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Found 2 results

  1. From my point of view, Gold increases its safe haven status everyday as the financial & death toll goes higher and higher. Gold is now 1702 dollars , it can go up & down few in coming days But expect the 2008 moment when stock markets were calm for three weeks and then boom .. Maybe, In May we will see higher prices when the governments start to pay the immense costs of economical downturn - unemployment benefits, no tax revenue, exploding healthcare costs and with the printing of money stagflation & recession; perfect recipe for extreme Gold prices, find out the best place to buy gold online when you can โ€ฆ What you say guys?
  2. Hey, there. How you doing. And how is your Area / Country due to the pandemic around. Your help will be needed, on this, Pls read. I'm going to run 10k in my garden while reading a children's book, Tom Palmer's 'Armistice Runner' to raise money for the NHS Charities Together appeal. I'm not going to make millions but I have been fundraising for three weeks. As we are all aware, the NHS are under immense strain to treat people with the Coronavirus - especially the very vulnerable. Let's not forget all the people who are already unwell who may not get the treatment they desperately need either. My local hospital (Watford General) recently had a critical situation with a lack of oxygen to treat patients with. We need to help them. It is wonderful to hear people clapping each week in support of our brilliant nurses, doctors and other NHS workers, but I just wanted to do something more to help raise money for the NHS Charities Together appeal. Please check more of my story - https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/CHRISSOUL THANKS AS YOU DONATE - WE'll SURELY APPRECIATE.

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