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Found 20 results

  1. Hello this David. I like to participate in discussions, share knowledge and learn something valuable.
  2. Hi everyone! :) I am new to the forum and I'm happy to be a part of the community! I currently live in Russia but I've been moving from country to country for quite a while now.. Internet Marketing is what I do for a living. I've set up successfully several affiliate websites, I've sold directly with paid traffic and I've been working as a freelancer (SEO services and consulting and Website development and optimization). I am also interested in academic studies and not just entrepreneurship, and soon I'll be taking on a PhD program. If my experience and knowledge could be of any value to
  3. Hello. I have read forums for a long time, but I have never written on them myself. Sometimes I noticed on forums that people try to deceive other people. If I see this again - I will tell you)
  4. Hello my name is Mila. I'm born 19.08. 1988.
  5. Hello mate, I would like to say hello to all. I am new member into this forum. Opened my account here few minutes. Hope you are quiet well? Thanks for your time!
  6. Hi, Hello World !!!! I am new Member. Thanks.
  7. Hello boys 'n girls, nice to finally arrive here! Since I'm affiliate manager of few sites I'll present them later here, also I'm here 'cuz I'm interested in marketing, hope to find some new tips and tricks and of course share with you mine. See you on board :wink:
  8. Hi my name is Milan... I work from home at ACX
  9. We are hosters from Canada and are very excited about learning and exchanging ideas here!
  10. Hello Everyone! I'm new here, I'm interested in Forex trading, money making and stocks market. I hope this community will be helpful for me. Cheers!
  11. Hello all at TGF
  12. I am Edward Sen.I joined here to learn from experienced people on board. My interests are reading books web surfing and also have in interest in learning and other online technologies.. thank you all..
  13. Hello everyone Jeny here from Delhi. An Independent Hard working girl just in here looking for some fun and news.
  14. Hello Everyone, I live in Alabama with my boys ages 2 and 6. Currently I work full-time and attend school part-time. Make goals are to work from home full-time. I am glad to be here and can't wait to get to know some of you! :biggrin:
  15. Hello people. I'm henry, a fellow internet money maker. I will try and provide some decent money making schemes and will NEVER post spam. I hope you can also help me out and I will do the same. See you in another thread! Henry
  16. Hello, I just joined the forums and they look great! I own a GPT website (just opened it) and I came here looking for members and suggestions. Currently I only have a little under 400 offers however I am in the process of getting several more affiliate networks to join me. If anyone wants to make a couple buck or just look at the site it's bucksquick .com I still need to find a web designer :P but its starting to look a little better. Thanks everyone I hope I have a great time here.
  17. Hi everyone I've been looking for online opportunities to make some money. I'm a student in need of testing equipment. I'm in need of a Multimeter with PC datalogging and an Oscilloscope for EE studies. If anyone would like to help me, I have a referral that would help me greatly in obtaining these items. In return you'll get Two Dollars and Fifty cents to spend at Amazon. Also I'd gladly sign up with anyone else referral in exchange. PM if you are interested
  18. Hello al I am Freaya i am new of the fourm . I want to learn and want to earn from internet marketing . please help me how to do that. Thanks again....
  19. Hi I am Mack I have been trying to learn marketing and using computer for 4 years. I have just been forced into retirement from my labour job . I am taking college courses now to target the IT program. I have been building websites with word press and Joomla trying to make money affiliate marketing no luck so far. I have sold thousands of dollars worth of products but the pay back was 0 . So with the backing of Worksafe BC I am learning to use computers repair them, and do networking , also the course teaches some computer language or code. I need to learn to make a bit from my computer des
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