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Found 13 results

  1. If you've decided that an MLM software program is the appropriate fit for your company, you'll need to discover one that's up to the task. Keep in mind that not all MLM software is created equal. You'll want one that's simple to use and can significantly boost your success rates. Many MLM business owners are currently using Zeligz MLM to successfully build their businesses. They may simply sell their goods anywhere in the world using MLM software, whether it is physical, digital, or virtual. You can also tailor particular features to your product's requirements. https://www.zeligzwebstore.com/product/mlm-software
  2. Buying an ICO script is the simplest approach to start your business because it comes with various benefits. Because of the ease, you can take better care of your coins and do online promotions and business more successfully and easily. Customer engagement is the most important since it allows you to simply contact potential customers. Zeligz has a wonderful collection of modern ICO template layouts that promise top-notch security. The Google Captcha function assures that you are safe from brute force programs. You have the opportunity to build a website without putting in a lot of effort. With this ICO setup, you can effortlessly manage your token sale. The good news is that you may specify an indefinite period for ICO token distribution and monitor token sales and monies raised from the admin panel at the same time. A configuration for affiliates is included in the setup. https://www.zeligzwebstore.com/product/ico-script
  3. Following the great success of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, the popularity of this decentralized currency has increased dramatically. Currently, over 4,000 cryptocurrencies are on the market. Of course, many of them have little value and no investors, but others are worth thousands or even millions. Since last year, cryptocurrencies have attracted the attention of some new people and have been the speaker of the city ever since. Therefore, many people are encouraged to start their own cryptocurrencies. It’s true that you need a lot of money to get started with your cryptocurrency. This is when the ICO helps raise funds for it. Zeligz Web Store is one of the leading ICO developers providing reliable services in the industry. Their experience and knowledge make them an ideal choice for leveraging the solution. Their services help launch a successful and competitive platform in the market. Get ready to enjoy a successful business with their services
  4. ICO (Initial Coin Offering), a prominent crowdfunding technique that offers the opportunity to the entrepreneurs and start-up owners to effortlessly gain funds for their new project from the audience all across the world. A high-standard ICO platform can support individuals to turn their vision of a project into reality. They can promote their product, coin, or token through this method and gain global recognition. There are enormous benefits one can get from this commendable platform. However, the right strategy, idea, and accuracy in the implementation are the keys to unlock the success of the project. Appropriate advice of an expert and the creation of the entire plan is the first step towards ensuring a smooth implementation. Development of a high-quality ICO platform is rapid, simplified, and economical when you decide to go with the finest script rather than getting it developed manually by hiring developers. Zeligz web store is one of the leading ICO development companies offering reliable services in the industry. Their experience and expertise make them an ideal choice for availing of the solutions. Below is the list of benefits you get from their services: An expert team:Their development team has already worked on several similar projects and has gained expertise. They can ensure precision and innovation by using the potential of every suitable and advanced technology they find beneficial. Assessment of objective: The focus and the aim of the project must be clear to find a highly effective solution. They deeply understand the requirements of the project to find out the best possible idea and solution for its development. Transparency and interaction:A smooth and frequent communication is necessary for the clients to deliver the result with complete accuracy. The report of every step is shared with the clients to check the perfection of the development process. Features of the ICO script Β· Support for different payment gateways such as PayPal, Perfect Money, AdvCash, and many others. Β· High-grade security using all the advanced features. Β· Availability of the statistics and other essential information for both users and admin. Β· A referral system to connect with an increasing number of individuals. Β· An innovative and engaging user interface. Their services can help you launch a competitive platform successfully in the market. Avail of their services and get ready to enjoy a successful business. www.zeligzwebstore.com/product/ico-script
  5. 1. The ICO Project's Worth The tokens you intend to issue should be valued at the same level as the product your company is developing and intends to release. You should have a good idea of how much the general public is willing to pay for your tokens. It's also a good idea to give it a try and obtain some valuable feedback from the audience so you can make the required changes. 2. Procedural Law You must follow all of the rules and regulations of the country where you wish to launch your ICO script. Plan ahead of time and make sure you're always up to date on the latest developments in the bitcoin world. 3. Make a white report. A white paper is a document that lays out all of the specifics, including requirements, specifications, market analysis, mission, vision, business development, and the complete project development process. When writing your white paper, be cautious. 4. Create a website A website is an excellent platform for displaying important information to the general audience. It could contain information like the objectives, the team, the ICO script software's ambitions, and much more. The Zeligz ICO Script is a secure platform for launching your coin's initial coin offering. Our platform supports a variety of databases, blockchains, and Ethereum Token types. The Zeligz ICO Script includes all the required features and security patches to help you build new ICO systems. https://www.zeligzwebstore.com/product/ico-script
  6. The Zeligz ICO Script is a reliable platform for creating Initial Coin Offerings for your coin. Our platform is compatible with a wide range of databases, blockchain, and Ethereum Token formats. The Zeligz ICO Script comes with all of the necessary functionality and security patches to assist you in developing new ICO systems. To maintain the system's security, the Zeligz ICO Script was constructed utilizing the PHP-based Laravel Framework and Nodejs, incorporating DAPP. Our system comes with all of the necessary pre-built components for launching an ICO. https://www.zeligzwebstore.com/product/ico-script
  7. The ICO script is a method of raising cash for a crypto-based startup. It is accomplished by issuing crypto-tokens to investors, who are willing to put their hard-earned money into the company after learning about the concept. These tokens can be sold for other cryptocurrencies as well as fiat money. A corporation can raise the capital it needs to fund the development of a service or product by using the money of investors. Is that all required for a successful ICO? Not at all, because the following factors have to be taken into mind. 1. The Ultimate Whitepaper One of the most significant parts of an ICO-based website is the white paper. The white paper contains a detailed plan for the development of the crypto-based project. Make sure you give all of the necessary data for your project, and that you present it clearly and straightforwardly. Your whitepaper should be able to persuade investors to put money into your enterprise. 2. The Legality The AML/KYC laws are a difficult element of ICOs, and you should know to whom you are distributing your crypto-tokens. If you don't, terrorists or other fraudsters may take advantage of you, causing you to commit a crime and face the consequences. 3. Zeligz Webstore's Technical Expertise The product's success and viability can only be determined by a team with experience in crypto-based initiatives, which is exactly what you get at Zeligz Webstore. top ICO website creation company. The team should be technically sound in addition to having project execution skills to ensure that the whitepaper's milestones are met on time. https://www.zeligzwebstore.com/product/ico-script
  8. Buy ICO script to develop your own white-label ICO website effortlessly without any technical skills. With our ICO script, you can easily manage your ICO Token sale. Their ICO script is bug-free and integrates with the most powerful payment mechanisms available, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum (Paypal, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Etherum, etc..). They also have a team of professionals who can tailor the ICO script to meet your needs. https://www.zeligzwebstore.com/product/ico-script
  9. The Zeligz ICO script is all-powerful, and it's a one-stop-shop for your cryptocurrency ICO start-up. In just a few minutes, you can have your own ICO website up and running. Payment mechanisms such as PayPal, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Etherum, and others have been integrated with the ICO script by Zeligz software. Our ICO script has been carefully built to be incredibly user-friendly and to have a responsive site design. On any high-resolution screen, the flexible ICO website designs provide a rewarding interface for your potential investors. https://www.zeligzwebstore.com/product/ico-script
  10. Get ready to purchase the unique, and powerful ICO Script at a 30% discount offer. Now you can manage your own ICO Token Sale Platform easily or without any coding knowledge with this ICO Script Setup. This script is based on ERC 20 and ERC 721 Token technology. This script comes with responsive templates that make your website more attractive and powerful. It also contains multiple inbuilt features and functionality like:- Easy to install and manage Google captcha for verification Google authentication as an added security for both admin and users Referral program and affiliate configuration Unlimited referral plans with Multi-level referral program Dedicated dashboards for all statistics Instant payment without having to wait for the approval and Much More. So don't miss the opportunity and buy this script at the best price from ECHYIP. They also provide you ICO/Exchange Marketing Plans at a reasonable price. To know more, visit their website or do a live chat with their expert team members.
  11. Get a top-rated white label ICO platform for your crowdfunding business. we people at ICOCLONE help you to create and run your own ICO white label with your preferred infarastructure. our team of rich professional experts develop and deploy the ICO from whitepaper drafting to digital payment gateway.
  12. Established your ICO website with the innovative, unique and trustworthy ICO Script. Now, ECHYIP offers you the best and effective ICO script at a 30% discount and it is good for your token sale platform. You can start your cryptocurrency business without any trouble. Their script is easy-to-install, in which all features are inbuilt that you required like: Without any coding knowledge easily manage this script An unlimited time slot can be setup for ICO Token distribution Google captcha for verification Google authentication as an added security for both admin and users Referral program and affiliate configuration Unlimited referral plans with Multi-level referral program Dedicated dashboards for all statistics Instant payment without having to wait for the approval and Much More. To know more about ICO Script please visit the website and do live chat with our expert team members.
  13. Give an attractive look to your website with ECHYIP ICO Script, based on ERC 20 & ERC 721 technology. You can launch your ICO website without any coding knowledge and also manage your ICO Sales token with ease.

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