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Found 332 results

  1. II am not the admin. These guys have been paying me consistently for a long time now so I thought I would share here. Crypto Market Makers is a fund manager that has been contracted by several exchanges to provide liquidity to their order books. This is called being a market maker. By helping the exchanges with immediate liquidity, market makers ensure that trading does not stay stagnant and people who want to enter into a trade at any given time will have either a buyer or seller to transact with. For this service, not only do we get paid a fee, but our analysts will generally know where the action is likely to take place next and thus can enter trades with an extremely high strike rate ensuring maximum profitability while experiencing limited draw down. Our mission is to provide an avenue for investors to enter into the extremely profitable cryptocurrency market through a variety of investment plans. Regardless of the plan level, clients will be taking part in helping us service our partnering firms and will reap the rewards for such investments. https://crypto-marketmakers.com/index.php?Greeny777
  2. Get 1% per day with ELDORADO! Start: September 21, 2018 I am not the admin of the project Languages: 20 languages, including English (EN), Chinese (CH), Russian (RU), Spanish (ES), Portuguese (PT), etc. Description: ELDORADO is an Global Mutual Aid Club. MMM 3.0. Works on advanced unique mathematical algorithms of Mavrodi brothers - Sergey and Vyacheslav, who were kept secret for 25 years. Created by a team of former activists MMM. After the death of Sergei Mavrodi, his brother Vyacheslav shared mathematical algorithms. Combining them with their own developments and Blockchain technology, they managed to create a decentralized and win-win System of a new generation, in which restarts are not terrible, and all payments are automatically in turn. Financial nuclear weapons! Conditions: - Profit + 0.00485917% every 8 minutes: + 1% per day or + 30% per month. - Referral bonus + 5%. - 8-level leadership bonuses. When your referrals attract newbies, you also get bonuses. - 1 level (ref. Bonus) - 5% - Level 2 - 3% - Level 3 - 1% - 4 level - 0.5% - Level 5 - 0.3% - 6 level - 0.1% - Level 7 - 0.05% - 8 level - 0.05% Total allocated for bonuses - 10% (bonuses are frozen for a week, if the referral withdraws the funds - the bonus is canceled) - 80% refund when restarting (of the size of the balance = of the donation amount with all the percentages and bonuses). Details: - The minimum “contribution” is unlimited. - The maximum “contribution” is unlimited. - Conclusion at any time. - Automatic payments. - Reliable mathematical mechanism. - It works directly on the blockchain. - There is no human factor. - Without registering. Payment system: Crypto currency SPARTA (SPA) - Site of crypto currency https://sparta.top/ - Cryptocurrency wallet https://wallet.sparta.top/ You can buy a SPA: ✅ Directly on the SPARTA website through the built-in exchanger for cryptocurrency: https://sparta.top/ ✅ Through the SIGEN.pro exchange for various cryptocurrencies. https://sigen.pro/trading ✅ Via SIGEN exchanger quickly and without registration. http://psigen.pro/trading/swap ✅ Through the btc-alpha exchange for BTC https://btc-alpha.com/exchange/SPA_BTC/ and for USD https://btc-alpha.com/exchange/SPA_USD/ How to start: 1. Enter your crypto-currency address SPA and click "participate". 2. Send the cryptocurrency to the donation address. 3. The amount of donations is growing + 0.00485917% every 8 minutes, + 1% per day or + 30% per month. 4. You can withdraw at any time. No registrations, payments - automatic. My total contribution: 10 000 000 SPA (at the exchange rate at the time of publication about $ 8700 / 1.3 BTC) Links to my donations. Transactions: 2,000,000 SPA - https://blockchain.sparta.top/#/tx/9252697672665458338 2,000,000 SPA - https://blockchain.sparta.top/#/tx/2525662855544189225 3,000,000 SPA - https://blockchain.sparta.top/#/tx/9195300388655374938 2,000,000 SPA - https://blockchain.sparta.top/#/tx/2604694831096639336 1,000,000 SPA - https://blockchain.sparta.top/#/tx/16486652884899738716 Join now, get 30% per month and change the world! Welcome to the Club (it is not possible to register without a referral link)
  3. I'm here to rule the world of money. Latia
  4. We all are same on one point and that is Moneymaking. The easiest way in the shortest possible time to make money is to study Online Monitors . Just visit HyipAnalyzer a trusted hyip monitor. Regards, HyipAnalyzer
  5. Hello, do you want to start new website (HYIP,PTC, Wordpress) or any other kind of project? Try to contact https://instantcpanelhosting.com support, asking for help. You will get help and possible assistance running your website. To host HYIPs, please contact support, you will be advised to use VPS or be moved to HYIP special server. Payment: major e-currencies Min. price: $0.5/month Project is running 3+ years Thank you
  6. Westland Storage 1% daily forever, Up to $100 sign-up Bonus I AM NOT THE OWNER OF THIS PROGRAM SIGN-UP Features Licensed Script Licensed Company Unique Design Professional SSL DDOS Security Plans 1% daily forever Payment Processors Bitcoin Litecoin Payeer Perfect Money AdvCash Referral Commission 10% Minimum Invest No Minimum SIGN-UP Monitoring http://hyiperhyiper.net/details/lid/319/ Risk Warning http://hyiperhyiper.net/news/id/2/
  7. Hello, HYIPSHOP.COM We can run your HYIP full with ( HYIP template + GC HYIP Manager pro 2016 + Anti DDOS hosting + Domain + installation and edits ) You can login and start your HYIP. We have +400 ready and beautiful HYIP templates that you can choose between them. Do not miss your time then. If you have question you can send me e-mail or chat with us online at HYIPSHOP.COM HYIPSHOP.COM : HYIP Template - HYIP Script - HYIP Design - HYIP Banner - HYIP Monitor - HYIP Lister - All HYIP Monitor
  8. Hello Friends, There is very good news for all of you. Flash sale on ECHYIP . Get 50% off on every script for next 8 hours only. Hurry up You can buy every script on 50% discount. So hurry, and be lucky to avail an opportunity For more information please visit https://echyip.com/
  9. 333ETH.IO Review and analysis of the project Is it possible to earn income in ETH without trading on cryptocurrency exchanges? The answer is, Yes. Project 333Eth.io has developed a special smart contract that allows you to daily receive 3.33% of the amount of your Deposit to your wallet as long, as there are funds! In a 2016-2017 years, HYIP projects been very popular, various companies present their developments, the scheme has already shown its high and stable profitability... But in all cases, admins SCAM project and took the entire cash desk! 333eth.io is different from them. Let's take a closer look at the main features of this project... This is smart-contract in the Ethereum network. To protect its customers in the smart contract spelled out the function of "OWNERSHIP REFUSAL", completely closing any access to Finance for anyone. The whole process is automated and configured in such a way that even the project owners do not have access to your finances. Every day, every depositor can receives a transaction amounting to 3.33% of the total amount of his investment. For reliable and stable operation of the project, the developers have created a simple but unique system of distribution of finances: ✅ 83% of all collected funds are used to pay the users ✅ 11% is allocated for the project promotion and advertising campaign ✅ 3% must be provided for technical support ✅ 2% to the salary Fund for employees 333eth.io ✅ 1% - mandatory spending to pay for gas for the transaction (fees) This distribution allows the most efficient use of user funds. Maximum efficiency of funds allocation allows the project to exist for an unlimited time and pay the funds daily. Unique system of protection of deposits, enabling safe and guaranteed to keep all deposits are constantly increasing degree of protection. The whole system is fully automated, smart contract automatically distributes funds and makes payments on a daily basis if you sent comand for payout. (manual percent withdrawal mode for prevents the possibility of attacks). The system depends only on the Ethereum blockchain, and does not depend on external factors. Technical problems on the site do not affect the work of the project. Estimated warranty the durability of simultaneous transactions for smart-contract — 2.4 million. Each participant has the opportunity to request the payment of funds with the preferred frequency. Referral program - the ability to receive additional funds by attracting new customers. The smart contract is created "eternal" and has no end time (reactivate function if no funds available on the contract). You can start participating in the project with a minimum amount of 0.01 ETH, there is no upper limit. The more you invest, the more you get. Of course, the early investors get a lot more. First of all, you need to have an Ethereum wallet with a sufficient amount of funds. If you do not have a wallet, you have to register it. We recommend reliable and proven MyEtherWallet are perhaps the most popular cryptocurrency wallet. Then send Ethereum to the address smart-contract: https://etherscan.io/address/0x311f71389e3de68f7b2097ad02c6ad7b2dde4c71 (it also can be found on the official website of the project 333eth.io) We recommend you to check the success of the transaction on the etherscan.io. Wait until 24 hours after investing to get your first 3,33% income. Getting withdrawal simply sent "0" Ethereum to the address smart-contract (this like a comand to withdraw). Now every 24 hours you can receive Ethereum withdrawal, as long as there are funds in payout Fund. Now the project is actively developing. Start at 03.09.2018 and the Fund has already collected more than 7 700 ETH (1 775 000 $). Project developers boast that more than 3800 already investors came to them, it is difficult to imagine what will happen to the project in a month! Smart-contract developers conducted a thorough and detailed analysis of all existing similar projects and chose the most successful of them, took all the best and combined in one. It is known that HYIP projects bring excellent passive income to their customers and allow guaranteed and stable profit even with minimal investment. At the current situation in the market, when there is a serious drawdown on the exchanges, such projects are an excellent way to increase equity. At the moment of making the deposit, just indicate in the DATA field the ETH address 0x8af0097B434E587097B4bf0cc55d21a9e457505e to receive +3.33% at your deposit (the system will Count contbution with a coefficient of + 3.33% (put 100, the system fixes as 103.33). Referral payments are made by one transaction with daily automated payments. 💰💰💰 333eth.io 💰💰💰 🌐 Web: https://333eth.io 🔏 Smart contract: https://etherscan.io/address/0x311f71389e3de68f7b2097ad02c6ad7b2dde4c71 🔗Official links: 🐦 Twitter - https://twitter.com/333eth_io 📺 Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh27JUQKKJzprxIqsNzK3cQ 🐱 GitHub - https://github.com/Revolution333/333eth 📢 Telegram_channel: https://t.me/Ethereum333 🇬🇧💬 Telegram_chat: https://t.me/Ethereum333_chat_en 🇷🇺💬 Telegram_chat: https://t.me/Ethereum333_chat_ru 🇰🇷💬 Telegram_chat: https://t.me/Ethereum333_chat_kor 👾 Discord - https://discord.gg/P87buwT 📬 email: mailto:[email protected]
  10. I not admin here Start: 25.09.2018 Minimum deposit: 20$ Minimum withdrawal: 1$ Referral Commission: 5% Investment Plan: 3.6% daily for lifetime Withdrawn: Instant Accept: Bitcoin Deposit can be released after 24 hour with a 5% fee JOIN HERE
  11. I am NOT the Admin or Owner of this program! The Big Bang - HYIP on a smart contract in Ethereum network. Site: http://thebigbang.online Smart-Contract (source is open): https://etherscan.io/address/0xdbb6b23520472c5070078Cd3E7097b36B001fb57#code Contract started 4 days ago. The minimum bet is from 0.01 ETH to 0.05 ETH and depends from the sum of the Jackpot Max. bet isn't limited You can pick up the payment manually after 00:00 UTC 3.3% per day with reference from the referrer The game bank is not limited All players can pick up daily payments after 00:00 UTC. The daily payout is 3% if you didn't come used the referral link or 3.3% if you came into the game through a referrer. The game bank is replenished with contributions from new players. The minimum bet is from 0.01 ETH, but it can grow to 0.05 ETH. It depends on the jackpot bank. Read the Jackpot section. The payment can be collected by clicking on the "Receive my daily payment" button, sending 0 ETH to our contract or simply making a new bet in the next window. Your payment can be received within a 24-hour from 00:00 to 00:00 (UTC time) only once. But if you didn't take the payment, you can pick it up later. Payments are summed up. For convenience, we are recommending to use Metamask. Rules of the Jackpot: 1 level. Bank 0-1 ETH. The bet from 0.01 ETH +5 min on the counter 2 level. Bank 1-10 ETH. The bet from 0.01 ETH +1 min on the counter 3 level. Bank is 10-100 ETH. Rate from 0.02 ETH +1 min on the counter 4 level. Bank is more than 100 ETH. Rate from 0.05 ETH + 30 seconds time The Jackpot Timer is updated automatically The Jackpot is paid when the timer has reached 0 The Jackpot gets the last 5 players 10% of each deposit to the game is automatically sent to the Jackpot Bank. This is an individual bank that is played out as follows. The Jackpot window is a maximum of 24 hours. When the reverse counter reaches 0, the last 5 depositors will receive the entire jackpot in proportion to their invested funds from the smart contract to. However, each new contribution increases the Jackpot time according to the rules specified above, but not more than 24 hours in total. If the jackpot is won, a new jackpot bank is re-formed after it by the same rules. Some of previous Jackpots: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x078ac7f1cd3ed1213fe41aa79c6c8cf64e644aae85d670d61e29a9efa0e3c03e https://etherscan.io/tx/0x73a3ed8ee363a26b67cd43876e90204b26a9d4c701b0e79d7584224d5ba8b806
  12. garden.stranges

    Radar Gold - advanced hyip monitoring Over 1000 project. Projects are divided into categories: pay, pending, problems, scum. Each project has a description of the idea and technical characteristics of the platform. Work with comments of users in the project card is provided. Very beautiful portal design Login | Create account | Add project Over 500 daily users. Active community
  13. I'm not the owner of this website. Project started: 24 September 2018 PROJECT INFORMATION: PLANS: 2.5% to 3% daily for 60 days 110-120% after 10 days Minimum investment: 0.002 BTC, 0.025 BCH, 0.3 LTC, 0.06 ETH Affiliate bonus: 2 Levels, 10% - 3% Minimum withdrawal: No min/max limits. Accepted payment methods: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum. I MADE MY FIRST DEPOSIT TODAY Plan: 2.5% daily for 60 days My investment: 0.002 BTC Profit earned: 0 BTC Days remaining: 60 There is no minimum on withdrawals, so I am going to withdraw my funds as soon as I earn daily profit. Please use my referral link if you join the program, https://nexinvex.io/ref/eric52
  14. If you’re an ardent fan of HYIP script in general, then you should check out this article of Why You Should Risk HYIP. Once you get the hang of beneficial things, then this program is surprisingly prosperous one. Without analyzing possible advantage of HYIP, most of investors take to their heels when they hear the word HYIP. Mostly it is true that many have gain huge sum of money from HYIP. In this article against we’ll be giving some real benefits of HYIP investment.
  15. We all know that competent firms of HYIP advertising are one of the factors determining the project life. HYIP Script and HYIP Software must be worth which always be filled with investments. Everyone will be glued knowing How to advertise or promote HYIP Site.
  16. Im NOT OWNER of this project!!! Start - 03.09.2018 333eth.io/en Cryptocurrencies and blockchain turned the world of finance upside down. Unfortunately, the market is currently stagnating. The investors are very much upset with the low exchange rates and have to sell off the assets out of fear to lose them completely. The site 333eth.io is a striking contrast to the market. Site creators claim to invent money issuing everlasting machine. The investors get 3.33% net gains daily at the very same time. The minimum amount to contribute at a time is 0.01 ETH. Around 500 investors made a contribution of almost $100000 for just a few days that resource is online (the equivalent of 460 ETH). The numbers get bigger as the time goes by, there are graphs available so that users could track the changes. A few words on how it works. The smart contract with “waiver of possession” option enabled is acting as incorruptible money distributor. The code is thus independent and runs automatically. One does not have to take the developers’ word for granted now, as computer takes over both honor and honesty. The process is independent and does not require any human being to interfere with it, which eliminates human factor. In fact, there is no way to interfere with smart contract running on blockchain. The project itself may seem very easy at first glance; however, it possesses immense potential. Authors carefully analyzed similar projects to create a well thought-out income and expenditure system. As a result, all the required details were foreseen to eliminate the need to interfere with the smart contract. Contract distributes the funds the following way: wage to administrators (2%), commission fund to cover the fees (1%), customer support expenditures (3%) and advertising expenses (11%). Another 83% of the fund income are distributed between the investors. Daily payments are not the only pleasant feature available. There is also a referral system active; it enables the investors to earn as much as 3% from the first referral’s payment on top of their daily payment of 3.33%. The maximum possible contribution amount is not limited. Thanks to that fact, everyone can get a pleasant bonus for inviting the friends. To activate the 3% reward the referral has to fill in the DATA field with the Ethereum wallet address of the person who recommended 333eth. This has to be done during the first contribution. According to the creators, the maximal income of such a fund is usually seen at the very beginning of their operation, meaning that right now is the best time to make most of it. The project can save the investors from stagnating crypto-market negative influence. The investors can not only save their assets with the help of 333eth, but also significantly multiply them. During the first several days of operation, the project displayed excellent finance rates. According to the official data from the website, around 500 investors are already getting daily rewards of 3.33%, 500 ETH for only 3 days! The amount of money invested shows exponential growth! Developers affirm that you will only spend no more than 3 minutes to get familiar with the resource. These minutes can make you a millionaire. Now 819 investors have invested in the project 1456 ETH !!! It's incredibly cool!!!
  17. Profit 100% after 4 day !!!No minium depositNo minium withdrawInstant pay Earn 10% by refferal It's my payment proof XD What are you waiting for ?Join now :https://powerdoge.ru/?ref=18294
  18. I am not admin Start : 2018/06/24 Plan 6% daily for 20 working days ( 30 days/ cycle) Information Security: COMODO EV SSL - DDOS Script: H-Script licensed Design: Unique design Minium invest : $10 Minium withdraw : $0.1 Accept payment : BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DOGE, PM, Payeer, Advcash Pay instant Link refback 3% commission : https://cloudpons.com/?u=hyipcenter4me Proof deposit : Proof withdraw Follow me on Telegram : https://t.me/channelhyipcenter4me
  19. Hyip or PTC. I'll definitely vote for Hyip. Regards, HyipAnalyzer
  20. Hello Guys! A lot of people talking this days about A new High-yield investment program (HYIP) market That's called Devhyip! and they said that they bought full scripts &Templates from DevHyip Market! i'm confused if it Trusted or not!? Please Help. Website is : www.devhyip.com
  21. hyipanalyzer

    Hyip is the best way of moneymaking. If we can raise awareness among us we'll not be defeated in the world of HYIP. We'll follow some renowned monitors like HyipAnalyzer to gather knowledge about the best and scam hyip sites. Do this from today. HyipAnalyzer
  22. hyipanalyzer

    Visit HyipAnalyzer to know about the Scam Hyip sites. Please don't waste your money. HyipAnalyzer Your Trusted Hyip Monitor
  23. Hello I am not ADMIN PAYCITI LTD. Payciti brings crypto currency Investment to your fingertips in a safe and secure online platform. We understand that people are concerned about their data and assets and we have resolved to make the safety of your information our main priority. We have designed a user-friendly platform that will accommodate both newbies and professional crypto currency traders. INVESTMENT PLAN 4.5% DAILY LIFE TIME - DEPOSIT BACK BONUS $1000 - $5000 DEPOSIT 5% INSTANT BONUS $5001 + DEPOSIT 10% INSTANT BONUS REFFERANCE BONUS 1 LEVEL 7% JOIN NOW
  24. Developing HYIP Manager Script as a Product needs planning and skillful project management. With a dedicated core development team under an experienced Project Manager, we craft the product and enjoy the journey making by apply standard versioning. HYIP Script Demo HYIP Template
  25. High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) is one of the latest innovation of the high investment business world. Keeping in mind the rising demand for a top quality HYIP script, we have come with one that has all the upgraded technology, made available to you at highly satisfactory prices. We have introduced HYIP integrated MLM Software to pave for investments from all around the world into your MLM Business. You can choose customization of the HYIP script to meet the diverse demands of your business. The HYIP script has been integrated with our MLM software. Boost your website traffic and build your business. For more : https://infinitemlmsoftware.com/hyip-script-development.php Try HYIP MLM Software Demo https://infinitemlmsoftware.com/preset-demo.php