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  1. Most people would say that 2021 was an incredible year for non-fungible token market. The world witnessed this technology gain a widespread attention and many NFT projects sky rocketed in value. The market is poised for continued growth this year. What makes a good NFT project? If you are asking yourself what makes a good NFT project, the answer is quite simple; it is the many factors that play a large role in the success of an NFT project. Below are two important factors that make a good NFT project. Community Successful NFT projects will have a passionate and healthy community supporting them. A passionate community is more likely to hold their NFTs and raise the floor price. Active communities will talk about their project and share it with others to help it grow at a faster rate in terms of popularity and awareness. Vast amounts of engagement within the community is always a good sign for an NFT project. A good way to know if a particular NFT project has a good community or no is by checking their social media platforms, monitor how many followers do they have but more importantly how they engage with their audience. Utility When it comes to this, NFTs utility can come in different shapes and sizes. A good example of NFT use case is the Ethereum Naming Service (ENS). Owning an ENS domain will allow its users to link your ETH wallet to a human-readable domain name. Another good example is the ownership of digital land in the metaverse. The Apes in Space NFT created by the rapper TakeOff will provide holders with a percentage ownership of the land in the Sandbox metaverse . NFT project that provide utility to their holders are much more valued and likely to succeed than projects which do not. Some other popular use cases are airdrops and governance. The 3 NFT project to keep an eye on in 2022 GXG GXG metaverse gaming platform is building on the metaverse concept and blockchain technology, meaning people can develop their own games and socialize to their hearts content. The games on the platform are different from other games provided by other betting game developers. What makes GXG really unique is that the results of the games will no longer be controlled by human or computers but based on the attributes of the NFT characters itself, the results will also be verified by a hash algorithm for its fairness and uniqueness. 1. The "house advantage" of traditional casinos no longer exists. 2. The creation model allows users to design their own games and also participate in games created by other users. Users will have the opportunity to enroll in multiple roles on the platform. Users will be able to generate benefits not only through the winning bets from the games but also through game designing and meta-event participation. 3. Users will be able to acquire permanent virtual assets in the GXG Metaverse Gaming Platform. With the NFT characters, they can get high rewards by participating in multiple events and the unique attributes/rarity will enable the NFT characters to have a certain expectation in value appreciation. 4. An odds system with verifiable fairness. The unique odds system will ensure that 100% of all user’s bets will be returned to lucky users. The only factor that can determine the outcome is probability. For more information please visit GXGtoken official website, yeyu123321.co Mutant Ape Yacht Club Mutant Ape Yacht Club was made by Yuga Labst of the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT project. They aim is to reward the holders of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, as well as to provide a way for people to enter the Bored Ape ecosystem for a lower price. This project was launched in August 2021, when members of the Bored Ape Yacht Club were airdropped ‘ Mutant Serums’. The holders of the Mutant Ape NFTs made from the Mutant serums will be able to earn tokens Bored Ape Yacht Club not released yet blockchain game. Depending on the notoriety of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, there is a good probability that their upcoming blockchain game will be a huge success and gain a lot of new users. Plus, owning a Mutant Ape will grant you access to an exclusive community. Alien Frens According to their website, the goal of Alien Frens is to ‘build the biggest group of Frens in the metaverse’. Owning an Alien Frens NFT provides many benefits such as invitations to IRL events, exclusive merch, comic books and much more. Due to its strong community Alien Frens will be a good choice to invest in for 2022. The project has over 52k followers on Twitter and over 24k discord members. The project also has a very notable celebrity backing, including Gary Vee and Soulja Boy. Another reason why Alien Frens maybe a good pick for 2022 is their ambitious road map. They did a streetwear drop on January 30 last month, they will also release a 30-page comic book on 15th and lastly introducing Frens token on the 28th of this month. These are the top 3 NFTs projects to keep a keen eye on for 2022, in this new era of global pandemic earning income online has never been easier. All you have to do is download these games and start earning all from the comfort of your home. Among these top 3 NFT games my highest recommendation would be GXG, although it is yet to be released I have no doubt that it will explode bigger than an atomic bomb when it is launched into the metaverse. In the meantime, you can explore these other games but keep a close eye on GXG because this is the one platform that will change everything.
  2. The corporate executive of the new NFT platform says that it won’t need users to own a crypto wallet, and can grade easy access for a thoughtful audience. Yankee singer-songwriter John Legend is action his position among the ranks of celebrities flocking to the globe of nonfungible tokens (NFTs). While serving to launch a replacement NFT platform for musicians and different entertainers. P.S: Experience Innovation With The Revolutionary FX Broker- LiteFinance! The platform known as OurSong permits artists to tokenize and sell their work, subsidization patrons with privileges like access to suppressed music and personal chatrooms. "Everyone can currently flip stories, music, photography, and any quite art into NFT mercantilism cards known as Vibes," the platform states. "Vibes permit you to unlock exclusive updates and access personal chat communities wherever you'll be able to meet like others." "Everyone can now flip stories, song, photography, and any type of artwork into NFT buying and selling playing cards referred to as Vibes," the platform states. "Vibes let you release different updates and get right of entry to personal chat groups wherein you could meet like-minded others." Legend will act as Chief Impact Officer, tasked with attracting up-and-coming artists and their fan bases. In an interview with Bloomberg, Legend stated that despite the fact that he spends a maximum of his intellectual electricity considering song, he hopes the platform will assist to attach people. “When I reflect onconsideration on what I need to do, I try and get concerned with initiatives that I assume will make the arena greater connected.” Well, acknowledged names connected to the project, together with the co-founding father of virtual song streaming carrier KKBOX, Chris Lin, who will function as the brand new company’s CEO. Cofounder of the stay video streaming platform Twitch, Kevin Lin, and founding father of early-level project capital corporation Cherubic Ventures, Matt Cheng, may also be becoming a member of the team. According to Lin, the platform won’t need users to possess a crypto notecase. in line with the Terms of Service, you'll solely purchase Vibes with OurSongDollars (OSD). "You can deposit OSD in OurSong by buying it with a credit card, debit card, wire payment, or USD Coin deposited in your wallet on Circle' blockchain," it states. The musician and his co-founders didn’t give any further money details regarding the project. This isn’t Legend’s 1st intrude on the globe of NFTs. In could 2021, Legend was declared as a partner of the “OneOf” NFT platform among the likes of Doja Cat and Whitney Houston. He isn’t the primary celebrity to dip his toes within the world of NFTs and cryptocurrency either, though most celebrities favor minting their own assortment instead of producing a complete platform. One notable exception is that the Super Bowl champion Tom Brady, who launched a sports-focused NFT platform referred to as “Autograph” in April 2021. though several huge names are keen to induce concern in the area — cherish Paris Hilton, who recently declared she would be dropping her first NFT collection with Superplastic — others aren’t thus impressed. Most recently, Kanye West dragged the NFT world in an Associate in Nursing Instagram post, writing “Do not solicit from me to try to to a f*cking NFT.” cheers!
  3. Non-Fungible Tokens are the digital assets depicting real-world entities such as art, music, in-game items, videos, etc that are linked to the proof of ownership. To earn massive profits and income, major creators, artists and animators are starting to invest their ideas in NFT and making a master plan to sell such NFTs through trusted NFT Marketplace. NFT Marketplace is a field where investors, users, enthusiasts and business persons play great business opportunities. Therefore, any individual can purchase and sell their virtual properties such as collectibles, music, artwork, etc. without any worries of counterfeiting. To be precise, these NFT platforms are designed and built using blockchain technology to validate the provenance of digital content. Some NFT marketplaces provides a “burn” option to remove the duplicate one, where royalty shows a crucial role. If the NFT is somewhere traded and is ready for second-hand sale, the creator automatically receives a sharing of revenue each time evaluating the NFT. The bold fact says that the NFT marketplace owners earns more profit in comparison to the NFT creators. The users have the credibility to freely create NFT using variant marketplace on different blockchain networks including BSC, Ethereum, Polygon, etc. Testing these blockchain networks, Binance Smart Chain is considered to be the most preferable network chain for entrepreneurs in order to create and establish their own NFT marketplace platform. BSC is mostly referred while choosing an NFT Marketplace to create, trade, reserve and sell the NFT assets. YearnNFT is a NFT Marketplace developed in the BSC blockchain network. Here, the users can sell, bid, reserve, sell and buy digital collectibles. The individuals can even explore and trade using BNB coins and BEP20 tokens. This new project is more popular among entrepreneurs due to the BSC blockchain architecture comprises less complications as compared to other networks which seems perfect for the development of NFT and Marketplace altogether. The YearnNFT marketplace also consumes lower gas fees and provides instant transactions using BSC blockchain network. This project now has potential huge fan base among investors and depicts a great future. Creating your NFT at this marketplace gives you exclusive profits and takes your business career to the next level. All transactions on the YearnNFT marketplace are performed through the native utility token- YFNFT token. The team members working behind this project have rich experience in traditional as well as digital arts. They evenly participate, keep discovering NFT artists around this vast globe, empower YearnNFT functionalities, and fuel the productivity of the project in the crypto art world. Roadmap Version 1.2 is Live NFT has been said the newest implementation of blockchain technology that has gathered everyone’s interest right from fame artists to emerging creators. This concept is relatively new to some individuals wherein some find it pretty polished, however, we believe that our platform brings exceptional features to create and buy NFTs in easier way. Not only artwork but also, we are preparing a way to make the transaction experience smoother. Check out the milestones of YearnNFT marketplace with updated, finished and future planned stages: October 2021 · Website Release · Whitepaper Launch · Airdrop Begins November 2021 · Smart Contract release · YFNFT Token Contract Audit with Interfi Network · NFT Marketplace Setup · YFNFT Presale Start December 2021 · Achieve 5000+ holders · Airdrop distribution · Airdrop Ends January 2022 · NFT Marketplace (Beta version) · Achieve 10000+ YFNFT Holders · CMC Listing · Launch YOFO token · Start YOFO token Airdrop February 2022 · YFNFT Burning- 50% tokens · Marketplace — Music NFT’s launch · Achieve 12000+ YFNFT Holders March 2022 · YearnNFT Dex Launch · YFNFT Token Contract Audit with Certik · YOFO Token Contract Audit · YOFO token airdrop Ends April 2022 · YFNFT Token Presale ends · Listing YFNFT on Pancake Swap · YFNFT token Staking program · YOFO Token ICO on launchpad New NFT Marketplace YearnNFT is a new NFT marketplace developed on Binance Smart Chain to make it available for users to buy, sell and create NFTs. We have a mission to drive this project and NFTs to the mainstream. YearnNFT marketplace presents a well-designed website, standard roadmap and an easy way to create NFTs. Not only the documents but also our features are appreciated by the holders, community members and mainstream consumers. Small creators can affordably use our NFT launchpad to attain the exclusive exposure. Additionally, we offer a massive variety of NFTs like artwork, game, videos, photography, music, etc. Our new marketplace allows the general users to mint NFTs on the BSC and altogether the minting does not ask for any gas fee. NFTs such as jpg, png, gif, is acceptable with a maximum file size of 100 MB. There is very low transaction fee and creators/owners can set the royalty that gets paid each time these NFTs are sold on the official platform.
  4. Hey, a new NFT project has just been released! They have one of the biggest community on reddit and an amazing team of developers. This is the new project everyone is talking about. There is still time to participate and be part of our community. Be aware of possible scams, all announcements will be published by us on our socials. So make sure to follow us! The website: https://wsbdegeneratesclub.com/ The discord server: https://discord.io/WSBDegeneratesClub #NFT #token #gold #cryptocurrency #profitable #investors #technology #earning #digital #currency #Marketplace #Virtual #blockchain #bitcoin #Binance #blockchain #promote #BITENGENCOIN #marketplace #profit #market #trade #Sale #crypto #currency #token #earn #investor #marketplace #coin #trade #Binance #world #profit #trading #token #million #business #currency #passive #ethereum #ecommerce
  5. Walmart appears to be venturing into the metaverse with plans to create its own cryptocurrency and collection of non-fungible tokens or NFTs. P.S: Three Most Effective Trading Indicators For Forex Trader The major retailer filed several new brands late last month, signaling its intention to manufacture and sell virtual goods, including electronics. toys, sporting goods, and personal care products. In a separate filing, the company said it will offer users virtual currencies as well as NFTs. According to the US Patent and Trademark Office, Walmart filed the applications on Dec. 30. A total of seven separate applications were filed. In a statement, Walmart said it is "continuously exploring how new technologies can shape future shopping experiences." He declined to comment on the specific trademark filings. "We're constantly testing new ideas," the company said. "Some ideas become products or services that reach customers. And others we test and iterate and learn from." They're super intense," said Josh Gerben, a trademark attorney. “There is a lot of language in these, which shows that there is a lot of planning going on behind the scenes for how they will deal with cryptocurrencies. It will deal with the metaverse and the virtual world that seems to become or is already here. Gerben said since Facebook announced it would change its company name to Meta, signaling its ambitions beyond social media, companies have struggled to figure out how they would fit into a virtual world. Nike filed a series of trademark filings in early November that foreshadowed its plans to sell virtual branded shoes and apparel. Later that month he said he would be collaborating with Roblox to create an online world called Nikeland. In December he bought the virtual shoe. Company RTFKT (pronounced "artifact") for an undisclosed amount. "All of a sudden everyone is like, 'This is going to be super real and we need to make sure our intellectual property is protected in space,'" Gerben said. Gap has also started selling NFTs of its iconic logo hoodies. The apparel maker said its NFTs will range in increments from about $8.30 to $415 and come with a physical hoodie. Meanwhile, NFT debuts from Under Armor and Adidas sold out last month. They are now fetching sky-high prices in the OpenSea NFT market. Gerben said clothing retailers Urban Outfitters, Ralph Lauren, and Abercrombie and Fitch have also filed trademarks in recent weeks detailing their intention to open some sort of virtual store. A report by CB Insights outlined some of the reasons why retailers and brands want to pursue ventures that can potentially provide new revenue streams. The launch of NFT allows companies to tokenize physical products and services to reduce online transaction costs, he said. And for luxury brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton, NFTs can serve as a form of authentication for more expensive, tangible goods, CB Insights found. Gerben said that as more consumers become more familiar with the Metaverse and the items stored on the blockchain, more retailers want to create their own ecosystem around it. According to Frank Chaparro, director of crypto information service The Block, many retailers are still suffering from the e-commerce lag, so they don't want to miss opportunities in the metaverse. "I think it's beneficial for any retail business," Chaparro said. something odd, like giving some customers an NFT in a giveaway.
  6. Buy the NYE Lucky Squares NFT and win 25 ETH or 1 ETH!!! 81 Total winners will be drawn. ONLY 5000 Available! Visit https://www.nyeluckysquares.com to purchase Winners will be posted on website to allow full transparency of the contest. Winners will also be verified via smart contract to allow full traceability. The NFT collection is featured in a prominent crypto news site. See article here: https://www.cryptonexa.com/2021/12/23/nye-lucky-squares-transparent-and-legit-nft-raffles-at-nye-luckysquares/ Contest just started and winners are drawn as soon as the full collection is minted. They are using smart contacts to provide full transparency to participants. video.mp4
  7. FIRST SMART CONTRACT NFT RAFFLE! Buy the NYE Lucky Squares NFT and win 25 ETH or 1 ETH!!! 81 Total winners will be drawn. ONLY 5000 Available! Visit https://www.nyeluckysquares.com to purchase Winners will be posted on website to allow full transparency of the contest. Winners will also be verified via smart contract to allow full traceability. The NFT collection is featured in a prominent crypto news site. See article here: https://www.cryptonexa.com/2021/12/23/nye-lucky-squares-transparent-and-legit-nft-raffles-at-nye-luckysquares/ Contest just started and winners are drawn as soon as the full collection is minted. They are using smart contacts to provide full transparency to participants. #NFT #Nftart #NFTproject #NFTartwork #ETH #cryptocurrency #makemoney #blockchain #btc #crypto #investment #investors video.mp4
  8. Blockchain games and NFT metaverse are taking the gaming industry by storm welcoming new rewards systems beneficial for players and participants alike. Introducing Gameinfinity Project: the web3-powered gaming and NFT metaverse that brings exclusive gaming excitement to the decentralized ecosystem. GameInfinity is a web3 gaming platform that uses play-to-earn mechanisms, allowing players to explore the vast online world and get rewarded for their participation and efforts. Also, the platform is developing a marketplace with the help of native tokens that will set users at ease. Important : The Whitelist for GAMEIN Token private is live, go register before 10th Jan to participate. The project is pushing to minimize the entry barrier choosing decentralized gaming. The team is trying to make Web3 gaming more accessible and available to players by diversifying the rewards and offerings. At GameInfinity, the transition is made simpler and through Web3 gaming more seamless. In addition, the game at this gaming metaverse features a single and multiplayer mode where gamers can challenge each other in diverse tournaments, explore scoreboards, bet on live game streamers and win incredible prizes while participating in giveaways based on user winning history. GameInfinity is an advanced project model that connects Web3, NFT Gaming and Blockchain all-in-one potential business approaches. GAMEIN Token - Global Gaming Currency The platform recently launched its own utility token, $GAMEIN where holders of in-game currency $GAMEIN can stake their assets on the GameInfinity platform. Therefore, using user tokens to purchase in-game assets or can generate additional passive income to ascertain their own attributes. GAMEIN is a BSC-based native token of GameInfinity Web3 gaming metaverse offering a total supply of 270 million asset. Currently, this asset offers multiple use-cases where the token value can be measured as Meta Token= A + B + C + …. Z. A - refers to the volume of games actively played at GameInfinity using GAMEIN token in the ecosystem B - refers for the NFT metaverse that can be minted, listed, purchased, reserved and sold within the blockchain universe C - refers to the number of GAMEIN holders along with trading volume of the asset on different exchanges and for diverse purchase The other key space eventually stands for the GameInfinity partnerships, updates, applications, events, NFT assets, game contracts, etc. GAMEIN token is decided to be released in 3 forms: ● The Private Sale, ● The presale, and ● The IDO At GameInfinity, the team has made only 2 games live for public: 2048 and Cricket Bet resp. Web3 Games, Tournaments, Streaming and Scoreboard will soon be live. Some of the planned features are under development and will be deployed after the marketplace is in action. This project offers play-to-earn Web3 crypto games and an NFT Marketplace that are all integrated with GAMEIN token. To connect wallet and use the GameInfinity application features, the user needs to use their Browser of Metamask, Trust Wallet or any BEP20 supporting wallet. Cool Offer to grab Right now! Whitelist and Win free NFT worth $100, here’s why to Whitelist on GameInfinity with $5: ■ Earn 100 free GAMEIN tokens [Welcome reward] ■ Referral bonus is applicable on each invite worth 100 GAMEIN Tokens ■ Enjoy feasible and seamless Play-To-Earn Games ■ Lifetime subscription on future upcoming games and services ■ The person is eligible to hold rewards and reserve token assets ■ Be a member of Meta Gang, soon to be the leading blockchain Web3 Gaming Community! Game Infinity project is not only progressing into mainstream attention but also mimics the UI, UX, and graphics of well-developed Web3 crypto games. This platform is rapidly exploring and expanding its ability to target sophisticated and significant market segment. This NFT metaverse is gaining exclusive support and capital funding from various experts and professional. Moreover, NFTs and Game Finance is considered the new bread and butter of the Web3 decentralized ecosystem. To gain faster integration of blockchain into NFT gaming habits, the people need to attain exposure to games like GameInfinity. Such projects are partnering with established esports firms to offer satisfied service and application to play at ease. For more updates and news, stay in touch on our social media channels. We have tons of news for GAMEIN Gang.
  9. NFT Game platform provides a strong ownership right, immutability and also gives security to the holders. Want to Create your favorite NFT Games! Developcoins is the best NFT Gaming Platform Development Company that helps to create your NFT games & clone script like Betfury, AxieInfinity, cassino,Football,Zedrun,AlienWorld, #MetaWars etc. on top of the Blockchain Platforms like Ethereum,Tron, EOS,Binance, etc., with a Smart contract and advanced features based on your requirements. Explore Here-> "Developcoins" Book A Free Consultation via #Call/Whatsapp: +91 9843555651 Skype - live:Tech Innovate
  10. NFT market is flooded since 2021 transforming into a major sector of the crypto industry. As per the analysis, the total amount consumed on purchasing NFTs exceeds $12.6 billion at the start of the year. While diverse NFTs are created, purchased and sold using Binance Smart Chain, affordable gas fees can make the process more preferrable. Anyone can afford and mint NFTs of their choice. The BSC-based projects now offer rare and exclusive NFT collections to mint and trade for profits. To trade for expensive feature, many investors and creators readily try to offload their NFTs preferring the secondary marketplaces. However, there are still many ways to generate an income from NFTs rather than selling them putting up a higher price than the users have paid/created them for. The tactics to earn passive income specifically for a crypto holder is one of the most fascinating facets in this crypto ecosystem. Either lending tokens in DeFi lending pools, assets yielding and farming, or staking tokens, there are a plethora of scopes to earn income on every crypto investment. Earning Passive Crypto Income You can now earn crypto passive income using various methods and platforms; however, it is crucial to consider the amount and value of money you are looking to invest. As some passive income openings are more capital intensive in comparison to others, while some requisite more research and time than others. Remember that cryptocurrencies are susceptible and might fluctuate to strong market corrections. In fact, the price of the specific asset that the user HODLs might falls or can also eat into the percentage of user’s passive income earned. YearnNFT uses an innovative approach to offer exclusive passive income, and let them earn while inventing and creating to an NFT. How to generate Passive Income from NFTs? Rent out NFTs- The user can earn passive income by renting out the NFTs those in high demand. NFT Royalties- The creators can earn passive income by selling their creations within the market stats to collectors and attain royalties. Stake NFTs- The user can stake their assets and NFTs by depositing, or locking away crypto assets into a decentralized protocol smart contract. Examples of platforms that facilitate NFT staking include: Liquidity to Earn NFTs- Due to the integration of NFTs and DeFi protocols, now users can enjoy greater liquidity and earn NFTs in return to own the position in any liquidity pool. Adopt NFT-Powered Yield Farming- Many people are looking to farm for yields using NFT-backed products. They are leveraging diverse DeFi protocols to create the highest possible yield with the crypto assets owned. Earn 500 BNB Worth Passive Income | 1 NFT Holdings of 1 BNB as a Reward Looking at the low market cap, if any buyer holds YFNFT tokens, the person will be able to hold and earn tons of profit per day in millions worth passive income based on the average trading volume of 5% of the total sold value for the owner and 3% of the total sold value for the creator. The passive income comes with 2 types of slots- 1. Every time the NFT is sold, the Creator will receive 2% of the total sold value. 2. Every time the NFT is sold, the Owner will receive 5% of the total sold value. YearnNFT Ecosystem is developing and introducing diverse products and decentralized applications to raise the utility of YFNFT Tokens along with its trading volume. YFNFT team is the world’s first DeFi NFT minting project to occupy the trader’s spot. The entire project is deployed on Binance Smart Chain network. Soon, the YearnNFT Finance protocols and token assets will reach 300x value, as this is the world’s first low supply NFT token. The team has also announced its standard whitepaper and streamlined roadmap. On the other hand, YFNFT token presale is live since 19 November extended till Jan 5, 2022.
  11. hopperswap.io DEX exchange with LEA token rug pull option eliminated. deflationary token anti whale mechanism NFT under construction currently https://hopperswap.io/ #bitcoin #Binance #blockchain #promote #BITENGENCOIN #marketplace #profit #market #trade #Sale #Exchange #fiance #games #bitcoin #crypto #invest #mining #ether #NFT #crypto #currency #token #earn #investor #marketplace #coin #trade #Binance #world #profit #trading
  12. Orange Comet's creation of 6865 NFT collections, co-created by Stan Lee, is included in the Chakra NFT Art Punks Loot Box. It is BeyondLife.Club's Signature collection Lootbox from its latest Chakra the Invincible offering. Each of the buyers will receive a random character from the original comics co-created by Stan. To visit: chakra.beyondlife.club
  13. Recently, the crypto platform with the advent of technology development emerges to be a proficient revenue-generating streamline for money-making. The crypto space supports multiple business sectors including crypto crowdfunding, crypto token creation, and NFT. By creating an NFT a common user can trade the tokens and can attain benefits in a compatible way. Non-fungible tokens can be created in the form of art, game items, music, etc. The NFT generated can be traded effectively in the crypto space and the user can gain a profit at a fine state. The solid reasons to create an NFT imply the fact that each NFT contains a digital signature that can't be exchanged and remains secure. NFT transactions can be done effectively between the owner or creator in the blockchain. The NFT can be generated on prominent blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Tron, and Binance as well. The token standard for NFT creation includes ERC721, ERC1155, TRC721, and BEP721. Choose the desired blockchain and its token standard as per your requirements for NFT creation. Key Benefits of creating an NFT includes Digital ownership Transparency Indivisibility Interoperable functionalities and more It is preferable to create a crypto token by approaching a good service provider because there might be confusing for you in the technical part and consumes a lot of time and effort to develop a token. Whereas the team of professionals with the technical skill can provide the best solution for creating a crypto token in a short span and hassle-free state. If you would like to create a Non-fungible token without the requirement of solidity (coding) in a hassle-free state, approach a good service provider. Icoclone, a reputed service provider in the digital platform offers quality-driven services for Non-fungible token development For more queries regarding the services, connect via Whatsapp / Telegram: 91 95005 75285 Email:[email protected] Skype: live: hello_20214
  14. Yes, it is a good idea to buy Stan Lee’s Chakra NFTs. The NFTs in the Chakraverse event is unique in that they were co-created by the famous Marvel comic book creator Stan Lee. This event is a great chance for any NFT enthusiast, digital collector, or general fan of Stan Lee and his many works. To check out : www.chakra.beyondlife.club
  15. Orange Comet in collaboration with BeyondLife is launching an exclusive NFT collection. This collection features one of the first international superheroes co-created by Sharad Devarajan, Gotham Chopra, and Stan Lee. You can find out more by registering on the site and getting updates on the Chakra Invincible NFT collection. To check out : chakra.beyondlife.club
  16. The Fictional comic god of the current era who gave us the legendary Captain America, Magnificent Thor, and Outstanding Ironman has talked about his recent masterpiece - The Chakra. NFT Drop is about getting a life, getting the most featuring NFTs that decide the fin Tech of tomorrow. SOURCE: chakra[.]beyondlife.club/?fsz=home
  17. · YFNFT Team started the contract development of the NFT minting model which will be followed to release the NFT marketplace. · We are building YearnNFT as a high-volume NFT Marketplace, so it is important for us to audit the YFNFT smart contract. · The project was successful in working with the best audit contract security auditor on the blockchain ecosystem. · We are happy to announce that YearnNFT Finance (YFNFT) Contract and Consensus has finally accomplished its Audit Process with InterFi Network (https://www.interfi.network/). · The Project Audit report is released and you can find it on GitHub and official social media channels. · The Presale is moving in an organized manner and the holders is experiencing a high yield. We are happy to announce that YearnNFT Finance (YFNFT) Contract and Consensus has successfully accomplished its Audit Process with InterFi Network (https://www.interfi.network/). The team at YFNFT started the contract development of the NFT minting model which will be followed to release the NFT marketplace. We are building YearnNFT as a high-volume NFT Marketplace, so we have followed the audit of YFNFT smart contract. Our project was successful in working with the best audit contract security auditor on the blockchain ecosystem. Security Audit is done in order to identify and eradicate security vulnerabilities using the most meticulous and thorough cyber security practice. InterFi Network demonstrate its own smart contract development and testing frameworks for major protocols and projects. The YearnNFT chosen auditing methodology is followed by an extensive analysis of smart contracts using various approaches- automatic, static and manual. With countless successfully implemented audits under InterFi Network belt, YearnNFT is sure about the proven experience and expertise in auditing. We have already released the project audit report on GitHub and official social media channels. You can deeply analyze and check the outcome. The Presale Round 1 has come to a successful end and the Presale Round 2 is ready to start from 1 December 2021. Smart Contract Audits Though the blockchain networks including BSC, Ethereum, etc. seems secure; however, blockchain applications built might show vulnerabilities. Bugs in smart contracts can continually have significant financial consequences. This is why we are performing audits for the smart contract development and optimization procedure. Benefits of Smart Contract Audits To reap the potentials of smart contracts like automation, self-enforcement, robustness and security, YearnNFT finds it extremely necessary to check in for their proper development. Blunders in smart contract development can show expensive problems rather than being an incredible productive gain. We believe that auditing our smart contracts will benefit YearnNFT blockchain project in several ways: Risks and Vulnerabilities Identification Our smart contract audit will need to pass the test and challenge the contract code in diverse ways. This will underline any technical, operational, and cyber threats to which our contract might be exposed. This procedure also involves cautious break testing of the contract. Code Enhancements Once the initial audit is performed, we will receive a report with a list of problems that are identified and need improvements to the code of the smart contract. The development team will have to fix the mentioned issues, which will be further implemented, reviewed and tested again. Performance Validation Besides recognizing risks and vulnerabilities, this audit will also tests the contract execution and check for variations that might occur after execution. This phase tests all possible results and how they can affect the initial conditions and terms of our contract. Optimization Every smart contract enacts against its native blockchain network. This entails paying fees in terms of cryptocurrency of particular network. Such smart contract audit will help us ascertain the accurate optimization based on its price. Compliance Based on the location or industry, our smart contracts might go through liability review and regulatory compliance. This audit can help us find whether our contracts meet the admissible regulatory requirements or necessity to be amended. Ratings Smart contracts are also maneuvered to define tokens/assets and token holder rights; therefore contracts is needed for ICO implementation. If our contract is audited, this will eventually raise the YFNFT token’s rating on relative ICO trackers and listings. Smart Contract Auditing Process YearnNFT chooses a variety of methods while deciding to audit smart contracts. Here is how the InterFi Network proceeds the auditing of our smart contact: Requirements Gathering Thoroughly reviewing whitepaper or business requirement documents helps the team to understand the intended behavior of the smart contract. Automated Testing Performing unit test cases and confirming there are no syntactical or run-time issues in the smart contracts is one of the responsibilities. Manual Review The team has authority to conduct a manual review of the smart contracts and spot critical, major and minor errors along with the counseling. Preparing Initial Audit Report This is a document composed to underline and decipher the critical/major/minor issues, while the developers work on streamlining the code. Final Audit Report Basically the initial audit report is revised and the streamlined code is used to jot the final audit report with the authorized approval. These procedures are implemented during an audit based on the contract type and its complexity. What’s in the Audit Report? After the security audit is performed, we receive a clean, properly formatted report specifically in PDF format. This is entirely compiled after consensus particularly from 2 independent auditors. We ensure our audit reports to be custom, thorough, and transparent for future success. This report also depicts: o An exhaustive list of errors and problems categorized as Critical/Major/Minor o Rationale for every specified issue jotted by the auditors o Endorsement on suggestions to solve the mentioned problems wherever feasible Our audited report will show the details of any recognized vulnerabilities and break them down according to their severity along with advice to proceed. Usually we will work on graphical representations that will provide visualized insights with respect to the project. This detailed report will help you understand the source of vulnerabilities. Why InterFi Network? Many projects have great experience working with InterFi Network so chose the team for our smart contract audit. Our team is already impressed with their prolific experience in advanced network protocols and reasonable pricing. As per our analysis, the auditor at InterFi Network conducts a thorough review. They impeccably understand the intended behavior, our needs and intricacies of the project. We have been highly recommended to go for their auditing services. This platform provides rich experience and expertise right on the table. InterFi team is equipped with the latest tools and techniques that seem quite impressive. We believe that charges are a function depending on the complexity and duration of the contract audit. It is also based on the business requirement quality and technical documentation that we and our project provide. Every project has their distinct requirements and is one of a kind in nature. You can get in touch with our team for more updates and get a customized quote for your project.
  18. Before talking about YearnNFT YFNFT token presale we would like to throw light on the details about token presale. You need to know about the things to consider prior to participate in a token presale, why we advise you to be an early bird joining a token presale. This is all for the benefit of newcomers willing to enter the crypto community and the ones unfamiliar with the concept and industry. Initially, tokens or assets that startups offer are launched before making them available to the general public where it is still under development. The token presale comes after the demonstration of ICO to the community. The funds raised during this event is either used to future development of the project or to fund the operations required for the lined-up releases. Our presale will offer investors and artists an opportunity to retrieve the projects tokens at a discounted rate with bulk rewards. Before grabbing the token assets, you should check the volatility of the project, understand the depth and core objective of the project and examine the entire team working behind the project. This article will give you an overall detail about the YearnNFT YFNFT token presale. Here is why you shouldn't miss the opportunity and be an early participant joining the presale. About YearnNFT Finance Project YearnNFT Finance is a DeFi and NFT marketplace built and powered by Binance Smart Chain network. This is a unique project dedicated to offer fast, smart, reliable, accessible, profitable financial services and a stage to showcase talent and creativity. Any artists and creators can display their efforts and work on YearnNFT easily while using the sophisticated user interface. As a user of YearnNFT marketplace, you can list your artwork and collectibles for future availability to buy, bid, sell, reserve and create their owned NFTs. YFNFT holders can earn digital assets and also use this token as means of payment. This is relatively new yet a promising project for the users intending to explore the concepts of blockchain. This platform is offering lots of quality services being decentralized for all users. Our team consists of developers holding vast experience in establishing and developing decentralized and advanced protocols in blockchain and new tech as a whole. We integrate the latest standards and trusted security practice in our smart contract and the model application. We own a community driven and transparent system to be open about. Why YearnNFT Presale is a Good Option? YearnNFT YFNFT token is built on a very reliable BSC blockchain network, with wallets that are highly compatible in terms of lending and saving. They depend on a strong decentralized governance protocols unrestrained by any authority or government however is an independent board. The core development includes · Creating decentralized applications; · Building and listing assets on cryptocurrency exchange; · Enabling the use of YFNFT tokens for purchase over the digital sphere; and · Allowing the use of YFNFT tokens to leverage and receive payments. These functionalities and use cases make this project and tokens exceptional and will amount to YFNFT token becoming a demanding token to influence the long-term price positively. YearnNFT YFNFT Token Presale YearnNFT YFNFT token presale is live on the website https://yearnnft.finance/index, from 19 November 2021. The Round 1 is already in action distributing over 20% of the total supply, with a price of 1 YFNFT = 0.12 BNB. The Round 2 will run from 1 December 2021 with a 20% token supply. The price is set as 1 YFNFT = 0.16 BNB for the Round 2. Shortly, after the presale, the YFNFT tokens will be listed on ApeSwap and PancakeSwap. You can visit the website to join the event and be the early bird for grabbing benefits from the YearnNFT marketplace. The buying process is quite simple and straightforward. Click on the “BUY TOKENs” icon on the website; signup/register and go with your required purchase accepting the price of the token in terms of BNB and YFNFT of your choice.
  19. In recent times, the crypto platform with the emergence of technology development turns to be a proficient revenue-generating streamline for money-making. The crypto space supports multiple business sectors including crypto crowdfunding, crypto token creation, and NFT. By creating an NFT a common user can trade the tokens and can attain benefits in a hassle-free mechanism. Non-fungible tokens can be created in the form of art, game items, music, etc. The NFT generated can be traded effectively in the crypto space and the user can gain a profit at a fine state. The solid reasons to create an NFT imply the fact that each NFT contains a digital signature that can't be exchanged and remains secure. NFT transactions can be done effectively between the owner or creator in the blockchain. The NFT can be generated on prominent blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Tron, and Binance as well. The token standard for NFT creation includes ERC721, ERC1155, TRC721, and BEP721. Choose the desired blockchain and its token standard as per your requirements for NFT creation. Advantages of NFT Creation Digital ownership Transparency Indivisibility Interoperable functionalities and more It is preferable to create a crypto token by approaching a good service provider because there might be confusion for users in the technical part and consumes a lot of time and effort to develop a token. Whereas the team of professionals with the technical skill can provide the best solution for creating a crypto token in a short span and hassle-free state. If you would like to create a Non-fungible token without the requirement of solidity (coding) in a hassle-free state, approach a good service provider. Icoclone, a reputed service provider in the digital platform offers quality-driven services for Non-fungible token development. For more queries regarding the services, connect via Whatsapp / Telegram: 91 95005 75285 Email: [email protected] Skype: live: hello_20214
  20. Do you have a Great idea for NFT collection? and need someone to draw? Do you want to start the year with you collection? I've a Xmas promo! Character 5 accesories 10 traits for only 350$ hurry up! there will be only 5 slots. https://www.fiverr.com/share/d6zz3Y #airdrop #Buy #lottery #Binance #coming #tokens #crypto #BNB #Exchange #Binance #market #blockchain #technology #financially #earn #products #passive #income #cryptopumpnews #telegram #blockchain #offer #cryptocurrency #real #estate #investment #globalcrypto #Exchange #Markets #Trading #bitcoin #news #token #marketing #game
  21. YearnNFT, an NFT-based community-driven decentralized project has announced the YFNFT token presale distributing 40% of the total token supply. This platform is building an NFT minting decentralized applications on the Binance Smart Chain Network and is prepared to commence releases after the closure of presale. The YFNFT Token Presale is live at YearnNFT.Finance from 19 November 2021. This presale will run in two rounds, where Round 1 will raise 20% token supply and Round 2 will distribute 20% token supply. The price for Round 1 of 1 YFNFT is 0.12 BNB and price for Round 2 of 1 YFNFT us 0.16 BNB respectively. This project provides an easy-to-use user interface and functionalities that allows digital creators, artists, and online enthusiasts to reserve and trade digital commodities and collectibles as NFTs for redeemable goods. The entire platform is operating on BSC network and advanced protocols. The development of in-built gallery, assets and collectibles serves as means to embrace the platform for more competency as it pushes the bars in the blockchain world. YFNFT token is behind the project to power up and as governance tradable asset. We are here to bring users and art creators with exclusive experience specifically with the NFT space. Our team cited this while demonstrating our delight in the development. We are running the presale of low token supply to reach its productivity and value worth 300x. YearnNFT team is thankful for the engagement and interest coming from the community with respect to every event handled on the project especially this YFNFT presale. Along with the current NFT market, YearnNFT is moving quite ahead in the blockchain world and inches closer to the goal of becoming top trusted NFT artwork project and marketplace. The efforts behind this project are all due to the knowledgeable and experienced team trying to seek the best opportunities and protocols. We will showcase the community via our digital artwork NFT marketplace as we believe that community members will seize this chance to encounter the NFT world. In a motive to make the YFNFT token participation at YearnNFT Finance Marketplace available for everyone prior to getting on exchanges, this project has hosted its presale event for the native token. Therefore, now the users can earn YFNFT tokens at cheap rates and earn 10% rewards with the kickstart of the event. Yes, there is an extra 10% bonus on each purchase as reward for YFNFT tokens purchased at the event of presale. Every Round has big bang for you! The Round 1 has started from 19 November 2021 and Round 2 will start from 1 December 2021. Right after the presale, we will list the YFNFT tokens on ApeSwap and PancakeSwap as mentioned in our working business plan.
  22. YearnNFT Finance (YFNFT) mission is to accredit NFT creators and artists on Binance Smart Chain with a new NFT concept created and developed around powerful tokenomics. Our utility and governance token $YFNFT will be pushing several functions of our imminent platform. We have closely watched the NFT ecosystem since quite years now. Last year, BSC came into existence and since then we have experienced its rapid growth. This blockchain network has shown immense improvement amongst the trusted and some popular platforms depicting both users and developers, though the timing finally seems accurate. Our entire team working effortlessly behind YearnNFT consists of artists that are either creating physical or digital artworks or collectibles alike. YearnNFT is built with a belief to acquire a unique position with strong background in terms of developers as well as content creators. We have gathered some fresh perspectives along with a reliable network of connections intending to succeed with our platform. YearnNFT Platform Check out some exclusive features of YearnNFT Finance project. Ø Digital Art The user can upload and sell their digital artworks as NFT’s with available solutions. YearnNFT marketplace is easy to use and intervene with very low transaction fees. Ø Application We might develop a smart-phone application for anyone to create, stake, reserve and trade NFT’s right from their phone. Ø YFNFT Token This is governance token for YearnNFT marketplace and frictionless by design- YFNFT Token asset. Tokenomics · Name: YearnNFT.Finance · Symbol: YFNFT · Type: BEP20 · Chain: Binance Smart Chain Token Distribution · 40% Presale · 35% Liquidity · 4% Registration Bounty · 4% Referral Bounty · 2% Influencer Reward · 2% Airdrop Reward · 3% NFT Publishers Reward · 3% Development Team · 2% Marketing Team · 1% Advisers · 2% Founders · 2% Investors Ø Audited and safe Our smart contract has already passed a complete code audit. Ø No owner Contract ownership is renounced which means that the code cannot be modified by anyone. Ø Low transaction fees The low transaction fees of BSC make token creation and trading of NFT affordable for anyone. We think that our NFT marketplace will be game changer with respect to lowering the bar to create any NFT. YearnNFT Finance Thoughts YearnNFT platform is powered by the governance token YFNFT. Any users accessing our platform can stake and reserve this token asset to claim or issue NFT’s. We emphasize to become the easiest NFT platform that will be reliable to use by amongst other project out there. We are implying some simple and interesting features. Though, we are currently a small yet dedicated team of developers and graphic designers relatively from the blockchain and technical background. Over the course of the coming months, we are planning to expand our team that will immediately speed up our development of YearnNFT platform and application alike. This project is reliably easy to use with respect to interface and beginner friendly. We are supporting all the most common pictorial and collectibles formats on our platform. Later, we will launch the smart-phone application to freely use at the pace of phones. Future Plans Let me tell our readers that we are not stopping right here, we will transform the current NFT marketplace to a better place. Every featured aspect will be integrated into our platform to allow users and traders feasibly sell their artwork and earn YFNFT. Furthermore, checking down the line we plan to incorporate some additional features for using native YFNFT token to the next level. We will also simplify NFT creation for beginners and non-experienced users. We are centring on artworks as well as all sorts of NFT’s. Future renovation of our platform is set to be geared towards assets/items creation for images/picture/gallery collection. We are also thinking about adding some features to build around NFT’s to make it more interesting to explore. YearnNFT Roadmap October, 2021 | Kickstart Project o Website and Whitepaper launch o Airdrop begins o Start of marketing and public awareness November, 2021 | Presale o Marketplace Launch and Presale begins o NFT creator documentations o Team expansion and further marketing o Research and development December, 2021 | Token Listing o 5000 Holders o Token listing and airdrop distribution o Coingecko and CMC listing o Strategize a marketing and adoption plan January, 2022 | NFT Listing o NFT Minting Model o Token listing o Music NFT Model launches o Further product development and iteration February, 2022 | Upgrades o Token Growth 300X o 9000+ holders and marketplace upgrade o Further marketing and expansion YearnNFT Finance will offer a native marketplace to transact NFTs created through YFNFT. The marketplace might enable anyone to list their NFTs in future for any price or can sell them through bidding in an auction. Since the YearnNFT Finance is an open marketplace, we will make it simple for artist, creators and developers to decorate their items diversely from the masses. However, the respective developers will be verified via a dedicated verification system regulated by the YearnNFT team. Verified items are then isolated from the masses offering a noise-free marketplace for permissible projects. The assets, collectible items and artwork can be listed by individuals with a dedicated noise-free market. Any transactions performed on the YearnNFT marketplace can be settled in the YFNFT native token, and sellers can earn through the YearnNFT token. The YearnNFT token YFNFT is the native currency of the YearnNFT NFT marketplace. Additionally it can be used to buy, sell and reserve NFTs on the market.
  23. Non-fungible tokens are everywhere. It has hard to spot an industry that is not influenced by NFTs. The Bollywood industry is also among this unique correlation. NFTs in Bollywood enable the fans to own something that is precious and directly linked to their favorite actor and gain an immense sense of joy and satisfaction. SOURCE: amitabh.beyondlife.club
  24. From Reality to Metaverse, it will drive a series of commercial and technological booms? The metaverse is accelerating into people’s view, and people who are optimistic about it call it the “next-generation Internet.” Many technology companies are looking to be the first to take advantage of this opportunity, and the metaverse is gaining popularity in Google searches. The metaverse still faces many challenges, including intellectual property disputes, data protection, privacy concerns, existing laws, appropriate currencies, and payment systems, challenges with existing technologies, and low public acceptance. However, the metaverse will bring unprecedented opportunities to the world, including a continuously growing market, new business models, better virtual experiences for users, and breakthroughs in related technologies. The metaverse brings new business models, and Fortnite (Fortnite) provides an exciting example of a company giving up control of its intellectual property. After Fortnite introduced some of the hottest character skins of the moment, many players immediately logged into the game and spent in-game currency to purchase the skins. Fortnite gave up control of its intellectual property, which many companies found incredible. For Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Nike, and other IP majors, giving up control was hard for them to accept. But by giving up control, players can trade through the secondary marketplace operated by Fortnite, and Fortnite is collecting fees from it, the revenue from which is immeasurable and can be said to have opened up a new business model. Metaverse is considered a game + virtual social world, so the construction and development of the meta-universe can not be separated from the solid technical support. The technology cluster supporting the metaverse mainly includes five segments: network and arithmetic technology, artificial intelligence, video game technology (the game engine that supports the program code and resources of the game), display technology (VR/AR/XR devices), and blockchain technology The metaverse needs robust technologies to support it. Most of the above technologies are in the development or budding stage, and there is still a long way to go before they are actually applied on the ground. At present, there is a blockchain project called Caduceus in the market, which claims to be “an infrastructure for the metaverse world,” and we can pay attention to it. Its project concept focuses on building new infrastructure with high performance, high trustworthiness, and high security to efficiently and accurately solve users’ needs for blockchain implementation differences. The Caduceus is prepared to help metaverse participants around the world lower the barrier of entry under the basis of providing a highly liberalized construction for the metaverse ecosystem and, at the same time, leveraging its advantages in VR/XR and other visuals to enhance technologies to bring the market a metaverse experience closer to the ideal state and promote the market’s imagination related to the metaverse and virtual reality. Of course, there is still a long way to go before the construction and development of the meta-universe can make people fully immersed in the virtual world if they want a breakthrough. Whether the metaverse will come or not, people’s continued enthusiasm for it will drive a series of commercial and technological booms. If you interested Caduceus, search CaduceusChain on Twitter.
  25. SoupSwap launch NFT Collections on Opensea SoupSwap is a multi-ecosystem decentralized finance platform built on the Binance Smart Chain to eliminate intermediate restrictions and supporting thousands of decentralized applications (Dapp). SoupSwap will launch SoupSwap NFT MarketPlace in the 4th quarter of 2021 The SoupSwap NFT MarketPlace is a marketplace that features all forms of digital artworks and collectibles. SoupSwap NFT MarketPlace provides the highest multichain liquidity platform for users to launch and trade NFTs. Users can create NFTs containing GIFs, images, or videos. NFT minting is done free of charge, only incurring fees when trading NFTs, in SPW. SoupSwap NFT also boasts a user-friendly interface that is easy for anyone to use, especially for customers with no technical background. It's as easy as creating a sheet with the NFT data and uploading it. SoupSwap launch NFT Collections on Opensea To start the SoupSwap NFT MarketPlace system, SoupSwap has posted our NFT collections on the OpenSea platform with hundreds of NFTs updated every day. OPEN THE FUTURE OF DIGITAL ASSETS WITH SOUPSWAP NFT MARKETPLACE

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