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Found 105 results

  1. How to invest in Currencies? Deal with some ways. World currencies are traded 24 hours a day 5 days a week in Foreign Exchange Market (FOREX). It is the largest and most liquid market in the world. Some use this market as a mechanism for changing one currency to another, such as multinational business companies around the world. For more the market is also occupied by the traders who bet on movements of the currencies relative to each other. The forex market operates between individuals represented by brokers, between brokers and banks, and between banks. With the widespread availability of electronic trading networks, trading currencies is now more accessible than ever. The foreign exchange market, or forex, is notoriously the domain of commercial and investment banks, not to mention hedge funds and massive international corporations. Live trading Account You have to open an account with a forex broker and trade currencies from around the world. Some differences how forex market operates compared to the U.S. stock exchange: -Currencies are traded in pairs. One betting currency pair, one will go up and the other will go down. - No regulated currency exchange and no central clearing house for trades. - No uptick rule for taking short positions. - No upper limit on the size of the positions - Currency dealers generally make money on the bid-ask spread, rather than charging commissions. Trading Opportunities Sheer number of currencies traded serves to ensure an extreme level of day-to-day volatility. There will always be currencies that are moving rapidly up or down, offering opportunities for profit (and commensurate risk) to astute traders. Yet, like the equity markets, forex offers plenty of instruments to mitigate risk and allows the individual to profit in both rising and falling markets. Forex also allows highly leveraged trading with low margin requirements relative to its equity counterparts. Buying and selling currencies Buying and selling on forex market, must note that the currencies are always priced in pairs. All the trades’ results are based in simultaneous purchase of the one currency and sale of another. While trading on forex market, you would execute a trade only at a time when you expect the currencies you are buying to increase in value relative to the one you are selling. Foreign Bond Funds There are mutual funds that invest in foreign government bonds, which earn interest denominated in the foreign currency. If the foreign currency goes up in value relative to your local currency, the earned interest increases when converted back to local currency. Multinational Corporations Many stockholders indirectly participate in the foreign currency markets through their ownership in companies that do significant business in foreign countries. Like all investments, investing in the currencies involves risk, especially during the volatile economic times. Advantage of the currency market, theoretically, a level of playing field. Currencies are impacted by the world events around the clock, the internet and wireless communications can provide almost instant access even to the small investors. Open Real Account Open Demo Account Become an Affiliate/ affiliate IB/ Introducing Broker Refer a Friend White Labels Partnership
  2. Looking for a writer for forex articles? Search no more! Writing is my area of specialization and I write content that captivates the attention of the readers and benefits the reader as well as your company. I have written on different subjects in different areas of expertise. I have lots of samples for you to review before we talk business. You are free to contact me with your questions. My email is [email protected] Thanks.
  3. Risk in Forex trading Factors such as the size, volatility and global structure of the foreign exchange market have all contributed to its rapid success. The modern Forex trading technologies enable the taking of big profits in a short period of time: brokers provide their clients with leverages; client terminals support the function of automatic trading etc. Indeed, with Forex it is possible to become rich in a moment but it is also possible to lose everything at once. Main market and non-market risks. Exchange rate volatility refers to the tendency for foreign currencies to appreciate or depreciate in value, thus affecting the profitability of foreign exchange trades. The volatility is the measurement of the amount that these rates change and the frequency of those changes. Price spikes can lead to financial losses. While opening a deal a trader should consider that prices are subject to various fluctuations. Therefore, it is necessary to control the opened positions or to place limit orders. Dynamics of prices is affected by various economic and political events as well. The release of breaking news can provoke significant price changes. Moreover, from time to time the central banks carry out the currency interventions in order to influence the exchange rate of the national currencies. Interest rates also play an important role as they can lead to the changes in exchange rates. The concept ofleverageis used by both investors and companies.Investors use leverage to profit from the fluctuations inexchange rates between two different countries. The leverage that is achievable in the Forex market is one of the highest that investors can obtain. Leverage is a loan that is provided to an investor by the broker that is handling his or her Forex account. The profitability of deals can be significantly multiplied if you use the assets borrowed from a broker. The higher the profit is, the greater the risks are. The losses cannot exceed the equity of a trader, but if a trader uses a big leverage, then even the slightest price movement in the opposite direction can reduce the deposit to zero. In order to control deals and to find a right moment for making a buy or a sell deal, a trader needs a computer and a constant access to the Internet. There is always a possibility of unexpected power cutoff, equipment errors or disconnection. As a rule such alternative devices as smartphones, laptops and tablet computers can be a good solution. While trading on Forex there is a risk to choose an unreliable broker. Prestigious brokers are not really interested in losses of their clients. That is the reason why they try to ensure the maximum transparency of their activity and propose the effective trading instruments. Reliable companies neither deliberately change the exchange rates nor play against the client! Available trading and high speed of deals execution can seem easy and simple. If you consider the trading as an exciting game, you can pay for this with your own money. A trader’s decision is influenced by various psychological factors. Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to control your emotions Open Real Account Open Demo Account Become an Affiliate/ affiliate IB/ Introducing Broker Refer a Friend White Labels Partnership Exchange rates volatility The risk of using a leverage Technical risks Dishonest brokers Psychology of traders
  4. Here are some of the best forex brokers in the world today http://premiumtrading.co/?ref=7067
  5. The reason they are called Islamic Forex accounts or Shariah forex accounts is not because you must be a Muslim to open an Islamic Forex account. That might cause legal problems. The reason they are called Islamic Forex accounts is because they were created to meet the needs of the Islamic trading community. According to Islamic law, or Shariah law, it is forbidden for Muslims to expect anything in return for their giving, and it is therefore forbidden to pay or accept any sort of interest in the financial markets. This is very relevant when it comes to the Forex market and the concept of rollover fees. Rollover fees are interest fees that Forex traders pay when leaving a position open overnight. They are also referred to as SWAPs and are intended to cover the fees that the banks charge for leaving transactions open overnight. Islamic Forex accounts are therefore Swap free Forex. the primary characteristics of islamic Forex trading accounts: Swap Free Forex Account: In Forex trading, when traders leave positions open overnight, it is referred to as a rollover. This usually entails rollover fees, but when trading with a Forex Islamic account, these fees are waved.
  6. The best of forex and stock trading http://forexonlinestock.blogspot.com
  7. I`m not admin Start of the project - 11/02/16 Register Here Technical description:
  8. I am so appraised with globalforexmarket LTD. Every week getting my weekly profits it is my one of secret earning platform. Are you thinking to invest into legit Forex platform? So it is for you. Globalforexmarket LTD. Is a legally registered company from UK incorporation with company number. SSL Secure server. Good Support system Official WhatsApp group+ Support Phone number + Support email and immediately replaying for any kind of issue for there investors. Globalforexmarket giving you weekly basis profit and referral commission 15%. All plan duration 30 weeks. Principal will given back after plan completed. (perfectmoney, payeer, Bitcoin) is auto deposit enable.you can also use manually doing your deposit through (perfectmoney,PayPal, payoneer,payza,neteller,skrill,advcash,Bitcoin,) You can see there all ecurrency payment processor in (payment Help) page.i am started with $500 and a getting paid weekly basis 20% profits. Globalforexmarket LTD is a genuine Earnings platform of World. Interested person can join with and start your business with Globalforexmarket. Join with my refer link here: http://globalforexmarket.press/?ref=bappy0
  9. Being professional trader is a difficult task. You have to calculate every opportunity that you get and bear in mind every possible risk. Becoming one of the best Forex traders is tricky and requires time and effort. Forex Trading Bonus is not able to name at least one professional Forex trader, who became such overnight. And if somebody tells you that you need Forex education to become pro, they are probably right. However, practice is a bit more important than the education. The best way to practice FX trading is when you actually have more possibilities and more funds available for trading – this is why you should get a Forex Trading Bonus Deposit offer. Read more here http://forextradingbonus.com/deposit-bonus-list/
  10. First what is "Binary option", this is a forex trading way , its new method to trade forex, its time trading. here is some info : http://www.investopedia.com/terms/e/exchangetraded-binary-options-sponsored-nadex.asp I try this method more than a year and I make some good money, but its not 100% sure , its high risky investment, but the profit is something like 1:15 or more . For example if you risk 100$ you can make 1500 - 2000$ . Wha is the method??? The most of the binary option broker give 70% earning, for example if you invest 100$ in this trade you will win 170$ - 70 $ pure profit, but this is not a great ... right. But I find a way to make more money with this bullshit :D . The system is called "Revers martingale" (you reinvest everything that you win previous). Example: 1.You invest 100$ - WIN 170$ (100$*70%) 2.You invest 170$ - WIN 289$ (170$*70%) 3.You invest 289$ - WIN 491.30$ (289$*70%) 4.You invest 491.30$ - WIN 835$ (491.30$*70%) 5.You invest 835$ - WIN 1419$ (835$*70%) 6.You invest 1419$ - WIN 2413$ (1419$*70%) And here you STOP..... Simply you invest (risk) 100$ to make 2413$ pure profit. But for this you need good trading strategy. And this is the most hard thing in this method.The most of the best strategy cost 200-800$ but here I will share on stategy that I test it and I make some money with it. If you are interested inbox me or just post something in this Thread :) I will try to help
  11. I write a little intrigued and surprised at the number of forums in which they are commenting with warning messages about a virus in MT4, a kind of automated hack that is downloaded next to some EAs. I have read that the EA are of Russian origin, but someone from England did the same with a download that I do in a site with dominion in Italy. I really do not understand much about the subject and I would like you to explain to me please what is going on !!! It seems that this virs leaves the accounts at zero because it starts to open and close operations in a disorderly way and without stopping ... Please if anyone knows about this write. Thank you.
  12. Dear webmasters,Let us introduce our affiliate programme: Libertex-AffiliatesWho are we?Established in 1997, Libertex (the company) is the brand name of a group of companies providing clients from over 120 countries with platforms and services for forex trading, CFDs, and other online trading and educational products. We offer every client effective tools for training, analytics and education, as well as personal support where they want it. Libertex has over 650 employees worldwide.The unique features of our partnership program are:A steadily growing income and high rebilling. We pay up to 550 USD for each qualified trader. Up to 60% from the Broker’s Gross Revenue (during their lifetime). Best offer on the market! Two-Tier affiliate program: 5% of each referral’s earning (during their lifetime). An excellent ratio of subscriptions:From HQ traffic source the ratio can be 1:10 – 1:20. A large number of secondary deposits, a long trader lifecycle!Promotional materials:We do our best to provide our Affiliates with up to date promo materials!Our advantages:• One of the oldest and most trusted Forex brokers since 1997• Regulated broker - CySEC regulation• In TOP 20 of the biggest brokers in the world• Profitable payment plans• Quick and easy registration• Professional and quick support• Payouts on time• Long trader lifecycle• Favorable conversion of any traffic• Payouts without delays• 30 days cookie lifeStatistics:Our statistics is a powerful tool to analyze and increase efficiency.Payment methods:Payment methods are: Paypal , Skrill, QiWI wallet, Webmoney and UnionpayPayment plans - https://www.libertex-affiliates.com/payment-plans
  13. Hi, guys! I want to introduce the most profitable affiliate program at Forex/Binary Options industry. I'm sure that with us you will forget all the negative effects from affiliate marketing, if yo have them. Olymp Trade is one of the major international brokers of binary options. Our trading platform is multifunctional and has a simple user interface. Even those users who were not previously familiar with binary options are able to use our platform easily, thanks to a large team of analysts and 24/7 support. Minimum deposit is only 10$ - it is the opportunity to gain real experience and improve your skills without a big investment. This is why over half a million traders already choose us. Olymp Trade Affiliate Program allows you to get unlimited income and monthly bonuses of up to $15000 just for the quality of your traffic and attracted traders. What Olymp Trade Affiliate Program can offer You - The highest lifetime revenue share - up to 60% of brokers profit from every deposit - The fastest payouts - Large selection of creative promotion tools - High registration-to-trader conversion - We accept traffic from CIS, Asian, LATAM countries - Regular contests and promotional events - Traders reliance, well known brand, Education for traders, VIP accounting, mobile apps - Referral program - 5% of referral’s income We provide all kinds of promotional materials in 6 languages, which can be adapted for any platform. That is why our average conversion rate from registration to the deposit reaches up to 25% for some geos. We will help you to monetize your traffic quickly and efficiently. You need just to Sign up
  14. Hello all, I am a newbie in forex trading. A friend recently introduced me to this GDMFX. I have already browse through their website and it looks good. But as I said, I am a newbie and I am unsure about this. Would like some opinion whether this is a good place for a newbie like to start. Thanks.. :)
  15. Access the best stock and forex trading opportunities here http://leobanking.yooco.org
  16. OctaFX: Our Advantages OctaFX values every customer and does everything possible to make their Forex Trading experience with us positive and profitable. It has always been our top priority to provide our clients with high quality services in accordance with international standards and regulation. Our aim is making a trading experience convenient and outstanding, striving to drive forex trading to a completely new level. ECN execution OctaFX works with various liquidity providers around the world - clients' orders are sent directly to one or several liquidity providers to be executed on their end. Our system is designed to offer the best prices available at each moment to the clients. Read more. The more liquidity providers a broker has, the better the execution for the clients is: more liquidity available generally means less price slippage. What makes us a true STP (Straight Through Processing) broker is that we don’t internalise the orders; instead we send them to liquidity providers, acting as an intermediary between the client and the real market. Client funds security Account verification. Providing your ID and address proof ensures your transactions are safe and personalized. Segregated accounts. OctaFX acts in compliance with international standards keeping customers’ funds segregated from company’s assets. SSL-protected Personal Area. Secure SSL encryption makes all your information confidential and inaccessible to third parties. Secure transactions. 3-D Secure technology adds an authentication step for online payments making your VISA/Mastercard payments protected. Negative balance protection Our client’s losses cannot exceed their deposits, and if a client’s OctaFX trading account balance becomes negative, this does not mean the client is liable – OctaFX will compensate the client’s OctaFX trading account balance back to zero. Regardless of the market circumstances OctaFX protects the client from losses exceeding their deposits with OctaFX, which comes in handy in a constantly changing economic situation. However, the client’s capital is at risk and they may lose their initial investment. Trading Software OctaFX provides a wide range of trading tools available on both desktop and mobile platforms. Totally client-oriented Our operators reply to more than 2000 enquiries on an average day and are highly trained to comply with every company standard. There’s no question left unanswered – an average enquiry takes our award-winning Customer Support up to 5 minutes to solve. OctaFX provides you with qualified support in English, Bahasa Indonesia and Chinese. Moreover we are always expanding our multilingual staff. You will spend 4 to 10 seconds waiting for a reply in our live chat – the convenient and swift way to contact OctaFX! Our well trained multilingual customer support is available 24 hours a day Monday to Friday to answer your enquiries and help you. The team are highly skilled and trained to comply with our corporate quality standards whilst providing efficient client assistance in a polite and professional way. Join promotions and contests! OctaFX develops a range of promotions to keep your trading spirit high, and to support healthy competitive attitude towards trading! Join our contests that engage more than 3000 people monthly! Check out Supercharged Real Contest to win Tesla Model S, cTrader Weekly Demo Contest to win $150 without risking your own money, or OctaFX Champion Demo Contest to win $500. Press about us "OctaFX have managed to conquer the hearts and minds of many of their clients with the effort and dedication that they put into providing top notch services to their clients. For those who are in the market for a reliable and efficient forex broker, OctaFX certainly comes highly recommended." FX Empire Ready to trade profitably with OctaFX? Follow one of the links below:
  17. CFD Trading With 5Stars Forex 5StarsForex is providing traders a world-class trading experience worldwide.It provides it’s traders with personalized Forex training programs, Dealing Room specialists, the best Introducing Brokers and Partners Programs with innovative and competitive Partners offerings. 5Stars Forex provides it’s traders with the best spreads in the whole market, the fastest execution possible, the best bonuses and promotions among all other brokers, fast deposits and withdraws, and many more qualities traders enjoy with 5StarsForex. Trade Forex, CFDs, Gold, Silver and Commodities with institutional grade pricing and conditions.Trade the World’s leading market 5Stars Forex Trading Conditions 5Stars Forex trading conditions are amongst the best in the industry. See for yourself why 5Stars Forex is Word’s Trustable ECN/STP forex broker. Main Features of 5Stars Forex Trading Account »ECN Spreads Between 0.5 Pips to 0.9 pips » Leading Online Forex Trading Platforms MT4 » Access 70 Trading instruments including FX, metals, oil and indices » FSA regulated firm » STP/ECN Execution with More than 20 banks and ECNs » Simple and fast methods of deposits and withdrawals Leading low transaction charges » More than 70 trading instruments with institutional grade pricing » Up to 500:1 leverage » Ability to trade micro lots on currencies, metals and oil. » 10 Major Index CFDs in between 0.5 pip to 0.9 pips spread » All trading styles welcome including all EA’s and full hedging and Scalping Funding Methods » Bank Wire, Credit/Debit cards, Skrill, Local Bank Deposit, Neteller,Union Pay and more » Start from $500 USD Universal Mini Account size » Account currencies in AUD, USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, CHF, JPY, NZD, CAD, SGD and HKD Support » 24 hour live chat facility, emails and telephone support » Full self-service Secure Client Area for managing your account » Real time news feeds/Blog as well as education and market commentary » Absolute commitment to customer satisfaction Execution Policy 5Stars Forex incorporates ECN/STP Trade execution, with pricing from 20 banks and liquidity providers and 100% automated execution. 5StarsForex has a commitment to absolutely ‘No Dealing Desk’ intervention on any of our trading instruments. Open Real Account Open Demo Account Become an Affiliate/ affiliate IB/ Introducing Broker Refer a Friend White Labels Partnership
  18. Here we post best ideas and market outlook on primary forex currency pairs made by out top experts. Follow the thread!
  19. Hii everyone, Myself Chetan Yadav, and i am from India. I am generally a stock, commodity and forex market research analysts and works in a Multi-National company Epic Research Ltd. Its very good for me to join this forex forum. Thanks & Regards Chetan Yadav
  20. About FxNet As a global, fully licensed STP broker FxNet offers uparalelled trading conditions desiged to meet all realistic expectations from both professional and new traders. From our headquarters in Limassol FxNet has created a secure trading network consisting of high end trading technology and prestigious partnerships all of which enable FxNet to be a secure, transparent and reliable broker. Visit FxNet's Page Now http://www.fxnet.com/ FxNet Account Options We offer a variety of accounts to cover all the different needs of traders, with fair and transparent conditions. Standard Account Minimum Deposit: $50 Leverage: 1:500 Spreads: from 2.3 pips Commission: None VIP Account Minimum Deposit: $2000 Leverage: 1:500 Spreads: from 1.9 pips Commission: None Platinum Account Minimum Deposit: $5000 Leverage: 1:500 Spreads: from 0.0 pips Commission: 12 points per round lot Additionally choose the type of account you want to open: MAM Account, Islamic Account, Corporate Account FxNet Platforms FxNet offers a variety of platforms all STP under world renowned MT4 (MetaTrader 4), choose from the following platforms: MT4 Desktop MT4 iPhone/ iPad MT4 Android MAM Multiterminal MT4 iOS FxNet Products Choices of trading instruments are endless with FxNet. We offer all trading categories, Forex (Majors & Minors), Commodities, CFDs on Shares and Equity Indices. Between these categories there are over 85 instruments, the most prominent of which are the following: EUR/USD EUR/CHF GBP/JPY USD/JPY NZD/USD EUR/AUD Gold Silver USOil Brent Apple Amazon Coke Google eBay McDonalds Visa Bitcoin EURSTOXX50 NIKKEI225 FTSE100 More FxNet Features FxNet provides more than just trading, but a whole system of support for traders, new and experienced. Browse our website and view the following benefits among others: Daily Technical Analysis (in over 10 languages) Daily Market News Financial Articles Economic Calendar Free VPS (for clients) Tips e-Books and more Contact FxNet Visit our website and contact us any time through Live Chat, phone or email, our team will be ready to take your questions and inquiries and offer you all the help you need. For updates on the go follow us on Social Media: Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/fxnetltd?ref=hl Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/887565684670073/ Twitter @FxNetTraDinG Instagram FXNET_TRADING Visit FxNet's Page Now http://www.fxnet.com/
  21. Hello guys, in this post I will promote a great "Money Making Course". I am a forex trader, I trade 2 years, Lost alot of money by buying differents trading systems. And finally I found system that WORK very good. The system include pdf e-books and user template. The price of the system is 200$ But I will give to you ONLY FOR 50$. YES only 50$(one time pay). This is not some SCAM this is a education material.You invest in your BRAIN. You do not lose anything just 50$ :D If you want more information inbox me!
  22. HYCM is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This provides our clients with security in their trading, and segregated client funds. A division of the Henyep Group, HYCM benefits from experience and resources acquired through 35 years of operation in the financial markets. Winner of numerous awards include Best Broker in several regions and Best Retail Platform from a several financial publications. Here we post best ideas and market outlook on primary forex currency pairs made by out top experts. Follow the thread! Learn more and create new account here! Got a question? Feel free to ask!
  23. 10 000 FOREX EXPERS ADVISORS, INDICATORS AND BOOKS The most powerful methods, you ever find! 500 E-Books, 2 000 Expert Advisors, 7 500 Indicators, 125 Extra Stuff http://eaforexindicators.weebly.com
  24. Smart scalping technology that enables any trader to make maximum profit in the shortest period of time. Made for people who want fast results, this highly accurate buy/sell signal formula works like a miracle. ----------------------------------------------------- Just from WTI and US Oil You must use this strategy between, ''13 GMT and 20 GMT '' OR "15H- 22H metatrader time " : US market '' New York '' The strategy is not effective between , '' 22 GMT - 10 GMT '' : There is no liquidity in the market at this time Buy in Ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/111841450613 Monday 25/01/2016 FRIDAY 22/01/16 21/01 NEWS 12/01/2016 Monday 05/01 ---- Friday 07/01 You can give it an honest try for full 30 days with no questions, no hassles and no headaches.
  25. Vistabrokers CIF Ltd is an International Investment and Brokerage Company, registered in the European Union and licensed by the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission (190/13). The protection of Clients’ rights and interests are guaranteed by European Legislation, the Investors Compensation Fund and License requirements for Investment and Brokerage services providers. Vista Brokers is managed by financial market professionals with decades of experience in the financial industry. Through its business activities the Company’s management is guided by principles and approaches that center on aspects such as excellent customer service, innovation, fast and reliable execution. Other business criteria such as Equilibrium, Reputation, Responsibility, Leadership, Honesty, Partnership, Innovations, and Quality are those Company strives to fully achieve and comply with. The Company aims to be the Broker with a human face; an aspect which we will achieve via our personal and honest relation with our clients. Our mission is based on Philosophy & Evolution. Our Philosophy is to be the Broker with a human face – people working for people. And our Evolution is to open the doors for Investors to the world’s financial instruments through creating unique approaches & concepts in online trading. www.vistabrokers.com