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Found 10 results

  1. GoldenTowns is an economic, political and military simulator in which virtual gold can be converted into real money. First of all, GoldenTowns is a construction simulator. You initially receive a small village which you have to develop into a prosperous town. A larger town signifies more resources and more virtual gold, that is more real money. One of the most important aspects of the game is represented by resources. Resources are extracted and consumed in order to extract other resources or gold. The game is also an economic simulator. You can sell or buy resources, gold, soldiers, shares in other towns or government bonds. GoldenTowns is also a political simulator. The countries in the game are identical to the real ones and ruled by a government. If you have a sufficiently developed town, you may end up ruling the country together with your partners in the game. Raw Materials Raw Materials and their extraction account for one of the most important aspects of the game. Raw materials are used in any process and the development of the town is directly connected to the available amount of raw materials. In GoldenTowns there are 6 raw materials: Vegetables, Meat, Wood, Iron, Stone and Clay. With the exception of vegetables, raw materials require other raw materials in the production process. Citizens and accommodation With a few exceptions, any building requires employees. Additionally, any construction process requires workers. You can purchase citizens from other players by paying in gold or you can recruit them with the town hall’s help. Any newly recruited citizen needs a house to live in. Houses may accommodate between 2 and 20 citizens. You must constantly improve the level of the dwellings in order to be sure that you are able to recruit new citizens. Workers fall under 2 categories. Unskilled workers or skilled workers. Production buildings require unskilled workers, but other buildings such as the service ones require skilled workers such as doctors, firemen, etc. In order to turn an unskilled worker into a skilled one you need schools. Degree of Happiness The degree of happiness is one of the essential indicators. The lifespan of the town’s newcomers depends upon it, and that lifespan, in its turn, drastically influences production costs and town management. The degree of happiness depends 100% on the level of dwellings and is calculated with the formula: G=(Nc/No)*10, where G is the degree of happiness, Nc is the sum of the levels scored by the dwellings and No is the number of dwellings. Let us assume that a town has 3 level 1 dwellings, 2 level 3 ones and one level 9 dwelling. The degree of happiness shall be (1+1+1+3+3+9)/6*10=30%. The degree of happiness influences lifespan after the formula D=10+G%50, where D=the new citizens’ lifespan, G=the degree of happiness at the time of recruiting. If the town’s degree of happiness is 30% as in the above example, the newly recruited citizens’ lifespan shall be D=10+30%50=25 days. Storage Capacity Raw materials are stored in warehouses. A warehouse increases its capacity depending on the level and can store between 600 and 3000 raw material units. Warehouses increase their storage capacity by 500 units / level. Carefully monitor the occupancy degree of warehouses in order to avoid losses. Energy Each activity, such as the commencement of a production process or the construction of a road consumes 1 energy point and generates 1 experience point. Energy is renewed at a 1 point / hour pace, regardless of the level. Experience and level As mentioned above, any activity consumes energy and provided experience. For every 100 experience, you advance one level. Upon advancing to a higher level, the government provided bonuses and you automatically receive 10 energy points. Cemetery capacity When a citizen dies, they are not immediately erased from the system, but “deposited” in a cemetery, where they will remain 10 days. 10 days later, the citizen is completely erased and the cemetery spot cleared. A cemetery can “accommodate” between 5 and 25 citizens, depending on the level. Affiliates When you bring a player to the game through an invitation or the personal affiliate code, he / she becomes your referral and you will receive taxes after the referral reach level 2. Referrals can be sold and bought, the tax rights being passed on to the new owners. They pay via PayPal, Skrill, Payza, NETELLER, Bitcoin, Bank transfer, Western Union. If you want to register click the link http://www.goldentowns.com/?i=10403.
  2. mike89666

    earn online money by working at home . Every one needs financial freedom . Money helps you to live standard life .Are you interested in making money online or offline we have solution for you . When everyone goes to shoping wants lot of money . If you have a computer at home you can make money by working online or offline . why do hard work when you can make easy money . lots of online and offline opportunites are avaliable . join and start making money from http://www.earnonlinee.com
  3. laurislauris30

    War of Clicks is like a new kind of PTC, it is gamified. Earning System PPC: Pay per click – Every advertisement which is in PPC mode gives $0.002 when clicked. But everyone has 1 right to click in every 1 hour to an advertisement in PPC mode. You have unlimited PPC click right. RH: Rush hour – Advertisements in RH mode gives everyone 1 right to click in every 5 minutes. You have unlimited RH click right. War of Clicks has Achievements, Leader Board, Most Click Award and Reference system. Which these systems give clickers warcoins as reward, so use Rush hour mode to succeed in achievements, to get in the leader board, to win most click awards of each ads. Achievements: There are quests waiting to be done by users that are called achievements. Warcoin rewards of the achievements are given at the end of a day. Achievements are reset at the end of a day so that you can do it again next day. Warcoin reward of an achievement changes according to the advertisements given that day and how many people succeeded that achievement. While winners of achievements increases, ads given increases all day. Achievements are very simple, you just have to click more. On the achievements page, you will see all the achievements and their details. Leader Board: At the beginning of the season administrators set the number of the users to get in the Leader Board. Ranking is according to the clicks users made in the season. Leader Board rewards are much bigger at the upper ranks. So the most clicker of the season is going to win the biggest reward from Leader Board. There is one rule to get in the Leader Board, users have to be at least 1 level of Activity Level. At the end of the season Leader Board rewards that be warcoins are distributed to the users. Most Click Award: Every advertisement is a competition. So the most clickers of an advertisement are going to win warcoin reward. You may see the details of each advertisement’s Most Click Award information (like your place in the competition) by pressing the button on upper right corner of an advertisement box. Warcoin How can you get warcoins? You may go for most click awards of advertisements, achievements and leader board. Also you may get warcoins by levelling up. These systems will give you warcoins as reward. You may also purchase warcoin packs from “account settings>>purchase warcoin” with the payment processors. Warcoin packs also give bonus warcoins. What you can do with warcoins? You may rent, recycle, extent referrals. You will earn cash from your referrals. Soon “item system” will be integrated to War of Clicks so you will be able to purchase items to get more benefits among the other users. Season System Some rewards are given at the end of a season such as earnings for Leader Board and Reference System. A season lasts 3 days. Level System In the game theme, your characters are going to change and become more powerful. Affiliates You get money, from each one of your referrals that have 1 activity level, equals to one extension price plus some profit for a month. If your referral has activity level more than 1, you profit multiply of your referrals’ activity level for a month. You may get more profit when you extent your referrals more than 1 month. The price for extensions more than 1 month has more discount amounts. Whole system of War Of Clicks At the moment they are paying via PayPal and Payza. If you want to join Click Here or the banner below:
  4. Farm-tree is a game where you can buy trees to produce fruits for you. Then you can sell the fruits for gold and gold for real money. Each tree gives different quantity of fruits, and the more expensive it is, the more crystals it will get for you. Trees are eternal. After purchase, they will constantly produce fruits for you. Trees In this Trees you can Buy trees of different types. Each trees produce special fruits which can be sold in "Trade shop" and exchanged to real money. Each tree gives different quantity of fruits, and the more expensive it is, the more fruits it will get. You can buy any number of trees, they don't die, don't disappear and will be producing fruits constantly. There are also extremely different types of animals: Point1 and Point2. These produce Payment Points instead of fruits. In order to collect produced PP come to the section "Storage". Storage In this "Storage" you can collect fruits and payment points produced by your trees and animals. Trees bring fruits every 10 minutes and animals bring payment points every 24 hours. There is constant accumulation of fruits and payment points! You can collect it every 10 min, every day and it will be enough to collect even once a month. 1 Payment Point allow you to withdraw from the game 1 USD. Just push "Collect all" button and payment points will be charged to your Payment Points balance. Trade shop Trade Shop allows you to sell all your fruits for gold, which can be exchanged for real money. The gold you receive is distributed between two accounts (account for purchases and account for cash out) in the proportions of 70% to account for purchases and 30% for cash out. Selling currency of any fruits: 100 fruits = 1 gold. Affiliates Invite your friends to the game and get 10% of every their deposit. Income is not limited. Even a few invitees can bring you more than 100.000 gold. Below there are links to involve people and the number of people you have invited. Rates: 100 crystals = 1 gold, 1 USD = 3500 gold, 1 Payment Point = 1 USD. They pay via Payeer. If you want to register click the link http://farm-tree.org/?i=3684 or the banner below.
  5. PTC (Paid To Click) sites are websites where you can get money when you click advertisements. It's an online business where you can earn money from home. It's very simple, you click ads = you get paid. How do you get paid on PTC sites and how to earn more? PTC sites get money from advertisers and they pay you when you view those ads. You can earn more money when you upgrade your membership, but the most profitable thing in PTC sites is referrals (people who register on a site through your referral link), more referrals = more money. How do you get money from referrals, it's simple when your referrals click the ads you will get their clicks too. You can get referrals by promoting your referral link on blogs, forums, etc. More options to earn on PTC sites and scam warning Often PTC sites have more options how to make money: watching videos, completing tasks, etc. But beware, there are lots of scam PTC sites, they will not pay you, you will lose your money, if you pay them for upgrades and you will lose your time, if you keep clicking their ads. If a site is not a scam, it should have the section where you should be able to see proof of payments and/or forum where you could see proof of payments. Even though some sites may have neither a forum nor a payment proof section, they do pay. Also not scam site rates of clicking should be about 0.0001-0.05$, if any site has rates like 1-500$ it's total scam, don't waste your time searching for a forum or payment proofs, because reliable sites will not pay you so much money. Conclusion and tip So, you're not gonna get rich, but you can make some extra money especially if you have lots of referrals. So, if you want to make some extra money, but not pennies register on as many sites as you can (it depends on your free time) and get as many referrals as you can. If ads are not on focus, you can open more sites simultaneously and save your time. By the way, I would strongly recommend you: read TOS (Terms of Service), FAQ (Frequently asked questions) and Help, this is very important, because if you brake any rule you can get banned or suspended. Sometimes you need to post your payment proof if you want to get your next payment. Usually they pay via Paypal and/or Payza, there can also be other payment methods. If you would like to join, click the link www.goodptcsites.com/.
  6. bastach

    I Need ACTIVE Referrals for my site Clixblue.us Earn up to $0.04 per click Earn up to $0.01 per ref. click Owned By 2 Honest Admins No Self Sponsored Ads Cheap Advertising Rates No Investments Needed $5.00 Minimum payout PAYMENT PROCESSORS: Paypal and Payza http://clixblue.us/register?u=1081 clixblue.us
  7. bastach

    Juptc.com * First 150 Members: 3 free month premium membership Get paid to view advertisements! As a member, you'll get paid for each click that you generate by browsing our sponsor's ads. We offer all features of today's PTC technology, including instant purchase processing and referral renting. Have a look inside and start earning now! - $0.01, $0.02 PTC - $2 minimum payout (Standard member) - $1 minimum payout (Premium member) PAYMENT PROCESSORS: Paypal, Payza juptc.com
  8. In Yovia you are paid to be an influencer , there are many tasks that everyone can do and you are paid for doing them There is no minimum payout Payments are sent each 10th of the next month by Paypal Per example you earn 1$ in month of may , you are paid on the next 10th june You do simple easy tasks all based on your activities in social networking platforms, like facebook, twitter, google plus etc. Sign Up as an Influencer and earn doing influencing activities such as commenting on a facebook post, installing a facebook app, following a twitter post, joining a google plus community and many more such tasks which pay much higher than the normal market rate for such tasks. The payout ranges from 0.05$/task to 5$/task. And get your payment as soon as you want. Moreover, you can also sign up as a Sponsor, and pay the influencers for doing stuffs that you want them to do. Apart from all these, a very good option to Earn is to refer other influencers or sponsors. For each influencer, you refer, you get paid 0.50$, and for every sponsor referred, you get paid 10$, which is quite a good amount. But, earnings from referrals are only paid out once you reach the minimum of 50$. So, do not worry and think much. Just Sign Up and start Earning. Remember, you do not have to invest or pay anything in order to earn. You just earn simply and take cash home. Payment Processors are PAYPAL, PAYZA, Wire Transfer(FOR US ONLY) and more payment processors are going to be added. Very easy and trusted company (Have paid more than 179,000$) And sign up is FREE
  9. Earn cash with Postloop posting comments and creating new threads in forums. Earn on average $20 - $40 spending only a couple of hours a day. Minimum payout is only $5 which is easily reachable. The Postloop Process is simple: Forum owners and bloggers need user participation and thats where you come in. Postloop provides a list of these sites to the public, asking everybody to come help out. People worldwide are invited to participate at the forums and blogs listed at Postloop. The only requirement? Good English grammar. The work involved does not feel like work at all and comes naturally to most. Some even consider it fun! These writers are rewarded almost instantly with cash via PayPal. This process will continue as long as forums and blogs exist and as long as people like to earn money doing something that they enjoy doing. In other words, this service is always available to you, at your convenience. Join today. Membership is 100% free! -
  10. Todays best paying program since MAY 2012. The company generates money from its Wine & Spirits Business. I am a member since June 2012 and made good money with them. Its GPD Investment, www.getspaiddaily.com. GPD pays 2% daily return for 75% days. The referral plan has 12% incentive distribution up to 5 levels. Minimum joining amount is $10 and maximum has no limit. Level 1 = 5% Level 2 = 3% Level 3 = 2% Level 4 = 1% Level 5 = 1% Whenever someone joins under you at any level you will gets your incentive immidietely in your GPD account on every investment again n again. You can withdraw your money daily also, minimum withdrawal limit id $1 For proofs, I have attached my statements here. Join today and start a stable income. http://www.getspaiddaily.com/?ref=A634670