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Found 10 results

  1. The Rise of Double ETH: Get 150% ETH When You Play The world of cryptocurrency is one that has continued to experience different levels of changes and improvements, and further exploration of the blockchain technology has paved the way for the creation of new blockchain-based platforms and decentralized applications that will facilitate improved efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity in our daily activities. Double Eth is a decentralized application with a difference, and it is not in any way like your usual DAPP, as it comes with amazing benefits. One of the major benefits stems from the fact that a Smart Contract has been created that will facilitate the safe increment of your ETH by 150%, hence, by implementing Smart Contracts, it will eliminate the chances of anyone trying to manipulate, fix, or cheat the system. Double ETH comes at a time when the crypto market is bubbly with various ICOs promising one benefit or the other, and while some of them are not usually up to the task, however, in the case of Double ETH, they have all the necessary systems in place to ensure that processes are seamless on the platform. How it Works Smart Contracts have been created to ensure profitability every time an individual plays, as earlier stated, the Smart Contract is one that cannot be modified even by the creators of the platform, thus encouraging fair play for players. Let us assume we have two players: player 1 and player 2. When player one sends 1 ETH to the Smart Contract, then waits for player two who also sends 1 ETH to the Smart Contract. At this point there are 2 ETH in balance, which will be enough to pay the player by multiplying the deposit by 1.5, hence, player 1 gets 1.5 ETH, then player 2 becomes player 1 and waits for another player to join the game, and when he or she sends ETH to the Smart Contract, if it’s enough to pay the new player one he/she gets paid, then they get paid. how to play 1. Send ETH to the Smart contract address 0x9D1cBF4eF833340120e721E5028C326Ec1066c7e 2. Waiting for your queue. 3. Wait for ETH * 150% profit and DET to return to your ether account. It is, however, important to note the following: · The minimum amount of ETH that can be sent is 0.5 ETH · The maximum that can be sent is 3 ETH · There are penalties for sending less than the minimum and more than the maximum · Low gas translates to a failed transfer · If your ether account has some issues, there is the likelihood of the account getting pulled off from the player 1 status. · In 1 day, the system will randomly restart the Smart Contract once to eliminate the queue too. There will be a total of 35 queues that will not receive ETH but will receive a token.Which is: Your deposit * 200 DET · Ether account 0x0 not available. The platform decentralized app will also function with the aid of the Double Ether Token (DET), as business tokens that will increase profitability for every player, and also facilitate lower costs of transactions. Every player on the platform will gain from the platform’s profitability. Token Information Name: Double Ether Symbol: DET Decimals: 18 Contract: 0x9D1cBF4eF833340120e721E5028C326Ec1066c7e Protocol : Ethereum, ERC20 Total Supply : 100,000,000 DET 1 DET = $1 US Dollar during open sale Token Distribution: 50,000,000 DET will get distributed to the platform’s users on older systems. 30,000,000 DET will be used for the development of a new system, and also for investments. 10,000,000 DET will be set aside for the development team. 10,000,000DET will get distributed to users who may have to migrate from an old system to a new system. Useful Links: Website: www.deteth.com Facebook: facebook.com/detethx Twitter: twitter.com/deteth1 Instagram instagram.com/doubleeth/
  2. 333ETH.IO Review and analysis of the project Is it possible to earn income in ETH without trading on cryptocurrency exchanges? The answer is, Yes. Project 333Eth.io has developed a special smart contract that allows you to daily receive 3.33% of the amount of your Deposit to your wallet as long, as there are funds! In a 2016-2017 years, HYIP projects been very popular, various companies present their developments, the scheme has already shown its high and stable profitability... But in all cases, admins SCAM project and took the entire cash desk! 333eth.io is different from them. Let's take a closer look at the main features of this project... This is smart-contract in the Ethereum network. To protect its customers in the smart contract spelled out the function of "OWNERSHIP REFUSAL", completely closing any access to Finance for anyone. The whole process is automated and configured in such a way that even the project owners do not have access to your finances. Every day, every depositor can receives a transaction amounting to 3.33% of the total amount of his investment. For reliable and stable operation of the project, the developers have created a simple but unique system of distribution of finances: ✅ 83% of all collected funds are used to pay the users ✅ 11% is allocated for the project promotion and advertising campaign ✅ 3% must be provided for technical support ✅ 2% to the salary Fund for employees 333eth.io ✅ 1% - mandatory spending to pay for gas for the transaction (fees) This distribution allows the most efficient use of user funds. Maximum efficiency of funds allocation allows the project to exist for an unlimited time and pay the funds daily. Unique system of protection of deposits, enabling safe and guaranteed to keep all deposits are constantly increasing degree of protection. The whole system is fully automated, smart contract automatically distributes funds and makes payments on a daily basis if you sent comand for payout. (manual percent withdrawal mode for prevents the possibility of attacks). The system depends only on the Ethereum blockchain, and does not depend on external factors. Technical problems on the site do not affect the work of the project. Estimated warranty the durability of simultaneous transactions for smart-contract — 2.4 million. Each participant has the opportunity to request the payment of funds with the preferred frequency. Referral program - the ability to receive additional funds by attracting new customers. The smart contract is created "eternal" and has no end time (reactivate function if no funds available on the contract). You can start participating in the project with a minimum amount of 0.01 ETH, there is no upper limit. The more you invest, the more you get. Of course, the early investors get a lot more. First of all, you need to have an Ethereum wallet with a sufficient amount of funds. If you do not have a wallet, you have to register it. We recommend reliable and proven MyEtherWallet are perhaps the most popular cryptocurrency wallet. Then send Ethereum to the address smart-contract: https://etherscan.io/address/0x311f71389e3de68f7b2097ad02c6ad7b2dde4c71 (it also can be found on the official website of the project 333eth.io) We recommend you to check the success of the transaction on the etherscan.io. Wait until 24 hours after investing to get your first 3,33% income. Getting withdrawal simply sent "0" Ethereum to the address smart-contract (this like a comand to withdraw). Now every 24 hours you can receive Ethereum withdrawal, as long as there are funds in payout Fund. Now the project is actively developing. Start at 03.09.2018 and the Fund has already collected more than 7 700 ETH (1 775 000 $). Project developers boast that more than 3800 already investors came to them, it is difficult to imagine what will happen to the project in a month! Smart-contract developers conducted a thorough and detailed analysis of all existing similar projects and chose the most successful of them, took all the best and combined in one. It is known that HYIP projects bring excellent passive income to their customers and allow guaranteed and stable profit even with minimal investment. At the current situation in the market, when there is a serious drawdown on the exchanges, such projects are an excellent way to increase equity. At the moment of making the deposit, just indicate in the DATA field the ETH address 0x8af0097B434E587097B4bf0cc55d21a9e457505e to receive +3.33% at your deposit (the system will Count contbution with a coefficient of + 3.33% (put 100, the system fixes as 103.33). Referral payments are made by one transaction with daily automated payments. 💰💰💰 333eth.io 💰💰💰 🌐 Web: https://333eth.io 🔏 Smart contract: https://etherscan.io/address/0x311f71389e3de68f7b2097ad02c6ad7b2dde4c71 🔗Official links: 🐦 Twitter - https://twitter.com/333eth_io 📺 Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh27JUQKKJzprxIqsNzK3cQ 🐱 GitHub - https://github.com/Revolution333/333eth 📢 Telegram_channel: https://t.me/Ethereum333 🇬🇧💬 Telegram_chat: https://t.me/Ethereum333_chat_en 🇷🇺💬 Telegram_chat: https://t.me/Ethereum333_chat_ru 🇰🇷💬 Telegram_chat: https://t.me/Ethereum333_chat_kor 👾 Discord - https://discord.gg/P87buwT 📬 email: mailto:[email protected]
  3. Hello Guys! A lot of people talking this days about A new High-yield investment program (HYIP) market That's called Devhyip! and they said that they bought full scripts &Templates from DevHyip Market! i'm confused if it Trusted or not!? Please Help. Website is : www.devhyip.com
  4. Unique #peer-to-peer restaurant empowered by #blockchain Meal sharing is perhaps the oldest form of hospitality, the world is well aware of. The GrabAMeal project is a peer-to-peer meal sharing platform where food sellers can sell their meals to buyers and food consumers (buyers) will have the flexibility to find healthy home-made meals in their locality from enlisted, reviewed food producers on this platform. The GrabAMeal platform and the trust and collaboration Protocols are powered by the GrabAMeal utility tokens called GAM token. The GrabAMeal Protocols are open Ethereum protocols that shall other future sharing economy applications developed by the team of experts at GrabAMeal. These protocols provide the GrabAMeal network with three essential systems: 1. Payments & Incentives - A secure payment system that allows two authenticated P2P entities to send and receive money that gets held in GAM tokens until after a successful exchange of services between the two entities. 2. Dispute Resolution - A decentralized audit and monitoring system that resolves user disputes, providing positive incentives to grow a network of auditors and negative incentives for wrongful use of the dispute resolution system. 3. Quality & Trust Management - A quality and trust management system based on reputation of participants that couples a valid identity, which is obtained by a trusted digital fingerprint protocol on the Ethereum blockchain, with a rating determined by transparent, immutable review and scoring interchange between P2P entities (such as Buyers and Sellers). Here everyone can become a buyer or a seller of wholesome meals for others, and all the transactions will be recorded in #GrabAMeal blockchain. Our Whitepaper tells more - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OIHBWhVYFdwpPJuv0MQ6VXTpPl5yLlh7/view Visit #MVP Site : https://grabameal.world/ Visit Initial Coin Offering Site : https://grabameal.world/ico/ Join Our White List and token Sale- https://grabameal.world/tokensale/register.php -------- FB page: https://www.facebook.com/grabameal.world/
  5. Emmanuel


    L-pesa - http://kriptonofafrica.com L-Pesa is a financial technology platform providing new financial tools to consumers and small business in Africa and Asia. We allow people to create opportunities for themselves and their families. Borrowers on the L-Pesa platform use funds to start or grow a business, pay for education or otherwise support their ambition in life. Using a dedicated token on the blockchain means that all investors can benefit from the capital gain caused by the network effect. The coins are finite in supply, and as L-Pesa expands people can pay back their loans with the coins. People will also be able to use to LPK buy goods and services. About L-pesa L-Pesa Microfinance is a fintech startup poised to take advantage of the fast-growing need for financial services in the developing world. The company has validated its operating model over the past 18 months and has built sophisticated technology, automating most of the operation. Its primary barrier to growth at this point is its ability to fund user acquisition and loans. The loss ratio on loans runs below 10% while return on loans is approximately 25%. The idea for L-Pesa was incubated for a decade, and the business was launched at the time four important market forces converged to allow scaling: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain Alternative Credit Data Mobile Technology Biometric Identity L-Pesa has harnessed these market forces and built technology and a proprietary credit scoring model that allows it to quickly scale microlending in developing countries while keeping loss ratios below 10%. The solution is highly automated, allowing a small back office team to support high volume loan origination. All loans are serviced by L-Pesa. Ron Ezra Tuval, the founder and managing director of L-Pesa, has extensive experience in the developing world, primarily related to technologies-related agriculture and tourism projects. Ron first came across microfinance in South East Asia and spent a decade incubating the idea of L-Pesa while waiting for the required technology to mature. Ron has built a strong and diverse team for L-Pesa with in-country managers operating in Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda, and a development team in India. There is also a back office team in Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda handling background checks, credit approvals and customer service. The technology, marketing, and accounting teams operate on a virtual model and consist of experienced staff based in Europe, USA, and India. L-Pesa has a strong focus on automation. 95% of the user acquisition and loan underwriting process is automated and therefore extremely scalable. The company has spent two years developing its customer-facing and back office systems using a team of seven software developers. The user 832754982.1 4 experience is based on mobile and web interfaces, and marketing is primarily handled via social media and SMS-based marketing. L-Pesa’s technology stack is built on top of Amazon Web Services, an extremely scalable on-demand cloud computing platform which has been or is used by major brands such as Netflix, Airbnb, Pinterest, and Spotify. L-Pesa has integrated a number of third party applications to perform tasks such as SMS messaging, user verification, and marketing. Funds transfers are handled via integrations with mobile money service providers such as M-Pesa, Tigo Pesa, and MTN. L-Pesa has issued over 35,000 loans since going live in March 2016. Over 160,000 users have registered based on social marketing campaigns run on a minimal budget. The marketing strategy has been refined over the past 18 months, and L-Pesa is now prepared to launch marketing campaigns via SMS and social media with a conservatively projected customer acquisition cost of $1.00. The founder of L-Pesa, has invested approximately $500,000 to date. The business was launched in Tanzania in 2016 and in Kenya in August 2017. Soft launches are underway in Uganda and India. The company’s technology is stable, scalable, proven, and will support the company’s growth plans. At this point, L-Pesa has hit a growth barrier—there is not enough capital available to lend to everyone interested, and the potential for user acquisition is almost unlimited, but requires capital for marketing expenses and support staff. The company is now raising funds to take advantage of its leading position, strong platform, and nearly unlimited opportunity to extend financial options to a large portion of the earth’s population. READ FULL DETAILS FROM WHITEPAPER - https://kriptonofafrica.com/static/pdfs/L-Pesa ICO white paper 2018.pdf GET FULL UNDERSTANDING FROM BLOGSITE AND HOW IT WORKS - https://blog.l-pesa.com/ http://l-pesa.com/tz/pages/how-it-works BEGIN NOW AND JOIN THE FUTURE OF MICROFINANCE - https://ico.lpesa.io/ YOU CAN JOIN OUR TELEGRAM GROUPS - https://t.me/kriptonsocialexchange -The First Social Crypto Exchange And Also - https://t.me/LpesaICO
  6. Octoin has a p2p platform for the exchange of the most popular crypto currencies. Register and familiarize yourself with the convenient exchange.
  7. Friendz platform connects companies to people willing to provide support in the generation of advertising contents directly posted on their personal social media profiles. Get 1000 Coin! Just register your Mew address and your Email. Join here https://goo.gl/CxzeUS ICO Review https://goo.gl/5CMSHr
  8. Changelly is a service proudly presented to you by a group of cryptocoin enthusiasts, the team that created MinerGate. We offer you an intuitive interface, the best exchange rates and secure transactions. We aspire to establish mutual trust with our clients; thereof we don’t have any hidden or unreasonable fees. We always charge only 0.5% fee and that’s it, full stop.
  10. I AM NOT THE OWNER OF THIS PROGRAM 100GH/s free with sign-up SIGN-UP Features Unique Script Unique Design Promotional Material SSL, DDOS Security Payment Processors Bitcoin Litecoin Ethereum Dogecoin Referral Commission 10% Minimum Invest 0.0006 BTC, 0.001 LTC, 100 DOGE, $0.1 SIGN-UP Risk Warning http://makemoneygreatagain.ga/business-directory/
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