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Found 1 result

  1. E-cigarettes have been recently introduced to the market and have gained instant popularity. E-cigarettes are an alternative to regular cigarettes, but without the health hazards like tobacco and smoke. E-cigarettes aim to reduce global addiction to smoking and levels of smoking. Commonly referred to as a vape, they are marketed as products that will help cut down tobacco addiction. The companies that produce these vapes have gained millions in revenue, as a result of a worldwide trend switching from cigarettes to vape pens. Amongst other factors that have helped to vape become popular, the product presentation and restyling of the product packaging have been a critical development. The packing of e-cigs has beaten the packaging of conventicle cigarettes in terms of design, art and structure. In this article, we will discuss how E-cigarette boxes are one of the most significant innovations in the smoking industry. Vapes vs tobacco-based products: When it comes to health factors, vapes are way better than regular cigarettes due to their negligible tobacco content and absence of other harmful substances in cigarettes smoke. Another advantage is that e smoking is more environment-friendly, as the exhaled smoke is mostly composed of vaporized water. E-cigarettes last longer, for a whole month on average. Also, E-cigarettes have the advantage of looking more ''classy'' over regular ones. Avant-garde product packaging: Jul boxes have been regarded as a leap forward in the cigarette industry. That is because the tables are environment-friendly, and do not lead to wastage of resources. The reason why E-cigarettes are more Eco-friendly is because overall, one vape pod lasts longer than 50 boxes of cigarettes. So, the first innovation is the fact that vapes come in ecofriendly boxes, which is a plus, considering how climate change bios a hotly debated issue globally right now. Another upgrade is the stunning visual attraction of E-cigarette boxes. Graphic designs, high quality by visuals, vibrant color schemes, artistic labeling and aesthetic presentation of the product, all contribute to making the packaging more attractive to the customer. The boxes are also convenient to carry, as they are not bulky and crude. They are sleek and designed to fit in hand or pocket of the consumer. Compared to regular cigarettes, with their drab, low quality and relatively expensive packing, the E-cigarettes catch the eye of the customer. Another significant development in the design of vape boxes is the fact that the packaging can be custom made. Just choose any design, and the company will print that for you on the packaging. This approach is indeed unique and interests many teenagers. The fact that almost 60% of the teenagers in the US vape, custom made boxes are a pretty smart approach. Not only the design, but we can also easily have the contents of the box custom made. This is a service not offered by other companies. So basically, the customer can just choose whatever they want to include in the box, apart from the Juul itself. Accessories like charger, spare pods, and flavours can be easily added. Customized wrapping has allowed people even to use E-cigarettes as gifts as well. Another factor that makes us consider the vape boxes to be an advancement in cigarettes boxes is the fact that the companies that produce them, also offer free home delivery. So the customer has to give order online, select the designs they want to see on the box, and click. The order will be shipped/delivered directly to your doorstep. This convenience isn't offered by any tobacco-based products and has made just much more accessible and popular among st teenagers, who prefer shopping online. Most vape products are not packed in cardboard boxes these days. Instead, the manufacturers use transparent wrappings to contain the product. This is to show the contents of the product to the consumer, while the product is still on the shelf. This helps the people to see what they will be buying, taking into account that vapes are a recently introduced product. So the product being visible helps them to study it and make a decision. Another way in which it beats the regular cigarette boxes is the informative aspect. The containers of the vapes are highly informative. They have all sorts of information printed on them, to help consumers to get guidance about the product, learn about benefits and uses and health hazards. The final yet most effective way in which the electric cigarette boxes are printed. From soft touches to contrasting varnish finishes, from multi-coloured bursts of colour and design, to bold and iconic; they use a wide range of textures and finishes to make the product more enjoyable. Some companies use their stylistic logos to differentiate their products, while some use their specific design of packing to do so. The point is, just like perfume boxes, these cigarettes packages also use a wide array of designs to subtly attract the buyer and create a visual impact on them. Therefore, we can see in the article how E cigarette boxes are heads and shoulders above the wrapping techniques of traditional tobacco cigarettes. To capture the market through aggressive marketing and high customer satisfaction, the manufacturers of electronic cigarettes have taken the game to the next level. To stand out, they have entirely refined and reinvented the casing. And the audience they are targeting, that is the youth, this method has turned out to be wildly successful. The large amounts of turnover and profits have enabled the vaping industry to generate and reach an ever-increasing base of consumption, owing to the ingenious and inventive approach to marketing and product presentation.
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