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Found 51 results

  1. Nowadays many people are willing to work at home to make money via desktop, smart phone or laptop. Here I’d like to share some good ways to earn money online in your free time via iPhone. 1. Do some simple tasks via internet. Earn Money Online: This app can help you get pocket money in your free time. All you need to do is to search the keywords, install and play the apps for some minutes, then the pocket money will be added into your account. Besides, you can invite friends into this app, which can also help you earn credits. 2. Sell handmade crafts If you are good at handmade items, it is easy and fun to earn money online. You can sell your items via Etsy, Amazon and other apps. However, Amazon is a much larger site, which means there's the potential for many more customers. 3. Get paid to write Also, if you like writing, you can also earn money via writing. Here I’d like to introduce some websites for you, such as WriterAccess, ListVerse. Here i just list some simple ways for you guys to earn money online in your spare time, however, if you really want to earn more, you can choose many ways together and find new ways. We are here to waiting for you to share your best ways to earn money.
  2. If you want to make money with YouTube - but don’t know how, then this is for YOU... “Discover How To Generate A Regular Income Direct From YouTube Without Creating Any Of Your Own Videos!” Fortunes have been made using ‘Other People’s Money’ and now there’s a smart way to make money from other people’s videos on YouTube with just 30 minute weekly updates generating monthly payments from YouTube, wired directly to your bank account - STARTING TODAY! Hi … as a savvy operator, you’ll know some folks are quietly making serious money from YouTube … … but do you realize just how much that can be? For example, one stay at home mom put up a couple of videos, showing how she styled her daughter’s hair, which quickly went viral. Now - many more videos later - the channel, ‘Cute Girl Hairstyles’, makes about a MILLION dollars a year (and that’s low, because other channels are pulling in THREE MILLION dollars a year). - From the laptop of Mike Williams Here’s the secret of their success You see, there’s a science behind every successful venture – whether it’s putting Neil Armstrong on the Moon, baking a cake or making money with YouTube. Use the correct recipe, and you’ll be successful every single time. But, just throw a few random ingredients into a bowl and you’ll simply end up with a sticky mess. And it’s exactly the same with YouTube: provided you follow a proven formula, you can pretty much guarantee success. But mess up and you’ll crash and burn So, if you fail to craft a really compelling and SEO friendly title or fail to create a powerful description or fall down badly when setting up your keywords and tags (and get your video downgraded) then you never get to enjoy any of those delicious YouTube pay days. And that’s because … You really need someone, who has the formula, to take you by the hand and lead you to success Hello... my name is Mike Williams, and I’ve ‘cracked the code’ to making effort-free money with YouTube. I’ll show you exactly how I make over $10,000 per month with just a few minutes of work each week. Again this involves zero filming and no technical knowledge whatsoever. Recent screenshot of my earnings: And to help you claim your share of this bonanza, I’ve created a simple program so you can look over my shoulder and see exactly how I initially set up my YouTube channel to achieve maximum views and engagement and how roughly 30 minutes a week is all it takes to make serious cash from youtube and soon you can start making money from youtube just like me and hundreds of our members who have signed up and is now making thousands of dollars each month on youtube. Use the calculator below and get an estimate of your potential income! Daily Video Views Drag the slider to calculate potential earnings 20,000 Views/Day Average view length per video 600,000 Views per Month 7,300,000 Views per Year Estimated Daily Earnings $36.15 - $60.25 Estimated Monthly Earnings $1,085 - $1,808 Projected Yearly Earnings $13,195 - $21,991 * This estimates your earnings after Youtube's cut. (Although YouTube traditionally kept its share of advertising income secret, it is now common knowledge that Google keeps 45% of YouTube advertising revenue. So you receive 55% of every dollar paid by advertisers) Who is my program for? It’s for YOU, if you want to make money on YouTube. And I’ve carefully paced it, to make it a no-brainer, even if you’re a complete rookie … "FROM TOTAL NEWBIE TO $3,000 PER MONTH ON YOUTUBE" Basically had zero knowledge on how to make money on youtube but thanks to your course I am making over $3,000 per month after just a few months! Now my goal is to scale and reach $5,000 per month this year. Again many thanks! Definitely recommended to anyone who wants to make serious money online. - Howard Cole And, if you’re a more experienced player, it ALSO has plenty of little known tips and tricks to astonish and delight you … "I’M NO STRANGER TO YOUTUBE YET IT GAVE ME LOTS OF INFO AND STRATEGIES THAT IMMEDIATELY TRIPLED MY EARNINGS" I am no stranger to Youtube, I have had an account since 2014 but Mike Williams course has provided me with lots of information and strategies I had no idea about – which immediately tripled my earnings from $1,500 per month to $4,500 per month! - Blake Dawson "INCREASED VIEWS SINCE APPLYING YOUR INSTRUCTIONS AND MADE BETTER THUMBNAILS" Mike, even though I originally make my videos for YouTube already, It was your course that helped me improve my YouTube Channel views. In the beginning I was not getting much views but then I applied your instructions and have gone up in my views since. I also improved in making better thumbnails, thank you very much. - Kristy Lynch And it can even empower you to make the very first YouTube income you’ve ever enjoyed – even after years of soul destroying ZEROS … "GOT 100,000 VIEWS WITHIN A MONTH AND MADE MONEY AFTER TWO YEARS OF MAKING NOTHING" This course is so helpful and so easy to follow. I got 100,000 views within a month of practicing this and close to $200 income up from zero in my two years of running my youtube account. - Edgar Strickland So I’m delighted to announce my ‘YouTube Secrets’ program And here’s just a tiny peek at the amazing insider secrets I’m going to share with you in carefully paced, bite-sized video tutorials, covering everything you need for YouTube success... How to access between five and 25 MILLION YouTube videos for free (no copyright problems and nothing to pay – ever! ). How to make money one very video – paid direct into your bank account every month, like clockwork. Clever ways to repurpose these videos for your own use – yes, it’s completely legal and entirely within YouTube’s TOS (they even provide a built-in video editor). How you save countless hours creating your own videos – because you simply don’t have to do any of that. The awesome power of the YouTube editing suite (plus the little known trick to have YouTube make videos for you, using your own still photos). How to access thousands of hours of free music (no royalties … no copyright issues … no hassle). The street-wise way to get good keyword ideas. When NOT to use the free music facility on YouTube – don’t miss this, because it will avoid you losing money! Reverse engineering one of my top ranking videos. Watch over my shoulder as I show you the various reasons why this video is ranked so high, having already received 543,271 views and counting. What’s in a title? In a word – everything! So I’ll show you the simple, yet highly effective, way to craft the perfect eye-ball-grabbing title that ALSO gets you high up in the search results. How to get your video on the first page of the searches (all it takes is this three second trick). The FATAL errors people make with their video descriptions and how you won’t make them anymore – once you know the secrets. The ideal number of words for your main keyword phrase (plus the perfect place to put them). The vital addition to your description few people even know about - yet it gives an enormous boost to your rankings. How to avoid being penalized by YouTube for setting up your keywords and tags incorrectly (ignore this at your peril). How to communicate with your channel subscribers – it’s all about correct timing. The smart way to greatly increase your YouTube income. The vital art of creating the right tags (it’s very important you get this right, so you boost your rankings and also keep on the right side of YouTube). How to increase your views – without resorting to those ‘black hat’ shenanigans which will, eventually, get you BANNED. How to easily ‘spy’ on your competitor’s videos by reverse engineering them (and stealing valuable intel to boost your own rankings). How to get YouTube to advertise your site for FREE. Getting more subscribers (because the more subscribers you have the better you will be ranked). Thumbnail mastery (you get the inside track on creating and controlling this vital viewer magnet). Where do your views come from? All over the world! Features (and how to use your own customized thumbnail). Devices – these hand you an enormous amount of detail you can use to make some crucial adjustments that increase your income. The free web site exposing the staggering amounts of money being made by regular folks on YouTube. The crafty – but simple – way to ensure you OWN the first four or five hot spots on the right hand side (dramatically increasing your overall views). Playlists – and how to use them to your full advantage. Audience retention – absolutely VITAL, because it’s the main way YouTube judges how good your video is (and whether it’s worth their while promoting it). Engagement Another key meClick here to Join!tric YouTube uses to decide the worth of your video. Comments and comment settings (and how they keep you in control and increase your reach and engagement). Analytics. Why these should never be ignored (and why it’s never too soon to start). Demographics: absolutely vital. Because you need to know who your viewers are, so you can give them what they want. How to write amazing descriptions – it doesn’t get much easier than this! The biggest FATAL mistake you’ll ever make with YouTube. (Yes. everyone does it – but that won’t cut any ice, if you get caught. 17 PDFs to add the final details, covering points best made in writing rather than in the videos. And, much, MUCH more … And here are some of the kind remarks I’ve received from my valued clients about my program … "UP AND MONETIZING MY OWN VIDEOS WITHIN A DAY OF FINISHING MIKE’S VERY COMPREHENSIVE COURSE" I was up and monetizing my own videos within a day of finishing Mike's very comprehensive course. Mike clearly explains how you can easily and quickly set up a YouTube channel and populate it with edited videos and monetize them. I found the course to be very informative, easy to follow and well worth the investment of time and money. Thanks Mike! - Tyrone Sims "THE BEST TEACHER IS ALWAYS A DOER" Mike takes you through step-by-step how to create your channel, and only advises you on steps that have worked for him. A do-er is always the best teacher. - Theresa Reyes "HELPED ME GET MORE SUBSCRIBERS AND VIEWS RESULTING TO ADDITIONAL $1,000 PER MONTH" Very well delivered concise content. This has definitely helped me get more subscribers and views adding a nice $1,000 per month income to my channel by simply implementing some of the tips and tricks showed in the course. - Arnold Webb "WAYS TO GET HIGH RANKINGS, LOTS OF VIEWS AND LOTS OF $$$" Mike Williams course on making money on YouTube is thorough, understandable and easy to use. He offers valuable insight into the workings of YouTube and ways to get high rankings and lots of views to make money. I recommend this course to anyone interested in earning money with their own channel on YouTube. - Lydia Simpson "MIKE SHOWS MAKING THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS ON YOUTUBE EACH STEP CLEARLY" Some people are vague, but Mike Williams assumes you know nothing and shows each step clearly.I have no doubt in my mind that anyone who watches and apply his secrets will also make thousands of dollars each month on youtube. - Michael Holmes I guess you have just one question on your mind Because you can see how – once my secrets are your secrets – you’ll easily step up to a bright new world of YouTube success. So you’re probably concerned about how much you will need to invest to get access to my program. Originally, I thought about holding a live seminar, when I could reveal all my secrets to you, face to face. What with the cost of the venue and other overheads, I would probably have to charge $997, at least. Then you’d have the further expense of your travel costs and – possibly – overnight accommodation. And I hope you can write fast, because you’d have to scribble copious notes in an attempt not to forget any vital secrets. And I really hope your handwriting is better than mine, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to read what you’ve written, anyway! But then, I had far better idea … So, instead, I’ve created a membership site with 46 short, bite-sized videos covering every aspect you need to make a real success of this. And, to pull everything together, there are 17 short PDFs containing notes that fill in any gaps. And, in addition to that in-depth training, you’ll also enjoy regular updates, tools and resources, plus a mastermind forum and – something not possible at a live event – one on one private consultations to ensure your success. That means, you get everything you need for your YouTube success for a fraction of the cost of travelling to a live event. And it will be far more convenient for you, too. Because, instead of begging time off work and spending a very full day to go through the whole method, you can go through the program at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home, a cup of coffee - or something cool - at your side, any time that suits you. And, if a section particularly interests you, simply replay it as many times as you want (imagine asking for something to repeated several times at a LIVE event!). But, just before I reveal the size of your investment to unlock these secrets, I want to make one thing crystal clear … I take ALL the risk here. You see, I can tell you how awesome my program is. And my delighted clients can also tell you of their success. But NOTHING beats you proving to yourself just how good it is. So – such is my confidence that you’ll love my program - I’ve arranged for you to take a full seven day trial for just a SINGLE DOLLAR. So simple and fast is my system that it’s quite reasonable to expect you’ll have videos published and getting views –and even see the money start to come in - before you need to decide. Make Money With YouTube or Your Money Back! – Period! I am so sure that you will love how much money you make I guarantee you: "If YoutubeSecrets.com does not make you money with youtube just let me know within sixty days and I will gladly refund your membership. No questions asked." I have found this to be one of the easiest and most fun ways to make money online today (mostly because I get to spend more time with my family and hang out with friends and still have time for my other hobbies beside watching youtube videos). You can have this life too. So start NOW and click the join now button to get started. You will be the one showing off the checks to your disbelieving friends! You now have a clear choice Because you can either … Carry on as before, wondering if it really is possible to make money online in general and with YouTube, in particular, and likely wasting money on those ultra-tempting offers of push button software that claim to make you wealthy with little or no effort. OR … You can make the sensible choice and realize that my program – which neatly side-steps the need to actually create your own videos – is probably as effort free as you’ll ever get when it’s a truly a viable and practical method that really does bring home the bacon. Sounds to me like your choice is a simple one. So I’m really looking forward to welcoming you aboard! Success always, Mike Williams YouTube Secrets P.S. The only way you can find out how great all of this can be is to get started today. We promise you a 100% Money Back Guarantee within 60 days! That's how confident we are of this AMAZING system. You can be making money from youtube within minutes, even if you're all the way in India, Canada, or even Singapore! That's the beauty about the Internet, it's a 24hr, World-Wide GOLDMINE! You can work when you want and how you want. P.P.S. You don’t need to decide anything right now, other than start your 7-day trial today then you can make an informed decision to go ahead, once you’ve given it a good try out.
  3. Secret method of Make Money Online Finally Revealed. Earn $3000 or even more Monthly (2019)!!!Think and Earn very Easily.★This is NOT an Affiliate marketing,★This is NOT Blogging,★This is NOT Selling a product,★This is NOT a Trading,★This is NOT a Gambling,★This is NOT a Paid to Click,★This is NOT a Survey,★This is NOT a Social Media Marketing,★This is NOT a Crypto Currency Method or★This is NOT even an earning setup.This System does not require any experience or investment to make money fast.Even a Talent Boy or Girl can do it and make money from home!This is a kind of brain game or brain earn.You just need to give 1-2 hours of your thinking power, and everything will be done well.You can earn $1000 as a part time and $3000 or even more as a full time thinker.
  4. I want to show a simple way to earn $300 daily online just by clicking buttons. There is so many ways to make money from this online opportunity. You can earn so much from this single online site. Anybody from any part of the world can do this, it is so simple. You can generate usable income. You will get rewarded in gift coins that you can exchange for PayPal money later. If want to participate in this highly genuine rewarding online opportunity to extra dollar, go to https://app.irazoo.com/#/auth/signup?referralCode=79LLHM . Register for free. Please registration is absolutely free of charge. Immediately you register and validate your e-mail, you earn 100 coin instantly. If you want to get 500 Get Free Gift Cards instantly. Start with 500 points with my invite code: '79LLHM'. https://app.irazoo.com/#/auth/signup?referralCode=79LLHM If you join with my code, I will teach you how to make multiple income on iRazoo. Just reply with "I Have Join iRazoo With Your Code and Your Register Name"
  5. Earn coins that you can convert into real money by viewing websites, facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram and other social networks. The coins are earned by viewing websites, putting like on facebook pages, watching youtube videos, subscribing to youtube channels, putting followers on twitter, instagram and more. The minimum payment is currently $ 5 and is paid only on PayPal. Add our banner/link on your site and you will earn: - 100 coins for each user that sign up to our site - $0.10 for each user that sign up to our site - 10% from money spent by your referrals, on our site Sign up for free and start earning
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  7. The best way to make money online in 2019 Check out this link if you really want to know how to make money without work! Passive income is guaranteed with this method.SUPER AFFILIATE SYSTEM! https://bit.ly/30wWelA
  8. Many people think to start their own business but they take their feet back because of high capital investment. No matter you are starting a big showroom, a manufacturing business or just a small shop you need a good amount of money to invest in rent, godown rent, buying products, workers etc…. But today in this internet era you don’t need all these to start your business all you need is a Laptop with a good internet connection and some basic knowledge of computer and internet. You must be thinking how? Here I have an answer to your question. I think you must hear about Drop shipping, if not then stick to this blog post till end here I am going to take you from the whole process of starting a Drop Shipping business from scratch. This Business model doesn’t require lots of money but if you have a creative mind then you will get success. Drop Shipping is a very popular business model in the USA but it’s a new concept here in India. Many people are earning good money from this. Drop Shipping is booming in India for 4-5 years so, here you have great business opportunities. What is Drop Shipping? It’s a retail fulfillment method. Drop Shipping is a business modal in which seller (you) don’t need to store products in your store you have a deal with supplier/wholesaler who sends the product directly to the customer instead of you, isn’t this great? In this online business, you don’t need to maintain inventory, no headache of stock clearance, no big investment required, no tension about Shipment. Basically, you just need to do marketing of the product and when you get an order to send the shipping and order details to your Drop Shipping supplier or wholesaler they will take care of rest of the process. It’s a great way to make money online. How does it work? Let’s understand this in steps First, you find a product from a supplier whether it’s eBay, Alixpress or any drop shipping companies. Now you find the product which you want to sell and listed it on your online store. For example, you are selling a keyboard for 500₹ Now, a customer buys the product from you. He goes to your web store and buys a product from you. The next step is you take that order and send it to the supplier. You pay your supplier 200₹. Now the supplier has the order they directly ship the product to your customer You’re net. Profit is 500₹ – 200₹ = 300₹. Here what happens is you are not going to touch a single piece of inventory you are just doing is marketing the product and getting customers for it that’s all you have to do. How to start? Now you know what is it and how it works. The next question is How to start so; you can also make money online. Here I have step by step process for you. Follow these steps and you are good to go. Many people stuck here because of the lake of information. There is much information you will find on the internet but most of them miss lead you. 1. Find products to sell The first step in building your online Drop Shipping business or any other business is choosing a niche. Niche is like a category means you select a category of product in which you want to do business. There are many categories in the market like clothing, electronics, home appliances, kitchen appliances, cosmetic items, etc…. Choose one of any. You can’t dive into all niches that will end up with a great failure especially in the beginning. Take an example of Amazon in starting Amazon was just a book selling website then after slowly they analyzed the market need and started with different categories and today it is the largest Online shopping website in the world. So, how will you find the niche that is perfect for you? Here are some tips which will help you to select a niche. Choose the niche based on your interest. If you randomly select a niche in which you are not interested you will lose your interest soon in the business and it will take you to the failure. So, make sure while choosing the niche in you are interested. If you are not clear with your interest and not getting the idea for your niche do some market research for that you can take help of Google, use Google keyword planner and Google trends which are free tools by Google. Search your keyword related to your product and see how many people are searching for that product this will help you in selecting your niche. You can also check bestselling products on Amazon. A select niche which has higher price rate product. If you are selling a product of 500₹ and you are just getting a profit of 200₹ on another side if we assume you are selling a product of 3000₹ then there will be a chance of high-profit-margin than 500₹ product and both require the same amount of effort to sell. Try to avoid products which are big in size because if you choose big size products it will raise your shipping cost and decreased your profit on that product. Take care of size too. 2. How Do I Find Drop Shipping Wholesalers? Now it’s time to find a trusted drop shipping supplier or a whole seller or a manufacturer who can do Drop Shipment for you. There many of them who can do Drop Shipping but you have to find the most trusted and reliable Drop Shipper whom you can trust on. After all, you are not going to touch and see what product he is delivering to your customer. If he is not reliable and he sends a defective product to your customer then this will definitely affect your business. So, here are some points you must keep in your mind while selecting a Drop shipping supplier. He has a good brand image in the market. Your supplier must have a good image in the market. So, here is the point is Do a complete Background check of your Supplier. Make sure he is delivering the product within 2 or max. 3 days. If he takes more than 3 days then, maybe your customer cancel the order because people can’t wait. They have more options in the market. Are they delivering the product safely? How they pack the product? Which courier services they are using? Most important point cost. Calculate what price you are going to pay to your drop shipper and at what price you are selling to your customer so, that you can make a good profit from it. If the supplier has all these qualities I mentioned above then he is the right person to start with. How to find In 2018 there are too many companies in India for drop shipping. But still, you are not getting any then I have some methods which you can use to find. Take help of Google to find. Simply go to google.com and search for keyword “Drop Shipping companies in India” or, “drop Shippers in India” you will get the list of many companies. Another way to find is Directories. You will get the list of Drop Shippers in Directories like HotHaat, India mart, Just dial etc… you can also search for Directories on Google. You will find many ads for Drop Shipping companies on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. This way also you can find a Drop Shipper for you. You can also find Drop Shipper through Online Shopping websites like Amazon, Flip Kart, eBayetc….go to sellers account and you find contact info. Or their website link. Referral, this is the best option to find a supplier. Contact someone who has knowledge about this or he had done or doing this business. ] 3. Where to Sell? There are plenty of options where you can sell your products online. But all options are not for everyone. If you are new in this industry and don’t want to invest then you have some other option and if you have enough money and you want to invest then you have some other options. If you don’t want to invest money then you can sell on unorganized marketplaces like; Facebook – Yes, you can sell products on Facebook and earn money. There are three ways to sell on Facebook. Facebook Buy and sell groups – There are too many groups on Facebook where you can sell your products. Just join these buy and sell groups and add your products and if anyone interested in buying they will contact you. Second option to sell on Facebook is Facebook Page. There is an option of add products on Facebook pages where you can add your products which you want to sell and people will order there. The third option is my personal favorite Facebook Market Place. It is something like Amazon and other e-commerce websites. It is the best option on Facebook to sell your products. Here you will get more orders than Facebook groups and pages. You can also sell on websites like OLX and quicker. You can list your products on these websites for free but at a limit. When you reached their free limit they ask you to pay for the listing. So, I will not highly recommend you but you can use the free listings. If you have some money to invest then I recommend you to go with these options. Create your Shopify store. Shopify is a platform where you can create your e-commerce store and sell whatever you want to they allow to customize your store, they also provide you with some tools like analytics and many more. But this is not free they charge for a monthly subscription. Shopify have three plane Basic Shopify – 29 USD per month Shopify – 79 USD per month Advanced Shopify – 299 USD per month You can start with the basic plan and if you grow then you can upgrade your plane to advanced. Start your own Ecommerce Website of your brand name. If you want to build your brand value in the market then this is the best way. But here you need some money to invest in a domain name, hosting plane and other many things. 4. Make Plan Yes, you need a plane and strategy to focus on your business and your customer. Every business needs a plane and without a plan, they fail. In this business, you can’t survive without a great plane. For example, you must have plane how you will retarget your customer, how to get them back to your web store, how to make a brand, how will you manage your time, how will you grab the attention of your targeted customers. It’s very hard to create your own brand, it’s hard to get the first customer, and it’s hard to retain the previous customer. Make a plane execute it stick to it for a while analyze is it working or not? If not spot the weak points try to fix them and create another this way you can get success. Advantages and Disadvantages OF Drop Shipping There is always something good and something bad about any business. You must have known about it. Here I am pointing out some of the pros and cons of Drop Shipping for you. Pros Low startup cost. Easy business method Minimum risk factor No need to maintain inventory No specific location required. You can start anywhere. Cons Not easy to find a reliable supplier. No command on packing and shipping process Hard to retain customers High competition Low margin 5. Take Action Now I assume that you have selected your niche, you get your supplier, selected the platform where you want to sell and you also have a plane ready for your business. Now it’s time to take action. Start this from today after reading this blog post. Don’t think too much. You will learn how to handle day by day once you start.
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