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  1. Hello Everyone I am not ADMIN/OWNER of THE PROJECT Exness Broker has already gained wide popularity in many country due to its instant withdrawal process.Below is the detailed information about Exness Broker. Broker: Exness Country: Newzeland Payent methode: Wire transfer, Credit card, Skrill or Moneybookers, Payweb, Neteller, Perfect Money, Webmoney, Ukash, CashU and Internal transfer Minimum Deposit: 2.00$ Minimum trade size: 0.01Lots Leverage: 1:50 to 1: 2000 Spread: EURUSD - minimum 0.4 (variable spread) and 0 spread on ECN account
  2. One of the hidden truths behind profitable trading is to focus more to avoid losses than making profits. Not only at the beginning but you also have to always focus on avoiding unnecessary risks and losses. And, take my words this should be your main objective in order to build a successful trading career. Question: How the hell do I even do that? Answer: Stop-Loss orders are the smart solution that will be able to diminish your troubles. Besides, Stop-loss is used by numerous traders all across the globe. It prevents you from making haste decisions. And the next BEST thing? You
  3. As all those peoples who have trading experience should be fully aware about short term and long term trading. Everyone having different opinion about that so share you personnel opinion?
  4. Here are the best top 5 online forex trading websites.....! http://www.themoneyathome.com
  5. 1. What is the best Forex platform? There is no one way to answer such a question. This will of course depend on the trader, in accordance with his preference, knowledge, experience as well as what he intends to trade (which financial instrument). Many intermediate-experienced traders, especially when trading on the currency market, prefer to use platforms such as MT4 or C-Trader which are designed mostly for Forex trading, as well as CFD trading, and for someone with some knowledge of the trading market. Others, more novice traders would prefer the use of such platforms as ones foun
  6. Starting a forex trading business is a relatively simple undertaking. All you need is a reliable forex broker, a feature-rich trading platform, and a small amount of capital to buy and sell currency pairs. However, there are certain pitfalls, risks, and factors that you need to be aware of to trade effectively and turn a profit. The Forex market is inherently different from the stock market. More than $5tn is traded every day, mostly by ‘institutional’ traders connected to large institutions and companies. These trades account for 94.5% of activity on the forex market. When star
  7. Forex trading is the act of speculating on financial price movements of currency, with the intention of earning a profit through them. Forex trading can also be done by using various technical indicators, which help in identifying changes in trends. Some of these indicators are referred to as fundamental indicators, while others refer to fundamental or technical analysis – but they all share the same purpose. For beginners, they would usually want to work with an expert broker like FP Markets before they begin trading. How to Analyze Forex Market There are many forex strategie
  8. To provide a signal to you, "hot forex signal", is the best accurate forex signal provider in the global currency market. It is different and a few more special than others. Because they have an outsized "forex market" analytical expert team who makes an efficient analytical report. On the idea of an analytical report signal is formed. Has a monitoring team to watch the market and accuracy of the given signal. As their observation report, hot forex signal is 95% accurate. Hot Forex Signal assist you to regulate "Take Profit" and "Stop-loss". It's constantly monitoring the market, regardless of
  9. US equities were stronger Monday, the S&P rising 0.3% to close once again just shy of February’s record high. European stocks were more robust as well, but it was a mixed picture in Asia; China’s CSI300 rose by 2.4% after a PBoC stimulus injection had investors speculating that it could mean a supportive monetary policy from the PBoC. The Asia open has gotten off to a resounding start with the S&P 500 racing higher after US House Speaker Pelosi expects bipartisan support for a House Coronavirus Bill. This is one of the few positives we’ve heard in some time from the Demo
  10. The wide world of trading has helped many people buck the trend of their 9-5 job, or at least helped them discover new ways to earn money. Finding a new source of income is important for building an independent life that can help you retire early, send your kids to college, live comfortably, or just give you some peace of mind in the bank. Forex trading is one of these potential income sources that may interest you if you are looking for ways to earn more money and learn new skills. First things first though are that you need a refresher on some of the terms and phrases tha
  11. Here are some of the best forex brokers in the world today http://premiumtrading.co/?ref=7067
  12. Visit the link and check it for your self, our success ratio is incredible - https://t.me/btctradingclub The growing appetite of institutional investors means companies now hold more than 460,000 BTC, which is 3% of the total supply in circulation. If you are looking to trade on the best Crypto Signals for major exchanges such as Binance, Bittrex, Bitmex, Poloniex etc - then our signals are perfect. Why our signals are such high in accuracy? Because we sent all those signals post detailed analysis considering the technical & fundamental aspect of the coin. Whenev
  13. Visit for Free Crypto Signal, Free Crypto Trading Bot, Bitcoin Bot and Gdax Bot - https://t.me/cryptosignalalert The co-founder of cryptocurrency analysis company Blockfyre believes that a bull run will return, propelling Bitcoin (BTC) to a price of $150,000 and Ether and other solid altcoins making even more impressive gains. Take advantage of both bull and bear markets using long and short bots. Set your target profit and let the bot track the market to close the deal at the right moment. Set the bot to use Bollinger, Day or Volume filters to open the trade at the right
  14. Non-repaint Trend Indicator However, like other technical indicators, a non-repaint trend indicator is a tool you can leverage to identify new trends, locate overbought and oversold sessions. The tool combines several strategies (MACD, RSI, and MA crossover) to deliver maximum results when you need it the most. It was developed by Rajandran, the Founder and CEO of Marketcalls. Plus, it works on all currency pair How To Set up The Indicator Installing the indicator is pretty simple; just follow the steps below: Download the indicator for MT4 trading platform from any reliab
  15. You may want to start this new year by trying different types of investing. But with lots of different markets to invest in, it can be hard to know where to focus your attention. If you are starting to explore different options and wondering what Forex trading is, then you’ve jumped to the right place. In this topic, I’m gonna breakdown the procedure of currency trading in simplified words. Let’s dive right in, shall we? But first of all, what is Forex trading? Forex trading, which is the same as currency trading, is the conversion of one currency into another. It
  16. Traditional currency trading has been a prerogative for multinational corporations and affluent investors for decades now. The Forex market has, however, opened up the financial market to the youth and average investors. Since the last few years, Forex trading has gained firm ground and emerged as a popular career for financial and non-financial professionals. High liquidity, 24/7 schedule, easy accessibility, low capital requirements, and ease of entry makes forex a superior trading platform. Forex investment is the largest financial market globally and trades nearly $2 trillio
  17. Alexander Graham Bell famously said, "Before anything else, preparation is the key to success". This is true for many professional fields, be it soccer, archery, or online trading. Forex rookies in South Africa have ample opportunities to learn. FX Brokers provide tutorials, articles, and other helpful content. However, preparation is not only vital for novices. Even experienced traders begin their day with preparatory steps. It is not enough to jump in once the market opens. You should spend time to get everything set, including your mind. What Successful Traders Have in Common
  18. As recently as the early 1980s, brokers, and traders charted the movement of currency prices by hand with nothing but a legal pad and a pencil. In less than four decades, the charting industry has been revamped several times over, which has led to intricate, complex tables that traders decode today before executing currency trades. Charting software allows those in any market to see price moves, observe changes over various stretches of time, and combine this information to conduct market analysis and predictions. It’s an absolute necessity for carrying out inte
  19. There is no doubt that the Forex forums are the best way to interact with other experienced and well-minded traders if you are struggling to achieve success. If you’ve visited a Forex forum, you would have noticed that you can interact with a wide range of traders and know the techniques they use to generate more profits. The reason why the Forex forums are useful is that they give you the opportunity to connect with fellow traders who are experiencing difficulties and concerns that you’re going through. Some of the main benefits of a Forex trading forum: - You can l
  20. Welcome to my today's topic " 5 HUGELY Effective Forex Trading Tips 2020."So, by reading the title I hope you've understood my today's topic. Yes, I'm gonna breakdown 5 best Forex trading tips which will SURELY be helpful for you in this 2020 Forex trading market. In fact, these are the same exact strategies that I've come to know that has benefited a lot of the market traders. But before I get started, how about writing interesting facts about currencies in FX trading that most people don't know about? Here are the deets... Currency exchange is an ancient practiceThe moder
  21. Hi, My name is Anu I am officially representative of Xtreamforex XtreamForex is a forex broker, Member of Grandinvesting Group Incorporated in MIS Registration number 84516 IBC 2016 Company number: 84516 If you have any question regarding this broker about the services and promotion feel free to ask me here. i will be happy to assist you. Regards Anu
  22. On Friday the 3rd of August, trading on the euro closed down. High volatility was observed in light of the publication of the the US labour market report. July data on the number of those employed in the non-agricultural sector of the US did not meet market expectations. Although the data was below 189 thousand, the report is not bad, as the average hourly salary has grown and the indicators for May and June have been revised upwards. US 10-year bond yields fell on news of the report, with many major currencies closing in positive territory on Friday as a result. As a result of last
  23. Hello, I would like to introduce one of my possibilities to earn money on full automatic tools with icmarkets broker. I will make weekly update in comment like I do on other forums. IC Markets is a licensed and regulated (by the financial supervision committee) Forex broker. It is one of the best Forex brokers on the market. Recommended for manual and automatic trading. To operate in the Forex market you need an account with a broker, this is where our funds for trading in this market are stored. The most important features: - True ECN broker
  24. Two major state-owned Chinese banks warned on Monday that they could restrict the trading of precious metals and foreign exchange products if this week’s U.S. presidential election fuels market volatility. Bank of China 601988.SS3988.HK, the fourth-largest lender by assets, said it might curb or suspend such trade, while Bank of Communications 601328.SS said it was taking steps to potentially limit spreads and transactions during the election. “We expect volatility in the precious metals and foreign exchange market to increase significantly between Nov. 3 and Nov. 4,” Bank of China s
  25. Forex trading has always been a challenge to many. However, this year appears to be tougher as even this is affected by the pandemic. Add the fact the United States recently elected a new president. These factors play very important roles when it comes to trading in general. Last week, the news made everybody optimistic about the vaccine that could stop the pandemic. Because of vaccine optimism, the currency market started to liven up once again. However, it appears to be short-lived as a few countries have reported more virus cases. For just a few days, the positive movement of
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