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  1. Be it any business, marketing is a key tool that you cannot miss paying attention to. Marketing is the factor that decides the success and failure of your business. It is the tool that creates demand, reputation, relevance, and reach for your business among your target audience. Especially for a business that is highly on-demand such as a cryptocurrency exchange, it is essential that you conduct market research, analyze carefully, and plan an effective, unique cryptocurrency exchange marketing strategy to sustain and stand out from your wide-spread competitors. What is the best way to achieve that? The right way to achieve a marketing structure for your exchange that is effective, but also cost-effective, is hiring a well-experienced crypto exchange marketing company. One such company with highly experienced and skilled developers, is Infinite Block Tech. Their expertise will help with credible marketing strategies that rightly fit the customer needs, and also gain you a competitive advantage in the market. From marketing consultations to planning a structure, implementation of strategies, tracking customer response and bringing in improvement with the strategies, you get all-inclusive solutions at reasonable costs. They market your exchange proactively through various marketing channels, which will bring in huge traction for your business. The marketing plan includes, Content Marketing through blogs, articles, posts, forums. Video Marketing with engaging, educative content PR campaigns and Media Outreach Social Media Marketing through Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc. Email Marketing and Newsletters Telegram Marketing Influencer Marketing Community Building Affiliate Marketing Programs Paid Advertisements such as Pay-per-click. Marketing your exchange through the above-mentioned mediums will spread awareness on a global scale, and make your business popular and profitable. Get in touch with the team, to know more!
  2. Секреты работы на дому и интернет-джетсет - Джон Крестани Work-at-Home Secrets & Scams - это цифровая рабочая тетрадь, которая поможет вам понять, какие возможности для домашнего бизнеса доступны, и включает упражнения и дополнительные ресурсы, которые помогут вам создать дополнительный доход на дому. Internet Jetset - это еженедельная обучающая серия, в которой участвуют интернет-миллионеры, чтобы показать студентам новую бизнес-модель, которую они могут воспроизводить каждую неделю. Создано Джоном Крестани (John Crestani), партнером по маркетингу, который был представлен в Forbes, ABC, NBC, Fox News, CNBC, Entrepreneur.com, Fast Company и многих других. Преврати 1 доллар в 1 000 000 долларов, стань финансово независимым https://bit.ly/3fqi7uQ
  3. To get all information you need to know just follow this link and enjoy your money in two simple steps!! https://bit.ly/2YAwWoL
  4. The developers from Blockchain App Factory are some of the most experienced in the market when it comes to cryptocurrency and blockchain development services. They are the best choice for cryptocurrency exchange marketing service providers because they will be well aware of the market needs and provide solutions accordingly. They will promote your exchange effectively in a multitude of marketing channels which will grasp the attention of potential customers and make your business viral among existing competitors. Unique and proven digital marketing strategies. Exchange Platform Development Strategy Building Content Marketing Press Release and Media Email Marketing Social Media Marketing Affiliate Marketing Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  5. 1. Optimize the Instagram profile Unlike the other social networks, Instagram only allows you to use the avatar's photo and does not include a cover, you must take into account that the photo is shown in a circle, that's why the company logo or the main image must be in the center. If you manage the profile of a company you must change the person-to-company account, this profile allows you to include a contact number and email. 2. Choose the hashtags very well Form a list of hashtags according to the business sector, analyze them before using them and observe what type of content they publish with it. It is important to use them because frequent use increases the possibility that it appears in the Instagram search engine, it also helps filter potential new followers. I recommend using between 5 and 15 hashtags in each publication. 3. Use Instagram Stories More than 50% of Instagram users are young people who like to consume ephemeral content, that is, it disappears in 24 hours. It's not in vain that Instagram has copied the same Snapchat features. You should take advantage of this tool to upload different content, it is important to use the elements it offers such as brushes and stickers. In this part there is more freedom for creativity, you can upload short stories or 6 photos and videos that have a logical sequence. Another advantage is that when uploading a story the profile image appears at the top. 4. Make emotional and fun publications Instagram is one of the most emotional social networks there is, that is why it becomes very important to publish images and videos with emotional and fun content. It is important to explore different formats and themes to achieve these purposes and identify which of them generates more interaction on the part of the audience. 5. Create valuable content in your Instagram account In order to create content of value for your audience, it is essential to know it very well. This allows you to identify the type of content of your interest. The content of added value to the audience is recognized because it has great interaction, it is important to note that you should avoid that these contents have commercial messages. An example of the content of this type for a travel agency is for example tips to plan a trip, are images wherein each publication a tip would be written. 6. Post phrases Phrases work very well on Instagram because they have an important emotional component. It is essential to select the appropriate theme for the phrases, for example if it is a brand that sells chocolates you can use phrases of love for chocolate. 7. Show the human side of your company Show photos and videos of the workers of your company, this allows to present the human side of this. Some recommendations for these photos are: That the collaborators are smiling. that they are fresh and casual, that is, avoiding formal and stiff poses. 8. Share the important moments of the company with videos Taking advantage of the 60 seconds of video, you can make your followers know the relevant moments for your company up close. 9. Interact with possible followers Until now in the strategies of pattern, Instagram does not allow the obtaining of followers, for that reason it is important to interact with the people that we would like them to follow us, for this we can "Like" their publications or comment in some of them , that's why the list of labels is based. 10. Concentrate in a single market Talking about many topics may confuse followers and they may prefer to stop following the brand. To maintain a good reputation, it is recommended that 90% of publications are related to the issues that our company handles, so it can become much easier to become a reference. If they follow us is because they are interested in what we show, it is very important to be innovating in the content. 11. Use photos and videos It seems logical, but many brands only upload photos to social networks, and for a long time the network allows uploading videos of up to 1 minute. In the last month I create another form of presentation, and they are the galleries, the user can choose up to 10 photos and videos that when uploading create a gallery. It is important to be aware of the Instagram changes, because they do them very frequently. 12. Demonstrate the importance of your product Instagram is the best platform to show the added value of your product or service. Publish all the benefits that users may have when they contact you. It is often difficult to explain how a product or service is used, but if we do small tutorials, the possibility of obtaining new clients will be increased. 13. Show the human side of the company Show that behind every brand there is a group of people who work and strive to make sure everything goes well. Encourage followers by telling them who makes it possible to grow the company and the tasks they perform. This will give relevance to the content showing an unknown side to the public. 14. Create contests You can implement contests through Instagram using labels. This will increase the number of followers, also reward those who generate more interactions. One key is to link the Instagram account with Facebook and duplicate the content of the contest. 15. Label influencers Label companies and people with many followers that have some relationship with our brand. They cannot be labeled in any post, only in those that have a relationship, for example, if you use our product or if you visit us. This will help new users find our brand. Also look for the way they label us so that all their followers see our user. 16. Use analysis tools In order for any digital strategy to work, it must be measured, which is why it is very important to have analysis tools. Although in the profile of Instagram companies some data is shown is not enough. There are many payment tools and free to see the metrics, among the best known, are MetriCool, See metrics, Gabstats among others. This will help us present reports and show the progress we have made. 17. See the help for Instagram for Bussines Instagram has a portal with all the necessary information for the use of Instagram for companies. In the portal you can find topics such as: Instagram use guide for companies. Use of advertising on Instagram. Success stories in the business use of Instagram. Creative ideas to use Instagram. Blog 18. Follow accounts that may interest your company Identify accounts that may be interested in the information your company shares and follow them. A strategy that usually works quite well is to follow some followers of brands and accounts that have audiences similar to your company's. 19. Use Facebook to promote Instagram Most companies have more followers on Facebook than on Instagram because it is an account that was created more time ago. With the aim of promoting your Instagram account from Facebook, you can use the Woodbox tool, which allows you to add your Instagram account to a Facebook tab for free. 20. Have contests and activations on your Instagram account Design contests and activations that are specially designed for your audience. To be successful in competitions, keep in mind: The tool to administer the contest must be mature to prevent a fraudster from winning. The prize must be chosen in such a way that it is of interest to the audience. There must be a lot of clarity in the rules and conditions of the contest. You must comply with the rules of Instagram for the development of contests. 21. Promote your Instagram account using e-mail Add the address of your Instagram account to the e-mail signature, which will allow you to increase your visibility. If you already have a database with permission to send emails, you must create a campaign to communicate the existence of your Instagram account.
  6. Hi All, A successful brand always uses social media to boost online visibility and revenue. All a brand wants is clicks, likes, and more positive user feedback. So now, the best way to build a brand is using social media. According to recent research, 71 percent brands now plan to invest heavily in social media, which will help to get more followers and build better brand value. So, now we are listing out some of the points about how to build a brand using social media. Before taking a single step, one must Identify the Key Audience and Influencers. Nowadays Facebook and LinkedIn offer great opportunities to connect with various groups. These groups often help to build an authority around a brand. Across all the social media platforms, a good brand always maintains a Consistency. It helps when a user searches something about the brand in any of the platforms. If different platform shows different information about a brand, then it could eventually damage its reputation. Building a brand takes lots of time and patience, and one must treat it as a full-time job. One should post, share and create contents Regularly. Based on audience engagement and activity, number and type of posts can be adjusted. A weekly Instagram post or a monthly Twitter post won’t do anything. It’s wise to select few social media platforms and post regularly, rather than posting irregular updates on numerous accounts. Some of the companies spend as high as 39 percent of their total marketing budgets on content, and the trend of creating relevant and targeted content is increasing day by day. Most of the clients these days learn about a company through contents, not by advertisements. A brand should always Craft Targeted Contents. Companies who work on creating great blog ends up with increased search engine traffic, better brand identity and improved leads. In addition to being on social media, a company must remain to be Interactive enough, so that a potential or an existing customer’s problem can be solved easily. If a company responds quickly, 34 percent of the customers are more likely to complete a purchase. On the other hand, if a company fails to respond quickly, then consumers feel left out and the company won’t receive any publicity through word of mouth. Connecting and Collaborating with Influencers online also helps when it comes to building a better brand and it also helps to be seen. However, one should be in good terms with influencers to work with them. Always find a way to Jump into Discussions, it will help when a company has a unique insight. Being responsive in a discussion always helps to grow connections and build better brand value. When done right social media campaigns can bring a company more traffic, leads, conversations, promotions etc. So, don’t wait for too long start your social media marketing today, as the longer you wait the more you will lose. Source: https://www.insightssuccess.com/benefits-of-social-media-marketing/ Thanks, Insights Success.
  7. Hello guys I want to this question answer if anybody knows perfectly then revert my answer. what is the SMO and what is need in social media marketing?
  8. What are slug words?
  9. How long it takes to become an affiliate marketer?
  10. How to become a affiliate marketer? Is it profitable?
  11. How to do content marketing by representing via an email?
  12. Wealthy Affiliate is an online community with tutorials, courses and tools for affiliate marketing. It was launched in 2005 by Kyle and Carson, since then it gathered over 1 million members. Take Any Passion. Turn it Into a Livelihood. Tap into the fastest growing business platform in the world, the Internet. The training within Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to capitalize on any idea, interest, or passion that you have. No experience necessary, no product required. Just bring your love of something and we will help you turn that into a lucrative business. #weight loss #pets #parenting #books #gardening #anythingyoucanthinkof WA Success. It’s Happening. And It's Happening Every Day. What is your idea of success? $10/day? $100/day? $1,000/day, More? Each of these are entirely possible with the education, the websites, and the community you are going to be able to take full advantage of at Wealthy Affiliate. Every single day there are new member success stories being posted. There is no upper limit to the level of success you can achieve, it just takes a little bit of elbow grease and hard work. Starter Membership is free and it offers: -courses and tutorials on how to create a website, choose a niche etc. -2 subdomains and hosting from their own website creator, SiteRubix -personal blog -acces to the online community where you can ask questions -30 searches with their tool Jaxxy (Keyword & Niche Research) Optionally they have a Premium Membership which offers: -premium courses and tutorials -premium live events -50 subdomains and hosting from their own website creator, SiteRubix -hosting for websites with 500K visits/month -live chat -coaching 1-to-1 -unlimited searches with Jaxxy -all future premium features & services -and many more Price: $19 special offer for the first month, then $49/month Another Unique Opportunity. WA Affiliate Program. WA boasts one of the highest paying affiliate programs in the world. Paying out extraordinary amounts of commissions annually to affiliates, you can partake in WA affiliate program free of charge as part of your membership. Promote something that you love and feel good about, it doesn't get any sweeter than that! Commissions are $8 for the first month $19 special offer, then $23.50 thereafter. Starter Members earn $4 for special offer referrals, then $11.75 monthly and $87.50 yearly commissions. Payment Processors PayPal and credit card Link: Wealthy Affiliate
  13. Create Facebook Ads For Affiliate Marketing and Clickbank Products 2019 | [EASILY] Watch This Video
  14. Prospecting and Marketing are very significant concepts in every business. These are commonly ignored by the people inside of network marketing.You must know why Marketing and Prospecting are significant in your business. Good marketing technique implies more income for your business. Get to know the comparison between Prospecting & MLM from here: https://blog.infinitemlmsoftware.com/prospecting-vs-marketing-strategy/
  15. HIGH DA FREE VIDEO SUBMISSION SITES LIST Video submission is another important method to get high ranking on search engines and it also help for brand awareness through video uploading. Video submission is part of SEO and it will provide you high quality backlinks for your site. Video advertising always engage more audience as compare to image or site marketing. People nowadays use this method to promote their product and services. Most of the bloggers and business marketer upload video for brand awareness and as well as they get good quality backlinks. So link building is always be a trend for seo ranking and video submission is on top trend. Here is 120+ High DA Free Video Submission Sites List 2018
  16. 5 Ways You Can Turn Your Instagram Account Into a Revenue-Generating Machine Instagram has earned a rep as the place to go if you want to see pretty images of flowers, quotes and sunsets. And, for the most part, ecommerce companies have shied away from investing a lot of time in the platform, because, let's be honest, that clever GIF you posted last week probably won’t drive a lot of web traffic, or bring you a huge spike in sales. But Instagram has kept innovating, adding new features that make life easier and its own platform more interactive for users. And the result has been that the application’s value proposition for garden wholesale businesses has become clear -- something that's readily apparent in the platform's recent blog post extolling its new and expanded shopping features. Back in March of this year, Instagram announced probably the biggest game-changer to date for ecommerce brands: shoppable posts. So, while Instagram was, and is, a place where you can go for your daily dose of inspiration or motivation, it is slowly transitioning into what will soon be a fully functioning ecommerce platform. And the brands that adapt to this the most quickly may well be able to turn their ordinary Instagram account into a beautiful, highly creative revenue-generating machine. With Instagram’s new shoppable media feature, eligible businesses now have the ability to tag products in their posts, and send users from their feeds to the add-to-cart section of a website with just three clicks. It's also pretty easy to become eligible if you, as head of that eligible business: Have the latest version of the Instagram app First make sure you have a business profile on Instagram Are an admin on a page or business manager account Have a product catalog associated with a shop on Facebook Sell physical goods and comply with Instagram's merchant agreement and commerce policies With the amount of content that’s vying for our attention every day, increasing traffic to your site and acquiring new customers is not as simple as making your account shoppable. The truth is, you need to make sure you have the infrastructure in place before you even begin to tag and sell products on Instagram. So, here are my top five tips for success. 1.Your content needs to be great. Getting people to pay attention to your content on Instagram can be tough -- and having mediocre content in 2018 just isn’t going to cut it. For this reason, it’s critical to hire a part time photographer/editor who can help you make your images look crisp, on brand, and, most importantly, professional. Start to think of your Instagram as the new “Shop Now” page on your website. 2. Your captions are awesome. The caption of an Instagram post is often an afterthought. Whether humor, sincerity, or education is your thing, make sure the copy that accompanies your imagery is authentic, engaging and on-brand. Using language that will resonate with your target audience only heightens the probability of its members liking, commenting, sharing in the DMs or even clicking on the tag to purchase your product. When it comes to combining shoppable posts with a witty caption, see how Liza Koshy does this. 3. You're using the best and most optimized hashtags. Researching the hashtags that your target customer is using on a daily basis will eventually pay huge dividends. It’s all about getting on that Instagram explore page and using the hashtags that your consumers love. This also strengthens your chances of putting your posts right in front of your ideal audience. Use a mix of 20 to 30 hashtags per post and experiment to see which group of hashtags gives your posts optimum exposure. There are a ton of great apps out there, like Top Tags or Leetags,which tell you the hashtags that you should be using. 4. You've made your posts shoppable. It’s finally time to tag your products and make your feed shoppable. Tagging your products will allow viewers to tap the image, then tap the description, which will bring them straight to the add to cart section on your website. Click here to read in detail how you can do this. But be sure not to get carried away; it’s not a good idea to make every one of your posts on Instagram product-oriented. In our experience, a good percentage of shoppable posts is only about 40 to 50 percent. Have a look at some of the brands that are killing it when it comes to shoppable posts, such as Byta, and Nordstrom, and follow their lead. 5. You've begun engaging with posts under those hashtags. Now that you’ve done all the hard work -- making your feed look clean, crisp and cohesive; writing some amazing, on-brand captions; using the best hashtags; and making all posts that have a product, shoppable -- it’s time to begin engaging by liking images under the hashtags that your bread and butter customers use on a daily basis. For instance, if you’re selling sneakers, identify four to five community hashtags that sneaker lovers use, such as #sneakerhead, #solecollector, #instashoes, #newkicks or #igsneakercommuity, and then like and comment on 100 to 200 images underneath these hashtags every day. This will draw the organic traffic to your account that is needed to turn your fresh new Instagram feed into a lead- and revenue-generating machine. Above are just a few of the tactics you can use to begin maximizing your potential and generating sales through Instagram. With the rate at which Instagram is rolling out new features, there are many other ways you can leverage the platform to build a brand and begin to make sales. But, following the five tips above will certainly give you a solid foundation to start. Also Read: 10 Best dropshippers usa you should know
  17. It all starts with understanding social media. There are more than 1 billion people on Facebook. 302 million people actively use Twitter. Instagram has attracted 300 million users. Today, everyone is on social media, and these large user communities offer companies a unique opportunity to bring traffic directly to their websites. For new and just-in-time online retailers, social media offers many unique ways to get attention. You can sign up for free and start connecting with potential customers. This gives you direct access to huge potential traffic flows. According to HubSpot, 80% of marketers said their social media work led to an increase in their website traffic. This is a traffic flow that no business, especially a new online retailer, can afford. Jayson DeMers explains this very clearly in a Forbes article. “If you don’t have social media, your inbound traffic is limited to people who are already familiar with your brand and individuals who search for the keywords you currently rank. Each social media feed you add is another way to your ecommerce drop shipping site. ” It should now be obvious that your online store will not be able to do well without active social media. But since you already understand why social media is so important, it's much easier to create an effective social media marketing plan. So where do I start? There are four main steps in developing a social media marketing plan. Create your account If you haven't already, create your social media account. You definitely want to set up Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts. Google+ won’t receive it near Twitter or Facebook traffic, but it’s important to have SEO usage. If the product you are selling is visually appealing - or used in a beautiful environment, such as outdoor activities - then create an account on Instagram to keep your business name on Instagram. Most outdoor apparel and equipment companies will use Instagram to share photos of the equipment they wear or use on site. This is a good way to encourage some brand recognition. Identify your strategy and goals Defining how you will use each social media platform and the results you want to see from social media work will help keep your social media posted properly. For example, if your only concern is to increase brand awareness, not necessarily trying to attract potential customers from social media, then you may want to focus more on interaction, forwarding, like, and sharing. You can set goals for each statistic every week to increase recognition of your site and store. Conversely, if your goal is to drive potential customers to your site, you'll be more focused on tracking conversion rates, generated leads, and website traffic through web analytics software. No matter what you want from social media, you need to consider your goals to measure your productivity. See what others are doing Once your goals are clearly defined, you should look at what other companies in your niche market have done on social media. What type of content do they share? How do they interact with followers? How active are they? Although you certainly don't want to copy anyone else, the successful company in your niche has a reason to succeed. Determining the type of content that best suits your potential niche market will increase the efficiency of your own social media efforts, especially if you're getting your attention as early as possible. Create a calendar Quality is as important as quantity. While you really want to publish content and interact with customers on a regular basis, when you’re always providing interesting content, you’ll build your audience. Schedule your posts in advance and spend some time ensuring that the language of the post meets the requirements and promotes participation. If you're writing a blog, be sure to plan a social media post when you post a dropship toys blog post. The rule of thumb for social media is that you post more frequently on Twitter than any other network - 5-14 times a day, depending on what you have to share. Facebook posts can only be sent 1-2 times a day, and the rule also applies to Google+. Good social media is an important part of a successful online store. As with any plan, you need to check your social media marketing plan regularly to make sure you meet your goals. If you feel that you need to change, don't be afraid to adjust part of the plan, but don't be impatient. Building a lucrative social media will take time and you need long-term investment.
  18. DFY businesses.passive income.make money 24-7&while you're sleeping. I have been using this for just a month now and, the result is awesome. Now it's your chance. Go here for free information http://superiorhomebasedtraining.com
  19. Digital marketing is the field where every company wants to perform well, at local or global scale. World Internet Stats informs that well over 4 billion people are online, which means that about half of the world population is online. So there is no question why digital marketing became standard practice in the marketing mix. Even the famous marketing specialist Kotler reformed his theory to match more our times, making everything about: ● Content - what you put online ● Context - what happens around ● Connexion - engagement ● Community - what values unites specific people. Still, there are many new risen so-called specialists that can give ill advice. Or there may be a general expectation about digital marketing accomplishing a magical effect, just like a silver bullet. Sometimes, people even tell themselves that digital marketing is just one channel of the digital media mix, and that is a lie. Here we analyze the 5 biggest lies that are vehiculated in digital marketing and what would be the good approach from a strategic point of view. You don’t need a website anymore As the mentioned marketing celebrity Kotler mentioned, content is king in digital marketing. This is why any company or household name should cultivate its own presence online through a website. The first advantage is to control all the aspects from appearance, to usability and statistics. It also counts to give customers an experience closer to the brand’s values. Another argument is related to the volatility of social networks. They are not bound to be here forever. Who remembers MySpace? Who thought Hi5 will be remembered like a 90’s joke? So, you still need a website, especially if you want to achieve a very relevant presence online for your brand. Digital marketing is not for everybody “Digital marketing is not for everybody” may suggest that there are still people that cannot be accessed through digital means. There are some categories of people who weren’t born in the digital world, they are “digital immigrants” and they might have a hard time to interact online. There are also people who suffer from certain physical impairments. It is the job of the digital marketers and UX designers to be inclusive towards all categories of people. They need to gather insights about the levels of digital literacy and try to make navigation easy for everybody. Sometimes this may also mean localization in another language or dialect or just make the writing very big. So, digital marketing can be targeted to everybody, if you pay attention to special needs people might have. Paid media is all it takes If anybody thinks that investing in ads on whatever platform will be the equivalent of a silver bullet, they are believing in a big lie. These statistics are speaking about a highest click-through score of 1.61% for legal services and a lowest score of 0.47% for employment and job training. This data is valid for Facebook, the network that promises a big affinity with the target audience based on acquiring a lot of relevant data. The other reason is that audience will naturally try to channel out the noise, so they will not respond to ads. There is a general bad vibe around “interruption” marketing and for some services people can pay to receive an ads free version. It is a challenge to shine through all the clutter, but of course, as Kotler says, context is always important. So if you identify a blue ocean, meaning a unique market with a need for your product, anything is welcome to make it closer to the customers. So, paid media is not all it takes to make it in the digital realm. You need to differentiate to cut through the clutter. Only digital media is enough Even if you consider that digital media is in itself a marketing mix with various touch points and channels, it is not enough by itself to deliver sales and attain objectives. In the background of any measure online, there need to be a strong strategy with a clear target audience and a lot of research done to identify their needs and motivations. This is why “community” is such a strong buzz word nowadays and we find it amongst Kotler’s 4C’s. Brands need to have a more social role now in shaping the world, especially since they have huge marketing budgets that can be used to do some good instead of being thrown away in billboard campaigns. A true connexion with a community will bring more than repetitive interruptive messages. Only digital media is not enough in the digital mix, you need to think about meaningful actions for your community. You need to be on any new platform There is a big challenge for any company to keep up with the new platforms. Even if marketing evolves with the times, it is somehow understood that any company needs to have an Instagram account, to be on Twitter, make Insta-stories and figure out what to do on Snapchat. This maybe a pressing thing since Facebook usage among young audiences is declining, as Pew Research shows. Even though YouTube is strong across all categories, some social media outlets like LinkedIn perform better for adults who are engaged into the professional landscape. Also, companies from leisure sectors or entertainment have a low affinity with LinkedIn and they can have a better affinity on more generalist territories like Twitter or even on news/entertainment outlets. So you don’t need to be on any platform, you need to be on the platform that best connects with your target audience. This is why it is useful to perform once in a while Persona exercises and try to embody your target audience as best as you can. For this you can look into the usage statistics for your website and performance of ads on various platform. One thing you should never forget is that your target audience is made of people, so you can always make some focus groups or interviews with people in order to understand them more. In conclusion, if the online strategy is well thought out by considering touch points with target audience and meaningful messages in the adapted context, there may be a strong possibility of avoiding falling into the trap of the big lies of digital marketing. So common sense plays a role together with content, context, connexion and community as Kotler mentioned. Kristin Savage has graduated from Columbia University where she was majoring in Germanic Languages. Besides English as her mother tongue she also speaks German and Dutch fluently. Currently Kristin is studying Spanish and planning to obtain her PhD in Applied Linguistics since she is interested in how to use her to some extent practical knowledge of language processes in everyday life. She has been a writer at Pick Writers for a few years and is known for her thorough approach to all the tasks and aspiration to fulfill assignments with flying colors.
  20. Digital content marketing is a key strategy to reach your audience. It is the basis of what they call Inbound Marketing, or attraction marketing, where all types of content are offered to our potential customers, solving their doubts and providing all the necessary information so that in the future they can decide for our brand. The marketing of digital content is one of the strongest positioning strategies that increase branding and loyalty. This strategy is based on contributing and transmitting value to your audience. Beyond writing articles in a blog, there are other types of very interesting content that you should include in your content strategy, and in this article, I will explain a few of them. Types of digital content What does my audience need and want? This is the question you must ask yourself to create good digital content, that is, create useful content for your audience. Depending on your target audience, and your type of business, you can benefit more from some types of digital content before others. Whatever the content you want to create, the purpose is to attract the customer by adding value. And to achieve this, it is necessary to know the contents there and know what characteristics they have. 1. Blog It is one of the most powerful tools to position well in SEO. It is a simple and economical way to reach your audience, but it requires effort and dedication. You have to be regular with the publication of the post and of course, they must be interesting and unique. They can help you create an opportunity to sell a product or service if you introduce them and talk about them in a part of your post. Normally it has between 300 and 1000 words, which is the most advisable thing to position well in Google. 2. eBooks An eBook provides much more information than a post. In it, you can develop more and bring great value and knowledge. It is also a great tool to get leads, that is, make users register and give their own data that later can be used to interact with them through an email. This type of content brings great prestige to the company and high reputation. 3. Newsletters The newsletter is focused on leads or users who are already loyal. Thanks to this you can be aware of the new content you do and want to bring them, both new posts, such as eBooks and many more. A user that is already lead expects new content from you, and that's why you sign up for your newsletter. It's also not good to get over the updates. 4. Videos Videos are undoubtedly one of the most attractive and eye-catching digital content types. Nowadays it is more difficult to catch the attention of netizens. They look for easy and quick to understand content, and videos are the perfect tool to attract and attract new users. They can have the task of teaching something to entertain. Although this type of content is one of the most time to be created. 5. Infographics and Images As with videos, infographics and images are one of the most direct and easiest ways to send content and add value to your users. In the case of infographics, the text is usually included as well. They are more focused on fast learning. These are our favorite tools for creating infographics: Canva: It is a free online tool with a very simple and easy to use interface. It comes with different sample pages on which to base your infographic or banner. Photoshop: It is one of the best-known tools. Despite being paid, the results and possibilities are very broad. Although to work with this program, it is necessary to have training in Photoshop. Gimp: It's the free version of Photoshop. It has almost the same options, but like this one, it's not intuitive at all. DesingBold: Another alternative to Canva free and online would be this tool. Although it has fewer possibilities than the first. 6. Presentations It is one of the best ways to merge text information with visual, both videos and infographics or images. They are presentations on slides and should be eye-catching so that they work well. You can create them with different programs and formats. Some of the most used: Powerpoint: Some of the most known and used. You can insert them easily and they are easy to understand. Keynote: It is similar to PowerPoint but only for IOS users. Although Keynote presents more options and tools that allow a more professional and advanced edition. Slideshare: It is a social network where to create presentations. You can upload them from PowerPoint and PDF or on the contrary, create it from scratch on the page itself. Prezi: This tool is a bit harder to use if you want good results. The design of the presentations in Prezi is unique and unmistakable. 7. Webinars This is another of the best tools focused on leads. It is a face to face with users, which generates confidence and closeness to the company. People who are connected to your life will be able to use a chat to communicate directly with you. It is focused on teaching and basically consists of generating a streaming video that is usually a workshop, course or conference. Finally, highlight that the vast majority of pages where you can perform webinar are completely free. What makes this digital content one of the most profitable. 8. Podcasts Podcasts are live broadcasts that later users can download into a sound file from a player. It does not have as much acceptance as other types of digital content, but each time they are having more strength and growing exponentially. This type of format has practically no costs compared to other formats. 9. Dictionaries or FAQ A large part of Google searches are questions to terms or issues that users need to resolve. Create a page within your website solving this type of questions will generate more visits to your page. A dictionary to explain technical words related to your business or a section of frequently asked questions is two of the best ways that will increase traffic to your page due to a large number of searches that there are of this type.
  21. SEO Friendly URL is important for both, visitors and search engines. Choose a good URL for site can impact on site searches. As we know URL indicate the page location and documents on search engines. A good URL is mixer of three ingredients which help you boost your site like: readable URL, URL based on keywords, length of URL. Now i am sharing few another important details which will also help continue reading...
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  23. Here’s the formula for becoming a successful digital marketing consultant in 2018 - Define Your Niche - Build Your Own Presence - Start Blogging - Develop A Strong Network - Be Active On Social Media - Attend Local Startup, Marketing & Tech Events - Become Influencer On Social Media For more, continue reading here: Become A Successful Digital Marketing Consultant In 2018
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