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Found 81 results

  1. PointsPrizes is a websites you get points for; Completing Offers. Participating In Survey Playing Games Watching Videos Voting On Daily Poll After accumulating 2000 Points, you will be able to request the payout. The site also offers coupon codes time to time via their FaceBook, Twitter & other social media pages which will give you 20 - 100 points for free. I will list some of those codes which will give you 480 points in total. Click Here To Register
  2. http://www.earnlocker.com/ We are Earnlocker.com, an incentive-based website providing campaigns that interest YOU! Our campaigns are easy E-Mail Submits, Zip Code Submits, Registrations, Daily Surveys, and more. In addition, you are able to earn points to exchange for PayPal, Payza, Amazon Gift Cards, and more! What makes us different? Why should you choose our site to earn money with? - EarnLocker has not one, but SEVERAL contests to win! TWO Daily, Weekly, TWO Monthly, and even YEARLY Offer Contests! Can't beat that can you? In addition, we also have a referral contest. Let us give you the most potential to earn and redeem big rewards! - We have been in the Incentive Affiliate Marketing business since 2013 - Allowing us to be able to establish a high campaign rate for our users. You deserve to earn the money! - Several offer walls with campaigns that include a high converting rate. Ensuring YOU the member have the most available offers that suit your taste. - DAILY PROMO CODES! Sign up today and redeem this code for a point bonus! Promo Code: FreePoints Follow our Twitter for more Promo Codes posted daily! We will be giving out $0.25, $0.50, and even $1 promo codes this weekend! @EarnLocker - A community you can socialize with! Unlike the majority of these big GPT sites or incentive based websites that are strict with meeting others, and simply allow no fun whatsoever in the chat! Feel free to meet your administrators and get to know them on a personal level. We'd love to know each and every one of you! We are a brand new website, and legit! Our site will be always updated with new content, offers, and more! We are in stages to make our website absolutely flawless, and would love to have a member base to help support us. We would love to hear reviews from the community here and would be honored to start seeing some payment proofs here. We hope to see you on our website. Cheers! http://www.earnlocker.com/
  3. Overview For anyone who’s unfamiliar with it, Earnhoney is a reward based site paying it’s members for completing their large array of offers. It’s a simple and free way of earning money online. Rewards For completing their offers, Earnhoney pays you in $HD (Honey Dollars). The conversion rate is 100:1 meaning 100$HD = 1$. Eligibility International (US users, obviously getting more ads than the rest of the world.) Earning methods I. Watching videos (passive earning) You don’t have to actually watch the videos, you can just let your device autoplay them and get busy doing something else which makes it a good passive earning tool. Ads will get fed to you which in return will earn you HD$. Reward: 100-300 HD$/day (doesn’t sound much, but you don’t have to do anything for it). Notes: Don’t forget to disable your adblock to get the ads. International users (from non-english speaking countries) probably won’t earn much using this method due to lack of ads targeted for their location. Reward numbers may vary from day to day. II. Clicking on ads (newest earning feature) Every 24h you get a series of ads you can click for earning a small amount of HD$ (personally I hope they’ll add more of these). Reward: 0.1-0.2 HD$/click Notes: You don’t have to fill in a captcha or have the ad tab in focus for a period of time. You can just mousewheel click all of them at once and close them right away. They are really fast to complete. III. Surveys, short tasks, registering for services & more The choice is yours, signup and browse the offerwall. It is quite diverse: • Take part in surveys and answer questions about yourself • Perform short tasks (crowdsourcing) Example of tasks I’ve came across: Get the headquarters address of some company off its website. Sort pictures of clothes by type (V neck t-shirts, jeans, jackets, etc.) Audio transcripts • Register for online services, install apps and more. Reward: It varies a lot, from 10-300 HD$/survey depending on the dificulty and number of questions or up to 650 $HD for completing offers like registering for a service online. When we talk about a task, pricing is done in accord with the necessary time to complete it and with it’s difficulty. A completed task may take you 2 minutes and you get rewarded with 0.04$ while another task might take you 20 minutes and earn you 3$ or even more. It’s all relative to the difficulty and time invested. Notes: In case you are not eligible for a survey, you’ll get a small consolation reward worth $1HD. Your answers on the survey questions should be consistent. The simplest way to achieve consistency is by answering truthfully. Some days you will have 0 surveys to complete while others you’ll get plenty to get bored of doing them. When you’re first starting, tasks don’t pay much. But as you complete more and more tasks you get better paying ones. Extras • Honeycodes will be implented starting with May 1st 2017. Find them on social media and redeem them for HD$. • The daily give away program on their Facebook it’s on hault for now. • Offers no membership program (can’t upgrade for extra benefits). • Has a referral program. Pros • True passive earning watching videos. • Good payment history and up and running for 2 years. • Low payout. • Registration bonus. • Free to join. Cons • Slow customer service. • Slow withdraw processing sometimes (but they do pay, just that sometimes you might end up waiting 5-10 working days for it, not so often though) Payout Amazon gift cards 2 $ for 200 HD$ 5 $ for 495 HD$ 10 $ for 990 HD$ 25 $ for 2450 HD$ Paypal 5 $ for 575 HD$ (for unverified paypal accounts) 5 $ for 500 HD$ 25 $ for 2500 HD$ Donating to charity You can chose to donate 500 HD$ to different charity organizations of your choice. If you're interested in joining: Sign up
  4. Hello Everybody, I'd like to present to you all a little application that you can leave running on a VPS or home computer that will automatically fill out those GPT surveys for some extra pocket money. This bot is incredibly simplistic to use but does require an access key + pin to enable advanced features - ALL FREE of course. ULTIMATE SURVEY BOT V2.0 Brought to life by Bots4U™ a world class development team based out of the US comes one of their greatest brain storms to date. How to use Delete older version of bot Download Latest version (2.0) Try these keys Access Key: CI5H-HP1OF-DQ2N Premium Pin: 0015479 You can Download from here: Click here to download Enjoy!
  5. Do You like Ptc ... We Have Now Added A New Wall ClixWall For Those Who Just Want to Earn By Clicking Ads.We Have Now 2 Walls For PTC Lovers. Come Check Us... http://quickcashgpt.com/ClixWall http://quickcashgpt.com/PTCWall Join NOw
  6. hello all. just wanted to say thanks for allowing me and id like everyone to check out this link for an amazing money making opportunity....thank you....http://superpay.me/members/withdraw/list.php?refid=284177
  7. Hello Frnds, In just few hours we will enter in New year 2016..We are Feeling Proud to announce that We are entering in new year without any pending payments ..All payments are clear till now.. Happy Earnings and Wish You all A very Happy and prosperous New Year 2016... For More Details Please Visit Our FB Page; https://www.facebook.com/quickcashgpt/ http://quickcashgpt.com/members/register.php
  8. We are proud to announce that Quickcashgpt Started Paying memeber. Congratulation To "messi" For being first member get paid from QuickCashGpt. Congrats again....Happy earnings http://quickcashgpt.com/members/register.php
  9. QuickCashGpt Launched for Worldwide Members QuickCashGpt - Make Extra Money Fast By Completing Offers and Surveys Tons of offers and surveys to do for everyone. Faster daily Payments Via Paypal and Bank wire (Only For Indian Members) Main Features Of the Site: Fast crediting Offers and Surveys Many offerwalls Added and many to be added soon like PTC wall, WannadsWall, Offertoro etc... MIn cashout : $2 VIa Paypal (daily Payments) Refer Your Friends and Earn 2 level Earnings Level 1 : 10% Level 2 : 5% Offers and Referral Contests Sign UP now And Start earnings http://quickcashgpt.com/members/register.php Happy Earnings.. :biggrin:
  10. Hello everyone!!!! I am new to this forum but would like to introduce my way of earning any where from $10 to even $30 a day just from a GPT site that actually pays pretty good. Some of you may already be members but if not take a look and see what you can make. http://www.superpay.me/members/withdraw/list.php?ref=Kay4gs
  11. This Company allows you to earn money by viewing advertisements, completing offers, completing surveys and other fun stuff. Member Benefits: - Free Golden Membership for 7 days - Script: PTC Evolution - Earn up to 180$ per referral ad purchase Commision. - Earn up to $60.00 per click. - Minimum withdrawal: $2 - Earn up to $0.025 per referral click. - Earn up to $2.00 per Pay4buxgrid. - 11 level upgrade opportunities. - Payment with Neteller , Payza , Perfect Money ,Payeer, Bitcoin. So, it's Easy to Signup .. and Support me :biggrin: just Click On The Banner .. and Register
  12. Hi all, i want to introduce you this massive project. In few days people make great money with this system. Get paid for referrals up to 10 Level :!: Payment are processed via PAYPAL - MINIMUM 20 EURO :!: REGISTER HERE: https://www.spacespy.net/register/40ee058b 1. Paid surveys: For each answered paid message a Premium member will earn 0.1 commission (free member 0.05 k). 2. Affiliate commission: 1 point per Premium member registered using your affiliate code. 1 point per Premium member registered using affiliate code within your group. You will gain 1 point for free member registered using your affiliated code, when this user upgrades to Premium membership. For every point you earn commission that you can credit to your account as money. Every Premium member has his/her own unique affiliate code, which you can find here. This code is used when you recommend Space Spy to others. If you refer users to our website using any of the below described methods, your friend will receive from you an invitation to join Space Spy containing your affiliate code. After registration of a new user is successfully completed, we will know that this particular new premium member has signed up on the basis of your recommendation. You will earn an affiliate point and the new member will belong to your affiliate group. A commission for this point is calculated according to the current rate. More information If a new premium member registers another user using his/her affiliate code, we will know that the earned affiliate point belongs to this member. Since this member belongs to your affiliate group, you earn affiliate point as well. A commission for this point is equal to the difference of your rate and rate of member of your group who gained this point. Commission rate is equal to euro (€). 1 credit = 1 euro In the case the commission is paid in euro, the value of actual commission is equal to the value in euro as well. When the commission is converted into other currencies, the value of the commission is recalculated into a particular currency based on the current exchange rate. When commission is paid in currency other than euro, costs of this conversion will be borne by the member. Free Membership Search + Chat Send paid messages only with earned credit Receive paid messages and gain 0.05 of credit/message VIP Membership Search + Chat Send paid messages with earned credit and get option to buy more credit Receive paid messages and gain 0.1 of credit/message Get an affiliate code and option to earn commission for spreading the word REGISTER HERE: https://www.spacespy.net/register/40ee058b
  13. Vivatic offers everyone the opportunity to work from home or anywhere. Sit on the beach with your laptop or work from your bed. You can work from anywhere.. Sign up now and get £2 just for joining What you get paid: Average wage per survey - £ 1 - takes approx. 10 to 20mins. Whenever your Vivatic Balance is equal to or greater than the Invoice Threshold, you may invoice us for the Invoice Threshold to the nearest £10.00, only through your Paypal account. Register here: http://www.vivatic.com/refer-a-friend/1594964
  14. Hi, My name is Keren.I introduce to you a new website/program.You can earn $100 per month.This is reward site. You can earn points here by completing surveys,download ,mobile offers.You can convert points to anything you want.They offer specially amazon giftcards ,xbox giftcards,apple/itunes giftcards.If you want anything else you can contact support. 1:-Registration is free and quick. 2:-You can contact support/admin if you got any problem/suggestion. 3:-Monthly Payout.You will be paid every month.Minimum payout is 200 points. 4:-Worldwide offers available. Here is the link :-www.shopwithpoints.co.nr Thank you, Keren
  15. Complete our simple and easy to complete offers and get rewarded for your time by collecting points to redeem for prizes! We support ALL countries and even mobile devices on our daily competitions page! Not only this, but we will also pay you 2$ for every friend you refer, and 5% commission on their earnings. That's right.. become your own team leader! :cool: We'd really love your feedback on our site once you are signed up! http://www.prizereload.com/
  16. You can earn a free Silver membership for the first 15000 users, hurry up my friends the PPC website is lunched just few days ago :) Earn $0.01 per click Earn 50% of your refrs Minimum cashout is $4 Payments via PayPal, PM, Payza, EGOPay Guaranteed Adverts Affordable Upgrade Plans Instant Payment Process Multiple Earning Ways 24/7 Live Support THEY ALSO GIVE YOU $0.50 JUST TO GET STARTED!! Free registration: https://www.oppobux.com/?ref=othmanovich Hurry up my friends!!!!!
  17. All Cashout Within A Week If your not a member of this site Please join under me and thanks. JOIN NOW 1st Payment http://www.emoneyspace.com/forum/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=346541.0;attach=95287;image 2nd Payment http://www.emoneyspace.com/forum/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=346541.0;attach=95329;image 3rd Payment[/b] http://www.emoneyspace.com/forum/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=346541.0;attach=95378;image 4th Payment http://www.emoneyspace.com/forum/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=347947.0;attach=95421;image
  18. By far the best GPT that I use is InstaGC. I tend to make $5 to $10 per day without too much effort. Have cashed out close to $3000 in the last year and a half. The site has very helpful staff and an active chat feature with many members that are willing to help you earn more. Cash out is instant on screen for giftcards and minimum cash out is $1.00. Please sign up with my referral link: InstaGC Thanks!
  19. Hello everyone! FeP is one of the top GPT sites that can help you fill your empty wallets with some green papers. I've been using FeP website for some time now. You can do offers, watch videos, complete surveys, and many other things to earn points and money and then change them for gift cards or just withdraw the money to your bank account. It's easy if you're serious about it and there are a lot of options for help and many people willing to help as well. If you have a lot of free time at home and want to use some of that free time to convert it into cash, please consider our website. Even if you're not very good at it, we will help you in each step. To visit the website and register: http://freeeasyprizes.com/members/register.php?refid=26390 To watch a video/explore the site first/ see proofs/ etc.: Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you! :)
  20. Hello, Now you got a couple referrals. But you notice they are not earning you money! That's usually what happens. That's because most people think once they have the ref the work ends. Not true. Follow these tips to keep your refs and get them earning you money. Once you get a ref make sure to contact them ASAP. Thank them and offer to answer to questions they might have. This goes a long long ways. Make sure they don't overwhelm themselves. Don't tell them every way to earn all at once!! 1st contact should be Thanks and offer of help. 2nd contact should be Offer advice on only 1 feature of the site and answer any questions. 3rd contact should be 1 more feature. and so on. Don't spam your ref's send a message wait a day send another. Only exception is to answer you refs questions. Build a friendship with your refs. Friend them on social media. Talk about none GPT things. Have a laugh. This goes a long ways. In short, remembers Getting ref's is only ½ the battle. Use these tips to keep them. Check out my youtube vids. http://youtu.be/bQ7WL3eHveM Feel Free to leave your referral links anywhere on my channel. This gives me cred, and you a new place to post ref links. Hope this helps kicks703
  21. Hello, If you like watching videos for money on GPT sites then you want this info. Most the video offers across many sites reload at midnight EST. That's right at midnight EST is when most videos are up. if your a night owl then you might want to try your luck then. Hope this helps Kicks703
  22. Hello All, I'd Like to tell you a little bit about Fusioncash. FusionCash is a GPT site that's been around since 2005. That's 9 years!! FusionCash has many easy to do features. - Surveys, Many of them with new ones added all the time. - Paid phone calls, This is a good way to rack up money. Usually you make a 5 min call and get paid between $1.00 to $5.00 - Paid radio, That's right listen to music get paid!! it opens in a new window so you can do surveys or anything else while you listen. Multitask!! - Paid videos, I love doing these on my smartphone while on the go. It adds up if you stick with it. - Paid to click, a daily activity that pays $0.15 cents to visit a few sites. Easy money here. - Forum, They have 1 of the most active forum for a GPT site. And if your faithful to posting there you get $3.00 each month!! - Referrals, They have a great Referral system. $1.00 when someone signs up, $2.00 after completion of 1st offer and $5.00 every time a ref cashes out!! Payment by check or PayPal, Min cash-out $25.00. Easy to do in 1 month!! Sign up bonus!! Here is my referral link please use. http://www.fusioncash.net/?ref=Kicks703 Thank you for looking. I hope you like this post. Got questions please ask. Private Message me if you don't want to post here.
  23. Hello. If your looking into making money with GPT sites don't fall for the referral trap!! Before I started GPT sites I looked up some info (I should of spent more time on research). I found a few site talking about GPT sites saying the best thing to do is join as many as you can!! And they provide a list for you!! So I did that. I wish I didn't. Here is the trap. These sites make a big list of their referral links then hype up about how much money you will make. It's a trap to get you as refs. Even worse some of these sites ask you to pay them for their ref list!!! So after a week of just bouncing around from site to site and not making anything, I knew it was time to change. When you join many GPT sites you waste most of your time just jumping from site to site and you don't earn. What I suggest is be active in no more then 5 site. This way you have time to focus on each site and really learn what they have to offer. You will notice that your making money now with this simple change. Once you picked your five favorite sites, I'm not saying not to join more. its always good to explore. Just remember to not overwhelm yourself. Hope this helps. Kicks703
  24. Hello all. If you are new to Get Paid To (GPT) sites, they can be overwhelming. TreasureTrooper is a great place to start for 1 reason. Their chat room. It is filled with members and amin to answer your questions. And if your new. you will have a lot of them!! Also you can be rewarded for hanging out in the chat room each day!! TreasureTrooper Has many ways to earn cash. Surveys, videos, web searches, offers and much more. TreasureTrooper offers payment by check or paypal. My ref link (or click link below please) http://treasuretrooper.com/803202 I hope this info is helpful. thank you for reading kicks703
  25. Hello, Your probally like me and want lots of refs right? Well getting refs is 1 of the hardest things to do. Here are some tips for getting refs. 1 Do your research (most these GPT site offer cash searches take advantage of this when researching how to get refs) I spend lots of time doing research. Trying to find what works best. Its worth the time. 2 Download a free screen recorder and make how to youtube vids. My research showed youtube is the number 1 place hands down for refs. 3 Post on social media sites but don't spam. Promote your site once or twice a week. If you do nothing but promote on your FB or whatever people start to ignore what you post. 4 Lead by example. Put the work in and earn your checks. Show them off. This is a good way to get friends and family to join. 5 Be active in forums like this. Again don't just spam your ref links around. Engage, share your knowledge and learn some stuff. Reply to other posts. post about other things with out your ref links. This goes a long ways And sometimes you even make new friends. 6 Add your ref links as a signature to emails and forums. This works well I find 7 Make fliers and business cards. Put fliers at high traffic long wait areas, like a collage, or a park that holds lots of events. Give business cards to everyone you meet. These are my tips I hope it helps. Share yours, we would love to hear them. kicks703