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Found 3 results

  1. The landing page is designed to have one goal: to turn visitors into solid prospects and buyers. A good e-commerce landing page design will bring more drop shipping companies conversions, more sales and more profit. In e-commerce, a 1% overall conversion rate is considered an average. By investing in the time and resources required to optimize your current e-commerce landing page, you can use your existing website traffic to double or triple your revenue. If you've designed an ecommerce landing page, the tips and tricks in this article will help you optimize your store, resulting in more conversions to potential customers or direct sales. Make eye-catching headlines The title is the first thing a visitor will see. Make sure it's big, bold and easy to read. Take Nike as an example. Their campaign landing page has a simple but powerful message that you can't miss. This approach may not work for little-known products, but bold and violating the rules will make your products stand out and attract the attention of potential customers. When using a title, make sure you don't use industry terminology unless you clearly know that your target audience will understand it. Experiment with CoSchedule's Title Analyzer to find the perfect combination of emotion, power and urgency vocabulary to help you create compelling headlines. To find out the power vocabulary and tips on how to generate powerful titles, be sure to check SumoMe's Power Words Cheatsheet and Buffer's Ultimate Headline Formulas. Use stunning images Just look at the gorgeous image of the floating iPad. The combination of eye-catching headlines and stunning images can appeal to the emotional aspects of the client, thus illuminating their strong desire to act. Powerful images can outdo thousands of words. Jacob Nielsen's usability test proves that people are very concerned about the picture. When talking about people, photos of real people get a lot of attention, while over-photographed photos are mostly ignored. If you are looking for top photos on the landing page, check out Stocksy, Unsplash, Stock Up and StockSnap. Use a lot of negative space A negative space (often called a blank space) is the space around and between the elements of a page or image. Using negative space helps to build a hierarchy, clean up the layout, and draw attention to certain elements of the landing page. Increase the spacing in the current landing page, don't be afraid to make room for the layout as it will significantly improve the emphasis on the title, product image or call-to-action button. Just look at the Oculus Rift landing page and how much negative it has to emphasize the product and call-to-action buttons. Also Read: wholesale baking supplies
  2. How to choose the right white label products for drop shipping White label products include many kinds of products. For white label dropshipping definition, choose the right products is a key point. But how to choose good white label products? There are some tools you can use. 1.Search for hot products or potential product by Google AdWords Google is a strong search engine. Most of people search for item the want online. Google Adwords is a keyword finder tool, which can help buyers find the demand of targeted products. Using Google Adwords, you can see how many search the special type of products per month. If there is nobody searching for that products, it means that this kind of products is hard to sell online. But if every one search for it , it means that this kind of product is on hot sale and you can try to dropship it. For instance, through Google Adwords, below chart show the result of searching for plastic wine glasses per month in the US: 2.Search for hot products or potential product on Amazon Amazon is a good place for searching for hot- selling products and gain ideas for products to sell under your white label products. Amazon is one of the largest online retailer which cover lots of product categories. You can use Amazon’s Best Sellers pages to search for to sellers in any product category or any sub-category. Best Sellers page can offer you what kinds of products does customer demand for different sorts of products with a picture of competition. By the way, you can use Amazon to search for the potential products in our article page on what to sell on Amazon or pay attention to the Amazon which show by Amazon, because that report will contain recommendation of some hot and potential products. Except Google Adwords and Amazon, eBay, Watchcount, Baokuanyi, Chinavasion, Watcheditem and Terapeak can also used to search for potential or hot- selling products. Also Read: wholesale mink hair Conclusion White label drop shipping is one of good choice for your drop shipping business,but finding a reliable white label drop shippers is a key for your white label drop shipping business. Chinabrands and Alibaba all have its own advantages and disadvantages. But Alibaba itself doesn’t provide drop shipping service and retailers need to contact suppliers by themselves, which will a certain risk for drop shipping business. Because there is no guarantee from Alibaba platform, when you cooperate with suppliers on Alibaba.
  3. Payoneer provides prepaid MasterCard debit cards which do not require bank account or credit checks. In addition, you also receive a virtual US bank account, so money can be loaded either via a bank transfer or card transfer. The card is posted to your home anywhere in the world! Signup Today to Payoneer And Get : MasterCard + US Bank Account : Verify & Withdraw from : Paypal Moneybookers Commission Junction Amazon ... This allows you to receive money from PayPal, Amazon, Apple, and 100 more directly to your debit card and take out money at your local ATM or use for online purchases. # No bank account required # Accepted in 210 countries, worldwide # Use it in stores, online, or at the ATM # Account held in US Dollars # Payments can be delivered within 2 hours # Easy for cardholders to activate and manage account online # Live chat, telephone and e-mail support offered free of charge in multiple languages Sign up FREE on :: http://www.payoneer.com/signup ..
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