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  1. HTTP’S WORST NIGHTMARE – A New And Revolutionary Blockchain File-Sharing System That’s Much Faster, Much Safer, And Immune To Censorship! Would You Like To Learn More About Deliverer’s $DELI token, And Find Out Exactly How It Will Help You Have More Freedom, Save You Money, And Make Your Life Hundreds Of Times Easier? Click The Following Link To Join Our Presale October 22, 2021 @ 8am: https://dxsale.app/app/v3/defipresale?saleID=935&chain=BSC #airdrop #Buy #lottery #Binance #coming #tokens #crypto #BNB #Exchange #Binance #market #blockchain #technology #financially #earn #products #passive #income #cryptopumpnews #telegram #blockchain #offer #cryptocurrency #real #estate #investment
  2. Buying an ICO script is the simplest approach to start your business because it comes with various benefits. Because of the ease, you can take better care of your coins and do online promotions and business more successfully and easily. Customer engagement is the most important since it allows you to simply contact potential customers. Zeligz has a wonderful collection of modern ICO template layouts that promise top-notch security. The Google Captcha function assures that you are safe from brute force programs. You have the opportunity to build a website without putting in a lot of effort. With this ICO setup, you can effortlessly manage your token sale. The good news is that you may specify an indefinite period for ICO token distribution and monitor token sales and monies raised from the admin panel at the same time. A configuration for affiliates is included in the setup. https://www.zeligzwebstore.com/product/ico-script
  3. Hold your cryptocurrencies and put them to work at the same time. Cake is the first fully transparent platform that generates constant cash flow for you https://app.cakedefi.com/?ref=826854 #Buy #lottery #tickets #coming #tokens #crypto #BNB #Exchange #Binance #market #blockchain #technology #financially #earn #products #passive #income #Lotteries #ticket #blockchain #offer
  4. This offer will expire soon! The key to fully understanding blockchain technology and deciding if it is something that you should invest in is diving in and doing the research. https://basti98801.kartra.com/page/eeA4 #Buy #lottery #tickets #coming #tokens #crypto #BNB #Exchange #Binance #market #blockchain #technology #financially #earn #products #passive #income #Lotteries #ticket #blockchain #offer
  5. Decentralized communications and security solutions PadLock, a revolution in the communications field. A DApps platform for communications and security in constant development that will allow its users to send instant messages, make voice and video calls, transfer multimedia files and send emails, accessible to everyone at no cost. For More information - https://padlocktoken.io/ #blockchain #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #crypto #btc #ethereum #forex #bitcoinmining #money #trading #business #investment #bitcoinnews #bitcoins #DAPP #token #security #solutions
  6. You don’t want to miss another opportunity to make great returns from investing in an innovative DeFi project, Rolaz Hedge Fund. Unique Ecosystem that offers UTILITY + STABILITY + TRANSPARENCY ◼︎ Decentralized investment protocol ◼︎ Gold backed token ◼︎ Deflationary token ◼︎ Stake options ◼︎ Investment portfolio ◼︎ Limited supply of tokens Find out more: https: //rolaz .io #crypto #PBT #PigByt #BSC #SmartChain #ICO #AIRDROP #SWAP #BNB #ETH #USDT #market #investor #token #EXCHANGE #market #Stock #ComingSoon
  7. https ://t. me/wehold HUGE PUMP INCOMING 🚨🚨 When you ask, you receive! There isn't a better way to do a collaboration pump! The market is beautiful we have ALOT of groups participating we expect great results 🔥 This is the return of our massive collaboration pump, you just CAN’T MISS THIS🚀 Date: Friday, October 1st 🗓 Time: 17:00 GMT / 12:00 PM CT Exchange: pancakeswap The collaboration is being hosted by @BNBZUES The current list of confirmed groups attending today's pump is as follows @WeHold @bnbzues @bnblord This pump collaboration is going to be a good one 🚀 DO NOT MISS OUT🔥 #crypto #PBT #PigByt #BSC #SmartChain #ICO #AIRDROP #SWAP #BNB #ETH #USDT #market #investor #token #EXCHANGE #market #Stock #ComingSoon
  8. #HorsyFellas x NFT collection! In honor of our reveal we are giving away 10 SOL to 5 NFT lovers! To win: Follow > https: //twitter .com/HorsyFellas Join our discord channel > https: //discord .gg/YMnnT8nrRu Winners announced on the 4th of October. #Solana #NFT #NFTs #SolanaSummer #crypto #ICO #AIRDROP #token #market
  9. https:// pigbyt . com 🐷PigByt is an investor driven project based on a DeFi Token (BEP20), developed on the Smart Chain (BSC). There are two function involved in every trade and a manual 🔥burning plan, designed to store your savings, bringing stability to a highly volatile market. 💲Rewards for holders 📈LP ACCUMULATION+ 🔘SWAP: https:// pigbyt .com /swap | AIRDROP: https:// pigbyt .com /airdrop ✅THE PLAN - The future in smart contracts: ⚒CoinDesigner - Creation and administration service: cryptocurrencies (tokens), NFT, Contracts, Presale Platform, etc. 💠PIG.EXCHANGE - Decentralized exchange platform and own wallet. 🔐PigyChat - End-to-end encrypted messaging application with $PBT transfer function. and more… #crypto #PBT #PigByt #BSC #SmartChain #ICO #AIRDROP #SWAP #BNB #ETH #USDT #join_now # investor #token #EXCHANGE #market
  10. What is an ICO? ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. It is a secure, reliable way to create and launch ICO tokens for raising source capital. Capital investments are made by potential investors through the purchase of ICO tokens with virtual cash or other digital currencies. The tokens are representations of a digital asset or utility in the blockchain. The tokens are fungible and tradeable. Characteristics of an ICO: They are decentralized with no central authority to manage them. Its performance largely depends on blockchain Smart contracts that execute transactions, process orders, and store details of the agreements between exchanges and investors. Agents such as brokers or stockbrokers are absent which enables investors to directly deal with the platform. Anyone from any part of the globe can have access to it using the Internet. Investors are not restricted by any conditions during the purchase of the offered tokens. Steps to Create an ICO Market research Comply with the different regulations Create the whitepaper Establishing an Investor dashboard Fixing the price of a token Development of wallets Form an experienced team Customer support services Create an ICO website Report preparation Launching your ICO If you are a startup willing to raise funds by launching an ICO, you will be needing technical assistance in creating crypto tokens. Then you have to develop an ICO website to sell the tokens for crowdfunding. For best outcomes, hire a leading ICO Development company that offers the best services for ICO development. Speaking of which, Zab technologies got my attention. They have 6+ years of experience in delivering ICO platforms and crypto tokens at an affordable cost. If you are interested in doing business with them, then feel free to connect with their Blockchain experts directly via, Mail-id: [email protected] Whatsapp: +91 77085 29089 Telegram: https://t.me/Zabtechnologies skype: live:contact_86571
  11. 1. The ICO Project's Worth The tokens you intend to issue should be valued at the same level as the product your company is developing and intends to release. You should have a good idea of how much the general public is willing to pay for your tokens. It's also a good idea to give it a try and obtain some valuable feedback from the audience so you can make the required changes. 2. Procedural Law You must follow all of the rules and regulations of the country where you wish to launch your ICO script. Plan ahead of time and make sure you're always up to date on the latest developments in the bitcoin world. 3. Make a white report. A white paper is a document that lays out all of the specifics, including requirements, specifications, market analysis, mission, vision, business development, and the complete project development process. When writing your white paper, be cautious. 4. Create a website A website is an excellent platform for displaying important information to the general audience. It could contain information like the objectives, the team, the ICO script software's ambitions, and much more. The Zeligz ICO Script is a secure platform for launching your coin's initial coin offering. Our platform supports a variety of databases, blockchains, and Ethereum Token types. The Zeligz ICO Script includes all the required features and security patches to help you build new ICO systems. https://www.zeligzwebstore.com/product/ico-script
  12. Initial Coin Offering generally (ICO) is an emerging fundraising technique that is transforming the economic model. It is an alternative fundraising mechanism for startups or new project developers to sell their crypto tokens in exchange for declaration or other cryptocurrencies. The tokens are representations of an asset or utility in the blockchain. The tokens are fungible and tradeable. Let us know, How to set up your ICO fundraising? Here Are The Steps to launch an ICO ICO is suitable for your business: The main issue every startup about an ICO should ask itself is whether the digital token can be mixed into their business model in a meaningful way. If the only use for your Token is to trade on an exchange. Create a product: Building a real product is far and beyond the most important part of an ICO. Spend your precious time building a solid, robust, reliable, and scalable product on the blockchain, and only then tell us how it’s going to change the system. Create a token: Creating a token, at its core, means building an asset that your business needs to survive. Tokens can accept any tradable Good Get legal opinion: Whenever you’re dealing with other people’s money, you want to be legislatively covered. The objective here is to assure that your token is not seen as a security and make it clear that there is no effort to deceive. Write a whitepaper: A whitepaper is actually a prospectus that clearly outlines the technical aspects of the product, the problems it intends to solve, how it is going to address them, a description of the team, and an order of the token generation and distribution strategy. Create community : Your token sale will not get anywhere unless enough investors know about it. It is a sad but true fact that the bulk of token sales are driven by initial hype. This hype, ideally, should be sustained by a real community of investors that supports both you and your token Hire a reliable ICO development company: Hiring a reliable ICO development company can help you with technical difficulties like creating the crypto tokens, writing the smart contracts, choosing the perfect token standard and token development platform, etc., Get your token out on exchanges: Once you’ve created your Token, whitepaper, and marketing plan, you need to stand out to ICO exchanges to carry your Token. Exchanges allow people to buy and sell your token on the open market, so getting it acquired on the strongest and most established exchanges is critical. How to hire a reliable ICO development company: 1. Check the History of Company 2. Choose a company with a Good Business Strategy 3. Check the Quality of services And Customer Supports 4. Check out the laws of the country 5. Check feedbacks and reviews Working on the above factors you’ll eventually get a list of top ICO development companies. Out of which I would recommend you to go with Zab technologies. Being a leading ICO Development company, they can offer reliable end-to-end ICO development services at budget-friendly costs. If you are interested in launching an ICO, feel free to connect with their business experts directly via, Mail-id: [email protected] Whatsapp: +91 77085 29089 Telegram: https://t.me/Zabtechnologies skype: live:contact_86571
  13. The Zeligz ICO Script is a reliable platform for creating Initial Coin Offerings for your coin. Our platform is compatible with a wide range of databases, blockchain, and Ethereum Token formats. The Zeligz ICO Script comes with all of the necessary functionality and security patches to assist you in developing new ICO systems. To maintain the system's security, the Zeligz ICO Script was constructed utilizing the PHP-based Laravel Framework and Nodejs, incorporating DAPP. Our system comes with all of the necessary pre-built components for launching an ICO. https://www.zeligzwebstore.com/product/ico-script
  14. The ICO script is a method of raising cash for a crypto-based startup. It is accomplished by issuing crypto-tokens to investors, who are willing to put their hard-earned money into the company after learning about the concept. These tokens can be sold for other cryptocurrencies as well as fiat money. A corporation can raise the capital it needs to fund the development of a service or product by using the money of investors. Is that all required for a successful ICO? Not at all, because the following factors have to be taken into mind. 1. The Ultimate Whitepaper One of the most significant parts of an ICO-based website is the white paper. The white paper contains a detailed plan for the development of the crypto-based project. Make sure you give all of the necessary data for your project, and that you present it clearly and straightforwardly. Your whitepaper should be able to persuade investors to put money into your enterprise. 2. The Legality The AML/KYC laws are a difficult element of ICOs, and you should know to whom you are distributing your crypto-tokens. If you don't, terrorists or other fraudsters may take advantage of you, causing you to commit a crime and face the consequences. 3. Zeligz Webstore's Technical Expertise The product's success and viability can only be determined by a team with experience in crypto-based initiatives, which is exactly what you get at Zeligz Webstore. top ICO website creation company. The team should be technically sound in addition to having project execution skills to ensure that the whitepaper's milestones are met on time. https://www.zeligzwebstore.com/product/ico-script
  15. Zeligz ICO Script is a solid platform that can be used to create Initial Coin Offerings for your coin. Our technology supports a variety of database, blockchain, and Ethereum Token models. Zeligz ICO Script includes all key features and security patches to help you create innovative ICO systems. The Zeligz ICO Script was built with the PHP-based Laravel Framework and Nodejs, incorporating DAPP, to ensure the system's security. Our system includes all of the essential prebuilt elements that are required to launch an ICO. https://www.zeligzwebstore.com/product/ico-script
  16. No1. online wallet services Crypto wallet, anywhere, anytime. Website - https://walleteum.com https://walleteum.org #tokens #earn #price #value #ico #cryptocurrency #Trade #bitcoin #ETH #crypto #buy #sell #BinanceSmartChain #exchange #latest #BCTRM #blockchain #ethereum #btc #cryptocurrencies #currency #people #fintech #payments #investing #Finance #exchange #Binance #NFT #crowdfunding #tokensale
  17. The future will be a world driven by innovative and great technology, a world where blockchain application technology is maximized in almost any field. A more collaborative, cooperative and blissful economical world. Green Hemp Asia (GHA) headquarter in Singapore. Members are all over China, the United States, France, Australia, Singapore and other places. GHA focus on application technology that can connect hemp and blockchain. GHA Online will develop innovative and diverse DEFI pools, NFT art blind boxes, build and sell NFT trading platforms, and GHA exclusive GameFi RPG multiplayer games. Offline development of carbon dioxide extraction CBD, biosynthetic CBG, pet supplies, carbon trading, healthcare products, building materials, textiles, alternative plastics, hemp integrated trading platform, GHA token circulation and other applicable scope of tokens, such as trading and Traceability, etc. Under the supervision of the government and other relevant agencies, GHA is using the latest planting, green harvesting, biosynthesis technology and blockchain applications in series. Create an online and offline vertically integrated industrial chain. visit: http: //www. ghatoken .com #tokens #earn #price #value #ico #cryptocurrency #Trade #bitcoin #ETH #crypto #buy #sell #BinanceSmartChain #exchange #latest #blockchain #ethereum #btc #cryptocurrencies #currency #people #fintech #payments #investing #Finance #exchange #Binance #NFT #crowdfunding #tokensale #cradit #card #news #latest #mining #coin #CBD
  18. NEW GEM ALERT 1000X POTENTIAL GEM Human Helping Human. ShibaCovid Dev Doxxed ( https:// www.assuredefi .io/projects /shibacovid ) Private Sate (Sold out with Vesting) Liq to be locked for 1 year 100% SAFU Starting Market CAP 110k! Huge Marketing Incoming! CG Incoming CMC Incoming ONLY 12% TAX OFFICIAL GROUP https:// shibacovid .com https:/ /twitter.com/ CovidShiba? s=08 https :// t.me/ CovidShiba Giveaway follow this link:https:// sweepwidget.com /view/ 30522-tpcskmzn #tokens #earn #price #value #ico #cryptocurrency #Trade #bitcoin #ETH #crypto #buy #sell #BinanceSmartChain #exchange #latest #blockchain #ethereum #btc #cryptocurrencies #currency #people #fintech #payments #investing #Finance #exchange #Binance #NFT #crowdfunding #tokensale #cradit #card #news #latest #mining #coin
  19. The world's 1st Data Driven NFT''s using hashtags on Twitter to mine Tagcoin based on your hashtag performance The reffeal code is 0x42cad27915D888b9077595203EbaC4bd74fb4f57 https:// tagprotocol .com/
  20. 🌎 The Utopian Metaverse that connects to the Real World 🌎 We are pre-selling FYN token to allow the community an opportunity to be involved in the creation of our virtual world. 🟪 Seed Round Registration 🟪 💠 Seed Round Price: From $0.01 ✅ 12 Token Use Cases ✅ 16 Reasons FYN will increase ✅ Real World Utilization ✅ Doxxed Development Team 🌐 Website: www. Affyn. com 📄Whitepaper: https://bit . ly /3rHcDT7 📱Telegram - https:/ /t.me /affynofficial
  21. Early Bird is getting ready to prelaunch. It is the first token of it's kind offering unique tokenomics. Automatically receive BNB or the tokens of your choice for holding Early Bird with the ability to auto-reinvest for compounded interest. The tokenomics explained The tokenomics of the ‘Bird’ are simple. Be rewarded for holding; 20% of every sale and 5% of every purchase is distributed amongst Early Bird holders in the form of BNB - or get this, one of many community tailored BEP-20 tokens of your choosing! Everyone can join the party, since no minimum amount of tokens is needed to receive rewards. Our platform offers some neat features such as our Early Bird dashboard. The Early Bird dashboard allows our holders to stay on top of their investment, this comprehensive tool allows our holders to track and manage their earnings. Our dashboard puts our holders in control by giving you the necessary tools to manage your Early Bird portfolio in order to strategize and maximize your earnings. The dashboard offers the following functionality: Track your earnings Your Early Bird balance Total dividends paid out Unpaid dividends View your position in the payout queue When you were last paid Choose the token you wish to be paid out in (from approved BEP-20 list) Manage automatic payout system Manage automatic reinvestment View your spot in the payout queue Telegram: https://t .me/ EarlyBirdOfficial Website: https:// ebird .finance/ #tokens #earn #price #value #ico #cryptocurrency #Trade #bitcoin #ETH #crypto #buy #sell #BinanceSmartChain #exchange #latest #p2p #blockchain #ethereum #btc #cryptocurrencies #currency #people #fintech #payments #investing #Finance #exchange #Binance #NFT #crowdfunding #tokensale #cradit #card
  22. 🐕 SafeDoge(SAFEDOGE) 🐕 ❤️Binance teamwork 💥Ownership RENOUNCED! 🔥 Dev tokens BURNED ☄️ safedoge Development Team ‼️Tokens:75% burn,Binance will hold 1% of the shares as the subsequent listing fee 🌾Reward mechanism, will be planted in GoldFarm in the future 📋 Contract: 0x29D90Df3e7cA8af05C9567355f2f73D0d9efAe3e 💰 Buy here:https:// app.uniswap .org/#/swap?output Currency=0x29D90Df3e7cA8af05C9567355f2f73D0d9efAe3e&use=V2 ➡️ Website: https: //safedog .club/ 📟 Telegram: https:// t. me/ safedogeETH ✍🏻Twitter: https:// twitter.com /SAFEDOGE7 👁REDDIT: https:// www.reddit. com/ r/SAFEDOG_Community/ COMING UP: 🧑‍🌾 Build communities in multiple countries 🐧 Twitter and Reddit marketing 🐕 4 exchanges have a cooperative relationship! Airdrop link: https:// coinalpha .app/airdrop /0x29D90Df3e7cA8af05C9567355f2f73D0d9efAe3e #tokens #earn #price #value #ico #cryptocurrency #Trade #bitcoin #ETH #crypto #buy #sell #BinanceSmartChain #exchange #latest #BCTRM #blockchain #ethereum #btc #cryptocurrencies #currency #people #fintech #payments #investing #Finance #exchange #Binance #NFT #crowdfunding #tokensale
  23. BOHO Coin – BOC A community where we can build relationships, safely grow our money, and raise awareness in the small business community in Bohol. https :// bohoolcoin .com
  24. G9tro Crowd funding Platform
  25. NFTBOOOKS GIVEAWAY Hello Nftbookers, as a community we want to see everyone grow. What a better way to help us all grow by having one random lucky holder to win an APPLE WATCH from NFTBOOKS. RULE TO WIN + Invest min $20 and holding without selling in 2 weeks. + Vote $NFTBS on Blockfolio and Coinsniper + Follow our Twitter, Facebook and join Telegram + Retweet any of our Twitter posts + Invite at least one friend to be a holder + A random winner will be picked Entry here : https //nftbooks . info/nftbs-giveaway/ Website : https ://nftbooks .info/ Telegram : https ://t. me/nftbs Twitter : https ://twitter . com/nftbs

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