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Found 182 results

  1. A crypto wallet app with top-notch security standards, a dynamic user interface, and utmost scalability is considered as the best application. https://www.quora.com/Which-is-the-top-Bitcoin-wallet-app-development-company/answer/James-Vspeer
  2. The “ROY Club” is a PRIZM cryptocurrency para-mining platform that unites participants all over the world. ROY club This is the only community on the Internet, on earth, in the world that has no signs and is not a financial pyramid. Why? Because every member of the community has the opportunity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at any time to withdraw all of their accumulated coins, even if 100% of the participants want to do it in one day, then they can easily do it. The advantages of the club “ROY” We use cryptocurrency PRIZM: Income up to 29.99% per month (up to 0,88% per day) No loss of funds (restart, reboot, scam impossible) Growth rate “ROY” after each transaction: several times per hour The withdrawal at any time of the full amount with interest and bonuses in automatic mode You can participate in any amount without restrictions, the recommended amount of 100 coins Bonus program: 9-level affiliate program - 5% 2% 1% 0,5% 0,2% 0,1% 0,1%0,05% 0,05% that allows you to get a decent reward for building a team. Affiliate bonuses are charged instantly and grow at interest rates, and are also available for withdrawal immediately without freezing. There are no divisions into structures: locomotives, turboprisms, royprism and other currents, this tool is available to all participants, young and old. There is no opportunity for bonus fraud - the participants themselves pay partner bonuses to each other. Partner ranks for the number of followers and the turnover of the structure, upon reaching which will be given cool expensive gifts. Transfers of partners from higher leaders. Deactivating non-active partners Allowed to use multiple accounts to build a network Security: The system is built on its own private blockchain, which protects against intruders / hackers The system uses hot and cold wallets for security against threats from hackers or a team of programmers. Protection against Phishing - there are no logins and passwords, you can participate without registration simply by entering your wallet number The output is only available on a registered wallet, for security reasons, so that attackers could not take your coins away How does everything work? The more coins collected at one address and the more its structure - the faster new coins are mined Members registering with the club and replenishing the balance begin to participate in joint paramining PRIZM All club members can get affiliate bonuses by attracting new people to the club and building their structure. That is, when you attract newbies - you get bonuses, when your partners attract newbies - you also get bonuses! The commission for entering 10% is Tithing, which works for the Benefit of the entire Club, because it: It protects the Club from referral schemes, under which fraudsters can no longer steal Members' money It pays off within 11 days or by the first two guests for the same amount Allows you to instantly pay bonuses, which motivates inviting newcomers to the Club Provides the maintenance and development of the club Club mission: We are striving for a new socio-economic model of society, in which the rights of the common man are not just stated on paper, but are actually being realized Unfortunately, the modern system is not able to provide a high standard of living for everyone and to guarantee the protection of the environment, since its main driving force is profit The club was created to unite like-minded people who are ready to change the world for the better. We are tired of waiting for the right moment, it's time to take matters into our own hands. Our key task: To secure the future for us and our children. Together. Now! More information about the ideology of the club can be found: https://roy.cash/club/ideology More information about the objectives of the club can be found: https://roy.cash/club/roadmap Need money? Interested in passive income? We are ready to help you! Invest in joint paramining in the ROY club. Details on the link: https://roy.cash/club
  3. bailey_barbara

    Bitfreezy offers you the best service guarantee service, it is the best investment platform fully transparent. We provide you simple and logical plans which can easily understandable for laymen also. There are 3 Plans: Plan 1. Investment Plan for Investors (daily ROI 1.5% Mon-Fri ), Plan 2: Direct Referral Commission (up to 6%), Plan 3: Binary Income (8% to First 10 Levels & 1% to Level 11 to Level 100). Get the best ROI in the market within a shorter period of time. To know more kindly visit the website. https://bitfreezy.com/asset-management/index.html
  4. Why go elsewhere when the most sought after cryptocurrency exchange development company is here? Centralized, decentralized and hybrid you name it we have it. Intuitive UI and attractive designs. Wallet facility is available. Ring us up right now.
  5. Blockchain Firm owns a dedicated team of blockchain developers who can deliver cryptocurrency wallets with zero vulnerabilities. We render different types of cryptocurrency wallet development services like software, hardware & paper wallets based on the client requisites!
  6. Exchange platforms with high security all set to plunge into the blockchain market. Make yours the best with our Cryptocurrency exchange development services. Powerful admin panel along with wallet facility. Storage will never be a problem. Walk into our office for more.
  7. Cryptocurrency Wallet App is the revolutionary software that has brought up the ease of transferring assets across the globe within seconds. https://blockchainhints.wordpress.com/2020/01/16/benefits-of-the-cryptocurrency-wallet-app-you-must-never-miss-it/
  8. Searching for professional cryptocurrency wallet development services to customize your crypto portfolio? We help you manage your assets in a safe wallet!
  9. Get customized and featured-rich cryptocurrency exchange script from Bitdeal to launch your own cryptocurrency exchange now !! Bitdeal - Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company offers best crypto exchange solutions over the globe. The features Bitdeal involves in their cryptocurrency exchange script involves the following : Admin Panel User-Friendly CMS Advanced UI/UX Basic, Advanced and Pro Trading Interfaces Initial Exchange Offerings ( IEO ) Integrated Trust wallet Integration Multi-Lingual LaunchPad Integrated Futures 125X Trading and lot more. Book a live demo at any time from Bitdeal for completely free !! Whatsapp : +91 9677555651
  10. Link: https://coins4clicks.com Referral Rewards: 20% Gateway: ExpressCrypto, Direct Payments! Adding More! TrustPilot Link: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/coins4clicks.com Foxyrating Link: https://foxyrating.com/en/review-34945-coins4clicks Started: 2019-07-21 Total Paid: Over 0.019 BTC Paid so far! Get paid to view advertisements! As a member, you'll get paid for each click that you generate by browsing our sponsor's ads. We offer all features of today's PTC technology, including instant payment processing. Have a look inside and start earning now! • DIRECT Payments - Get direct payments to your bitcoin wallet straight away! • Guaranteed ADs daily - We got our specialized marketing staff to look for advertisers to advertise on the site on a daily basis. • Highly trusted network, paying since 2019 - We have got payment proof paid to users in ExpressCrypto. (https://coins4clicks.com/payments/1). • NO minimum withdrawal - Don't you all hate when sites put a minimum withdrawal so you can check their site out again? Not on ours! • Instant payments via ExpressCrypto - Just 1 click, and enjoy the instant payment to ExpressCrypto! • Earn more from offers and surveys - We have got multiple offerwalls on our site including AdscendMedia! • Profitable and fun lottery game - Each lottery game lasts for 12 hours and more than 2000 satoshi are at stake, are you ready to get a proportion of it? • Earn from home - This site is customized to be used on mobile or laptop, so enjoy using this anywhere! • Multiply with our fair Hilo game! • Earn Bitcoins by viewing advertisements. • 100% Free, no investment required. • Invite your friends and get 20% commission. • Rated "Legitimate" by online review sites. • Effortless income. We offer competitively priced advertisement packages for your online campaigns. Paid member clicks are guaranteed and clicks from outside visitors are included in the price. Members can click your advertisement campaign once per 24 hours - outside clicks are included and free of charge. • Enhanced management - Get access to detailed information about your site's status. • Thousands of potential clients - We got users clicking for coins every day, they are very interested in Cryptocurrency projects! • Geographic (country) filtering - Don't want certain countries to see your AD as they might be irrelevant? We got you covered! • Your audience will view your whole ad - We have got a very accurate timing system to make sure that your site is fully loaded before the timer starts, so users can see your whole site. • Anonymous advertising, no signup required - In a hurry? We got you covered! • Fully operational anti-fraud & anti-cheat system - To prevent bot users from exploiting your lovely site, making sure every view to your site is quality, not quantity. • All visitors are Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency users. • Duration between 10 to 200 seconds. We plan on adding, even more, features like web mining, we are very focused on making our users make the most out of our site while enjoying the clean and aesthetically pleasing designs of the website. We are also experts at providing new business solutions in a win-win environment. • Professional email support - If you require any assistance or simply any suggestions, just email [email protected] and the support will reply to your email ASAP! • Instant services - We aim to provide a fast and instant service for all our users. • High traffic - Lots of users registering every day. • Innovative ideas.
  11. Finding the best cryptocurrency wallet app development company has become hectic, as there are bunches. Here’re 3 quick hacks to find the best that suits your needs! https://www.quora.com/How-can-I-find-the-best-cryptocurrecy-wallet-app-development-company-in-the-USA/answer/James-Vspeer
  12. Smart Contract started to get high preference among the traders because of the trading world features. Some Industry expert organizations step forward to provide Smart Contract Services. Developcoins is a such a organization, which is a Cryptocurrency Development Company and footed as Smart Contract Development Company too and became a Branded one in the market with the aid of their industry experts and skilled team members to offer complete end-to-end Smart Contract related services like Custom Smart Contract Development, Smart Contract Audit Services and so on.
  13. If Cryptocurrency exchange platform development is what you are looking for, then you’re in the right place. Get fully equipped exchange software that can handle infinite transactions with ease. Be the best in the market. Ask us how! Walk-in to our office now!
  14. Lukki lending feature enables users to buy and hold LOT tokens in order to multiply their amount by receiving dividends. The lending period lasts for 11 months with the minimum number of tokens for lending is equivalent to $25. LENDING – GUARANTEED PASSIVE INCOME FOR LOT HOLDERS Any Lukki user may transfer LOT tokens to the special account to hold them and generate monthly interest. Assets moved to such accounts are inaccessible for 11 months and generate passive income for holders. This is called Lending Package. The interest rate of the lending package starts from 6.7% depending on the user’s rank. RANK A user is assigned with a rank (from Junior Member to Hero Member) depending on the number of tokens a user holds in the lending account. The more funds in the lending – the higher the rank as well as the interest rate. The product Lukki is offering is useful and already functioning which is a comparative advantage over competitors. The user-friendly interface is another pros, as it is easy to start and attract new people without any additional trainings. Business developers created a well-developed marketing strategy which offers fast growth potential for the team leaders. As a result, the offer is suitable for both, individuals and the whole groups. Besides getting profit with the referral program, Lukki offers an additional passive income in the form of the platform tokens which number is limited. Such a method perfectly suits investors who just want to get a stable profit. Lukki offers the following advantages for its partners: MINIMUM ENTRY THRESHOLD There is no need to go through a long training period to attract users. Lukki makes the process of entry as convenient as possible. There is also a chance to attract people online. MAXIMUM PROFIT WITH ZERO INVESTMENTS INSTANT PAYOUTS On-time payments to the exchange wallet in BTC/ETH/USDT. RECOGNIZED PRODUCT More than 150,000 users worldwide trust us and the top crypto exchanges use our product. Also, Lukki has thousands of press-releases, hundred thousands of backlinks. ACTIVE MARKETING SUPPORT Lukki regularly holds events, webinars, meet opinion leaders so that the product could be easily sold. TRANSPARENT CONDITIONS Lukki creates simple and transparent linear referral program without pitfalls, contradictory rules or any ambiguities in the system. LEGALITY Lukki exchange is an officially registered company conducting legal issues for more than a year. The company has all the necessary licenses needed for financial operations. Program’s rules Any registered user of the Lukki Platform is able to receive earnings and bonuses due to the referral program. Find a referral link in your dashboard and send it to your friends or subscribers. Once they register on Lukki.io and deposit funds for lending, you’ll receive 12% of investments of your direct referrals, while the referrals of the second and third lines will bring you 8% and 5% respectively. And the interest gets even bigger if you achieve new ranks! Initially, every user starts with the Newbie rank. Every user registered on the Lukkx platform via your referral link is considered your direct referral. The Referral Bonus is paid immediately after any of your referrals has made investments in the Lending package equivalent to or more than $25. The payout is paid in the currency, exchanged for LOT by the referral. No hidden conditions or pitfalls! You don’t need to have any investments within the Lukki ecosystem to receive payouts from your referrals! Furthermore, there is another type of bonus for the most loyal and ambitious referrers called Token Bonus. It’s paid in LOT and can not be withdrawn or exchanged before the expiration date of the lending package of your referral. If a referral has canceled the lending package, the LOT bonus of the referrer burns out. The LOT Bonus can only be obtained if the user’s rank is equal to or higher than Full Member. Like Referral Bonus, Token Bonus gets bigger as the user obtains new Ranks: LOT Bonus Spreadsheet The user receives and can withdraw $2,850 immediately after their referrals invest (Referral Bonus), and $2,100 after referrals' lending packages end (Token Bonus). Follow us on social media: Website - https://lukkx.com/ Telegram - https://t.me/lukkx Medium - https://medium.com/@lukkx Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/LukkxProject/ Join us now and get an additional bonus to your first investments!
  15. 5 Questions To Identify Type Of Cryptocurrency Exchange You Should Get Developed If you’re planning to get an exchange developed, consider answering the following questions before choosing the type of cryptocurrency exchange you’d like to invest in. Do your target customers understand the cryptocurrency space, or do they just understand fiat? How important is liquidity / order settlement / transaction speed for your customer base? Are you in crypto-friendly jurisdictions? How will the governance of the exchange work? Do you plan to involve a community for decision making? Do you wish to provide fiat to crypto and vice-versa conversions? Hire an award winning team for centralized, decentralized, hybrid cryptocurrency exchange software development. Get Admin-to-Peer or Peer-to-Peer Exchange developed sd centralized exchanges (CEX) or smart contract driven decentralized exchanges (DEX)
  16. We provide the right white label crypto exchange software that suits every line of business. Our software will have undergone various testing methodologies in dynamic environments to provide the clients with a sturdy and profitable product.
  17. Blockchain Firm provides a dynamic and reliable White label cryptocurrency exchange platform for businesses and they don’t need to wait in long queues henceforth. Our experts will provide you with end-to-end white label crypto exchange solutions.
  18. We provide the right white label crypto exchange software that suits every line of business. Our software will have undergone various testing methodologies in dynamic environments to provide the clients with a sturdy and profitable product.
  19. We provide the right white label crypto exchange software that suits every line of business. Our software will have undergone various testing methodologies in dynamic environments to provide the clients with a sturdy and profitable product.
  20. Blockchain Firm provides an enhanced, accurate, customizable, and highly efficient white label cryptocurrency exchange platform with which you will be able to position your business at the top in the crypto market.
  21. Are you planning to build your own decentralized blockchain applications for your business? Osiz Technologies is here for you. We are a leading blockchain app development company providing end-to-end blockchain services across the globe. We have more than 10+ years of industry-proven experience in offering blockchain solutions to all entrepreneurs, small business, startups and industrial sectors. Our team of blockchain developers who have immense knowledge about this technology and also good developing applications as per your business requirements. We are Providing blockchain solutions for all kinds of sectors like Healthcare, Finance, Supply-Chain, E-commerce, Insurance, Gaming, Real Estate, Etc. Our Blockchain Services Blockchain Development Private/Public Blockchain Development Blockchain Consulting Services Hyperledger Development Hedera Hashgraph Development Blockchain P2P Lending Platform Blockchain AI Development Blockchain IoT Development Smart Contract Audit Dapp Development Tron DApp Development Solidity Development Platforms We Focus for Developing Blockchain Neo Quorum Ethereum Classic Ethereum Waves Stratis Chainlink EOS Lisk Do you want to create your own blockchain applications for your business and stay ahead of your competitors? Let's talk with our experts @ Call (or)Whatsapp - +91 9500481067 Email: [email protected] URL: https://www.osiztechnologies.com/blockchain-development Skype: https://join.skype.com/invite/lAF0IYo03Kfu
  22. Your search for the best cryptocurrency exchange development company ends here. Blockchain Firm offers state-of-the-art Whitelabel crypto exchange development software for users looking to develop an exchange platform.
  23. Are you looking to build a cryptocurrency exchange platform like Binance? How about a quick guide to get it done and a one-one consultation? If that sounds like a difficult move, we got a checklist for you here.
  24. Hi my friends I have a site that maybe makes you a millionaire,A new cryptocurrency will be launched after 15 days, Take the chance and register for free and get 1000 free coins,And get 1000 coins with each Invite a friend registers in a site. With major backing companies for a major new coin In the possibility of equalizing the bitcoin. https://coinsbit.io/referral/07c8ba78-3633-49ce-a1cc-28a5b8962454
  25. Visit us to see why we are the most profitable and largest Crypto community. Get Free crypto Signal and lessons on Bitmex Leverage Trade - https://t.me/freebitmexsignals The Automated BOT, Premium Bitmex Signals, Trading Videos, Assistance - All these makes us highly successful Community. 7% Profit on #BCH via scalping trade - Again, these are excellent trades executed through BOT. More than 300% Profit in just 3 days from some great Bitmex Scalping Trades. We have a big community and provide the best of Bitmex services. We have around 20k live traders and offers a demo of our services and bot. We have a big trading room and the best part is all our Bitmex statements are open for everyone to verify. Great part being all the signals are auto executed in your account which makes the profit making process easier. Grab the most advanced automated Bot for Leverage trading on Bitmex. It has great independent trading strategy which yields out daily consistent gains.
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