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Found 31 results

  1. GLOBAL MARKETS ROUNDUP * Asian share markets nudged into the red on Wednesday following an uninspiring performance by Wall Street, while a dip in the dollar against the yen prompted profit-taking on Japanese stocks. * The dollar wallowed at one-week lows against a basket of major currencies on Wednesday, undermined by lower Treasury yields after a batch of data failed to sway markets one way or the other over when the Federal Reserve will scale back stimulus. * Brent crude oil futures edged lower in choppy trading on Tuesday, as investors awaited new data after concluding that a deal between Iran and world powers would bring no immediate increase in crude supplies. * U.S. Treasuries prices held onto gains on Tuesday after the Treasury sold $35 billion in five-year notes to solid demand, the second of three sales of $96 billion in new coupon-bearing debt this week. Moneycontrol | moneycontroltips | stock tips| commodity tips
  2. The market is volatile in early trade as it is consolidating at current levels after rising 656 points on the Sensex in previous two sessions. The Nifty is hovering around the 6200 level. The Sensex is up 60.82 points at 20911.56, and the Nifty is up 14.95 points at 6203.95. About 502 shares have advanced while 197 shares declined on the BSE. 19-Nov Market Opens: Market Opens: #Sensex is up 44 points at 20,895. #Nifty is up 10 points at 6,199. Bank #Nifty is down 32 points at 11,109. CNX Midcap is up 12 points at 7,628. Moneycontrol
  3. The Indian rupee started strong on Thursday 3 October 2013 tracking global dollar weakness. Increased dollar selling by exporters and a higher opening in the domestic equity markets also supported the rupee. The domestic currency opened higher by 32 paisa at Rs 62.15 against the U.S. dollar and fell to a low of 62.22 before bouncing back to a high of 61.82 so far during the day. Read More Detail - Rupee strengthens on dollar weakness Nifty Future Tips | Commodity Mcx Tips | Stock Intraday Tips
  4. In India, an increase in crude oil prices brings with it higher inflows from the Middle East. Click here To know about the Best Stock Advisory India Over the last few months, crude oil prices have witnessed an unprecedented increase, touching a 4-year high of around $80 a barrel and proving wrong numerous experts, who until recently believed that it wasn’t possible for them to touch these levels in the near term. But over the last year or so, the reversal of an erstwhile supply glut has kept prices inflated. While the myriad factors responsible for the shortage in supply are being highlighted in discourses around the world, it is important to know that the parallelly rising demand cannot be ignored. This assumes importance because many are of the opinion that the exorbitant prices are more a result of politics than economics. Click here to get Free Commodity Tips Growing demand The buoyancy in the global economy has increased the appetite for crude oil in recent months. Consumption of oil across the globe during the January-March quarter increased by almost 2 percent year on year, which was primarily due to a spike in demand from US, China, and other Asian countries. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- we Are Best Stock Advisory In India We provide Commodity Tips, Intraday Calls, Share Market Tips. For More Information contact us at +91-8305596871 or just click the link below and register yourself now. https://goo.gl/aZjKFS
  5. No reason to worry about the higher contribution of retail loans in the economy Retail loans now account for around 25 percent of all non-food credit. As youngsters join the work-force, the higher contribution of retail loans is expected. Click here To know about the Best Stock Advisory India The main reason private sector banks could weather the bad loan storm was that they were more focused on lending to the retail sector. Retail loans have two advantages. One, the margins are much better than those of corporate loans despite the despite the higher cost of disbursing them. Also, given the smaller size of the loans, a few of them turning bad does not dent the overall loan book. A comparison of the loan books of HDFC Bank, the leader in private sector banks and SBI, the largest public sector bank drives home the point. Retail loans account for roughly 70 percent mark of HDFC Bank’s loan book, while the corresponding number for SBI is around 27 percent. Net interest margin of HDFC Bank stands at 4.3 percent while that of SBI is 2.45 percent. While the difference is glaring one needs to keep in mind that public sector banks are ‘compelled’ to lend to social sectors which are not the case with their private sector peers. However, public sector banks have woken up to the changing trend and have started focusing on the retail lending. Take the case of SBI, where the bank has shifted gears both in corporate lending and retail lending. While it has shifted to the reverse gear in corporate lending with a negative growth rate of 4.2 percent, it has shifted to a higher gear in retail lending, growing it at a rate of 13.6 percent, the highest growth rate among all its business segments. Overall lending numbers also point towards the growing bias. Lending to personal loans, including housing, vehicle, consumer durables, and credit cards, increased by 20.4 percent in February 2018. In contrast, advances in all form of industry (large and small) were up by only 1 percent. Retail loans now account for around 25 percent of all non-food credit. As youngsters join the work-force, the higher contribution of retail loans is expected. Further, the slowdown in corporate loan growth is also increasing the market share of retail loans. Perhaps, realizing the damage that high personal loans can do to the banking system and the economy, the central bank has raised the red flag. Reserve Bank of India’s deputy governor, NS Vishwanathan, warned that the herd mentality among bankers to grow retail credit and the personal loan segment in view of the problem-riddled corporate loan book is also risky. “This is not a risk-free segment and banks should not see it as the grand panacea for their problem-riddled corporate loan book. There are risks here too that should be properly assessed, priced and mitigated,” said Vishwanathan. RBI, however, is only partly right when it comes to risks associated with retail loans. In secured loans like housing, the non-performing loans are less than 2 percent. It is only recently that non-performing loans in the housing sector have moved up, that too in the affordable housing sector. However, a closer look at these toxic loans shows that most of them were given to owners of small businesses who were affected by demonetization and GST implementation. Besides these, delinquencies in housing loans are low. Housing loan is in any case, not so much of a problem as they are asset-backed that too by an asset which does not fall much, if at all. However, the auto loans and more importantly the personal loan segments, education loans, and credit cards are one the ones that are problematic. In case of personal loans, generally banks clear the file only in case of working employees that too for those who work in reputed companies. As for credit card, banks know the risk they are taking and cover the risk by charging exorbitant rates to its users. Click here to get Free Commodity Tips The biggest problem that the retail segment might face is in the educational loan segment, especially if the economy slows down. The US too is now facing the problem of high educational loans where the students are unable to repay the loans on account of lack of well-paying jobs or no suitable job at all. Going forward it is possible that banks in India might tighten the screening process of giving loans to only the more deserving students in India. Though retail loans now account for 25 percent of all credit they are still no reason to worry. They are fragmented in nature and only in case of a big depression we can see the defaults rising. It is too early to raise the red flag on the inherent risk in these loans. On the other hand banks not lending to the industry is a more worrying sign as this risk can percolate down to the personal loan segment. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- we Are Best Stock Advisory In India We provide Commodity Tips, Intraday Calls, Share Market Tips. For More Information contact us at +91-8305596871 or just click the link below and register yourself now. https://goo.gl/y9zQ9b
  6. The trading diary is your daily calendar of actual trades and your thoughts surrounding it. Trading diary is all about learning from experiences so try to be absolutely honest in writing down your notes. Click here To know about the Best Stock Advisory India Have you ever noticed that every successful businessman maintains a diary? Why do you think they do it? It is to maintain a continuous dialogue between actions, outcomes, environment and strategies. Like any business, trading is also about strategy. You are not sitting on the trading terminal to predict the market. That is not your job at all! Your job is to accept that the market will be what it is and design your trading strategy around it. But strategy is much easier said than done. It requires data, review and isolation of the relevant issues. That is where a Trading Diary comes in handy. What should you write in your trading diary? The trading diary is your daily calendar of actual trades and your thoughts surrounding it. Trading diary is all about learning from experiences so try to be absolutely honest in writing down your notes. Here are 3 things that you need to address in your trading diary: Why did I initiate the trade and how? This is something you need to jot down about each trade at the end of the day. Did you get carried away by the broad direction of the market wind? You also need to jot down what were the technical and fundamental checks that you did before getting into that transaction. Each trade has to have a justification, otherwise it is a pure gamble. How was the trade executed and handled? There are various aspects to this question. Did you focus on execution at the best price or did you place a market order in a rising market? Where did you put the stop loss and where did you set your profit target? Did you actually panic and close your position before the stop loss was triggered? Once you document all these aspects, you get insights into how your trade can be handled in future. Did the trade work out as planned? This is the most important aspect of your trading diary. Remember, when you are a trader the buck stops with you. You cannot blame the volatility in the market for trades that go against you. The bigger question is what precautionary measures you took to prevent your trade from misfiring. Actions, outcomes, environment, strategies Remember these four pillars of your trading diary. First and foremost, it keeps a record of your actual actions. While trading, you maintain a log of your trades but when you prepare your diary you must input your thinking behind that trade too. That will give you a better base to reconsider strategy. Secondly, you need to focus on outcomes. What actually happened to the trade? Did you book a small profit, did you book a large profit, did the stop loss get triggered or did you just panic and surrender your position. Thirdly, what was the environment on that trading day? Was it a normal day, was it a bullish day or bearish day or whether it was an extremely volatile day. The environment matters a lot too. Lastly, how did you calibrate your strategy in response to outcomes and environment? That really determines if you are going up the learning curve as a trader or not. The importance of a trading diary The trading diary involves a lot of time, effort and commitment from your side. So, what is in it for you? Actually, the trading diary will proffer 5 key benefits on your trading performance: Click here to get Free Commodity Tips It forces you to look at performance on a daily and even, at times, on an hourly basis. As a trader you live by the hour and if you are profitable in 4 out of the 6 hours during the day then you are likely to be profitable overall. That is granular thinking. Trading diary throws up interesting trends. You may be losing money on your Nifty trades regularly but you may not able to fathom the reason. The trading diary will help you pinpoint the precise reason. It could either have to do with your stop loss levels or the way you enter and exit the Nifty. Either ways, the insight is important. Trading diary acts as a check list for the next trading day. When you analyze your actions, outcomes, environment and strategies for the day, you actually know where to focus on the next day. That clarity makes your trading more focused and you can spend the 1 hour prior to trade opening purely focusing on this handful of areas. Are you overtrading with your capital? That is a difficult question to answer but when you sit down with your trading diary, you have data in front of you. Take a call for the next day accordingly. Lastly, trading diary is part of your learning curve and these learnings cumulate into your experience. They also create good trading habits, which will stand you in good stead in the long run. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- we Are Best Stock Advisory In India We provide Commodity Tips, Intraday Calls, Share Market Tips. For More Information contact us at +91-8305596871 or just click the link below and register yourself now. https://goo.gl/y9zQ9b
  7. In general, if implied volatility is higher than historical volatility it gives some indication that option prices may be high. If implied volatility is below historical volatility, this may mean option prices are discounted. Click here To know about the Best Stock Advisory India The 1997 East Asian economic crisis and 2008 Great Financial crisis made apparent how vulnerable currencies can be. It also made apparent the need for firms to manage foreign exchange risk. Many individuals, firms and businesses found themselves under great trouble in the wake of drastic exchange rate movements. Foreign exchange risk refers to the uncertainties faced due to fluctuating exchange rates. Why currency hedging is important? And how it can be hedged? Un-hedged exposure of forex (FX) can affect firm's balance sheet or profitability, which can create cash outflow and operational issues. Hedging reduces a firm's exposure to unwanted risk. This helps in sustaining profits, reducing volatility and ensuring smoother operations. Foreign currency exposures must be divided into monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly basis. Short-term exposures up to, say, confirm orders be fully covered with forward or future contracts, and after that the strategy of partial hedging may be used to deal with volatility in the dollar-rupee rate. Click here to get Free Commodity Tips Further, Derivative can be used with the combination of risk management and technical analysis. Forward or option strategy with pre-defined limiting risk strategy like stoploss based on technical chart observation would be ultimate hedging strategy. This will also help to mitigate costing levels, especially in the time of higher volatility in the currency. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- we Are Best Stock Advisory In India We provide Commodity Tips, Intraday Calls, Share Market Tips. For More Information contact us at +91-8305596871 or just click the link below and register yourself now. https://goo.gl/y9zQ9b
  8. Gold has been a preferred investment option for many during the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Tritiya irrespective of its price. Despite the soaring prices, the yellow metal would not lose its sheen owing to wedding season. Gold is believed to be one of the best hedge against inflation and is considered to be amongst best performing asset when the market is full of risk and uncertainty. Click here To know about the Best Stock Advisory India If you are planning to buy gold this Akshaya Tritiya, then you should invest in the yellow metal as per your financial goals, and select the right option based on the return aspect, liquidity, tax efficiency, etc. of each. In this article, we take a look at various gold investment options to make the right choice in the festive season. Physical Gold Buying physical gold is one of the easiest ways to invest in the yellow metal. However, you should be cautious while investing in jewellery as its resale value is comparatively lower than gold biscuits and coins. You should also remember that you may need to pay a premium over the prevailing market rate for buying physical gold and when you want to sell it, you may be offered lower rate than the prevailing market rate. Also, physical gold is not safe as there is a risk of theft when you keep it at home. Purity is another big issue with the gold being sold in the market so go only for hallmark certified gold and look for a hallmark stamp of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Gold ETF Gold ETF are traded on the stock market and you can buy or sell gold in real time during the trading session. You can buy 1 gram of gold to initiate the investment. All your gold ETF investment will safely get deposited in your demat account. You need to pay annual demat charges for holding scrips in it. Transaction charges on buying and selling gold ETF is much lower than what you need to pay in case of physical gold. Click here to get Free Commodity Tips Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) SGB is a new age gold investment product, introduced by the government as an alternative to physical gold. The gold bonds for investment are available at select post office, designated banks and through stock exchanges. You can keep the investment either in demat form or the paper form. The most lucrative advantage of investing in SGB is that apart from capital gain benefit, you are also entitled to interest on invested amount at the rate of 2.5% p.a. Another important benefit of investing in gold ETF is that if you redeem gold after completion of tenure i.e. 8 years, then the complete long-term capital gain is tax free. You are also allowed to raise loan against SGB by putting it as collateral security. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- we Are Best Stock Advisory In India We provide Commodity Tips, Intraday Calls, Share Market Tips. For More Information contact us at +91-8305596871 or just click the link below and register yourself now. https://goo.gl/y9zQ9b
  9. The broader market was the worst hit with the S&P BSE Smallcap index falling a little over 11 percent and the S&P BSE Midcap index saw a decline of a little over 10 percent in the same period. Click here To know about the Best Stock Advisory India The Sensex might have lost just three percent in the quarter-ended March but nearly 400 stocks in the BSE 500 index slipped up to 62 percent in the same period. Implementation of Long-Term Capital Gains Tax (LTCG) and banking woes domestically, coupled with global trade war fears, geopolitical tensions in West Asia, fall in global liquidity, Fed rate hike as well as rising crude oil prices weighed on sentiment. Apart from global headwinds, aggressive political posturing by opposition parties, led by their victory in the UP by polls, also added to the market worries, experts said. The broader market was the worst hit with the BSE Smallcap index falling a little over 11 percent and the BSE Midcap index declining a little over 10 percent in the same period. Click here to get Free Commodity Tips The larger fall was in individual stocks such as JBF Industries (down 62%), followed by Vakrangee (down 47%), Kwality (down 46%), Hindustan Construction Company (down 45%), Punjab National Bank (down 44%), Unitech (down 42%) and Bank of India (down 39%). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- we Are Best Stock Advisory In India We provide Commodity Tips, Intraday Calls, Share Market Tips. For More Information contact us at +91-8305596871 or just click the link below and register yourself now. https://goo.gl/y9zQ9b
  10. Alpha Investment Research Adviser is the best tips provider in Indian commodity market. We Provide Stock Tips, Ncdex tips, Commodity tips ,Share Tips, Indian Stock Market Tips With High accuracy. Commodity Tips Free Trial
  11. The Grs Solution is a leading financial advisory services provider firm .We have designed services for different investors as per their needs like Equity tips, Stock tips, Commodity tips and many more to serve our clients. We offer regular services for investors with less capital and premium services for massive investors looking for higher returns on investments with bigger targets. Commodity Tips Free Trial
  12. Gold and silver were being traded flat in morning trade on Monday due to lackluster demand of precious metals from jewellers, industries and retailers. MCX Gold futures were trading 0.12%, or Rs. 36, down at Rs 29,282 /10 gram whereas MCX Silver futures were down 0.08%, or Rs. 33, at Rs 39,116 / 1 kilo. Investors remained watchful before the naming of the subsequent US Fed Reserve chair and ahead of a 2-day FOMC meeting, both scheduled this week...... Read More More Related Story Gold Silver Price Today
  13. GOLD - Gold prices turned lower on Friday as the dollar regained ground after the U.S. Senate approved a budget plan for the 2018 fiscal year that will ease passage for Republicans to pursue a tax-cut package without Democratic support. The Republican-controlled Senate voted for the budget measure late on Thursday by 51-to-49, which would add up to $1.5 trillion to the federal deficit over the next decade in order to pay for proposed tax cuts. The U.S. Federal Reserve is widely expected to raise its benchmark interest rate for the third time this year in December. Higher rates tend to boost the dollar, putting pressure on the greenback-denominated gold. Meanwhile, a report that Trump was leaning toward Fed Governor Jerome Powell, who is perceived as a less hawkish candidate, as the next Fed chair had weighed on the dollar earlier in the session and lent some support to gold prices. Trump concluded interviews with the five candidates, including current chief Janet Yellen, he is considering to chair the Fed and could announce a decision as early as next week. Elsewhere, the European Central Bank will say on Oct. 26 it will start trimming its monthly asset purchases to 40 billion euros from 60 billion euros in January, a Reuters poll found. CRUDE OIL-Oil prices edged up on Friday, supported by signs of tightening supply and demand fundamentals, although a warning about excessive China economic optimism still weighed somewhat on markets. The stable prices came after a more than 1 percent fall in prices the previous day. This was put down to profit-taking following four days of straight gains, but also to a sudden market slump which spooked traders after the veteran but outgoing governor of China's central bank warned of a “Minsky moment", a reference to excessive optimism about economic growth fuelled by vast debt and speculative investment. US commercial crude oil stocks have dropped 15 percent from their March records to 456.5 million barrels, below levels seen last year. Part of this drawdown has been due to rising exports as a result of the steep discount of WTI crude to Brent, which makes it attractive for American producers to export their oil. Additionally, crude futures price curves are in backwardation, which makes it attractive to sell produced oil immediately rather than store it for later dispatch. US commercial crude oil stocks have dropped 15 percent from their March records to 456.5 million barrels, below levels seen last year. COPPER - London copper nudged higher on Friday as some investors beefed up positions following overnight losses, and remained on track to post its fourth weekly rise even after retreating from three-year highs. Copper at the start of the week rallied above $7,000 a tonne for the first time since September 2014. Traders said the slight pullback in price overnight was in reaction to Thursday’s data showing economic growth in China, the world’s biggest metals consumer, was in line was expectations. While some interpreted the data as supportive of Chinese industrial activity, ANZ Bank noted investors in the sector remained cautious. State-owned China metals firm Jiangxi Copper Co Ltd plans to make an acquisition in mineral-rich Africa, president and chairman Long Zhiping said, as the country’s top integrated copper producer aims to step up overseas expansion. Stocks declined a net 3,625 tonnes to 287,625 tonnes. 8,200 tonnes of copper was freshly canceled with the majority in New Orleans. CapitalStars Award Winning, SEBI registered, ISO certified investment advisory company. We provide intraday & positional services in Equity , derivative ,commodity & currency. Our research is highly skilled & experienced. Commodity tips stock market tips Free Commodity Tips Share Tips Expert Share Tips Nifty Futures Tips Capitalstars capitalstars payment capitalstars Services For More details Visit here: www.capitalstars.com Click Here:-> http://capitalstars.com/free-trial Fill Up The Form For Getting FREE Trial...!!! Join Now!!!!
  14. NCDEX Black Pepper futures plunged to a fresh contract low yesterday amid global cues from physical market. NCDEX Pepper futures for October dropped to Rs 43,250 per quint and ended close Rs 43,500 per quintal due to some buying activity emerged in intraday trade. Even though pepper supply in Indonesia is limited, traders were not able to push the price up amid a choppy sentiment in global market. The market is watching anxiously the price movement in Vietnam. The steady drop in pepper prices in Vietnam in the last few weeks has worsened pepper prices around other locations also...... Read More More Related Story- Commodity Tips
  15. Gold fell by Rs 50 to Rs 30,850 per 10 gram at the bullion market today on weak cues from overseas markets and fall in demand from local jewellers at domestic spot market. Silver followed suit and eased by Rs 200 to Rs 41,400 per kg due to reduced offtake by industrial units and coin makers. Traders said a weak trend overseas, shrugging off North Korea's latest missile launch over Japan with strong US inflation data raising hopes of another interest rate hike...!!! CapitalStars Financial Research Private Limited providing equity ,Commodity & forex trading calls with free trial .Our company also provide Profitable trading tips with trials in all Indian Mcx commodity market. Our Some Best Services Read it Here Free Commodity Tips Share Tips Expert Share Tips Commodity tips stock market tips Nifty Futures Tips CapitalStars Certifications
  16. The dollar hit five-week lows against its peers on Friday, in the wake of the Federal Reserve's cautious message this week on the outlook for interest rate hikes and on concerns over a protectionist slant to a G20 meeting this weekend. The dollar index .DXY , which gauges the greenback against a basket of six major rivals, fell 0.2 percent to 100.29 after touching 100.16, its lowest level since Feb. 9. For more realtime market information and best Commodity Tips join Epic Research.
  17. * European session sees revival for greenback * Dollar hit 1-mth low after Fed stops short of hawkish message * Euro buoyed by results of Dutch election * BOJ, SNB stand pat on monetary policy, BoE next The dollar recovered from a one-month low on Thursday as investors bought the currency on the back of sharp falls prompted by the U.S. Federal Reserve's failure to give a hawkish message on further rate rises. In early trade in Europe, the dollar index recovered all its losses since the close of U.S. trade to stand roughly steady on the day at 100.69. .DXY It was a quarter percent higher at $1.0720 per euro and flat at 113.39 yen For more realtime market information and best Commodity Tips join Epic Research.
  18. FOREX-Dollar subdued as market awaits Fed rate message * Fed rate rise on Wednesday more than 90 pct priced-in * Euro retreats as Netherlands votes * Sterling rebounds after plumbing two-month lows The dollar was subdued in European trade on Wednesday, staying range-bound ahead of an expected U.S. Federal Reserve interest rate hike with investors' eyes peeled for clues on the bank's future monetary policy. The dollar index, which tracks the greenback against a basket of six rival currencies, was off 0.2 percent, at 101.50 .DXY . For more realtime market information and best Commodity Tips join Epic Research.
  19. The recovery in EUR/USD loses steam as we head into mid-Europe, as investors gear up for the ECB policy decision for next direction on the EUR. Over the last hours, the major staged a solid comeback from four-day troughs of 1.0525, and looks to test yesterday’ highs reached at 1.0576, mainly driven by a profit-taking rally, as markets clear out EUR short positions after three consecutive days of declines. We indicated yesterday that ‘unless EUR can move and stay above 1.0610 by end of today, it is more likely that this pair has moved into a consolidation phase. EUR closed at 1.0540 and from here we expect this pair to trade sideways within a 1.0490/1.0590 range. For more realtime information and Commodity Tips contact Epic Research.
  20. The US dollar garnered significant strength across the board post-European open, triggering aggressive selling in EUR/USD towards the mid-point of 1.05 handle. The major finally broke the Asian consolidation box and ran through fresh sellers amid resurgent broad based US dollar demand, as the treasury yields resume the upside. The 2-year yields, which mimics the Fed rate hike expectations, hit the highest levels since July 2009 at 1.346%. The market has remained capped by the downtrend at 1.0631. Focus has shifted to last weeks low at 1.0494. Below here we continue to target recent lows at 1.0352/40 For more real time market information and profitable Commodity Tips Join India's leading advisory firm Epic Research.
  21. The pound turned lower against the U.S. dollar on Friday, after the release of weak U.K. retail sales data, although the greenback’s gains were expected to remain limited ahead of Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony later in the day. GBP/USD hit 1.2290 during European morning trade, the session low; the pair subsequently consolidated at 1.2296, shedding 0.40%. Sterling was also lower against the euro, with EUR/GBP rising 0.27% to 0.8664. For more real-time forex market updates and best forex signals and Commodity Tips contact Epic Research.
  22. I am a professional financial advisor and research analyst for Stock, Commodity and Forex market. I think profit making from the stock market or any kind of market is very easy if you have enough knowledge about market, as a trader you must monitor the market regularly which stock in trend now etc. So the conclusion is that the profit making may be little confusing for a normal user and i have a solution for this problem, new traders can take help from a professional advisor which can provide the accurate forex tips, Stock Tips, Commodity Tips etc. Apart from this please suggest the other points that how can traders make money regularly.
  23. The pan-European Stoxx 600 was down 0.02 percent at the start of the session with several stocks in red. Health care stocks were outperforming the other sectors, going up by 0.7 percent. According to Bloomberg, the U.S. company Johnson & Johnson is considering a potential takeover of the Swiss biotech firm Actelion. U.S. markets will re-open Friday but only for half day, continuing to limit the available amount of liquidity For more real-time market updates and free stock tips, commodity tips and Forex Tips contact Epic Research.
  24. AUD/USD gained 0.49% to 0.7438, the highest since November 17. The Australian Bureau of Statistics earlier said that construction work done dropped 4.9% in the third quarter, compared to expectations for a 1.7% fall. NZD/USD rose 0.21% to trade at 0.7078. For more real-time market news update and profitable Forex Tips, Stock Tips & Commodity Tips get in touch with Epic Research Ltd.
  25. Epic Research Ltd is a leading Commodity market Advisory Company which is specialized in providing Commodity Tips, commodity trading tips covering almost all the major segments of the commodity market.
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