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  1. Blockchain For Real Estate In recent years, commercial enterprises and real estate professionals have been encountering the transformative impact of blockchain technology that optimizes property sales and increased investment opportunities. This article explains the transformation that happened in the real estate business with blockchain technology. https://bit.ly/3gBKZQJ
  2. Have you heard about world top rated crypto currency market and exchange website called QubitTech Are you just hearing this for the first time ? Please don’t miss the opportunity and try to join today The main mission of QubitTech is to provide its users with effective ways to receive royalty payments from the use of quantum technologies, as well as to grant its users with an exclusive access to its strategic partners' platforms. The main goal of QubitTech is to reach platform's capitalization value of 10 billion USDT and grow its users base to more than 10,000,000 user
  3. Get the best enterprise blockchain services & solutions from Osiz. We provide the best enterprise blockchain solutions for major industries like healthcare, supplychain, insurance, banking, etc. Reach our blockchain experts & discuss your demands. For Business Related Inquiries, Reach our experts here, Call/Whatsapp: +91 9442164852 E-mail: [email protected] Skype: 0siz.tech Telegram: osiz_tech
  4. The peer-to-peer crypto exchange is a globally reliable trading platform. It enables buyers and sellers to negotiate and agree to a price before the transaction. It connects buyers and sellers to trade directly between them without the intervention of a third party. P2P crypto exchange advantages over a centralized exchange Cost-effective operations Resistance to transactional censorship Secure Smart contract powered with escrow service Regulatory compliances. Benefits you gain
  5. Today, 31 October 2020, being the monthly close, it is mandatory for the asset to maintain above $13900 or cross $14000 to increase the bull run pace. Read more https://coinpedia.org/news/bitcoin-price-rallies-on-its-birthday/
  6. Our features include automatic loan calculation, auto-invest facility, integration with the leading secondary markets, spot KYC/AML verification of all the borrowers and lenders, advanced search facility which covers risk profiles and time horizons, and a great user-friendly design. With loans needed for various purposes such as education, personal, home, auto, and mortgage, our blockchain P2P lending platform ensures fairness and integrity of transactions.
  7. Antier Solutions is one of the early adopters of blockchain technology having years of experience in complementing it with other technologies to create cryptocurrency exchanges. Being the best blockchain solutions development company, our network of blockchain experts comprehends the requirements of the clients and creates a roadmap to steer their development journey while decreasing go-to-market time. We incorporate robust features like High TPS (Transactions per second), Powerful Trade Engine, Digital Wallet, Multi-layer Security, Modular Architecture etc. into the platform to help businesse
  8. Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology. It is similar to the Internet where exchange of data happens, a Blockchain would enable exchange of values to carry out any transaction. Data stored on a Blockchain cannot be manipulated. The model poses to be resistant to theft and tamper. Presently the industry is greatly moving towards the ‘Blockchain’ technology. They are popularly known as the back-end technology for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger for recording the history of financial transactions. Specifically the technology is on the verge of m
  9. Do you want to integrate the blockchain solutions at an enterprise scale? Count on Antier Solutions, we have worked in the plethora of blockchain development projects for different industries including Art, Real Estate, Hospital, banking and more. Our developers provide ultimate solutions for handling the growing demands of your modern business applications. To know more about how blockchain solutions work best in your business, feel free to contact our blockchain expert today. https://www.antiersolutions.com/
  10. Paypal one of the largest online payment processors in the world has entered the crypto space. The plan was initially was hinted to roll out in collaboration with one of the crypto platforms Paxful. So what might be the reason that Paypal has entered the Crypto space? Have a look https://coinpedia.org/news/paypal-to-enter-the-crypto-space/
  11. It is time to adopt blockchain technology for your business to sustain in the market. enhance your startup with blockchain technology to explore more business opportunities. Bitcoin payments are interesting and profitable for the blockchain-based business. Does your business need a blockchain wallet development servcies? Get complete reliable blockchain wallet app development services with secured features from Zab Technologies. we have a passionate team of experts developing a secure bitcoin wallet app for Android, iOS, and iPhone platforms at a reasonable cost with your unique business
  12. Bitcoin exchanges have grown to greater heights in recent years. Now more than ever, investors have focused on securing their own exchanges. Here at Blockchain Firm, we offer services to help our customers to get into the crypto exchange business. In this article, we’ll learn how to kickstart your unique bitcoin exchange. What are the factors we consider? Blockchain Firm ensures meticulous consideration of the following factors to ensure the development of an excellent Bitcoin exchange for its customers. Geographical location. Regulations and laws.
  13. The ever-increasing number of cryptocurrencies deems crypto exchange software to be highly sought out now more than ever. They are platforms that facilitate exchanges of cryptos with fiat or themselves. In this article, we shall go over the kinds of exchange software available in the market and their purpose briefly. Types of Crypto Exchange software available. Not all crypto exchanges are the same. They operate differently based on multiple factors that overall determine the services they offer. Crypto exchanges facilitate exchanges of cryptocurrencies with other cryptocurrencies. T
  14. Now the cryptocurrency business mostly consists of cryptocurrency trading. This is mainly due to the rapid growth of digital currencies that made many investors earn big amounts of money. The digital currency is considered as legal payment in many countries, creating hype among entrepreneurs and businesses to develop a cryptocurrency exchange platform. Before developing a cryptocurrency exchange platform, ensure that your platform should cope with the increasing market requirements. This includes handling large transaction volumes efficiently, advanced user experience features,
  15. Decentralized finance is a hot topic in the cryptocurrency industry. decentralized finance DeFi is nothing but an ecosystem of financial products or applications built on a top blockchain network. Read more - https://www.zabtechnologies.net/blog/decentralized-finance-defi/
  16. Blockchain should be considered as one of the most trending technologies in recent years. The world has never seen this kind of powerful technologies and it will have a capacity to gives an impact across all the industrial sectors that would help to transform it with the top-notch efficiency. Moreover, this sector is aiming to transform, and hopes to gain the impact on day-by-day consumer and seller activities, is in the e-commerce industry. The current scenario in this industry has to face this kind of issue, with blockchain technology you can resolve all this at the single swoop. Here,
  17. Looking for blockchain development company for your startup? then read out the article on Top 10 Blockchain development companies in USA 2020. In this article we have listed the top 10 blockchain development companies that offers reliable blockchain development services for startup/company.
  18. GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR A GREAT INCOME https://app.nimbusplatform.io/ref/FH58Y What is NIMBUS? According to the NIMBUS project, it is a secure and scalable web-based ecosystem with independent apps that allow anyone with access to the Internet to become a private investor. Be a part of it do not miss it! Register Now! https://app.nimbusplatform.io/ref/FH58Y NIMBUS claims to combine the latest cloud computing and crypto technologies in a single platform and integrate its services into the traditional financial infrastructure. Features of the Avalon
  19. Yet again in 2020 the world takes its attention to the blockchain as the Coronavirus devastates the economy and investors seek a safe haven for their investments. This time a whole lot has been on the top radar of today's investors. Top of the list recently have been DeFi {Decentralized Finance} which have crossed a market cap of over $10bn since becoming a central focus and rave of the moment. More attention in various industries are coming into the blockchain as it gets noticed by new users fueling the needed mass adoption and retail markets. Polkadot gradually coming into mains
  20. Do You Know? Cryptocurrencies have started changing the operations of several industries because it will create a huge impact in the future. In the current scenario, every business owners are ready to invest in a scalable cryptocurrency exchange platform, and also it has become a more profit for their business. Today, there are many numbers of crypto trading websites available in the market. Everybody is willing to know about the types of cryptocurrency exchanges, the cost to develop, and the basic things related to crypto exchanges. To know More, check this link --> https://bit.ly/2Y
  21. Hi, If you want to start a blockchain business but you don't know how to start? Don't worry here is the simple beginner's guide on how to start a blockchain business in 2020. I hope it will give an idea to start a blockchain business securely.
  22. Nowadays, blockchain technology has a greater impact on the healthcare industry forcing towards digitalization and transformation. If you are planning to integrate blockchain technology into the healthcare industry, this is the best time to enhance your medical industry into a modernized world with the help of blockchain technology. We osiz Technologies - A leading blockchain development company provides the best blockchain development services & solutions for the healthcare and medical industries that you aid to keep your data secure and also can avoid any kind of illegal attacks.
  23. Visit the group to get the most advanced crypto Bot, world class bitmex trading strategy, Bitcoin bot and Futures Leverage Bot - https://t.me/freebitmexbot 35% Gains on #ADA from a Bitmex Signal posted in the Deluxe Group for our traders who trade on Bitmex Futures and Bybit - Closure on the trade has been sent out We provide the most advanced Automated Bot for Bitmex/Futures – it has all the following features: It executes all the Premium Signals on your Bitmex/Futures account as per your limit It makes independent automated trade as per trend and indicators – outstanding
  24. Blockchain is emerging technology in this era. Most of the entrepreneurs to launch a blockchain based business to generate profits. if you are person wants to start a blockchain business but you don't know where to start then look out the latest guide on how to start a blockchain business in 2020. it will help you to start a blockchain business instantly and securely.
  25. Looking for crypto exchange software development services? Antier Solutions have rich-experience in creating mission-critical solutions to assist clients to disrupt the crypto sphere. We not only develop world class projects but also guide you on how to create a crypto exchange. Antier possesses a network of experts who leverage their technical expertise to comprehend the objectives and create a reliable platform aligning with their business goals. Our cohesive team always goes the extra mile to assist the clients from ideation and development to deployment and marketing. If you have any idea
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