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  1. SIGEN is a platform for trading cryptocurrency for any fiat currency in the world. Our name is derived from two words: SIGma + ENergy. Sigma (Σ) is the name of a Greek symbol that signifies knowledge. Energy is associated with vitality and constant movement forward. Our platform gives you 3 options all in one place: Trade on an exchange. Trade cryptocurrency with others and earn money on fluctuations in the exchange rate. We charge a minimum fee and allow you to withdraw the cryptocurrency automatically and without any delays Buy/sell cryptocurrency for fiat money on our P2P p
  2. Obtaining Cryptocurrency exchange development services from Cryptocurrency Exchange Script helps to take your business to the next level. The features comprise speedy processing of transactions, multi-layer security measures, the presence of bot trading, the issue of advanced charts and graphs for better decision-making by the users, and a Crypto staking facility.
  3. A Turnkey exchange software will enable you to trade your assets 24x7. The process we implement is gathering your business requirements, determining the operational scope, kickstarting the development of the exchange, adding the necessary features, implementing extensive security tests, and launching it officially in the market. The main characteristics of our platform are quick fiat to crypto conversion, a margin trading facility, the presence of an affiliate system, custom market making bots, unrestricted access to real-time market data, a modern and friendly user interface, swi
  4. Our process in Hybrid crypto exchange development omits certain limitations of centralized and decentralized exchanges. The core features include an easy to use interface, smooth communication channels established between the buyer and seller, presence of advanced smart contracts, greater transaction throughput, and provision of advanced real-time analytics for better decision making.
  5. Cryptocurrency exchanges have experienced an incredible spike in trading volume in recent years. Most of the startups, investors, business peoples are looking to earn a huge profit by starting a crypto exchange platform. If you are looking to start an exchange by using cryptocurrency exchange software, Integrating the powerful security features in the cryptocurrency exchange platform to avoid hacking. Here i have mentioned some of the essential security features of cryptocurrency exchange software listed below: 1. Jail Login System - To control multiple failed login attempts. 2. Encryp
  6. Ensure a seamless business environment by picking the brains of a leading Bitcoin exchange development company. Our services include token creation, STO development, decentralized applications, wallet integration, centralized, and peer to peer exchanges. Receive a tailor-made and enterprise-grade solution by reaching out to our outstanding developer team right away.
  7. The peer-to-peer crypto exchange is a globally reliable trading platform. It enables buyers and sellers to negotiate and agree to a price before the transaction. It connects buyers and sellers to trade directly between them without the intervention of a third party. P2P crypto exchange advantages over a centralized exchange Cost-effective operations Resistance to transactional censorship Secure Smart contract powered with escrow service Regulatory compliances. Benefits you gain
  8. Cryptocurrency exchanges have experienced an incredible spike in trading volume in recent years. Want to start your own Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform? To start a Cryptocurrency exchange platform, one should need expert consultation and necessary development support. Another most effective way is purchasing a Cryptocurrency Exchange Software which allows customization as per the user requirements. With this Cryptocurrency Exchange Software to you can easily Launch a crypto exchange platform in a Week! A Cryptocurrency exchange software is a ready-to-Start application to launch a Cr
  9. Dear Bitcoin & Crypto community! We invite you all to try out early but a handy 😏 version of ExchangeRates.Pro: the one and only bitcoin and cryptocurrency price comparison in 255 countries! What makes ExchangeRates.Pro so special: We compare prices of 150+ exchanges, adding new ones daily. All types of exchanges are presented in our list: Trading Platforms, P2P Marketplaces, Brokers, etc... Our staff thoroughly checks every exchange before listing to make sure each and everyone is trustworthy; there is a rating system, etc, etc... The price of Bitcoin,
  10. Obtain a greater market share by betting big on a Decentralized Exchange like IDEX. With a highly accurate matching engine, low latency, presence of standardized API’s, acceptance of advanced order types, and flexible custody of funds, we render a congestion-free network supported by fast settlements. Receive a customized solution according to your business requirements by booking a free consultation with our prolific developer team.
  11. Bitcoin exchanges have grown to greater heights in recent years. Now more than ever, investors have focused on securing their own exchanges. Here at Blockchain Firm, we offer services to help our customers to get into the crypto exchange business. In this article, we’ll learn how to kickstart your unique bitcoin exchange. What are the factors we consider? Blockchain Firm ensures meticulous consideration of the following factors to ensure the development of an excellent Bitcoin exchange for its customers. Geographical location. Regulations and laws.
  12. Get a ready-to-go system with trendy features by investing in a White label exchange software from Blockchain App Factory. With separate interfaces for amateurs and professionals, multiple payment gateways, speedy processing of transactions, advanced security measures through two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption, we provide a high-performing package. All our clients will have enormous advantages through technical consulting, customized features, quick deployment in daily operations, issue of new updates and swift technical support. We follo
  13. Experience high security, no third party involvement, anonymity and better transparency by taking part in Decentralized exchange development. With the help of smart contracts, we help you trade seamlessly through a peer to peer mechanism without any centralized control. Our wide range of services includes custom exchange development, white label solutions, and the creation of trading bots. We ensure support for multiple types of trading pairs, acceptance of fiat currencies, low fees, and an attractive user interface. We also render exclusive token creatio
  14. he peer-to-peer crypto exchange is a globally reliable trading platform. It enables buyers and sellers to negotiate and agree to a price before the transaction. Simply put, buyers and sellers can perform trade directly between them without the intervention of a third party or governing body. Rather than using an order book to pair buy and sell orders, and controlling the users’ funds on the platform, the P2P crypto exchange model enables the market participants to trade directly with each other without the need for a middleman to process their trades. The exchange connects th
  15. Uplift your position in the market by procuring the Best White Label Bitcoin Exchange Obtain a ready-made White label Cryptocurrency exchange software and trade your assets effortlessly and safely. With features such as an accurate matching engine, end-to-end encryption of database, multi-signature enabled hot and cold wallets, firewall implementation, and support for the leading fiat currencies, we strive to enhance the returns of your investments. Our clients get an exclusive dashboard where they can monitor their account balance, know the current prices of assets,
  16. Enable high-frequency trading at an affordable cost by consulting Blockchain App Factory, who can develop the best Whitelabel Bitcoin Exchange for your enterprise. With features such as acceptance of multiple digital currencies, end-to-end data encryption, multi-signature enabled wallets, firewall implementation, and a robust order management system, they have got all bases covered to fulfill your requirements. There are also separate dashboards for the clients and the admins. The clients can check their respective account balances, know the current prices prevailing in the market
  17. Launch your cryptocurrency in your target market in a grand manner by purchasing a White label exchange software from Blockchain App Factory. We ensure the incorporation of the trendiest features in your platform. Amplify your earning potential with our exclusive margin trading facility. Take short or long positions according to the market conditions through futures trading. We also provide a reward-oriented referral program for all our users in case they drive traffic towards the exchange. We assure sufficient liquidity by tying up with the leading exchanges. It will ensure effic
  18. Get 24x7 technical support and access to the leading financial instruments and asset classes by availing a reliable White label trading platform from Blockchain App Factory. We offer sufficient liquidity through tight spreads and fast execution. Traders can experience the benefits of a detailed reporting system, integration with multiple payment gateways and a reward-oriented referral program. We take care of the requirements of amateurs and professionals by providing separate user interfaces. Advanced security measures are introduced through end-to-end encryption, tw
  19. Leverage the profitable technology by involving in Cryptocurrency development with expert assistance from Blockchain App Factory. A secure and independent digital currency will be built successfully with their well-rounded services such as cryptocurrency development, software development, smart contract development, smart contract audit, cryptocurrency mining, wallet integration, ICO development, marketing, exchange listing and hyperledger development. Empower your cryptocurrency development ambitions through our detailed process which includes node hosting, coin alte
  20. For getting the best features at an affordable cost for your business, reach out to Blockchain App Factory which is clearly the best Cryptocurrency development services company in the industry. Their range of services includes preparation of ICO Whitepaper, execution of ICO marketing strategies, the listing of tokens on the leading crypto exchanges, wallet development and exchange creation. Our detailed process has the following steps Concept quotation where project goals are discussed, the roadmap is finalized, formal solutions are tested and the development pr
  21. Run your business easily with a White label Currency exchange exquisitely made to perfection by Blockchain App Factory. Some of the hallmark features in our platform are Market rates - Customers can automatically transfer currency at the best rates in the market. Order management - The constant inflow of orders can be continuously monitored and executed. Multi-device compatibility - Our software works seamlessly across web and mobile versions. Quick deposits and withdrawal facilities - W
  22. Many businesses and entrepreneurs globally are moving towards the realm of cryptocurrencies to gain huge profits. This made many individuals and entrepreneurs invest money in building their own exchange platforms. Many investors started to invest in cryptos and perform active trading by utilizing a cryptocurrency exchange platform to earn a huge profit. Now let us deep-dive into the topic in knowing a few main aspects that need to be considered while choosing Security and Authenticity Distinct feature Integration Integration of Cryptocurrency Wallet It is
  23. Experience the benefits of peer to peer transactions in a White label decentralized exchange. Some of the advantages offered by the platform are A higher level of privacy - Faster onboarding of new users is ensured as they do not have to provide all their personal details during the registration process. It results in greater user retention in the long run. Freedom to manage funds - In the absence of custodians who control funds of users, a White-label decentralized exchange can monitor their wallets and manage their funds by keeping
  24. Blockchain App Factory serves as a one-stop provider with a wide range of Cryptocurrency Exchange Solutions. Investors can exploit special advantages such as flexible pricing, low-latency, adequate liquidity, and tight spreads across various digital assets. Trading activity is ensured regularly through quick acceptance of deposits and instant withdrawal facilities to external wallets and cards. Constant communication with customers is ensured for trading teams through a discreet chat facility. Markets are continuously monitored through real-time tracking tools such as
  25. A white label cryptocurrency exchange software can be obtained from any firm which has adequate experience in the market. The interests of different stakeholders such as traders, investors, and liquidity providers must be satisfied. Blockchain App Factory is one of the leading companies in the industry providing reliable solutions. Their software is scalable and customizable according to the business requirements. Some of their special features are Support for numerous cryptocurrencies A multi-signature hot and cold wallet A record-high
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