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Found 78 results

  1. vigneshtech

    Guys, how to sell the e-books online?
  2. making money online is the best and the easiest way of making money without any stress or fair. is the fair free work we can work any time any hour any where any server so it is the easiet way of is love work for all all can do this job for example children,mothers,fathers teachers part time workers and a factory person with online programs is very good work for all so we must develop a great opportunity for all those who are jobless and can do work so with and live happily make money with online programs. Lagos, Nigeria
  3. 100% FREE TRAINING CLASS! Discover The Simple, 3-Step Blueprint For Creating a $2,500.00 Per Week Online Income Stream Click on the button now to get started! https://bit.ly/36cDdrf
  4. 100% FREE TRAINING CLASS! Discover The Simple, 3-Step Blueprint For Creating a $2,500.00 Per Week Online Income Stream Click on the button now to get started! https://bit.ly/36cDdrf
  5. https://cash4clickz.com/dashboard/invite.php?invite=Gabbydaw
  6. Make "INSTANT "money by following this link below! N8TYFQ
  7. Hi All, A successful brand always uses social media to boost online visibility and revenue. All a brand wants is clicks, likes, and more positive user feedback. So now, the best way to build a brand is using social media. According to recent research, 71 percent brands now plan to invest heavily in social media, which will help to get more followers and build better brand value. So, now we are listing out some of the points about how to build a brand using social media. Before taking a single step, one must Identify the Key Audience and Influencers. Nowadays Facebook and LinkedIn offer great opportunities to connect with various groups. These groups often help to build an authority around a brand. Across all the social media platforms, a good brand always maintains a Consistency. It helps when a user searches something about the brand in any of the platforms. If different platform shows different information about a brand, then it could eventually damage its reputation. Building a brand takes lots of time and patience, and one must treat it as a full-time job. One should post, share and create contents Regularly. Based on audience engagement and activity, number and type of posts can be adjusted. A weekly Instagram post or a monthly Twitter post won’t do anything. It’s wise to select few social media platforms and post regularly, rather than posting irregular updates on numerous accounts. Some of the companies spend as high as 39 percent of their total marketing budgets on content, and the trend of creating relevant and targeted content is increasing day by day. Most of the clients these days learn about a company through contents, not by advertisements. A brand should always Craft Targeted Contents. Companies who work on creating great blog ends up with increased search engine traffic, better brand identity and improved leads. In addition to being on social media, a company must remain to be Interactive enough, so that a potential or an existing customer’s problem can be solved easily. If a company responds quickly, 34 percent of the customers are more likely to complete a purchase. On the other hand, if a company fails to respond quickly, then consumers feel left out and the company won’t receive any publicity through word of mouth. Connecting and Collaborating with Influencers online also helps when it comes to building a better brand and it also helps to be seen. However, one should be in good terms with influencers to work with them. Always find a way to Jump into Discussions, it will help when a company has a unique insight. Being responsive in a discussion always helps to grow connections and build better brand value. When done right social media campaigns can bring a company more traffic, leads, conversations, promotions etc. So, don’t wait for too long start your social media marketing today, as the longer you wait the more you will lose. Source: https://www.insightssuccess.com/benefits-of-social-media-marketing/ Thanks, Insights Success.
  8. Biometric technology is a secure and cost-effective method for online businesses to cut down on losses that they have to sustain because of identity theft and online frauds. With online sales and digital footprint resulting in investments ranging into millions variancetv, businesses are always looking out for ways to cut down the flood of users with fake credentials. Biometric authentication gives the competitive edge to businesses in their fight against online identity thieves with the stolen identity and doctored credentials. What is Biometric technology Every human being in the world has unique identity features based on their biological profile. Biometric technology tracks those biometric markers to create a unique identity profile of a person that is nearly impossible to fake or forged by online identity thieves. How does Biometric authentication work? There are many ways in which biometric authentication technology operates but the kind of equipment required for biometric authentication, mainly depends on what kind of biometric information is being used for verification. A company using fingerprint scan will require a different kind of biometric technology to verify users. The business that opts for facial verification as a source of identity verification is most suited to benefit from biometric verification. All it takes is to receive a live selfie or a live stream of a few seconds from end-user for verification purposes. Facial verification services will authenticate biometric features of the end-user with the help technologies like facial recognition, 3D depth analysis, and liveness detection. Some companies are even using a retinal scan for biometric identification and authentication but any such KYC software is not feasible for online identity verification services. Ideal Biometric Verification Shufti Pro is considered an ideal identity verification service by businesses across the globe for digital KYC of their users. Biometric authentication using facial verification from Shufti Pro is trusted for its real-time verification statuses and AI-based verification process. Fraud prevention becomes hassle-free for businesses when they incorporate biometric authentication services from Shufti Pro because of its RestFul API that does not require any additional integration programming with pre-existing software, applications, and web platforms. Online frauds are mostly perpetrated by fraudulent users by utilizing still images of unrelated personnel, claiming their identity for their sinister plots. Shufti Pro has 99.6% success rates against such facial spoof attacks, protecting businesses from cyber attacks with its innovative yet simplistic verification services. Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms of Shufti Pro enables it to protect its customers from frequent attacks of users with stolen identities. Human Intelligence for KYC verification services of Shufti Pro further establishes the validity of identity verifications performed using biometric authentication protocols. Shufti Pro Back Office provides users with authentic proof of verification especially for facial verification where customers can see the facial images provided by end-users that were eventually verified or rejected after due application of facial recognition protocols. Facial profile of a user utilized for facial verification is more reliable and cost-effective method of performing a biometric authentication as compared to any other form of identity verification or KYC verification.
  9. amitm5003

    The first time I launched my website, I was very confident about my website and predicted there will be at least thousands of viewer every day. Obviously my prediction was so wrong and I got very sad. Posted many adds on social media sites but, my circle was not so big. The other day I talked to a friend of mine who was already in the business. He told me about SEO, and I researched about that as soon as I came back home. My fund was little so, I had to choose a SEO tool that is cheap and trustworthy. Not to mention I found that tool which made my website easily searchable and to be found with every keyword i enter. I have made my fortune, now it's your time. Visit the website: https://buyseostore.com/
  10. Canada is a country in the northern part of North America, where it consists of ten provinces and three territories. As census reports state, Ontario is the most populous province in Canada and is second largest province of total area. There official language is known to be English and French and the people in Canada are called Canadians. Survey report states that the population in Canada grows each year, according to the 2011 Canadian census, numbered at 1,400,685. It is surprised to know that Canada is more popular for legal things. As a result, Canadian transcription companies arrived to help their clients by providing their best. Transcription is the process of converting the audio format to the written format. The source can either be speech which is then converted to the written format for future purposes. Transcription is always confused with translation. Translation represents the conversion of one language into the target language. Transcription is defined as transcribing the same language as of the original. Reason for People in Canada prefer Canadian transcription services more than automated transcription because there is decrease in accuracy, quality that they expect compared to the transcription service offered by the transcriptionists. Reasons that affect the quality of the automated transcription is Audio language, speaking accent, over talk on recording, background noise, talking speed. Being the most populous province of Canada, Ontario transcription services do exist and help people in their legal activities.
  11. We will earn a cryptocurrency BAT (Basic AttanceToken), which is already traded on all popular exchanges. For this we need the Brave browser - you can download it HERE Earn 955 dollars for the month of work: What do we need: Any account / channel on YouTube Computer. Brave is a free and open source browser based on Chromium (just like Google Chrome) that promises to replace the current advertising system on the Internet. That is, it will block all annoying ads! In order to popularize their product, these guys distribute $ 1 million to people who help them distribute the Brave browser. Getting Started You need to follow the link, download and install the browser Then a normal-looking browser will open, go to the address - https://publishers.basicattentiontoken.org/, and then click on the "GET STARTED" button. 3. We enter the mail, we confirm, we enter the personal account (you may need to connect two-factor protection, this is at your discretion) 4. Go down in your account and see the add channel button 5. If you do not have your own website - add YouTube and confirm (difficulties should not arise), now almost everyone has a YouTube account (= channel, no difference, the number of subscribers and content does not matter) 6. After adding a channel, it remains only to copy your referral link on the right side of the channel; (as in the screenshot), click Referral Link -> Copy 7. For every 1 browser download confirmed through your link, you will receive about $ 5 in BAT token equivalent (at the moment it is about 40-45 BAT). Conclusion I sent the link to friends, PR on the Internet during the week, during this time I have accumulated 1468 BAT (this is currently about $ 160). Confirmed is considered the person who downloaded the browser through your link and used / did not delete within a month. That is, you will receive payment in a month, but believe me, this is a good investment of your time. Total I spent about an hour a day to promote a link in various forums, in groups, told friends (as the browser is really worth it, without ads, fast, works 2-8 times faster than other browsers like Chrome, Mozilla), and by the way the creator of this browser is - the creator of the programming language JavaScript and browser co-founder Mozilla Firefox, so there is no point in doubting its competence. The product is worthwhile, therefore it is very easy to distribute it. Proofs (4652 BAT = 955$) That's all! I wish you all success in this area.
  12. Turn your $30 into Unlimited Earnings What you get from it: supreme digital library and ecommerce website Earn 4 ways! $5 per Direct referral $4 per pair $10 per cycle from the 2x2 matrix https://swaunlimited.com/ref/swakcesspaul
  13. The newest way to make cash with the least amount of time. It almost sounds to good to be true just go to the link and promote http://MyWorkingHour.com/?userid=21133
  14. Located in Guangzhou, NoiseBarrierTarp occupies an area of 3,000 m2, with registered capital of 1 million. Our company mainly produces noise barrier fence materials, including noise barrier for construction sites and noise barrier for industrial noise control. Since our establishment, we have paid high attention to our technical management and quality management. Temporary Outdoor Barriers High Density Rubber MLV Sound/Noise Barrier 1.Significantly reduces machine noise 2.Made from Recycled raw materials 3.Simple fitting to ceilings Our company is located in Guangzhou with logistics convenience. We are exporting 30% of our products worldwide currently. The huge annual output made us one of the largest manufacturer of noise barrier in China. All of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world. Noise Barrier Products Outdoor Flexible Temporary Barriers Big Round Highway Noise Barrier Temporary Barriers High Quality Sound Insulation PVC Noise Barrier Noise Barrier As Wall Partition Ceiling Five Star Hotel for Construction Site Industrial Hot Sale High Quality Of Lightweight Highway Noise Barrier Noise Barrier Exterior Wall Fireproof And Sound Insulation Glass Wool Blanket Outdoor Noise Barriers Sound Barrier Wall Panel Noise Barrier for Construction Site We have been in the acoustic materials business for many years, and our reputation result from our past well feedback finished projects over the 35 countries, such as Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia, Kenya, Israel, Indonesia, India, Italy, Syria, United Kingdom, Seychelles, Djibouti, etc. Welcome the clients at home and abroad, to discuss cooperation to create brilliant and to look into the bright future! Our website: https://www.noisebarriertarp.com/product/noise-barrier-fence/
  15. Centre Front is the UK's best place for jeans online. Shop the latest, variety and stylish men's clothing ranges. Centre Front is having the huge collection of men's clothing designed to make you feel and look good. Casual Style Mens Fashion Online
  16. Jrb_123

    Hey guys I’m Jared and I’ve recently been trying to make the most money online and I’ve searched everywhere probably like you guys are doing right now and by far the easiest most reliable thing I have found is this. Just make an account and share it with friends. Hope this helps😊 http://MyWorkingHour.com/?userid=21133
  17. Is your blog or website giving you little money? You want to make your income double with some easy steps? You are in the right place then. No investment with 100% guarantee... Visit this link: https://bit.ly/2L11idL
  18. zakimah


  19. Do you have any website or a big chunk of followers? If yes, simply go to the link and sign up, share your link and make money. Yes its that simple. Website Link is https://numedia.biz/free/52388
  20. Hey guys, do you have a blog or a website or a huge number of follower? Want to earn extra pocket money over the internet with minimum hours of working at home? Just follow the link below. Check out their pay out rates. it's 20$ per 1000 visits! Website link: https://beyoutiquotes.com/shortener
  21. Hey guys, do you have a blog or a website or a huge number of follower? Want to earn extra pocket money over the internet with minimum hours of working at home? Just follow the link below. Website: https://bit.ly/2N8X4So
  22. Hi. I'm a university student, and have seen the hardness of life from the view point. Getting job is not that easy nowadays. I was going through a lot problems from last 2 years. But then, I came to know about this website which helps to create your dream business with their innovative system. I started working with them since past 9 months. The result is really mind blowing. If you have a dream business idea just like me, then do not wait any longer, visit their website now. Website link: https://steps2businessfreedom.com
  23. PerforatedAcousticPanels is professional perforated acoustic panels production and sale company. We specialize in the design, production & sale of timber slat ceiling and perforated acoustic panels. PerforatedAcousticPanels was established in 2011, the registered capital of RMB 1,000,000, is located in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province. Low Price Decorative Wood MDF Perforation Sound proof Panels 1.Available in many sizes 2.Cost effective echo reduction solution 3.Meets all fire regulations in most countries 4.Improve sound quality At present, we are engaged in producing: Fireproof Perforated MDF Acoustical Sound Board Echo Reduction MDF Perforated Wooden Acoustic Panels for Ceiling Sound Absorption Wooden Perforated Acoustic Wall Panel Auditorium Material for Auditorium and Gym Sound Proof Insulation for Walls Acoustic Panels Guitar Center Besides satisfying the domestic market, the company perforated panel products also sell to Austria, Brazil, Denmark, United Kingdom, Germany, Myanmar, Japan, Pakistan, Turkey, India, United States, Australia, etc. Our company has been honored as one of the China's Well-established perforated acoustic panel manufacturers. We are dedicated to the R&D of perforated acoustic panels, and undertake to supply our customers with environmental-friendly products. PerforatedAcousticPanels company has introduced advanced production technique from European countries. Regarding product quality as the lifeblood of company development, we place highest priority on quality control. Some of our recent projects are Shenzhen Apple Shop, Henan Sanmenxia Art Center, Lanzhou City Office Building, Yunnan Agricultural Bank North Branch, Liaoning Grand Theater, Ningxia Zhongwei Gymnasium, and so on. Our website: https://www.perforatedacousticpanels.com/product/timber-slat-ceiling/
  24. Want to earn some real money without selling anything on the internet? Work for big companies and help them sell their product. If you are interested then, watch the video to learn everything about affiliate marketing. Visit: https://listbuildingdaily.com/super-affiliate-system/
  25. There are many websites which provides share to earn option. But, many of those are fake or, their payment is too low. I have personally registered on this website and withdrew some money too. I have to say, this website is legit and, they impressed me with their payment method. You should use the website too. Website link: https://hustle.im/ref/wayne111
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