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Found 13 results

  1. The best online casino to gamble or bet on multiple sports in cryptocurrency! Odds and livescore updated in realtime, enormous selections of events to bet on (soccer, basketball, hockey, boxing, mma, formula1, esports and more), bet on politics, chat, increase your bonus with VIP tiers and much more! Sign up with my referral link here: https://stake.com
  2. Get in touch with Inoru and get the best Turnkey Casino software at the earliest. Change the online casino gaming space with Inoru’s Turnkey Casino Software. Inoru offers: > Best in class product > Quickest solution > Awesome quality If you need a turnkey casino product then do talk to Inoru’s experts.
  3. Hi Guys and welcome to Capital Bitcoin Lotteries. OVER $1million (USD) WORTH OF PRIZES TO BE WON FIRST PRIZE: 100BTC 2nd-20th PRIZE: 1BTC EACH TICKETS ONLY 0.001BTC EACH Win some BitCoin for yourself and help out your favourite charity at the same time. Joining is simple and takes only seconds to register. Heaps of free ebooks to download for all members, with new content added daily. You can find us @ http://www.cbtclot.com see you in there 🙂
  4. Game mechanics Generalized game mechanics FireCoins is an investment, gambling, online game. The players’ task is to keep the fire burning by betting. Each bet will return a greater value to the player, if by this time the fire does not go out. The ROI parameter determines the return percentage. The fire has a timer. When the timer reaches zero the fire goes out and all bets cancel. Each bet increases the burning time by a certain value. Participants receive income from each bet. The larger total bet player made the greater his income. With each bet fire’s parameters change: Growing ROI, minimum bet, timer and jackpot. Timer step parameter decreases. Therefore - timer will grow up to a smaller and smaller value with each new bet. This makes it easier for players to win the jackpot. The participant wins jackpot if he made the last bet, before the fire went out. After fading, a new fire lights up with the standard initial parameters: ROI = 110% Minimum bet = 0.00001В Timer step = 27 and a half minutes Parameters of the fire and their mathematical formulas: ROI – how many times your bet will be multiplied, if the fire does not go out. This parameter increases by 10% for each 0.00001B in the jackpot. ROI = 110% Jackpot/0.00001В Minimum bet – the minimum bet price in bitcoins. Minimum bet = Root (Jackpot/0.00001В)* 0.00001В All bets – the total number of bitcoins thrown into the fire. Jackpot – an amount of bitcoins, which will be won by the player, who made the last bet before the fire goes out. 10% of the bet comes in the jackpot. The first bet always comes to jackpot. In all situations, when all ROI have been paid, the remainder of the bet also goes to the jackpot. Fire up date – date, when the fire began to burn. Timer step – how much the timer will grow from one minimum bet. Timer step = 1800/ROI * 100% seconds. Timer – how long will the fire burn without bets. The timer is incremented by the value of "Timer step", when the minimum bet is thrown into the fire. At a bet greater than the minimum, the timer grows to a value equal to Timer step * Bet / Minimum bet. The mathematical formula for calculating income for the participant: Profit = Bet * Gamer’s return / Total return; Profit – player's income from any bet, Bet – the bet of any other player, Gamer’s return – The amount that will be earn by the player, if the fire does not go out. Total return – The amount that will be earn by all players, if the fire does not go out. Click Here To Register
  5. www.coin2.me ✔ Fair play! ✔ Instant Withdraw! ✔ Faucet BTC! WHAT IS COIN2ME?The Coin2Me is a online game, dynamic, innovative and highly profitable.The chance of you win is 33.33%. That means that every 3 games, you can win 1 game. Your return can be dozens of times the value of your bet.You can still increase your earnings through unilevel. We will pay 1% of the first to your 10th level indication of your network prizes, and more, you do not need qualification or make any deposit to participate in this bonus. HOW COIN2ME WORKS? The game contains 6 different cryptocurrencies balloons. The weight of these balloons are 100kg. According to the bets of all users in the network, this weight will be distributed between the balloons. The goal is to hit the balloon that will be the lightest and that will fly.The user can make until 2 bets in differents balloons.At the end of the game the balloon that climbs higher, will win in 1st place and the second balloon will win in 2nd place.The system will divide the game revenue in the following way:80% to the 1st place.20% to the 2nd place. DEFINING THE WINNERS!To guarantee maximum profit for the user and to avoid any manipulation, game winners are set according to the bidding move made by all other users in that game.The balloons that are the 'lightest' in relation to the billing and number of total bids of the game will be the winners! BALLOON BTC BALLOON ETH BALLOON DASH BALLOON LTC BALLOON XMR BALLOON XRP Volume 2.312 ฿ 1.580 ฿ 3.200 ฿ 2.305 ฿ 3.120 ฿ 4.130 ฿ Users 640 430 543 732 690 750 X 0.2170 0.2207 0.3540 0.1891 0.2716 0.3307 Weight 13.71kg 13.94kg 22.36kg 11.95kg 17.16kg 20.89kg Revenue= 16.647 ฿ (sum of all Volume’s)X = (Volume / User/ Revenue) * 1000;Y = 1.5831 (sum of all X’s)Weight= (100 * X ) / Y1st place= BALLOON LTC weighing 11.95kg2nd place = BALLOON BTC weighing 13.71kg HOW ODDs ARE CALCULATED?Now that you know how the winners are set, let's go to the part where the calculation of the bet return will take place.Following the example:In 1st place (BALLOON LTC), a total of 732 users made a total of 2.305 ฿ in bids;Em 2nd place(BALLOON BTC), a total of 640 users made a total of 2.312 ฿ in bids;The total invoiced in the game was 16.647 btc; 1st PLACE 2nd PLACE DIVISION 80% 20% TOTAL 13.3176 ฿ 3.3294 ฿ ODD 1º = 13.3176 / 2.305 = 5.77ODD 2º = 3.3294 / 2.312 = 1.44 REWARD!Now that we know how the winners and the value of ODD are defined:How much do you earn?Simple, simply multiply the amount of your bid by the value of ODDExample:I made a bid 0.01 ฿ on the LTC BALLOON.At the end of the game LTC BALLOON was in 1st place and its ODD was 5.77.My profit : 0.01 * 5.77 = 0.0577 ฿ UNILEVELThe user will earn a residual in up to 10 levels of 1% of the gain of each user of his network, when the winner ODD is greater than 2.00.That is, whenever ODD is greater than 2.00. The system will share 10% of the user's gain with its 10 uplines.You do not need qualification or make any deposit to participate in this bonus, just disclose your referral link and make your network. ANGEL INVESTOR!Angel Investor is an individual person who makes investments with his own capital in companies with high potential for growth, such as startups.PROFITABILITYThe investor will have a share in the profits of Coin2Me until his investment has generated is equal to 100% profit.If you invest 1 ฿, you be monetized until you reach 2 ฿. At the end of this cycle you will need a new investment!YOUR INVESTMENTAll the money invested in Coin2Me will be used for advertising campaigns, so that we can attract as many players as possible to our platform.These campaigns will be managed by Digital Marketing professionals so we can get the most cost-effective and avoid wasting this capital!Here is an example:Bankroll is equal to 90 ฿ and you want invest 10 ฿. Then, you will be10% of the bankroll. 5% of daily game revenue will be divided among investors. let's say 5% corresponds to 5 ฿: You get 10% of 5 btc equivalent to 0.5 ฿. INFORMATIONS! You must make a deposit into your Coin2Me account to initiate your bids; The payment must be made through Bitcoin; The minimum bid is 0.0002 ฿ and the maximum is 0.01 ฿; The minimum withdraw is 0.0005 ฿ and goes straight to your Bitcoin wallet; Users can transfer values between them; You can pay a deposit invoice from another user with your own balance; FAUCET! Earn 50 satoshi every 5 minutes! Transfer to your balance when it reaches a minimum of 0.01 btc! Earn 2 satoshis whenever your referrals claim their reward on the faucet! https://www.coin2.meThank you!
  6. Bitkong is a gambling site but the strategy is not though like other gambling site. Instantly Bitkong Best Bitcoin Game The currency in the bitkong is processed in bitcoin. Bitkong.com Normal mode: They have faucet site which offers 10 bits every 30 mins but when you link your fb account you will get 30 bits every 20 mins in order to use the faucet your main balance should be below 10 bits play mode : Following these simple steps you can be winning Bitcoin from Bitkong fast and easy. Register at Bitkong and they'll give you 100 free bits. One bit is 100 satoshi, so that should give you enough to get started. Start with the Medium setting and bet the lowest amount, which is 10 bits. Pick a side, if you win take the winnings of 19 bits. Repeat the minimum bet of 10 bits and choose the side that you won with again. If you win again take the 19 bits and repeat. If you lose on either your first bet or any subsequent bet then your next bet double your bet to 20 bits and choose the opposite side that you lost from. If you continue to lose, double your bet from your last one and pick the opposite side from which you lost from and repeat until you win. Once you win, go back to the minimum bet (which is 10 bits) and on your next bet pick the side that you won with. Repeat these steps and you will come out on top. In 10 minutes I went from 96 bits to 2,500 bits using this method. Join here free N.B: When you will gain good profit then stop and follow again this tomorrow.
  7. Bitcoin gaming innovation starts here! Welcome to the First of its kind, One cent bitcoin bidding game! http://bidybit.com What exactly is BidyBit? Bid against real time players, win huge progressive Jackpots and other player wallets, plus instant prize payouts, bonuses and many more great features, just check us out! Opening an account is free and takes only 30 seconds, from that point you are good to start bidding! Find out more by visiting our game! http://bidybit.com Bitcoin Jackpot at the touch of the click. + Instant withdrawals & deposits + High chances of winning + Pc, Mobile and Tablet friendly (responsive design) + Real time Gaming statistics + Innovative gaming experience + Progressive Jackpots + 2 cent min. bid. + No limit of how huge the jackpot can be + Bitcoin accepted + Privacy & Security guaranteed + Many more great features! BidyBit is not your basic online auction model. We proudly developed a unique, exciting way to rejuvenate a century-old traditional auction in the digital era. We do understand that the similarities can create a bit of confusion, and we don’t want that to obscure how we do business. So we’ve decided to explain just how things work around here. Getting Started Before you start bidding, you have to register an account with us. On the home page simply click on the “Open free account” button, or click on the button in the top right corner of the site that says “Sign Up” along the Sign in Button. Once you’re done registering, a confirmation email will be sent to the address you provided together with your new account login details. If you don’t immediately receive this email from BidyBit, then check your Spam folder to ensure that it wasn’t mistakenly identified or blocked. We recommend you to add us to your safe senders list (noreply@bidybit.com) in order to avoid future confusion. Once you’ve signed up, you’re free to participate in the auctions straight away!! Buying Bids Who loves options? Everybody. Well, you’ve got two when it comes to buying bids. You may (A) purchase bids immediately after sign up, or ( :cool: click on the big green “Deposit” button on the main page of your user panel at any other time. After clicking on the “Deposit” button, a window will slide down, with the instructions on how to fill up your account. We are accepting bitcoin as deposit option. From here, you’re almost ready to join your first auction! Remember, when depositing to your account you are really buying the right to place bids and that each bid is worth depending on the slot you are bidding on at the exact moment of the bid. The price is shown at the bottom of every bidding block . Purchasing bids doesn’t guarantee that you’ll win, but the “Deposit” feature is always at your disposal (we’ll discuss that in a bit), and it’s basically like spending money towards gaining more money! How to participate? Congratulations on making it this far! Now you’ll see your new account balance together with other statistics at the top of user panel page. These numbers will update every time you bid on our site. Before you start bidding, we strongly recommend you watch a few auctions and – in so doing – take some time to familiarize yourself with the pace and the dynamics of an auction. On the home page under user statistics you will see a section of four blocks that displays the auctions that are currently running. The Timer Depending on the game slot, The timer counts down consecutively to 0. The timer will add +10 seconds to the clock every time when timer goes down under 60 seconds, but it won’t go higher then minute after that. Thereby giving other users the chance to bid again and get out bigger jackpots. When the time expires, the auction ends and the last person to bid wins the grand Jackpot amount and it gets instantly credited to your account balance. Congratulations for quadrupling your money! Bidding Simply click the “bid now” button on the corresponding Jackpot slot you wish to bid on (at homepage of bidybit). Your bid will be recorded and your name will show up as the highest bidder. The corresponding amount of each bid you place gets credited to the Jackpot amount you are able to win. For example, if the Jackpot is $100, and price for each bid is 1 cent, so each bid you make instantly gets credited to the total amount of what you can win at that Jackpot! So everyone who bids, contributes to the amount. Isn’t that awesome? More for you to win! Each time you’re outbid by another user, you’ll need to manually click the “bid now” button again if you wish to guarantee that you’ll win the grand Jackpot!
  8. Gold Reserve Casino Excellent online casino that accepts OKPay, Bitcoin, Perfectmoney, Skrill Hello all. This is a great online casino that has $0,01 minimum bet in all casino games and $0,05 minimum deposit/cashout. No download is required to play! Features: No download needed $0,01 minimum bets $0,05 minimum cashout and deposit 15% affiliate program Multiplayer rooms Games available: Poker Roulette Slots Video Poker Blackjack Baccarat Payment systems: Skrill OKPay EGOPay Bitcoin Perfectmoney Many more Where to join: Direct link: http://www.goldreservecasino.com Referral link: http://member.goldreservecasino.com/?964771
  9. 1 Cent Roulette 1 cent minimum Roulette games Roulette is a very popular game and especially so when the minimum bet amount is just $0,01 because that makes the "doubling your lost bet" system less risky. I don't wish to go into the details of this system at this time, instead I want to welcome you to the online casino with $0,01 minimum bets. Available casino games: Roulette Poker Slots Video poker Baccarat Blackjack What makes it special: Unique design Old and trusted casino site Only $0.01 minimum bet in all casino games $0.05 minimum deposit and withdraw Instant transactions No download needed, play in your browser 15% referral bonus program Accepted payment processors: Skrill Bitcoin Perfect money Webmoney W1 Mobile Liqpay OKPay How to join: Using the normal link: http://www.1centroulette.com/ Using the referral link: http://member.1centroulette.com/?954725 (thanks!)
  10. Poker Perfectmoney Online casino that accepts Perfect money, Skrill, OKPay and more In Poker Perfectmoney you are in complete control - any time you feel like cashing out your earnings or winnings, you can simply click a button and it will be delivered into your favorite e-currency account in seconds. There is also no download necessary to start playing because every casino game in this online casino is playable through the web browser, only the flash player is required. Let's look at the features: $0.01 Minimum bets in all casino games $0.05 Minimum limit for deposits and cashouts, all instant! 15% Referral commissions if you invite new players Absolutely no download required. Browser based casino site The games you can play: Poker rooms. Both single- and multiplayer Blackjack tables Roulette tables Various slots machines to choose from Various video poker machines to choose from The payment methods: Skrill, OKPay, Bitcoin, Perfectmoney, Webmoney, Liqpay, Credit Card, SMS, Pecunix Regular link: http://www.pokerperfectmoney.com Referral link: http://member.pokerperfectmoney.com/?926935
  11. Bitcoin Poker Tables Online casino that accepts Bitcoin deposits / withdraws What are the main features of this online casino? $0.01 minimum bets in every casino game they have to offer $0.05 minimum deposit and cashout limit Instant money transfers to and from your online e-currency 15% referral commissions for life, when you invite new players What casino games do they have to offer? Poker. Both single- and multiplayer Blackjack Baccarat Video Poker, many different to choose from Many slots machines with different difficulty Roulette tables What are the main payment options? Skrill Perfectmoney Bitcoin OKPay Liqpay Credit Card SMS Regular link: http://www.bitcoinpokertables.com Referral link: http://member.bitcoinpokertables.com/?927323 Thank you for reading and good luck as a player!
  12. Liberty Flip is a new Coin FLip site where you choose either heads or tails, and place a bet on the outcome. Your chances are 50 50, and you can win 210% of your bet int. LibertyFlip.com also has a referral program where you can refer people to the site and get a 10% percent commission on all bets placed under your referral. Payouts are instant, and the referral payouts are as well. Minimum bet is 2 cents, and as high as 10+ dollars. Give it a shot, and post your results!
  13. Bet as little as $1 on any 1 of 36 numbers and WIN $26. No other betting game rivals in simplicity and payout rate of 2600% !!! 36 Numbers - Each number has an associated meaning http://www.worldcash...com/numbers.php 4 Draws Daily - Players wager as many times as they wish any of 36 possible numbers on the board. Payment: 26 : 1 || Bet x 26 || 2600% - example, bet $10 win $260 Payment processor : Liberty Reserve - no deposit - pay as you go - instant payment WorldCashPot - the worlds best game @ http://www.worldcashpot.com What are you waiting for? SIGNUP & PLAY NOW!!! Previous day draw results will follow... ------------------------------------------------ Yesterdays Draw results: Lucky Number 25 DRAW DATE & TIME 2012-02-01 20:00:00 Lucky Number 21 DRAW DATE & TIME 2012-02-01 16:00:00 Lucky Number 35 DRAW DATE & TIME 2012-02-01 12:00:00 Lucky Number 20 DRAW DATE & TIME 2012-02-01 08:00:00 Bet as little as $1 (as many times as you wish) on any 1 of 36 numbers, if your number is drawn for the period you selected, you will be awarded TwentySix times your bet (example $2 x 26 = $52 ). There is no bet maximum. No other betting game rivals in simplicity and payout rate of 2600% on a winning number!!! Congrats to all winners. Tune in to our daily live draws. All questions are welcomed.
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