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Found 3 results

  1. Flat 50 % OFF on Our Premium Cashback Business Solutions on over $499 only including unlimited features and API. CashCraft - Trusted Cashback Website Development Company furnishes 100 % customers Affiliate Cashback Script with handy features at affordable prices. Take advantage of our Unlimited time offer ever! Save $700 when you buy Cashback Script from CashCraft Today! This Limited-Time offer will soon. Call Now +91 9489831622 https://www.cashbackscript.net/cashcraft-exclusive-deals
  2. I want to introduce to you Magnus International Center Ltd. (MCC) - an international project with headquarters in Athens (Greece). This company consists of two areas: trading on FOREX using Artificial Intelligence since 2009 and the development of the network since October 2018. Registration - http://clc.am/magnus Buy a license to use the software and generate automatic capital gains up to 20% of profits on the FOREX market every month with a weekly payment. - licenses from 25 - 25 000 $, for a period of work from 6 to 12 months, with income from 120% to 240% without returning the body. - payment - Payeer - BTC - withdrawal to Payeer - BTC from $5 up to 48 hours + 5 types of remuneration Benefits: 1 - New offer on the world market - the start was 8 October, 2018 2 - A small entrance fee from $25 available to all 3 – Purchases and withdrawals in BTC and through Payeer in $ 4 - Withdraw from $5 at any time of the day 5 - For those who DO NOT like to invite there are 2 types of passive income: A) up to 20% per month on the purchase of licenses B) Revolutionary BONUS queues - it brings income to ALL, is distributed weekly and depends on the number of sales, trade transactions and brokerage commissions. 6 – Good marketing - active partners having increased the deposit by 4 times, will have to buy a new license, those in the cashier of the project 7 - For active partners there are 6 types of marketing revenue + leadership bonuses 8 - Strong leaders from Europe took up the promotion of the project around the world. 9 - There is an official office in Athens and you can visit it. The office was visited by Vietnamese leaders. 10 - The CEO does not hide the face and is always in touch 11 - The leaders openly show traders accounts 12 - Active technical support - promptly responds to requests from partners.
  3. ljilja

    This is the official start of an M2M program, which you should not miss We have established a team of 300 people, with experienced leaders at the head and we all advertise one link Join here: https://qmmatrix.com/?ref=ljilja and take the current best free position. You have an opportunity to become a member of a unique team and from a single one time payment of $ 20.20 earn much, much more money. I have already earned in prelaunch. You cam follow me and make the same becouse we have a strong support group behind us. A member can not take more than one position, but he can sign up a family member, who can use their payment processors to buy position.Who wants to increase the earning potential eg.. One million euros/dollars, that member can sign up 3 cousins. Also, additional positions may be obtained by taking over from some of the non-active members. In order to fill all three levels member has to have 14 sign ups. Member may have only 2 direct members underneath. You are getting them trough new sign ups which are delivered via your or someone else's link -spilover. In theory, it is enough for members to buy position and upgrades to qualify for earnings. Everyone can sign up as many members as he or she wants. When entering the next phase, your downline is the same only payments are higher valued. The 14 members pay their sponsor in consecutive order for 3 levels in each stage. Wondering why bother to sign up more members if you already have 14 who are paying you? Simply, because looking down, everyone should receive their payments in order to pay someone ... so - You will be paid if someone pay your downline. D- Acceleration and sustainability of the system This is the key point of the system's effectiveness. In order to prevent "choking" the matrix, system has a rule that every member is obliged to upgrade in the moment when hi s earnings exceed the required payment for the next level. If a member fails to make the upgrade within 7 days, the system "blocks" him, to allow other members in his/her structure smooth functioning, but at the same time it is fair because the upgrade is conditional only when the member has earned more than he needs for the next payment . In such a case, the member who can' t pay to his upline beacuse he/she got blocked will recive further intsructions. If you've earned, let others make money, by paying less than you earned, so the system can work. When the blocked member makes upgrade, he/she will continue to receive payments under these Rules. This is pretty fair, because each member is given the opportunity (time) to upgrade and to avoid leakage of payments from people in their structure, but at the same time gives the possibility to everyone not to depend on someone who does not want to work under the Rules . If blocked member do es not upgrade even after 30 days, the system will sell his/her position to other member who wants to buy it . This means it will be published as a free positions and any interested member will be able to buy them if he or she meets certain conditions.This will guarantee smooth matrix operation. So there will be no inactive members, and anyone who wants to work under this condition the system will help the smooth operation and earnings. Here how this looks On site there is also amount in dollars and you can pay in dollars Dont miss oppurtunity to join in this amazing program and team: https://qmmatrix.com/?ref=ljilja
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