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Found 19 results

  1. Hello! Watch video & earn money! https://wintub.com/?r=949321 Good Luck!
  2. Shopify actually has one of the best affiliate programs out there (200% commissions), and this tutorial will be based on getting referrals to shopify. Here is the video version of this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0KJFMLvvTM Overview. You will be making a free course on shopify. You don't need to be an expert with shopify, just take a week or 2 to learn the basics, then combine the basics knowledge into a free course. People love free courses, that's why this is so effective. You can host your course for free on Teachable. Then when people get the knowledge they need to start making money with shopify, they will sign up through your link and you can expect to earn about $58 per person if the course if relatively good and you continue on bringing them value. The good thing about this free course is that on shopify they will also need some additional tools that also cost money. The best part is that these tools mostly have an affiliate program that you can use to make even more money from. The tools are, for example, email autoresponders, product research tools, apps inside the stores, and spying on ads tools, etc. Step 1. Set up your course. Record your screen and talk over it. Showing your face is optional. Of course, you will have to design your free course for yourself, but I'm telling you, anyone can do this. In the free course I would include something like: -setting up the store and launching it. -customising the store, brand name, logos. -apps to use -niches -terms of service, refund texts and additional menus -facebook/google pixels and other tools -collecting emails and email marketing. GetResponse. -product research -getting traffic, social media automation tools etc -ads, and spying on ads Step 2. Hosting. Use Teachable and just scroll down and you will find the free option. Or you can host your course with builderall, clickfunnels or even for free with getresponse's free trial, (2 free landing pages). You can also use ontrapages if you want to just build a simple landing page (without collecting emails). Step 3. Traffic. 1. Youtube. Make tutorials on Shopify on youtube and include the link to your store in the description. Upload every single day to grow quickly and make sure to have good thumbnails. An example of this is Hayden Bowles. Make your own version of some of their best videos and always just try to make it better. 2. Quora. The best option in my opinion because you're not limited to the amount of fame you have. Anyone can produce a viral answer, anytime. Start answering questions on ''Dropshipping'' and ''Shopify'' in the search bar. And make sure you sort it by latest questions. You won't really stand a chance to compete for a lot of views on older questions. Answer 10-20 a day and include a link to your free course in some of your answers. Not every single answer. Don't get banned. 3. Blogs. Articles have the best potential in my opinion because they are like online real estate. They will just sit there and give you leads on autopilot. Plus, you can include multiple links all over the articles. 4. Solo-ads. Building an email list is one of the best things you can do. Use solo-ads to sign up to your free course and build a strong email list at the same time. This costs money though. 5. Facebook groups. Start your own fb group and just post value. Invite other active members from other dropshipping groups. Then just pin your post that has the link to your free course, so that every new member will see the link. Step 4. Alternative Method That Makes You Even More Money. Set up an email sequence where you give each individual part to the course every day. I recommend GetResponse for this. I show you the entire funnel and email sequence in the youtube video version of this guide. What's good about this is that you can also recommend another larger course or product at the end of your free course that you are affiliated for. I know Kevin David has an affiliate program to his courses. And they go for about $1000 I believe.
  3. I found really great app which can make my phone earn money for me and I don't need to do anything. It's called Honeygain and it uses your internet data to run intelligence, market, and business research. You can expect usage of up to 2GB per day, although based on the network speed, it can reach a maximum of 15GB per day. So what I do, is just connect my phone to home wi-fi which has unlimited GB and I make free money. Those money covers my phone and internet bills so that's a good way to save some extra money. Does anyone use this method as well?
  4. ClixSense is a global online comm unity with multiple earning options. Join now and start earning with paid online surveys, cash offers, CrowdFlower Tasks and more! Clixsense is Online and Paying Since 2007 they have paid over $29,000,000. Today this is typical of a GPT site where you can perform many different tasks like taking survey, watching videos or even completing offers. We can still work on clixsense using high end smartphones including android, iPhone, Windows phone. Ways of Earnings are: Paid Survey, Cash Offers, ClixAddon, ClixResearch, Games, Figure Eight Task, Affiliates. www.clixsense.com
  5. The scenario: Marcus Capital Ltd manages a portfolio of financial assets in Europe and the United States. Join Now : http://bit.ly/2FLbzb4 A simple but clear website. I could test their support and contact the admin. He is reactive. 3 different plans: - 3.1% daily for 45 days - 2.6% daily for 60 days - 275% after 75 days. JOIN NOW : http://bit.ly/2FLbzb4 For the payment methods: BTC, PERFECT MONEY, PAYEER, Litecoin Withdrawals are in the deposit currency! The minimum investment is $ 25! Affiliation: 1 level only: 3% of the reference deposit. Register now and invite your friends! JOIN NOW : http://bit.ly/2FLbzb4
  6. : Investissement en ligne de l'argentI MONEY ONLINE INVESTMENT Invest Online. Make Money. Aujourd’hui, j’ai envisagé une bonne journée alors que j’ai l'occasion de casser une occasion lucrative de revenu passif. L'histoire va quelque chose comme ça. Je ressens soudain le besoin de trouver le moyen d'utiliser mon solde PayPal, car il ne fait rien. J'ai donc pensé à l'utiliser au lieu d'investir. J'ai donc cherché en ligne et trouvé des opportunités alléchantes. Seulement pour découvrir qu'il n'est pas disponible aux Philippines ou dans mon emplacement actuel. Alors, j'ai cherché plus loin, et boum! J'ai trouvé ce site: Enregistrez-vous en cliquant sur le lien ci-dessous: https://moneyonlineinvestment.com/r/337559 De temps en temps, je viens à voir un programme qui a une composante passive et je suis vraiment choqué de voir la vraie valeur de ce programme. C'est ce qu'on appelle l' investissement en ligne d'argent . En fait, il vous permet d’investir des actions dans certaines opportunités. Vous pouvez non seulement vendre des actions pour réaliser un profit, mais également générer des dividendes pouvant être versés via le service PayPal ou Bitcoin. Si vous souhaitez tirer profit d’investissements présentant un risque faible à moyen, vous êtes définitivement au bon endroit au bon moment. L'investisseur moyen a reçu un retour sur investissement mensuel de 110%. Ce qui signifie que si vous faites un investissement de 100,00 $, vous pouvez retirer 110,00 $ après 30 jours. Le calcul du rendement est quotidien. Tous vos investissements sont assurés. Toutes vos informations sont strictement confidentielles. Ils ne divulguent pas vos informations personnelles. Investissement minimum 3,00 $ J'ai acheté 7 actions initiales à un taux de 5,20 $ ce matin et il a soudainement augmenté après quelques minutes pour atteindre 5,36 $, ce qui m'a étonné et m'a fait penser à à quel point cela pourrait être lucratif. J'ai pensé, et si j'investissais plus? Par conséquent, la plus belle partie s’ils vous versent un dividende quotidien par action. En outre, le fait que lorsque vous invitez ou invitez des personnes à investir, vous les aidez non seulement à gagner de l'argent, mais vous pouvez également gagner un certain pourcentage sur chaque achat de vos filleuls. Cela pourrait s’additionner et faire exploser vos gains davantage. Alors pourquoi ne pas commencer bas et voyons ce qui se passe. C'est un revenu passif. Voici quelques-unes des entreprises que je trouve a une offre très lucrative: SHAIYA INFINITY OLDE LONDON PUB IMPRIMANTES 3D CLUB DE TENNIS LUCKY PAW Règle d'or: "N'investissez que ce que vous pouvez vous permettre de perdre, car tous les investissements comportent des niveaux de risque."
  7. Hello everyone, Today I want to show you a new PTC website, launched in 2016. Check Here The admin is commonly known in the PTC industry for being a user itself of the PTC's (over 5 years) has written numerous guides on how to work in the PTC industry, and he decided to create is own website. Features of the Site: -Earn up to 0.0025 per click (Over 20 clicks a day) - Click Grid -CrowdFlower Tasks -Offers -Contests - Rent your Referrals (Up to 0.015 each click) -Comissions for referrals upgrades - Supports Paypal, Payza, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay, Visa and Mastercard Check other cool features: CLICK HERE Things I love about the site: -10 Levels Deep comission on upgrades and purchases (check the banner down) - Supports the most used payment options -Many levels to upgrade your account( not just golden and ultimate memberships) - Instant payout! Minimum 3$ Things to be done in the future: -Add Profit Packs ( Packs where you pay for advertisements and get free RR equivalent to the value of the pack) - Add point system -Add lots, lots of promoting tools for promoters including landing pages, videos and so much more! -Add some new payment processors like neteller , skrill ... Some notes: I do believe the site is promising. It's a good opportunity for everybody Hope you enjoyed and join as my referral REF- Link (Support me and I'll support you through the way!) http://mayaclix.com NO- REF But why would you do that?? - http://mayaclix.com Payment Proof: You can check the internet or forum for more! Now let's make some money Also, there's a 1000$ contest going on!!! Check below
  8. Hello everyone, Today I want to show you a new PTC website, launched in 2016. Check Here The admin is commonly known in the PTC industry for being a user itself of the PTC's (over 5 years) has written numerous guides on how to work in the PTC industry, and he decided to create is own website. Features of the Site: -Earn up to 0.0025 per click (Over 20 clicks a day) - Click Grid -CrowdFlower Tasks -Offers -Contests - Rent your Referrals (Up to 0.015 each click) -Comissions for referrals upgrades - Supports Paypal, Payza, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay, Visa and Mastercard Check other cool features: CLICK HERE Things I love about the site: -10 Levels Deep comission on upgrades and purchases (check the banner down) - Supports the most used payment options -Many levels to upgrade your account( not just golden and ultimate memberships) - Instant payout! Minimum 3$ Things to be done in the future: -Add Profit Packs ( Packs where you pay for advertisements and get free RR equivalent to the value of the pack) - Add point system -Add lots, lots of promoting tools for promoters including landing pages, videos and so much more! -Add some new payment processors like neteller , skrill ... Some notes: I do believe the site is promising. It's a good opportunity for everybody Hope you enjoyed and join as my referral REF- Link (Support me and I'll support you through the way!) http://mayaclix.com NO- REF But why would you do that?? - http://mayaclix.com Payment Proof: You can check the internet or forum for more! Now let's make some money Also, there's a 1000$ contest going on!!! Check below
  9. I'm not Admin Here's the straight goods... >> This NEW Platform Is For Smart Men And Women Who Want To FINALLY Make BIG Money Up To $1,000, $2,000, Even $4,000 /Month From All Their Years Of Effort!! . Anyone will Going to Earn $300/Day to Thousands of Dollars a Day! its just depends your Adpacks that have you bought. Check it Out>> << Look: No matter WHAT some guru or expert is promising this week... Most opportunities and "systems" bring in VERY little profit. And who gets shafted? Exactly ­­ the little guy. It's the mom or dad who's simply looking for something that WORKS and is SIMPLE enough to get started with and feel GOOD about what they're doing, right? Its Revenue Sharing Club that sell advertising and give the sales profit to every members RevSharingClub 100% PURE ADVERTISING & Revenue Sharing RevSharingClub Delivers Quality Advertising & Distributes sales Profits Once you signup to our program today, you can purchase one Ad share for $5 USD, receive quality advertising in the form of banner and text ad impressions (500 Credits)& 20 Surf Directory Credits for each Ad share you purchase. NO REFERRAL NEEDED. Once your Ad-Pack reaches the maximum revenue share of $5.90, your Ad-Pack expires. The more shares that you purchase, the more money you earn. RevSharingClub is a fully automated advertising and income generating program established for ADVERTISERS to advertise their business opportunity to the world.With Purchase Of $5 Ad Pack We are going to Split Profits With All the members. ​ Member Benefits 100% Secure & Stable Cash Flow At the Click of a button! Each Rev Share Cost $5 Matures at $5.90(118%). Packs capped at 3%-7% daily for stability. Earn $0.02 Click & $0.02 Referral click. Earn 12% Referral Commission 3 Levels Deep, 7%,3%,2%. $5 minimum Withdrawal! Super Fast Customer Support! Fast Payouts(instant coming soon)! Take advantage of NEW opportunities like THIS, FAST << http://www.revsharingclub.com/?r=bram11 Advertiser Benefits Many Ways to Advertise with us, For fast traffic we have Cash link Package for you. 250 visitors for $5.00. 5000 visitors for $100.00 Affordable Advertising Packages! Guaranteed Pro Quality and Quick Traffic! Traffic from Outside Site Members too! Custom Price Offers! Super Fast Responsive ads How it all works Purchase an Ad-Pack for only $5 and receive quality advertising in the form of banner and text ad impressions. But not only that, we've got some great bonuses for our members as well. Promote your affiliate link, and when your referrals buy an Ad-Pack, you will earn a 12% referral purchase commission for your efforts. We reward those that help us grow - Awesome! << http://www.revsharingclub.com/?r=bram11 RevSharingClub is Revenue Sharing mixed with a paid-to-click site. But instead of rental referrals, we have adpacks that give ad service + sharing positions that share up to $5.90 .. You must click at least 7 ads in the Ad Directory to qualify for referral click earnings & sharing each day.. Qualifying lasts 24 hours, just like needing to qualify for referral clicks & rental earnings on a paid-to-click. Some have wondered--- can earning on a paid-to-click site be profitable? If so, how? More referrals will be more money for you. 10 referrals X $0.20 earnings from cash links X 1 day = $2 from your referral clicks 100 referrals X $0.20 earnings from cash links X 1 day = $20 from your referral clicks 500 referrals X $0.20 earnings from cash links X 30 days = $3,000 from your referral clicks 500 referrals X $0.20 earnings from cash links X 365 days = $36,500 from your referral clicks 1000 referrals X $0.20 earnings from cash links X 30 days = $6,000 from your referral clicks This is an example of what you can earn by referring new members to RevSharingClub who click on cash links!. Its look so good<< http://www.revsharingclub.com/?r=bram11 Click Here To Lock In Your Spot! http://www.revsharingclub.com/?r=bram11 << See you on the inside!
  10. HERE IS THE FAST CASH SECRET... AND NOW IT IS YOUR TURN !!! If you need to make a few thousand dollars REALLY FAST, then please take a moment to read this simple program I am sharing with you. This program works no matter what country you are in, or what currency you use. It doesn't matter how old or how young you are. And you certainly won't need any special knowledge or talent. You won't need to run a website, or make phone calls, or make photocopies, etc. Make Money FAST WITH PAYPAL - $10,000 ... 100% Guarantee!! How to make thousands of dollars in cash overflowing your paypal account. With only $15.00 investment. ......Don't let this pass you by and don't do a thing .This is a simple program that works! You probably heard about the $5.00 chain letter going around where you send cash in the mail. WELL THIS IS NOT THAT LETTER!! This uses the power of the Internet to do all the dirty work. If you don't know what paypal is, you will very soon. Paypal is a great way to pay for auctions, bills, or send money to whoever has an email address. You can click on the paypal link below to join it is very simple and FREE!!!!!! Even if you don't use the program paypal is a great Internet tool. >>JOIN PAYPAL NOW>> https://www.paypal.com/ With just $15 and a Paypal PREMIER or BUSINESS account, you could make $$Thousands$$. THIS IS THE FASTEST, EASIEST PROGRAM EVER, you will be able to complete it in LESS THAN 30 MINUTES and you will never forget the day you first viewed this online. If you're already running a home business, you can easily do this one along with it. If not, this is the FASTEST and EASIEST way to earn serious money online that you've ever seen so far in the history of the Internet! If you are doing other programs, by all means stay with them. The more the merrier, BUT PLEASE READ ON!! 5 FACTORS THAT MAKE THIS PROGRAM SO SUCCESSFUL. . . EXTREMELY FAST RESPONSE EXTREMELY HIGH RESPONSE RATE UNLIMITED PROFIT POTENTIAL QUICK, SIMPLE AND CHEAP TO GET STARTED THIS SERVICE IS 100% LEGAL Here are instructions on how to make a minimum $10,000 in the next few days. STEP 1: If you're not already a PayPal user, the very first thing you need to do is use the PayPal link below and SIGN UP for FREE. It takes just two minutes! You'll need to have a PREMIER or BUSINESS account (and not a PERSONAL account) otherwise you won't be able to receive credit card payments from other people. >>PAYPAL SIGN UP HERE >> https://www.paypal.com/ STEP 2: Here is where the action occurs. The first thing to do is to send a $3.00 payment to each of the 5 email addresses on the current list from your PayPal account. To do this quickly and successfully, follow these simple steps: 1) Login to PayPal and click on the "Send Money" tab near the top of the screen 2) In the "Recipient's Email" field enter the email address 3) In the "Amount" field enter "3" (This is your $3.00 payment) 4) In the "Category" field select "Service" (Keeping it legal) 5) In the "Subject" field type "EMAIL LIST" 6) In the "MESSAGE" field enter "PLEASE PUT ME ON YOUR EMAIL LIST". By doing this, you are creating a service and maintaining the legality of the system by "paying" for the service. 7) Finally, click on the "Continue" button to complete the payment. 8) Repeat these steps for each of the 5 email addresses. That's it! By sending the $3.00 payment to each address, you are implementing the compounding POWER of the system. You will reap what you sow STEP 3: Here is the current e-mail list #1 livethedreams@hotmail.com #2 drmarksutton@hotmail.com #3 berylathome9@msn.com #4 ahaiyen@seznam.cz #5 svet1984@abv.bg STEP 4: SAVE this entire post in word or notepad on your computer. Now take the #1 email off of the list that you see above (from your saved file), move the other addresses up (#2 becomes #1, #3 becomes #2, #4 become #3, #5 become #4) and add YOUR email address (the one used for your PayPal account) as number #5 on the list. This is the only part of the document that should be changed. ** Make sure your email address is the one you have registered with PayPal ** STEP 5: Promoting this letter. Post your amended article created in Step4 to at least 200 newsgroups or message boards. Keep in mind that there are tens of thousands of groups online! All you need is 200, but remember the more you post the more money you make - as well as everyone else on the list! I've began to see money roll in before I even hit 100 posts, but try to hit around 200 to allow maximum exposure. Use Netscape, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or whatever your internet browser is to search for various news groups, on-line forums, message boards, bulletin boards, chat sites, discussions, discussion groups, on-line communities, etc. NOW READ THIS AND SEE HOW EASY IT IS TO EARN THOUSANDS: Let's assume that only 7 people do the plan from the email that you send, and in turn they each get only 7 people to do the plan etc, here is the amount of money that you will receive to your Paypal account. (Your Paypal address in Number 5 position) 7 responses x $3= $21 (Your Paypal address in Number 4 position) 7 x 7 = 49 responses x $3= $147 (Your Paypal address in Number 3 position) 49 x 7 = 343 responses x $3= $1,029 (Your Paypal address in Number 2 position) 343 x 7 = 2,401 responses x $3= $7,203 (Your Paypal address in Number 1 position) 2401 x 7 = 16,807 responces x $3= $50,421 That is a massive $58,821 into your Paypal account for only a $15 initial payment. And that's based on only 7 people responding to the plan.That is if everyone take massive action, but not everyone will, so you can expect more realistic to receive about $10,000 in your Paypal account. However, do not be surprised if you receive much more! All it takes is 1 or 2 people who decide they are going to send out thousands of these email letters! Then see what happens!!! The more mesages you send out, the more $$$$$$$ you will receive. PLEASE NOTE THAT NUMBERS DO NOT LIE. GET A PENCIL & PAPER AND FIGURE OUT THE WORST POSSIBLE RESPONSES AND NO MATTER HOW YOU CALCULATE IT, YOU WILL STILL MAKE A LOT OF MONEY ! When your name is no longer on the list, take the latest posting in the newsgroups and begin the process again. Simply amazing... One other tip to speed up the process even more: You can send out your amended post (after you complete the process and add your PAYPAL email address to the list) to the contacts you already have in YOUR email address book! It is AMAZING how fast this works. How to advertise and make a big profit? Now here are some FREE ways to promote this program and make a lot of $$MONEY$$ .(I use them all to fill my Paypal account with money) Sign-Up with Newsgroups Sign-Up with Newsgroups, and after you have made your $15 payment, added your own Paypal email to Position 5, copy/paste this entire message into Newsgroups (at random) - No, this is not spam, because you are offering a Business Opportunity from which many others can profit. When you paste this updated letter in a newsgroup, in the Subject Line you should enter: MAKE BIG MONEY WITH PAYPAL - GUARANTEED PROFITS FOR YOU. As for a list of newsgroups you should post at here is a good selection (simple search google for the group name to link there):GOOGLE GROUPS, YAHOO GROUPS, MSN GROUPS, EZBOARD, MICROSOFT NEWSGROUPS, BORLAND, TILE.NET, USENET, AVSFORUM, ZEND, GCSEND, CODE COMMENTS Social Networking Websites Here are the Most Popular Social Networking Sites you can post this article and make money:Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr, VK, MySpace, Ask.fm, ClassMates Craigslist Craigslist is an awesome website that allows anyone to network, find social groups, find jobs,volunteer and intern opportunities, apartments, roommates, freelance temporary or permanent work.You can also post your resume and has its own personals. Its like an ongoing classifieds/ community resource center. It is updated daily by everyday people trying to sell, advertise their service, find employees, get volunteers you name it. For this part you do not need to sign up you can just navigate through. If you do choose to post something to sell buy or gather help for a project then you must sign up.Its free and its so simple. Forums, Chat Rooms and blogs Just go to Google and search for "make money fast forums". Sign Up and post your letter. Use solo ads ATTENTION!!! This is not a FREE advertising, but is very profitable. Solo ads are populare way for internet marketers to get their mesage out to large numbersof targeted prospectsfor relatively low cost. The basic idea is to find someone who owns a large list of subscribers which is closely related to your niche. And to effectively "rent" their list by paying them to send out an email you've written to their subscribers. Here are some good sites you can find a great email lists for solo ads: 10dollarsoloads.com, soloaddirectory.com, safe-swaps.com, doemembers.com, ezinesoloads.net. P.S You have just received information that can give you financial freedom for the rest of your life, with NO RISK and JUST A LITTLE BIT OF EFFORT. You can make more money in the next few weeks and months than you have ever imagined. Follow the program EXACTLY AS INSTRUCTED. Do Not change it in any way. It works exceedingly well as it is now. REMEMBER... HONESTY AND INTEGRITY = PROFITABILITY YOUR NAME COULD CYCLE FOR A LONG TIME! THIS MAKES IT THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING. FOLLOW THE SIMPLE INSTRUCTION ABOVE AND YOUR FINANCIAL DREAMS WILL COME TRUE, GUARANTEED!
  11. Cash9 is a unique, made-from-scratch Pay Per Download Platform. Main Site: http://cash9.org/ Register link: Register - Cash9 Login link: https://members.cash9.org/login/ General Informations: Payout Methods: Paypal Wire Transfer - Minimum 300$ Western Union - Minimum 300$ Minimum Payout: Minimum 5$ for NET-15 (you will receive the money made last month on 15th of current month) Minimum 20$ for NET-7 (you will receive the money made last month on 7th of current month) Working on 2 SSL, for your security Features Manage Files: You can change file name, dimension, add downloads, you can sort them in folders, also you have "Bulk Actions" to manage more files at same tame. Also we have a nice banner system ( example : here ) You can generate shortcuts like bit/ly links with just one click! UPDATE: You can set file Poster, Social sharing( Facebook Likes,tweets,google+), and Comment Set. Also you can generate comments set or build your own. You can edit file upload date like "-2 days" or "Yesterday" also the date format like "d M, H:i" or "Y M d H:i:s". Mirrors: Each mirror have a distinct and awesome design, hope you enjoy: CheapFile - Download cash9.png WooFiles | Download Download cash9.png MegaDown - Download cash9.png MediFiles - Download cash9.png NineFiles - Download cash9.png Telecharger cash9.png Gratuit! Special for FRANCE G3T | Download cash9.png Free cash9.png MediaFire Clone Offers Set: This is a feature even we like a lot.You can set min/ max payout, block any offer or even block whole country. After you created the offer set you can change the order: By EPC/ Payout / EPC&Payout. You can set generated "Offer set" to mirrors or files, so you can optimize however you want. Statistics: Daily Statistics: Stats for each day, with impressions, clicks, downloads, revenue, CR, EPC. Brute Statistics: Show every click/impression/download you get. Also it shows which offer was accessed,from where and how much you earned. File Statistics: Stats for each file, with Graph/Table. Country Statistics: Stats sorted by country, Graph/Table. Link Licker Statistics: Stats for each link you've locked. Referral Statistics: How much you have earned for each referral. Also you can set the date range for stats, so you can analyze in detail. Community: Forums: A nice designed forum, Cash9 Pay Per Download Forum - Index Chat: A unique features on PPD websites, you can chat with other, or create private rooms. Tickets: You can contact as if you have any problem, we will respond prompt with information. Messages: You can contact other members, share private stuff. Marketplace: Sell you product easily . This work as advertising, we don't work as an escrow network. Widgets: There are 2 types of Widgets,each one fully customizable. 1.CSS Based : it has a clean look, Example: http://i.imgur.com/zWM9eGa.png 2.Image Based: you can set any type of background(we give you a 160 images galley,by the way). You can move the text anywhere you want Example: http://i.imgur.com/jsd0Azn.png , http://i.imgur.com/kGp8abN.png Template Hosting: This is a unique feature for a PPD website. We can host your template and give you an subdomain. Example: Clash of Clans Hack v2.2 - GamesHacks2014.Com We will post some pre-made templates on our forum, to make your job easier. == Payment Proofs: http://i.imgur.com/PRaXEl8.png http://s30.postimg.org/xgyudkc9d/Plata_Cash9.png Main Site: http://cash9.org/ Register link: Register - Cash9 Login link: https://members.cash9.org/login/ Forum: Cash9 Pay Per Download Forum - Index == If you have further ideas,questions feel free to contact me on this forum, or tickets/messages on Cash9.
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