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Found 3 results

  1. Welcome To Mutual Uniting System MUSystem is a system of voluntary donations that uses the MMM mathematical algorithm developed by Sergey and Vyacheslav Mavrodi. MUSystem works in the Ethereum blockchain. THE PRINCIPLE OF MUTUAL TRUST IS HIGHER THAN THE PRINCIPLE OF MUTUAL OBLIGATIONS! — Is it a next game / pyramid / scheme? — Yes, if you want! You can described it as a pyramid, adding "It is a naked scheme, nothing more... People give money to each other for no reason — such an interesting game!" means People donate their money to help other people all over the world. The System is a wonderful tool through which people can help each other break financial slavery. For better understanding MUSystem also can declared as a Mutual Fund. (“Call me a pot, but heat me not” :-)) The rules are simple. You buy tokens (MUS) and their price grows in each next package. Nothing new, really. :-) Although a moment. New is an algorithm by which the price grows. However, this algorithm was developed in 1994-1997, but became available to the general public only in 2018. Let say only one thing. For the first time this algorithm is available in the blockchain with full evidence of its operability. So, join with any initial amount (you will use only spare money, right? :-)) — and tomorrow you get either more or less. Less — is always a predetermined amount. It is 70% of your amount. More — is not limited. Easy example: today you have deposited 1 ETH — tomorrow you can get 1.5 and 2 and... Your risk — always only 0.3 from this 1. And you will return 0.7 in any case. MONEY CAN BE RECEIVED AT ANY TIME YOU WANT! Today you help someone — Tomorrow you will be helped out! Hello! I am the admin of this project. I invite you to participate in the most honest and open system of voluntary donations. Profit With Mathematical Proof. Minimum profit +10% of donation amount. Absolute Transparency (you can see total balance, all deposits & withdrawals, etc). Guaranteed Return Anytime 70-100% of donation amount! Ask any questions! With joy I will answer them :) JOIN NOW!
  2. Do you have any idea about MMM Global Plan software? How it works? MMM Plan is the one of the variant of Gift MLM Plan. In this article you can grab some ideas about MMM Global Plan Software. https://www.epixelmlmsoftware.com/mmm-global-plan-software
  3. I'm Not The Admin. Passive Income, No Need Sponsoring Bitkingdom have strong team, they ready to make conference, meeting, ads and anything to make this big. Min deposit: 0.1 BTC Max deposit: 20 BTC Features ONE person, ONE account. Each account needs to be verified by upload ID card/passport and selfie photo holding your ID/Passport Every member have their own Bitcoin wallet, is individually-owned, doesn't belong to the community. PLAN 1% daily from deposit 0.5% daily if your initial deposit not funded in your wallet you can withdraw your commision anytime. Instant withdraw in 10 days, you can withdraw the profit, if your PH not in queue anymore (already filled), minimum withdraw is 0.1 BTC in 15 days, you can withdraw all the deposit and your profit, if your PH not in queue anymore (already filled), minimum withdraw is 0.1 BTC 10% Refferal Commision Pairing bonus commision up to 10% Min WIthdraw 0.1 BTC Payments Processors: BITCOIN . . TUTORIAL: Register Here Fill all data, it must real data for verification Login to your account and go to setting Upload your ID card or passport and take a selfie holding your ID/Passport with a piece of paper written BitKingdom Go to wallet and transfer your deposit to the bitcoin address listed there. That is your bitcoin address its similar like your bank account number, every member has own unique bitcoin address. is individually-owned, doesn't belong to the community. Go to token, and buy 1 or 2 token. Its needed for every deposit and withdraw Go to Provide Help/PH Write how many BTC you want to deposit. The amount must be available on your BK wallet, unfunded wallet will get only 0.5% daily profit. You have 15 days to fill your BK wallet, if not your account will be blocked and the last, activated your PH and you will get 1% daily. Activated PH only can do in dekstop computer or notebook, not in mobile phone. And your PH will be on queue My Contribution 3 Bitcoin = $1300 Register Here Join this, and promote it like crazy, and you will be financial freedom in no time..... this program will stand for years, trust me.... work once and take commision from everytime you refferal make deposit if you have more question, you can contact me on skype, add me: iregha.kadireja (Free spillover from me)
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