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Found 18 results

  1. I Am Not Admin/Owner Of The Project! !!! Our Investment : 200 USD Minimum Deposit : 10 USD Minimum Withdrawal : 5 USD Payouts : Manual Referral : 3% - 1% - 0.5% RCB Offer : 0% Investment Plans : 3% For 7 Days (Accruals: Daily) - 9% For 20 Days (Accruals: Daily) - 20% For 40 Days (Accruals: Daily) - 32% For 60 Days (Accruals: Monthly) - 52% For 90 Days (Accruals: Monthly) - 122% For 180 Days (Accruals: End Of The Term) Accept :Bitcoin - Perfect Money - Payeer -Ethereum - Litecoin - Dash - Bitcoin Cash Crustabot Investment Plans Now let's talk about the investment plans of the crustabot.com new online investment project. Crustabot online investment program has 6 investment plans in total. These plans pay in 3 different ways: daily profit accrual, monthly profit accrual and end-of-period profit accrual. The return of your capital will return to you after the profit accrual of the investment plan you have chosen is completed. Depending on the investment package you choose, the minimum investment limits range from 10 USD to 1,500 USD. The higher the investment amount, the higher the profit will be. The investment plans of this site are slightly different from the familiar online investment plans. The profit rates of% stated in the plans represent the net floor return. For example, let's take the GOLD PLAN that we have invested in. The net profit of this plan is 20% after 40 days. We invested 200 usd for this plan and the total profit that we will get after 40 days will be 40 usd. This amount, which we will obtain, will return to us as 1 usd every day for 40 days as we choose the daily accrual plans. Profit accruals differ according to the investment plan you choose, as daily, monthly and end of period. Let's examine these investment plans by considering the minimum and maximum investment amounts. 3% For 7 Days (Daily Accruals) :Minimum deposit 10 usd, maximum deposit 400 usd. 9% For 20 Days (Daily Accruals) :Minimum deposit 50 usd, maximum deposit 5.000 usd. 20% For 40 Days (Daily Accruals) :Minimum deposit 200 usd, maximum deposit 20.000 usd. 32% For 60 Days (Monthly Accruals) :Minimum deposit 500 usd, maximum deposit 150.000 usd. 52% For 90 Days (Monthly Accruals) :Minimum deposit 1.000 usd, maximum deposit 200.000 usd. 122% For 180 Days (End Of Term Accruals) :Minimum deposit 1.500 usd, maximum deposit 500.000 usd. OUR DEPOSID : 200 USD DEPOSID TIME : 23/05/2020 DEPOSIT DETAILS : Sent Payment: 200.00 USD to account U22449081 from U12149400. Batch: 315707839. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit from bestbtcsites.com. CHECK FULL REVIEW HERE / REGISTER HERE
  2. Hello dear investor, After Some days got payment proof I posted the investmet site. It is a trusted investment site and Instant payment..You can check my payment proof. Singup now to earn money online: https://tronxcoin.com//?ref=trusthyips786 Min Deposit : 30$ Max Deposit: 25000 $ Ref: 2%, 3%, 5%, 7.5% Plan: 5% Daily For 25 Days, 10% Daily For 5 Days, 25% Daily For 3 Days. Withdraw system: Instant. Singup now to earn money online: https://tronxcoin.com//?ref=trusthyips786 Singup now to earn money online: https://tronxcoin.com//?ref=trusthyips786 Payment proof:----- ****Hello Trusthyips.com. $8.00 has been successfully sent to your PerfectMoney account U18512525. Transaction batch is 283908077.*****
  3. New---New--New Join here: https://exccesbit.co//?ref=trusthyips786 Exccesbit is a trusted investment website. Min/Max: 20/100000. BASIC PLAN | 20% AFTER 24 HOURS. ULTRA PLAN | 50% AFTER 24 HOURS. PREMIUM PLAN |100% AFTER 24 HOURS Withdraw: Automatic/Instant Payment proof:----- Hello trusthyips.com You just received 0.00484548 BTC ($49.95 USD) from an external Bitcoin account. It may take up to 6 network confirmations before your Bitcoin is available to trade Join here: https://exccesbit.co//?ref=trusthyips786
  4. Magic-profit is a best and instant paying website .It is a very Good Fast investment paying program. All member here have earned more than many similar projects. Please see: https://magic-profit.biz/?ref=trusthyips786 Do not wait and join the bonus promotion. Earn more with us!! May 25, 2019 Today : May 24, 2019 PAYING 10% Daily For 12 Days 25 Min deposit 11% Daily For 13 Days 1,000 Min deposit 12% Daily For 14 Days 5,000 Min deposit 13% Daily For 15 Days 10,000 Min deposit Min/Max: $25 / $50000 Referral: 5%-2% Withdrawal: Instant tarted : May 25, 2019 Today : May..
  5. I am not owner this project Add Time : 21/01/2019 Our Investment : 0.0080 BTC Payments : Instant Minimum Deposid : 1 USD - 0.001 BTC - 0.01 ETH - 0.05 LTC -100 DOGE Minimum Withdrawal : 0.2USD,0.001BTC,0.01ETH, 0.001LTC, 100 DOGE Investment Plan : %4.667 Hourly For 24 Hours Affiliate Program : %7 - %1 - %1 Accept: Perfect Money, Payeer, Advcash, Bitcoin, Litecoin Dogecoin and Ethereum Dear friends, today we will tell you about a new profitable hourly earnings program. The hyip project name is Madgart. Site is working 1 day and makeing payment instant. If you want to join this program, you can do it with 1 usd deposit. Project from England and site owners claim, they are working on Forex and Cryptocurrency trade markets. To join project you can use perfect money,payeer,bitcoin,litecoin,dogecoin,advcash and ethereum payment method. Madgart dont take any hidden fees from deposit and withdrawals. Your withdrawal will pay instant from the site. JOIN TO SITE
  6. Security of contributions and life-long payments guaranteed by the Ethereum blockchain! This is ETH cryptocurrency distribution project: www.333eth.io/en He started on Septembers, 3, 2018. It's called 333ETH, and its mechanism is very simple. Basically, it uses the ether contributed by new members to pay dividends to those who have joined earlier. I can already hear you say, "But wait - it's a pyramid!" But there are a few key features that make 333ETH very different from a traditional pyramid. First, it is completely decentralized, and the organizers have no control over the funds transferred to the smart contract address - the contract includes a special ownership waiver to this effect. This means that the administrators won't be able to disappear with the money. In fact, even if the organizers decide to quit, the project will go on working perfectly well without them. Potentially it could even provide lifelong payments! Second, the dividend rate are not outrageously high - it is 3.33% daily, and 17% of it is withheld at withdrawal and allocated for marketing and tech support. That is, the project has enough funds to attract new members, provide adequate protection against hacker attacks, and so on. The system makes automatic payouts to the account of your choice every 24 hours. Third - and here lies the key to the system's stability - you can only withdraw the dividends. What makes all classic pyramid schemes collapse is the fact that they return members' deposits upon request, which makes payout volumes unsustainable. In 333ETH, you cannot withdraw the main body, only the reward. This may seem unfair at first, but in fact it's enough to stay in the project for just over a month to receive a profit. In fact, the organizers' decision to let members withdraw only the interest (minus the commission) seems like a very wise and responsible one. Registering and transferring ether is extremely easy (you just need to have a personal ETH wallet, not one from an exchange). The project is only a few days old, but it is showing strong growth, which can be monitored on etherscan.io. Smart contract address: 0x311f71389e3DE68f7B2097Ad02c6aD7B2dDE4C71 Current fund account balance: 333eth.io/en or https://etherscan.io/address/0x311f71389e3de68f7b2097ad02c6ad7b2dde4c71 Look the transactions of ETH input in a project: https://etherscan.io/txs?a=0x311f71389e3de68f7b2097ad02c6ad7b2dde4c71 The team already has a successful smart contract that has been working without interruptions for a few months, so I don't see why 333ETH shouldn't succeed, too. The model is transparent and fair, the dividend rate is attractive, and overall it seems like a great solution to wait out this period of low ETH prices. I have made a moderate deposit two days ago, and the dividends were paid on time. Could this be what we've all been waiting for? --- To get + 3.33% to your deposit, insert 0x3d67D92357fD7e38D9f4133548e79CA0D69EDa61 in the Data field when sending the transaction --- See project: www.333eth.io/en Do you have questions? Write to me, please: olehnew50@gmail.com Yours sincerely, Oleh
  7. I'm not the admin! You may register by visiting below link: https://www.bitlance.tk/?REF=classic01 About BitLance: Bitlance is an online investment and crowd-funding business offering a passive income opportunity. We are committed to providing excellent financial services designed to help you pursue your personal financial goals. We have a very deep knowledge of Bitcoin Mining, Crypto-Currency Trading, Funds Management and Offline Business Opportunities. You simple need to invest in our portfolio products or investment plans start earning passive income. Become an investor starting from as low as $5.00 ------------------------------------------------------------------ Investment Plan: We are offering a single investment plan to make our services as simple as possible. 2.00% Daily Profit | For 25 Days + Principal Return. Referral Commission: We are offering 5% commissions on every deposit made by your referral. Feel free to promote your referral link through email marketing, social networks, forums and blogs. Payment Processors: At BitLance we support only Bitcoin, Payeer & Perfect Money as payment processors. Other Features: Minimum Deposit $5.00 Only Fast Withdrawals - Minimum Limit $5.00 Only Site Built From Scratch - We Are Serious In This Business Simple & Powerful User Area DDos Protection From CloudFlare Live Site Support Available Social Media Support Available You may register by visiting below link: https://www.bitlance.tk/?REF=classic01
  8. I'm not project admin. Start Date: 07 Apr 2018 https://coinprogress.trade Investment Plans: 33% Hourly for 6 Hours MINIMUM INVESTMENT 10 USD MAXIMUM INVESTMENT 100000 USD 63% Hourly for 6 Hours MINIMUM INVESTMENT 25 USD MAXIMUM INVESTMENT 100000 USD 103% Hourly for 6 Hours MINIMUM INVESTMENT 50 USD MAXIMUM INVESTMENT 100000 USD 143% Hourly for 6 Hours MINIMUM INVESTMENT 100 USD MAXIMUM INVESTMENT 800000 USD Licensed: goldcoders NOT Licensed SSL: N/A https//coinprogress.trade Accepted currencies: PM, BTC Referral commission: 10%
  9. I'm not project admin. Start Date: 30 Mar 2018 https://coinprofits.co Investment Plans: 121% After 24 hours MINIMUM INVESTMENT 12 USD MAXIMUM INVESTMENT 5000 USD 135% AFTER 2 DAYS MINIMUM INVESTMENT 50 USD MAXIMUM INVESTMENT 1000 USD 180% AFTER 3 DAYS MINIMUM INVESTMENT 500 USD MAXIMUM INVESTMENT 30,000 USD 250% AFTER 4 DAYS MINIMUM INVESTMENT 1000 USD MAXIMUM INVESTMENT 50,000 USD Join Link Accepted currencies: PM, BTC, AdvCash, Payeer Referral commission: 5%
  10. I'm not admin project. Start Date: 24 Mar 2018 Investment Plans: 182% After 1 Day MINIMUM INVESTMENT 10 USD MAXIMUM INVESTMENT 10,000 USD 600% After 5 Days MINIMUM INVESTMENT 10 USD MAXIMUM INVESTMENT 10,000 USD 1320% After 10 Days MINIMUM INVESTMENT 50 USD MAXIMUM INVESTMENT 10,000 USD 2150% After 15 Days MINIMUM INVESTMENT 100 USD MAXIMUM INVESTMENT 10,000 USD 3000% After 30 Days MINIMUM INVESTMENT 100 USD MAXIMUM INVESTMENT 10,000 USD 4100% After 60 Day MINIMUM INVESTMENT 100 USD MAXIMUM INVESTMENT 10,000 USD 6000% After 90 Days MINIMUM INVESTMENT 1,000 USD MAXIMUM INVESTMENT 10,000 USD https://enestbit.com Accepted currencies: PM, BTC, LTC, Advcash, Payeer Referral commission: 20%
  11. I'm not admin project. Start Date: 23 Mar 2018 Investment Plans: 140% AFTER 1 DAY MINIMUM INVESTMENT 10 USD MAXIMUM INVESTMENT 50000 USD Total Return : 140% Deposit : Include Profit 190% AFTER 3 DAYS MINIMUM INVESTMENT 300 USD MAXIMUM INVESTMENT 80000 USD Total Return : 190% Deposit : Include Profit 220% AFTER 5 DAYS MINIMUM INVESTMENT 1000 USD MAXIMUM INVESTMENT 100000 USD Total Return : 220% Deposit : Include Profit https://cryptoreserve.biz Accepted currencies: PM, BTC, ETH, Payeer Referral commission: 5%
  12. I'm not an admin and I do not know him! BTChash - Project start 2017-10-13 Plan : earn 3.84% daily and get your profit in your account every minute . >> Register here: BTChash.io You can withdraw your total deposit whenever you want with 5% commision I am in with 0.0088 BTC https://blockchain.info/tx/bbbbbfa8e3ae8e5732313cc8d501f65822df0e0c69ea9f43808fd9b54e9bc381
  13. Iam Not Admin Fibo Holding Group Launch Online Investment Concept Worldwide Investment Plans:- Hourly Plan 1% Hourly for 120 Hours Minimum Investment $10 Maximum Investment $50 Total 120% Bronze Plan 5% Daily for 30 Days Minimum Investment $51 Maximum Investment $200 Total 150% Silver Plan 6% Daily for 30 Days Minimum Investment $201 Maximum Investment $1000 Total 180% Gold Plan 7% Daily for 30 Days Minimum Investment $1001 Maximum Investment $3000 Total 210% Compounding:- Upto 100% Referral Commission 10%, 5%, 3% Withdrawal Type Instant Minimum Payout:- $2 Payment Mode:- Perfect Money, Ego pay SSL Security & DDOS Protection JOIN NOW CLICK HERE
  14. we collect HYIP data from our reliable resources, you can find best online investment opportunity, online investment company, hyip monitor, hyip rating, hyip voting, hyip listing, make money online
  15. HOT HYIP!!! Register Here and CLICK "Private Website" Types of Membership: Newcomer: Free Membership Member: $10 per month Sponsor: $50 per month Guarantor: $100 per month Types of Investment Contracts: Investment Contract: 7 Day Fixed Duration: 7 calendar days Rate of Interest: Newcomer - 8.00%, Member - 8.00%, Sponsor - 10.00%, Guarantor - 12.00% Principal Return: Upon Maturity after 7 days Investment Contract: 15 Day Fixed Duration: 15 calendar days Rate of Interest: Newcomer - 20.00%, Member - 20.00%, Sponsor - 25.00%, Guarantor - 30.00% Principal Return: Upon Maturity after 15 days Investment Contract: 30 Day Fixed Duration: 30 calendar days Rate of Interest: Newcomer - 50.00%, Member - 50.00%, Sponsor - 60.00%, Guarantor - 70.00% Principal Return: Upon Maturity after 30 days Types of Referral Premiums*: Newcomer: 8%, Member: 8%, Sponsor: 10%, Guarantor: 12% *% of each Investment Contract depending on the Membership category. payment methods do you accept; "Liberty Reserve", "Perfect Money" "SolidTrust Pay", "EgoPay" and Bank Wires. **request a withdrawal more than 24-48 business hours.** Register now member free and admin active waiting 24 hours Register Here! and CLICK "Private Website" Register Here! and CLICK "Private Website" hello :) , This is an Invitation from EPIC Royal Private Investors Club to change your life for the better. Please use the following link to access the private website of EPIC Royal and apply for EPIC Membership if you decide to join the Club: How To Be A Member: Register Here! CLICK: "Private Website" "Your Sponsor/Guarantor: default (#4569)" CLICK: Access EPIC Website CLICK: Be A Member (Free)
  16. Started: October, 17 Single plan for any amounts 13.5% Daily for 10 Calendar Days Minimum deposit $1 Affiliate program 5% Supported Currencies: LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay and Payza DDos Protected - BlackLotus ns1.protected.blacklotus.net ns2.protected.blacklotus.net Comodo SSL until 2015 GoldCoders Licensed Script Date : 2012-17-10 18:19:23 From/To Account : U5488080 (CoreFinance) Amount : -100.00 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 115076007 Memo : Deposit to Core Finance Provider User Admin REGISTER HERE
  17. I'm not Admin!!! Join NOW and Make Deposit 12% Hourly For 12hrs Plan 1: Spent Amount ($): $100 - $500 Hourly Profit (%): 10.00 Plan2: Spent Amount ($): $501 - $1,000 Hourly Profit (%): 12.00 8% Hourly for 13Hours Plan 1: Spent Amount ($): $10 - $100 Hourly Profit (%): 7.90 Plan2: Spent Amount ($): $101 - $1,000 Hourly Profit (%): 8.00 128% After 1 Day Plan 1: Spent Amount ($): $10 - $100 Profit (%): 105.00 Plan 2: Spent Amount ($): $101 - $500 Profit (%): 110.00 Plan 3: Spent Amount ($): $501 - $1,000 Profit (%): 128.00 199% After 13 days Plan 1: Spent Amount ($): $10 - $100 Profit (%): 120.00 Plan 2: Spent Amount ($): $101 - $1,000 Profit (%): 199.00 444% After 10 days Plan 1: Spent Amount ($): $10 - $100 Profit (%): 400.00 Plan 2: Spent Amount ($): $101 - $1,000 Profit (%): 444.00 1111% After 15 Days Plan 1: Spent Amount ($): $10 - $100 Profit (%): 1000.00 Plan 2: Spent Amount ($): $101 - $1,000 Profit (%): 1111.00 Only for Monitors Plan 1: Spent Amount ($): $10 - $1,000 Weekly Profit (%): 7.00 Join NOW and Make Deposit
  18. I'm not admin !!! Link: fundlife.biz I'm in for trial and will post more review here soon. Date 02/13/2012 09:15 Batch 84986515 From U3084747 (Desktop HYIP) To U9712858 (fundlife.biz) Amount $10.00 Memo Deposit to fundlife.biz User desktophyip.com
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