT Marketplace, so it is important for us to audit the YFNFT smart contract. · The project was successful in working with the best audit contract security auditor on the blockchain ecosystem. · We are happy to announce that YearnNFT Finance (YFNFT) Contract and Consensus has finally accomplished its Audit Process with InterFi Network (https://www.interfi.network/). · The Project Audit report is released and you can find it on GitHub and official social media channels. · The Presale is moving in an organized manner and the holders is experiencing a high yield. We are happy to announce that YearnNFT Finance (YFNFT) Contract and Consensus has successfully accomplished its Audit Process with InterFi Network (https://www.interfi.network/). The team at YFNFT started the contract development of the NFT minting model which will be followed to release the NFT marketplace. We are building YearnNFT as a high-volume NFT Marketplace, so we have followed the audit of YFNFT smart contract. Our project was successful in working with the best audit contract security auditor on the blockchain ecosystem. Security Audit is done in order to identify and eradicate security vulnerabilities using the most meticulous and thorough cyber security practice. InterFi Network demonstrate its own smart contract development and testing frameworks for major protocols and projects. The YearnNFT chosen auditing methodology is followed by an extensive analysis of smart contracts using various approaches- automatic, static and manual. With countless successfully implemented audits under InterFi Network belt, YearnNFT is sure about the proven experience and expertise in auditing. We have already released the project audit report on GitHub and official social media channels. You can deeply analyze and check the outcome. The Presale Round 1 has come to a successful end and the Presale Round 2 is ready to start from 1 December 2021. Smart Contract Audits Though the blockchain networks including BSC, Ethereum, etc. seems secure; however, blockchain applications built might show vulnerabilities. Bugs in smart contracts can continually have significant financial consequences. This is why we are performing audits for the smart contract development and optimization procedure. Benefits of Smart Contract Audits To reap the potentials of smart contracts like automation, self-enforcement, robustness and security, YearnNFT finds it extremely necessary to check in for their proper development. Blunders in smart contract development can show expensive problems rather than being an incredible productive gain. We believe that auditing our smart contracts will benefit YearnNFT blockchain project in several ways: Risks and Vulnerabilities Identification Our smart contract audit will need to pass the test and challenge the contract code in diverse ways. This will underline any technical, operational, and cyber threats to which our contract might be exposed. This procedure also involves cautious break testing of the contract. Code Enhancements Once the initial audit is performed, we will receive a report with a list of problems that are identified and need improvements to the code of the smart contract. The development team will have to fix the mentioned issues, which will be further implemented, reviewed and tested again. Performance Validation Besides recognizing risks and vulnerabilities, this audit will also tests the contract execution and check for variations that might occur after execution. This phase tests all possible results and how they can affect the initial conditions and terms of our contract. Optimization Every smart contract enacts against its native blockchain network. This entails paying fees in terms of cryptocurrency of particular network. Such smart contract audit will help us ascertain the accurate optimization based on its price. Compliance Based on the location or industry, our smart contracts might go through liability review and regulatory compliance. This audit can help us find whether our contracts meet the admissible regulatory requirements or necessity to be amended. Ratings Smart contracts are also maneuvered to define tokens/assets and token holder rights; therefore contracts is needed for ICO implementation. If our contract is audited, this will eventually raise the YFNFT token’s rating on relative ICO trackers and listings. Smart Contract Auditing Process YearnNFT chooses a variety of methods while deciding to audit smart contracts. Here is how the InterFi Network proceeds the auditing of our smart contact: Requirements Gathering Thoroughly reviewing whitepaper or business requirement documents helps the team to understand the intended behavior of the smart contract. Automated Testing Performing unit test cases and confirming there are no syntactical or run-time issues in the smart contracts is one of the responsibilities. Manual Review The team has authority to conduct a manual review of the smart contracts and spot critical, major and minor errors along with the counseling. Preparing Initial Audit Report This is a document composed to underline and decipher the critical/major/minor issues, while the developers work on streamlining the code. Final Audit Report Basically the initial audit report is revised and the streamlined code is used to jot the final audit report with the authorized approval. These procedures are implemented during an audit based on the contract type and its complexity. What’s in the Audit Report? After the security audit is performed, we receive a clean, properly formatted report specifically in PDF format. This is entirely compiled after consensus particularly from 2 independent auditors. We ensure our audit reports to be custom, thorough, and transparent for future success. This report also depicts: o An exhaustive list of errors and problems categorized as Critical/Major/Minor o Rationale for every specified issue jotted by the auditors o Endorsement on suggestions to solve the mentioned problems wherever feasible Our audited report will show the details of any recognized vulnerabilities and break them down according to their severity along with advice to proceed. Usually we will work on graphical representations that will provide visualized insights with respect to the project. This detailed report will help you understand the source of vulnerabilities. Why InterFi Network? Many projects have great experience working with InterFi Network so chose the team for our smart contract audit. Our team is already impressed with their prolific experience in advanced network protocols and reasonable pricing. As per our analysis, the auditor at InterFi Network conducts a thorough review. They impeccably understand the intended behavior, our needs and intricacies of the project. We have been highly recommended to go for their auditing services. This platform provides rich experience and expertise right on the table. InterFi team is equipped with the latest tools and techniques that seem quite impressive. We believe that charges are a function depending on the complexity and duration of the contract audit. It is also based on the business requirement quality and technical documentation that we and our project provide. Every project has their distinct requirements and is one of a kind in nature. You can get in touch with our team for more updates and get a customized quote for your project.
  5. Pancakeswap clone script is the exact replica of the original Pancakeswap decentralized Defi-based crypto exchange build on Binance smart chain loaded with extensive features and benefits. There are many features integrated into the Pancakeswap clone script, here we discuss the top features of the Pancakeswap clone script that you want to know. Automated Market Making - Pancakeswap clone script is developed with AMM which helps to remove the order books from the trading process. Yield Forming - It is the process by which users stake their tokens in smart contract-based liquidity pools to generate rewards as cake tokens. Staking - It is similar to Yield Farming. the key difference is users stake their native tokens to generate rewards as other tokens. Swapping - Users can swap tokens to get native cake tokens. no limit to swapping tokens. Initial Firm Offering (IFO) - It is a method for users to get access to newly introduced tokens to stake on the pool to earn rewards. These top 5 features make the Pancakeswap clone script unique among others. WeAlwin Technologies is a leading Defi development company that provides the reliable Pancakeswap clone script with the above features and all essential features that help the entrepreneurs to start a Defi-based Pancakeswap exchange business instantly and securely. To explore more about our Pancakeswap clone script, connect our expert's team at Email - [email protected] Telegram - @AlwinTech_Blockchain Skype - live:info_945986

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