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  2. We all are looking for ways to make extra money from home. Unfortunally, we get those who wants to make money from us. I want to share with you the best opportunities you can ever find. Danoday.com Have you dreamed of making a living doing voiceovers? Insider secrets… How To Make Fishing Lures – Great Bonus Ebooks Learn how to make fresh and saltwater fishing lures, sinkers etc using simple tools. Financial aid The guide to these financial aid or grants is given in complete grant resource package. How To Make Money With Scrapbooking 30 days from now you could have your own thriving scrapbooking business. Rap Beats Manual Beats Today – Order Your Copy Now You Can Be Producing Radio Quality. Easy Vegan Recipes That Anyone Can Make! 5 Simple Internet Plans to Help You Make Money Online. Find Out How… About Freelance Writing Helping freelance writers make more money with their writing. 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But when Ichecked my paypal account a week later, there was over $5,000. After30 days I now have over $11,000 to spend! I can't thank you enough!"-Juan Tovar, NY,NY "I was shocked when I saw how much money came flooding into my paypalaccount. Within 3 weeks my account balance has ballooned to $12,449.At first I thought there had been some sort of error with my account!"-Richard Barrie , Boulder,CO The only things you will need are: 1. An email address. 2. A Business or Premier PayPal Account with at least $6 deposited in it.(You can pay this forward through your Credit Card for even faster results) 3. Just 15 to 30 minutes ofyour time. This program takes just half an hour to set up. After that, there is absolutely no work whatsoever to do on your part. You have absolutely NOTHING to lose, and there is NO LIMIT to the amount of income you can generate from this one single business program. WHAT IS IT????? The idea is that of a system that takes advantage of the power of compounding. And in a big way, let me tell you. First and foremost understand that there are countless spin-offs of this system that try to make a "quick buck" off of people. Long lists, the 5 & 10 dollar trees, the birthday systems, etc... Those spin-offs do make money because of the ease of implementation of this idea, but they do NOT use the compounding advantage. This system is THE LEGIT and PROFITABLE one. Here is how it works... There is a list of 6 email addresses (you'll see it as you read further). Each of these people has already taken part in this system. When someone new comes along (such as yourself) he/she removes #1 off of the list, moves the other five email addresses up one position (i.e. #6 goes to #5, #5 to #4, etc.), and places their PayPal email address in the #6 position. This process is what develops the power of compounding. The bottom line is this HONESTY and INTEGRITY CREATES PROFITABILITY. Now follow the steps: 1-4 STEP STEP #1 - Setting up your FREE PayPal Account IS extremely safe and very easy to set up a FREE PayPal account! Type in www.paypal.com into the address bar. Sign up for a FREE PREMIER or BUSINESS account (and notjust a PERSONAL account) otherwise you won't be able to receive credit card payments from other people. STEP #2 - 1. Login to PayPal and click on the "Send Money" tab near the top of the screen 2. In the "Recipient's Email" field enter the email address 3. In the "Amount" field enter "1" (This is your $1.00 payment in USD (US Dollars) 4. In the "Category" field select "Service" (Keeping it legal) 5. In the "Subject" field type "EMAIL LIST" 6. In the "MESSAGE" field enter "PLEASE PUT ME ON YOUR EMAIL LIST". By doing this, you are creating a service and maintaining the legality of the system by "paying" for the service. 7. Finally, click on the "Continue" button to complete the payment. 8. Repeat these steps for each of the 5 email addresses. That's it! By sending the $1.00 payment to each address, you are implementing the compounding POWER of the system. You will reap what you sow! Note: (If you do not see the full email address for the 5 members,just Hit reply to this email and they will show up.) ************************************************* The Email list: 1. [email protected] 2. [email protected] 3. [email protected] 4. [email protected] 5. [email protected] ************************************************ STEP #3 - Adding Your Email Address AFTER you send your payments, it's your turn to add your email addressto the list! Take the #1 email off the list that you see above, move the other addresses up one (5 becomes 4 & 4 becomes 3, etc...) then put YOUR email address (the one used in your PayPal account) as #5) on the list.**MAKE SURE THE EMAIL YOU SUPPLY IS EXACTLY AS IT APPEARS IN YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT.** STEP #4 - Post your amended article created in Step3 to at least 200 newsgroups or message boards. Keep in mind that there are tens of thousands of groups online! All you need is 200, but remember the more you post the more money you make - as well as everyone else on the list! I've began to see money roll in before I even hit 100 posts, but try to hit around 200 to allow maximum exposure. Use Google, Bing, Yahoo or whatever your favourite Internet Search Engine is to search for various news groups, on-line forums, message boards, bulletin boards, chat sites, discussions, discussion groups, on-line communities, etc. For example, log on to any search engine like yahoo.com or google.com and type in a subject like; 'MILLIONAIRE MESSAGE BOARD', 'MONEY MAKING DISCUSSIONS', 'MONEY MAKING FORUMS', or 'BUSINESS MESSAGE BOARD', etc. You will find thousands and thousands of message boards. Click them one by one and you will find the option to post a new message. Fill in the subject which will be the header that everyone sees as they scroll through the list of postings in a particular group, and post the article with the NEW list of email addresses included. THAT'S IT!!! All you have to do is jump to different newsgroups and post away. After you get the hang of it, it will take about 30 seconds for each newsgroup. HOW THE MONEY WORKS: When you post 200 messages in various forums, it is estimated that at LEAST 15 people will respond and send you a $1.00 ($15.00). Those 15 will Post 200 Posts each and 225 people send you $1.00 ($225.00), etc. through 5 levels of email addresses. For comprehension purposes, here is an easy viewing chart: 1) 15(1) = 15 people ($1) = $15 2) 15(15) = 225 people ($1) = $225 3) 15(225) = 3375 people ($1) = $3375 4) 15(3375) = 50625 people ($1) = $50625 5) 15(50625) = 759375 people ($1) = $759375 As you can see, your $5.00 has multiplied exponentially. 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