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  1. SMART CONTRACTS Estoy encantada con este nuevo concepto y Necesito 10 personas para ganar criptomonedas con SMART CONTRACTS, firma para confirmar operaciones y recibe dinero. Puedes ver videos para ganar mas dinero o crearlos tú mismo, hasta 10 euros por video. Miles de vídeos confirman que es real, entra e infórmate, solo con tu gmail o dirección de facebook, no te pide datos que te puedan perjudicar. Es fácil y solo te llevará 5 minutos diarios. Entra con mi referencia y recibe 10 Grams equivalentes a 20 euros. https://GramFree.world/?r=2764099_evqHx4CVFXZnE3211tc5drmC6oUsVQ5uryfh-c2ovw.js.descarga _evqHx4CVFXZnE3211tc5drmC6oUsVQ5uryfh-c2ovw.js.descarga
  2. Hello! If you want to make money quickly and easily, I recommend these two sites. Good luck! http://cashmagnetapp.com/?refId=VArEPI http://www.successbux.com/index.php?ref=korofe
  3. NWZR6D Do you want earn money on internet on an easy way? It is possible to earn $300 a Day Online JUST CLICKING BUTTON! irazoo.com
  4. The Internet as a tool has both initiated,innovated, eased and driven the evolution of new Global Business conglomerates and corporation systems and generally how business, finance and money is made, either via Crypt o currency platform, dynamic stock investment or divestment portfolios, to Strategic conventional and non-conventional E- Marketing to a varid phletora of diverse investment schemes. More so it has eased the global divide via enabling a cross boarderless employee pool which enables people with any skill level either semi employed part time or full time, or self employed, to avail themselves of cross border financial opportunities Following A Large Number of Requests globally especially From People in central, east Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Europe, Seeking to Learn how to Passively make monies online trading their skill Here's presenting you some cool internet driven Opportunities which involves Trading your Time, talent and expertise or knowledge in Exchange for Cold cash via Bank Transfer or Pay pal Which ever you Choose. T If you're Curious and want to learn how to earn a bit of Cash online, click either of the links below and follow instructions! https://www.swagbucks.com/p/register?rb=59177523 https://www.swagbucks.com/lp-savings-button?cmp=695&cxid=swagbuttonref&rb=59177523&extRefCmp=1&extRb=59177523 https://20cogs.co.uk/validate/refer_a_friend/welcome/1810082?keyword=referred XBL28J Certain Companies Based in Europe and North America are seeking unfettered work from home to semi skilled freelancers to help test and keep products free, participate in Paid surveys, transcribe and translate which ever nitch you choose all for a fee
  5. Hello! Thought I would share how im making 20$+ a day from doing nothing! Requirements: Internet A Brain Step 1: sign up here Register, simple enough really Step 2: After signing up go to settings & add a password, always remember to do that, dont want your account stolen! Step 3: After signing in go over to coupon section & add all of these coupons for as many free points as u can get on site (found online and all have been checked & work!) Coupons are here: https://pastebin.com/raw/kPC3N2VE Step 4: after entering coupons the best way to earn cash after that is to 1, enter surveys or giveaways or 2, refer a fuck ton of people to the site, best way is to refer, go to Refferal Links section & find 1 with a 3 times bonus, then send that around on forums with "potential" contributers & gain tons of signups, now its just fluid cash forever basically Step 5: Check out the withdraw section and add payment methods etc, i recommend paypal from personal experience, minimum payout is 2000 points for 20$ worth of paypal funds!
  6. The newest way to make cash with the least amount of time. It almost sounds to good to be true just go to the link and promote http://MyWorkingHour.com/?userid=21133
  7. Hey guys I’m Jared and I’ve recently been trying to make the most money online and I’ve searched everywhere probably like you guys are doing right now and by far the easiest most reliable thing I have found is this. Just make an account and share it with friends. Hope this helps😊 http://MyWorkingHour.com/?userid=21133
  8. Hello TG community. I'd like to introduce you an app which lets you earn coins by walking. It's simple as it sounds, you install the app, sign up and enable your GPS. The app will generate 1 coin per 1,000 steps. You can let the app run in the background while walking, there's a store for the coins as well where you can exchange your earned coins. If you get 20,000 coins you'll get 1,000 USD on paypal. Enough of the talking, you can explore the app and find out more by yourself. There are no surveys at all. I've already earned a $20 amazon gift card with this app, that took me 200,000 steps. Sounds like a lot, but really isn't when you're jogging a lot and the best thing is that I get paid for doing things that keep me healthy! Happy earning! Click to get to the official app website
  9. Download to the Ebook: http://suprafiles.net/wggplo2ht4km
  10. Here is my Guide on How to easily earn money in [swagbucks]!! First of all my Proof (Note that i am not really active and still made enough money passively to cash out 35 € in Paypal / Amazon GC. In My Opinion the best resource to gain income (since clixsense went kinda slow for me and stopped using paypal)! Swagbucks Payout Method: Paypal, Gift Cards Minimum Payout: £5 Available In: US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland,EU 1. TO DO LIST: ------------------------------------------------- Must be completed by clicking through each item under the "TO DO LIST" 1.Daily Poll- 1 SB, Just a random Poll taking you 5 seconds 2.Daily Crave- 1 SB, Wait for it to check off, then click whether you like it or not (not working in every country) 3.Daily Search - potential search reward ranging from 4 SB to about 50 SB, Search to check this off the Daily List. 4.Daily Watch- 1-3SB vary, depends on which playlist you watch but you can make a lot over here just watching videos on the side 5.Daily Discover- SB vary, depends on which discover offer/surveys you complete. (Suggest trying ones that are posted) 6.Daily Answer- 1 SB minimum, attempt a survey or complete one. 7.Deal of the Day- SB and offer change daily. 2. Gold Surveys: ------------------------------------------------- The Main Reason I use Swagbucks is because i use the Gold Surveys. These pay from 50 Swagbucks up to 200 SB (which is 2 $ for a single survey) and you can easily do about 3-4 of these per day. You sometimes get sorted out but it ain´t as bad as in clixsense or pages like this! 3. Games: ------------------------------------------------- You can make 10 Cent every day in a few minutes by playing Games on the page (just take swagrun, lose and repeat to cash) 4. Mobile Apps: ------------------------------------------------- Mobile Apps: Swagbucks tv Entertainow Moviecli.ps Sportly.tv Indymusic.tv Lifestylz.tv You can make 10 SB per App per Day making 60 SB per Day or around 1800 SB per Month with minimal effort! 5. Passive Income ------------------------------------------------- One of the Best Parts: Passive Swagbucks: 1.If you reach the Daily goal (which can normally be reached solely through the apps) you will get bonus SB and it will count towards your “Winning Streaks.” 2.The Second goal or “Total Goal” gives you more bonus SB, but does not have to be reached in order to count toward your “Winning Streaks.” 3.Winning Streaks: Meet Daily Goal 7 days in a row.............. 25 SB Bonus Meet Daily Goal 14 days in a row............ 100 SB bonus Meet Daily Goal 21 days in a row............ 200 SB bonus Meet Daily Goal every day in the month... 300 SB Bonus 4.Passive Earning Calculations for Goal One for a month (m): Reaching Goal One of the Daily Goal......... 90 SB/m Meeting Goal One every day for month..... 300 SB/m Referral SB............................................. ??? SB/m Complete passive amount....................... 390 SB/m 4.5Passive Earning Calculations for Total Goal for a month (m): Reaching Total Goal of Daily Goal............. ~482 SB/m Meeting Total Goal every day for m.......... 300 SB/m Referral SB............................................. ???? SB/m Complete passive amount....................... =782 SB/m 5.Notes about Passive earnings: SB from Daily Goal and Winning Streaks are paid out on the 5th of every month, referral SB's are paid out as they're earned. Daily Goal rewards increase over time the more you complete it and the more SB you earn per day. 6. Referals: ------------------------------------------------- One of the best things of Swagbucks is the Ref System: You get paid 10% of ALL earnings from people refered by you. You basically get a free, passive income if you manage to get refs through this page easier than on any other page that i stumbled upon! 7. Swag Codes / Specials: ------------------------------------------------- Swag Codes- usually around 2-4 SB which are posted on their social media sites. Codes are posted automatically on /r/swagbucks. Swagbucks also almost everytime has a system called Swago , in which you have to do certain tasks to fill a virtal Board, which you can ultimately exchange for Swagbucks again! As you see there are ultimate ways to earn through Swagbucks , so just start today!!
  11. I recently found a very nice payment system , i don't know if you already know about it but it's kind a new and the best thing of it is that you don't need to verify a single document or mobile or email and you can simply from it withdraw the money to many online wallets or banks or credit cards without any problems. I have already used it to withdraw money to my paxum and the withdrawal is immediatily. You can check it out here>> Join now the payeer Click Here to Join now the best payment system This is a great site if you need to exchange money or to withdraw money like from btc or any other online currency without any problems....
  12. WHAT IS CPA? CPA or a Cost per Action system provides a listing of products and services. Organizations enhance their offers through the CPA systems and CPA associates immediate site visitors to the offers. CPA promotion is regarded a flow of earnings but is actually misinterpreted in common. Many online promoters factor that CPA is challenging to use and difficult to get accepted for. That is WRONG!!! While these promoters are still incapable to see the value in CPA provides, others are silently creating a lot of cash each 30 days from advertising them. It doesn’t issue in what market you are. There are a large number of provides available for any market and all you need to do is to discover the offer you want to advertise and act. You will struggle not to discover an provide that will fit your market. Once you get the hold of it, CPA promotion performs like any other kind of promotion. The key is to get site visitors. So, If you are looking for a excellent flow of earnings for your company which can help you to generate a lot of cash then you should be looking at CPA provides. There is a lot of prospective with CPA promotion and if you begin to use this in your Online promotion company then you will soon discover that you are benefiting from CPA provides. ---------------------------------------------------- Get FREE $500/day CPA Guide for beginner & newbie : 500dollarsaday .co.nr
  13. What is Fusebux? fusebux is a popular PTC site known for its users being real and earning real money. It is much smaller than Neobux, and therefore it is easier to get referrals for as well! How do i earn money with Fusebux? -There are three basic streams of income from Fusebux: -Income from your personal actions on the site (viewing ads, doing mini-jobs, etc) -Commissions paid to you from RRs (Rented Referrals) -Commissions paid to you from DRs (Direct Referrals) How much money can i make? If you are willing to put a small amount of time each day, and you follow this guide, you should be able to make well over $1,000 per month spending less than 10 minutes each day. Some users make several thousand dollars per month with the same time commitment. Standard membership with 200 rented referrals/referrals having average 6clicks/day $6.04/day $181.20/moth $2204.60 per year Golden membership with 2000 rented referrals/referrals having average 6clicks/day $120.08 per day $3602.40 per month $43829.20 per year Ultimate membership with 4000 rented referrals/referrals having average 6clicks/day $240.20 per day $7206.00 per month $87673.00 per year Part 1: The First Two Weeks (1 Goal to complete) In my opinion, the first two weeks are "make it or break it" with Fusebux users. Sadly, a lack of education will cause many to leave, but you are in the right place to avoid missing out on this great opportunity. Getting into the daily routine of viewing the ads assigned to you earning your 1st $0.60 so you can begin the referral rental process TIP: View ads by logging in and clicking the "View Advertisements" button at the top of your page. You are not going to earn much during the first two weeks, that's a fact Jack. 15 days * approx. $0.04 / day = $0.60 ... Trivial as it may seem, $0.60 is your 1st goal. Goal #1 - Earn $0.60 TIP: If you are able to complete mini jobs, you can reach Goal #1 within a day or two! If you are interested in a small jump start and have even just a few dollars to invest into your new Fusebux business, there are instructions in Part #2. Part 2: Renting Your First Referrals (3 Goals to complete) Congratulations, you just graduated from Kindergarten! It's a big deal to make it through the first 15 days. A lot of people quit before this point... and guess what, this is where the fun begins! You're gonna do just fine! Once you have at least $0.60 in your Fusebux account, you have enough to rent 3 referrals. As mentioned above, you can "jump start" your business by investing a few dollars of your own and begin renting Fusebux referrals sooner. Before you do, read this: Goal #2 - Rent 3 referrals by clicking the "Referrals" button on your account home page. Goal #3 - Turn on "AutoPay" within the Referrals->Rented menu. I prefer Autopay = Enabled because each day your referrals are active, they pay for themselves to be extended. This way, you do not need to worry about how much money to reserve for re-rental. Autopay is a must! TIP: There is a discount applied when using Autopay as well, yet another good reason to use it! Assuming your 3 rented referrals stay active, you will earn the following: 3 RR * 4 RR-clicks at $0.005 each = $0.06 / day Clicking ads assigned to you, still approx $0.04 / day For a total of $0.10 / day. Within one more week you can rent 3 more referrals, and be earning $0.16 / day The following week you will have enough to rent 5 more referrals (now you will have 11 RRs) for a total of $0.26 / day. The week after that, you will have enough to rent 10 more referrals (now you will have 21 RRs) for a total of $0.46 / day. At the end of the 4th week from when you rented your first RRs, you will have enough to rent 19 more referrals (now you will have 40 RRs) for a total of $0.84 / day. And so on... Continue viewing your assigned advertisements each day so that you can earn your rented referral income, and when you save up enough money to rent more referrals, get them! The more rented referrals you have, the more you will make. I recommend choosing a day of the week for rentals, and on that day rent as many as the funds in your Fusebux account can afford. Goal #4 - Continue until acquire 200 rented referrals Yes, It will take some time, but remember, you are building a business and passive income with just a small time commitment each day! It goes pretty fast since renting referrals increases your income, and increased income allows you to rent more referrals. Can you say "snowball effect?" TIP: 200 RRs * 4 RR-clicks at $0.005 per click = $4/day ... It will take about three weeks to save up $80. Once you have 200 referrals, stop renting and save up $80 in your Fusebux account. Part 3: "Go for Gold!" (2 Goals to complete) Now that you have 200 referrals, stop renting and save up $80 so that you can upgrade to Golden. Once you go Gold, you will double up your income nearly instantly since the payouts are 2x - 10x for your clicks and referral clicks! Goal #5 - Upgrade your account to Gold Here is your income before Golden: 200 RRs * 4 RR-clicks at $0.005 per click = $4.00 per day (plus DR-clicks and your personal clicks) Here is your income after you go Golden: 200 RRs * 4 RR-clicks at $0.01 per click = $8.00 per day (plus DR-clicks and your personal clicks) Once you've gone golden, begin renting referrals again. It's tempting to cash out, but you really want to get to the maximum number of RRs and DRs so that you earn as much as possible. Goal #6 - Build your RRs to 2000. Resume your rental process and acquire 2,000 RRs. This will not take too terribly long since by now you should be earning over $200 per month. 2000 RRs * 4 RR-clicks at $0.01 per RR-click = $80/DAY (plus your DR-clicks and your personal clicks!). TIP: When you go Golden, you will have to view 9 ads per day instead of 4! TIP: Check out some of the "Golden Packs" to gain more benefits from being Golden. At this point you are a true Golden Child of Fusebux! Once you have saved enough to buy golden packs, do it so you can rent more RRs and gain more benefits. By now, you will already be laughing all the way to the bank so enjoy your new side job! Payment proofs - users post them on their forum: http://www.fusebux.com/forum/main.php?cat=4 Join today! http://www.fusebux.com/index.php?r=dejandexmkd
  14. Redeem your points (100 points = $1) for instant gift cards. 1 point = $ 00.01 10 points = $ 00.10 100 points = $ 01.00 1,000 points = $ 10.00 There's a huge variety of gift cards to choose from. The amount of points you can earn depends on how much time and effort you put into your goals. You can easily earn up to 100 points or more every day just by completing certain offers. Some members even earn up to 500 to 2,000 points daily! All it takes is patience and a willing mindset. Here's my recent payment proof: I'm working my way towards another gift card currently, it's pretty easy.
  15. Hello and welcome! Instantcashsweepstakes is a legitimate and paying site. They have polls from many big and small companies. So far I've seen polls from Google, ICS, and Instagram. What was interesting and was how they asked us if we wanted video features on Instagram and the next day I see on a news website there was an article about the release of videos on Instagram. Requirements: 18 years old or older. Paypal Live in the U.S. Time :) How to earn cash: Take polls 3 questions usually -exception is when big or small companies want your opinion. 5-7 questions. Cash prizes are random. ($0.01-$0.09). Tickets (enter you for the $50 sweepstakes). Always get tickets unless you win a cash prize. Coins (you can choose to enter $2 sweepstakes or buy more tickets). Always get coins. By referring people you earn 100% of their tickets and cash prizes! -with the exception of the $50 and maybe $2(forgot about it). Payment: PayPal within 72hours. Cashout $2-$100 Help me out and use my link :) http://instantcashsweepstakes.com/invitations/ref_link/528705 Why should you help me? Well, I'm currently a senior high school student and I am trying to save money for prom, an college education, have some money to eat out occasionally, and buy presents for my best friends who have stuck with me through thick and thin. Payment proof: *note that riot games purchase is a present for my best friend.
  16. It's all very simple, first you need to sign up here. http://www.points2shop.com/register?ref=Morgan2212 Once you have done that, come here and follow my guide on how to make it work. http://www.squidoo.com/earn-free-gift-cards-and-other-amazon-products
  17. Do you like to make easy cash i know i do. Allow me to tell you about a program i have come across that works. its called zipnadazilch. ZipNadaZilch is an incentive website that represents major companies that are offering the latest and greatest products and services. By participating in their website and referring others to try what their advertisers have to offer you're able to earn free gifts from cash to an iPod a TV or whatever you'd like! Want to learn more? click here ---> http://one.zipnadazilch.com/index.php?referral=787186 i would also like to offer a $5 reimbursement via paypal to any one that signs up using my link completes a offer and emails me at pez421@yahoo.com using the same email used during sign up and letting me know where to send the reimbursement.
  18. It's very easy, when you first sign up, you get a free $2.50. Once you do that get your friends and family to join, once they join, you get a $1 for each one, plus an extra 15% of what they do. http://www.points2shop.com/register?ref=Morgan2212
  19. Sign up here: http://www.u2bviews....referral/23757/ Proof:
  20. Making Money Video Link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4xkAkCHZd8&feature=g-upl Singup http://naturebucks.com/members/register.php?ref=steveds i recommend an autofill using google chrome or firefox and having fake info other than a legit email for confirmations this site is 100 percent legit people need to check this out
  21. Sign up today at http://www.cashle.co...ster?ref=abelng Start building your effortless income TODAY! Get paid via Paypal, Check, eGold, Amazon/Target Gift Cards, etc. It works. Its legit. Enough said. See you soon, Noel Garcia :)
  22. Why FileGeek? FileGeek offers you the chance to make money for simply uploading and sharing files! FileGeek is not an ordinary Pay Per Download site; we specialize in trying to get our users the highest conversion rates - which results for more money for you! We have an average of $1 per download with a high download $15 rate! Easily withdraw your money once you hit $20 or more. Who are we? FileGeek was founded in early June 2012 with the users at heart. After struggling to find a simple yet beautiful PPD, my team and I created FileGeek! We strive to create one of the most revolutionary PPDS around. Payouts The payments are sent out the first Friday of said month, assuming you have the minimum payout balance of $20 to cash out! Payments can be withdrawn via PayPal and soon to be cheques. We know Friday is a party day, therefore you can have fun with your earnings! PAYMENT PROOFS- Clicks Leads Earnings EPC CR Today 151 27 $43.85 $0.29 17.88% REGISTER RIGHT NOW !
  23. Should be blogger : Free, so you build autoblog with large quatity, cost for hosting will save alot of your money. Be priority index fastest by google. Creating a blog on blogger.com very simple, so i won't guide :D. Someone don't clear, please reference here. Important, how do you want to build blog with any niche? To choose name correct ^^(I’ll guide to choose niche at next part) Register account of hatforrent.com. It’s too easy, so i won’t guide, too ^^ . Now, let’s add your blog into hatforrent: http://hatforrent.com/create-blog Create new blogspot on Hatforrent To have blogID, see the image below: Get BlogID To easy check your installing and see content on your blog, i’ll choose a site has big frequency of contents(In fact is difference - you should choose blogs has a little frequency of content, and add more source for 1 blog - i’ll explain about it in other article) I’ll choose IGN to get source. Working of parse content of webpage have 2 steps : get link and get all content. We’ll provide to hatforrent source of webpage to get link (RSS or homepage or category of page). In here, easy to see, Hatforrent need traverse into homepage or RSS, or any webpage, as long as it's link to redirect to details of contents. Then, it traverse into details page to get detail content. At here, i’ll use rss to get link, with page hasn’t rss, i only use html(simple, use rss easier to get link !!!) Link RSS: http://feeds.ign.com/ign/articles You can fill follow the image beblow: Getting by feeds Get selector for content Getting by html At here, it’s a little difficult : “Selector to get content” or “Selector to get title” This selector is the part that you specify to hatforrent how to parse content. Syntax of selector same Syntax of css selector, but it’s stronger(If you buy service of hatforrent, will support how to write free selectors as well as possible :D) To write selector, so you can viewsource detail of any webpage, eg : http://www.ign.com/a...0-now-just-4999 View source, can see tag contain content is <div class=”article_content”> tag Selector name to get content So, in the selector, you can only specify the class is article_content (.article_content). Or you can use firebug or new version of others browsers has “Inspect Element” You can see : So, we understood meaning how to put “.article_content” into the selector, and how to get that selector. Same, the title put on <h1 class="article_title contentPageHeader"> tag. In here, have 2 class article_title contentPageHeader, you should use article_title class. So Selector of title will be “.article_title” Next step, you will click “Preview Articles” to preview the article that hatforrent just get content. When preview OK, you choose Save to save change. Preview content Done, wait about 15-30 minutes, your blog has new contents. So, you have added 1 source into your blog to finish. Each autoblog should have 5-10 sources, dependent frequency arise of new contents How it work Video tutorial: >>
  24. So. I found this site some time ago and it has turned out to be the best one I've seen so far! I really recommend joining. You basically earn money by completing offers, doing paid to click or other stuff. The greatest thing is that you don't even need to refer people in order to really earn. There are also competitions and bonuses for example completing 5 offers you get extra cash. In fact I'm even making money by posting this. The minimum payout is 2$. Have fun earning! :) Last but not least. I got my payment in no time! Here's a proof.
  25. Hi there, I'm here to tell you about a fairly new Get-Paid-To site (GPT site), GetPaidSocial.com. GPS.com has officially launched in April 1st 2012 (Trust me, this is not an April fool's joke.) All you have to do is sign-up and start earning money, points, and prizes by doing offers and before u know it, u can withdraw within just a day of joining GPS. We got over 2000 offers for members daily. The minimum payout is currently $5.00. Since GPS.com is new, we will be updating the services and features from time to time. And don't worry, we will be updating the offers daily to meet the members' standards and requirements. So, don't waste your time, start signing up and don't forget to refer your friends to boost up your earnings. :laugh: Here is the proof of the 1st payment after only 2 days of launching; Sincerely, -GPS clerk-
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