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Found 75 results

  1. Dr. Jane Thomason, the CEO of research firm Abt Associates-Australia quoted at London Blockchain Week “Blockchain offers governments a fast, secure, efficient, transparent means of being able to deploy government services and communicate with their populations” The blockchain technology has the potential to modernize the public and government sectors. Blockchain’s distributed ledger system lay the foundation of secure, flexible, and high performing government functions. It streamlines processes, reduces waste, fraud, and abuse while simultaneously increasing trust. The blockchain-based government model can overcome the following challenges Securely stores businesses and citizen’s data Reduces labor-intensive processes and excessive costs Reduced chances of corruption and abuse Increases trust in government and online civil systems Businesses, individuals and governments can use a blockchain-powered government model to share resources over a distributed ledger, secured using cryptography. It enables businesses to eliminate a single point of failure and inherently protect citizens and governments’ sensitive data. Prevent Voting Frauds through Blockchain: According to the Heritage Foundation’s Election Fraud Database, a total of 1217 voting frauds to date are reported in the U.S. Using the Blockchain technology government can prevent the integrity of the voting process. The blockchain technology reduces foreign intervention in the voting process. It enables voters to vote at their place of convenience using the Internet. The immutable blockchain record can flag redundancies of the voting process to ensure only eligible voters vote. Companies using Blockchain solutions to reduce voting redundancies: Votem: A blockchain-based mobile voting platform designed for voters to securely cast votes in elections across the globe. Democracy Earth: A blockchain-based “Sovereign” voting platform implements quadratic voting to build a consensus of human participants available to all networks. FollowMyVote: A secure citizen feedback blockchain online voting platform that ensures greater voting transparency. Transparent Budgeting: Half of the people’s hard-earned money is not utilized efficiently because of the corrupt middleman involved in the completion of the project. They misguide the government by presenting wrong figures to them. Taxpayers demand answers from the government when their hard-earned money is not used for destitute welfare but to fulfill politicians’ illegitimate demands. The blockchain-based government model eliminates the role of middleman, thereby, reducing the cost of the overall project. It provides a clear overview of who conceived, voted for or encouraged wasteful spending practices while commencing a project, Companies using Blockchain for transparent budgeting National Research Council of Canada – National research council of Canada uses Ethereum blockchain to increase transparency in Government contracts. Replaces Paper-based Systems: Government every year spends a huge amount of money to maintain files of different projects including taxes collected, from what sources it is collected, where it is spent, how much is invested for the homeless and whatnot. The 70% of Taxpayer investments are used in maintaining a single five-drawer filing cabinet, a clerks’ salary, and other indirect costs including file transfers. Government organizations are now emphasizing on reducing the digitizing the storage of records using blockchain technology. Blockchain has reduced the need for paperwork by storing every data in the form of blocks. Every detail stored on the blockchain platform consumes no storage space and the crucial data is 100% secure and free from errors. Blockchain technology improves coordination and communication between the government authorities, intermediaries, and stakeholders. It automates various processes to overcome the inefficiencies of the government. The government can use blockchain technology to digitally store data and prevent data breaches. Would you like to enhance the operational efficiency of the public and government sectors? Contact Oodles Technologies, a re-known blockchain app development company providing business solutions using NEM, Stellar, Ethereum, and other blockchain technologies. Our blockchain solutions facilitate coordination between different departments to meet organizational goals. We build smart contracts to automate transactions, eliminate third parties, and enhance user trust. Source
  2. Osiz technologies is the pre-eminent enterprise blockchain development company that provides all possible solution for your gaming application that are oriented with blockchain. Check this link, we wrote about how blockchain acts in the gaming industry in future.
  3. Osiz Technologies is one of the best blockchain development companies in India and also providing services across the globe. We have an industry-proven experience and a team of blockchain developers & consultants who are good at developing blockchain applications, delivering end-to-end custom blockchain solutions for all kinds of industrial sectors. and also have immense knowledge about blockchain technology.
  4. https://medium.com/@timjosh946/how-to-hire-a-blockchain-development-company-for-your-projects-e343614f585
  5. A Blockchain is a digitized, decentralized, public ledger of all cryptocurrency transaction. Blockchain technology was developed to support digital currency bitcoin and is considered the most proficient technology against cyber fraud that acquiesces financial transactions to be verified electronically over a network of computers. Using this technology, we can able to perform any kind of transactions without using centralized servers. We, at Osiz Technologies a leading blockchain development company offers wallet, IPFS, smart contracts, poc, private and public blockchain application development services for all kinds of enterprise solutions using blockchain technology. Hire a dedicated blockchain developers for your upcoming blockchain app development projects. We have written a blog which shows that the industries using blockchain industries. For more info, visit this URL, https://www.osiztechnologies.com/blog/enterprise-blockchain-development-company
  6. Osiz Technologies is one of the best blockchain development company and also providing blockchain development services across the globe. We have an industry-proven experience and a team of blockchain developers & consultants who are good at developing blockchain applications, delivering end-to-end custom blockchain solutions for all kinds of industrial sectors. and also have immense knowledge about blockchain technology.
  7. Based on a deep understanding of blockchain assets and TOKEN economy, and industry’s ills, we believe that the reasons for the mismanagement of many exchanges in the current market can be summarized as: 1. Primary Technical Architecture The technical architecture of many service platforms is very basic, and it is simple and rude to put together various functions to build a service platform. This seemingly efficient approach is very popular in the Internet era, but the development of the blockchain industry needs a more professional team to support and quickly and stably handle high concurrent transaction requests. The service platform must improve the efficiency and fault tolerance of the system from the bottom to protect the security of users’ assets. 2. Poor Product Experience The product experience of many service platforms is still very primitive. Blockchain digital asset trading services are at the forefront of technology and financial innovation. We should learn from and use the advantages of traditional financial trading markets, using the best technology and design for the blockchain so that users of the Digital Asset Transaction Service Platform can enjoy the best product experience. 3. Low Security and Stability For the service platform, security is a top priority. In fact, as many as 300 service platforms have been shut down due to hacking, which has caused huge losses for users of digital asset service platforms and those who love blockchain technology. 4. Unreasonable Mechanism of Listing Currency At present, the digital asset service platform in the industry has an unreasonable mechanism for handling the review process of joining new projects. Large platforms with technical strength in security review are too expensive, resulting in a large number of high-quality compliance new projects can not join the platform, and often non-compliant project parties are more willing to pay large review fees to pass the review. Then they get a lot of digital assets in a short time through the damage to the interests of ordinary users. In addition, a large number of small and medium-sized service platforms do not have qualified security review technology, and high-quality projects are overwhelmed by a large number of inferior projects. The entire market is currently in a vicious circle of “Bad money drives out good”. Based on this, we believe that the entire industry and investors need new vitality to bring everyone out of the low tide. GGBTC Advantage Analysis — — Global Market Operation Capability The GGBTC core team members come from many countries around the world and have an international background. The exchange will set up markets and R&D stations in important continents and cities around the world. It will differentiate products and market strategies for different markets around the world. — — Strong Prospective Technology All members of the GGBTC team come from the world-renowned Internet and financial industry practitioners and all graduated from world-renowned universities, with an extremely cutting-edge knowledge structure and an extremely complete technical reserve. With strong research and development capabilities, we can realize the productization of the latest technology. — — Efficient Resource Integration Capabilities The GGBTC team has numerous partners in the global blockchain and traditional financial industries, including but not limited to various financial institutions, venture capital institutions, investment funds, media units, virtual currency mines, etc., which lays a solid foundation for future business of the platform. — — Perfect Mechanism of Listing Currency In order to protect the interests of investors, we will conduct asset evaluations on the currencies of all online transactions. The currency must meet the following conditions, including but not limited to: strong technical structure or application; the community is active and has wide audience; no policy risk and meeting professional compliance requirements; timely disclosure of project information, project white papers, regular development, progress reports, etc.; other requirements of the trading platform for online currency trading.
  8. Now a days, Blockchain is the cutting-edge technology that actually has vast potential to transform our entire economy. At TokyoTechie.com , we've served several of the world’s largest firms to strategize their blockchain solutions and in addition worked with dynamic startups to boost their growth potential. Our distributed ledger technologies have discontinuous the supply chain business, healthcare and payments business at the same time. With our unmatched data in blockchain technology, we are at top position because the leading Blockchain consulting company within the market.
  9. Mitchel Kate

    GasMoney in 2019, GasMoney is a blockchain-enabled platform designed to facilitate the use of fiat currencies in a digital manner. GasMoney works to disrupt the conventional financial system via a more modern approach to money. GasMoney has made headway by giving customers the ability to transact with traditional currencies across the blockchain, without the inherent volatility and complexity typically associated with a digital currency. As the first blockchain-enabled platform to facilitate the digital use of traditional currencies (a familiar, stable accounting unit), GasMoney has democratised cross-border transactions across the blockchain. Contact us now http://www.gasmoney.net/
  10. lewis_elizabeth

    We are a service based Blockchain App Development Company based in India, USA, & UK. We offer a broad range of Blockchain Development Services including ethereum app development, cryptocurrency, wallet development, smart-contracts and more. Connect with our blockchain experts to know more about our services. To meet your business objectives you can hire our blockchain app developer on an hourly, part-time or full-time basis.
  11. Did you know? More than 6.1 million patients medical data have been theft since from the beginning of 2018. This is really shocking right??? We all may think that how this valuable data is being stolen or hacked by somebody else? How this problem can be solved by the healthcare industry? The blockchain solution is highly disruptive and provides a tremendous opportunity to overcome the challenges that exist in various industry sectors. While healthcare had a huge impact on adopting blockchain technology, most of the health-care already in the process of adopting blockchain to provide secure and integrated care to the patients. Here you can acquire more information on blockchain in healthcare,..
  12. Oodles Technologies is a leading offshore Blockchain Development Companywith an expertise in building high-octane cryptocurrency & blockchain applications. The influence of Blockchain technology in the worldwide market has grown exponentially over the years. While the technology was best known for facilitating Peer-to-Peer payments, researchers, industrialists, and tech enthusiasts are starting to realize the true potential of this state-of-the-art ledger technology. From Finance to Retail, from Healthcare to Supply chain and Real Estate, Blockchain seems to be unstoppable now, with new use cases arising more frequently than ever before. In many of our previous blogs, we have talked about the use cases of Blockchain in Finance, Retail, Education, Supply Chain, and many different industries. This blog, however, will give you an out-and-out overview of how this distributed ledger technology could be used to transform the Fashion or Apparel Industry. There was a time when apparel companies were more concerned about transparency in Supply Chains. Opacity in supply chains was considered a competitive advantage since it ensured that no one from the outside could gain insights over a company’s supplies and trade secrets. However, there has been a change in the picture, dramatically changing the perception of most people about transparency. The text above is a summary, you can read the full article here.
  13. AIGOPay is a revolutionary payment protocol that goes beyond the basic benefits of a blockchain-based payment protocol which are transparency and access to cryptocurrency AIGOPay leverages an advance algorithm designed by AIGO company itself. The project will utilise AIGO AI-payment chain protocolwhich offers reduced processing costs, protection against chargebacks, and customizable payment formats. This product successfully fulfills the needs of both business and individuals. AIGOPay SWOT Analysis SWOT analysis explains in detail the potential of a blockchain project. AIGO company is entering a tight market as payments fall under a natural utilisation of the blockchain. Succeeding in such a competitive market requires a competitive edge, and AIGO has just the right product to make them the next market leader of cryptocurrencies. Payment products are unique in that they need to directly serve both businesses and consumers. AIGOPay's team has long years of experience in financial and e-commerce industries. The team has experienced the difficulties and pains current channels for transactions offer to both merchants and consumers. So, this is the first-ever payment product that is tailored for both individuals and businesses. Yes, AIGOPay is cheaper, transparent, and packed with many other amazing features, but these are only its value offerings. Having a team that understands that a payment product needs to not only please consumers, but also the businesses —especially the small business—makes AIGOPay a product designed for fast adoption. This reason that AIGOPay has already seen adoption from many businesses despite being only in its conceptual stage. The defining strength of this product is its team vision to properly develop a product that can support the success of businesses and consumers alike. Rather than only being an additional network for performing transactions, AIGOPay is offering a product that serves as a channel to transact, access more revenue, and seamlessly manage product issues (like returns) through a single offering. AIGOPay is the complete package. The major weakness peculiar for AIGOPay, despite its highly desirable features that the project is packed with. The product will need to expend money to marketing. As the company will have to spread awareness of its product, a good portion of its early pool of funds will need to be allocated to marketing campaigns. There is a bright side to this though. Given the desirability of the product, proven by the fact many merchants have agreed to adopt it during just the conceptual stage, the conversion rate from AIGOPay's marketing campaign will be high, and that means the ROI will be easily able to fund future marketing campaigns. The cryptocurrency market have attained a very high volume and many coins have a higher trade volume than the native currency of some country. Yet a major challenge plaguing cryptocurrency is that there’s little ability to utilize these currencies for day-to-day needs. There are many jokes and memes that fly on the internet about people having large crypto assets but are unable to even a beer with it. This pushes crypto to be a victim of ridicule. It’s about time that the world is able to fully tap into this market’s power and AIGOPay is providing just that. AIGOPay aims to turn crypto as liquid as any currency and that in itself is a massive market. This benefits both consumers and merchants as aggregate buying power of consumers is going to increase. Additionally, businesses are clearly given several pains by the existing payment systems. AIGOPay targets each of those pains by utilizing the blockchain, a native XGOtoken, and an AIGO AI-payment chain protocol. Click here for more on AIGOPay's Benefits for businesses AIGOPay's market outlook is very strong. And It’s deep-pocketed fiat competitors may see this product as a powerful new acquisition opportunity. While MasterCard and Visa will clearly not risk their entire revenue stream by shifting their payment protocol to an entirely new concept they’ve never dabbled with before, they’d be more than interested to acquire a product that is born with the intention to leverage blockchain technology. And these companies have a strong history of acquiring promising and competitive start-ups. But an acquisition isn’t entirely bad from a business perspective. And this article is offering a business analysis of AIGOPay. While the pure enthusiasts of the blockchain movement would be angered by any acquisition attempts by a centralized company, AIGOPay's valuation would gain a strong boost. Visa and MasterCard regularly pay huge premiums and provide billions for technological advancements to their product offering. AIGOPay would be a powerful product diversification for Card Network providers, and that makes AIGOPay a highly desirable acquisition target—though, this is not something to be dismayed about if you are looking at AIGOPay from a business perspective. AIGO project Official links Web: https://aigopay.tech Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17K2inOew076KJ_iTKL3n4g0tDz8JXUf0/view Telegram: http://t.me/aigo_global Twitter: https://twitter.com/aigopay LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/aigopay Author Peer Gynt: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2545129 Eth: 0x242C8Db94A1c2693f9A61A6FF8c875493868e8aB
  14. Loyalty programs have been popular with customer-facing businesses for several years. According to the 2015 Colloquy Loyalty Census, it was found that the average American family engages in 29 different loyalty programs. Redeeming and exchanging of these loyalty points however is a cumbersome and challenging activity for program partners. Better mechanisms than the ones offered by legacy systems are essential to make payback points easily redeemable and achieve high redemption rates. Are you planning to implement blockchain to your customer loyalty program? We are an India based Blockchain development company that develops solutions using Stellar, Ethereum, NEM and other blockchain technologies. Hire our blockchain app developers to be more competitive. Our smart contract solutions facilitate coordination between different departments and businesses to meet several organizational challenges. Contact us today for more details! The text above is a summary, you can read the full article here.
  15. Oodles Is a Leading cryptocurrency exchange development company that provides secure Cryptocurrency Exchange services by adhering to the standard security guidelines. Cryptocurrency exchange trading software is customized and scalable it is created by the experienced Blockchain engineers with focusing on security, connectivity and seamless environment. Facilitate your users to trade smart contracts, exchange Altcoin, Fiat currencies and digitize illiquid assets effortlessly and efficiently.
  16. On July 14th, 2019 Block Global Eco Summit was grandly opened in Shenzhen, China. This summit focused on the current blockchain technology, topics over blockchain applications, and the methods to accurately set strategies for the bull market eve by exploring the precise timing. Hundreds of experts in this field were invited to the conference where they analyzed the latest policies, advanced technology and application development results of blockchain. Moreover, they concentrated on exploring the global development trend for this area, thus discovering new opportunities for the new round of bull market layout. The summit is expected as an open window to excavate breakthrough for global blockchain endeavor, and eventually empowers the real economy while achieving greater business and social value with blockchain technology. The organizers mainly include: BLOCK GLOBAL: Dedicated to building the world’s leading blockchain technology media group; Block Technology: China’s leading blockchain social media; GLOSFER: Korea’s first generation blockchain enterprise. GGBTC was invited to participate in the summit, and GGBTC answered the question of “The important role of exchanges in the overall ecology of blockchain” and “How to ensure the long-term activation of trading platform” under the topic “The future of exchanges under the new bull market”. Since the development of the blockchain industry, all aspects need to be strengthened and improved, and different roles have different missions. As an exchange, every effort should be made to maintain fair and equitable review standards. This responsibility is arduous and has a long way to go. Therefore, as the most important link in the blockchain industry chain, we must not only assume the role of activating the market, but also play an important role in promoting circulation. Only when each role plays a full role can we improve the market and promote the orderly development of blockchain. The fifth round of the roundtable forum was held on the topic of “New Bull Market from the Perspective of Asset Management”. It was hosted by Zhang Lei, Coffee Ecology partner, and the founder of Amber AI, Tony, Tokenmania, Lou Jiyue, and the founder of Gravitational Wave Capital Qiu Jimin, Red Chain Capital CEO Li Yongmin, Zhenyun Technology Partner Zhang Hong and Alameda Research & FTX.com CEO Sam Bankman-Fried participated in the discussion. For quantitative investment, the most important part is reliability, that is, the authenticity of the data, good risk control, team integrity and talent selection. Only a good team background can complete the technical support for investment. In the future, the industry will become more standardized and transparent, and the key things to be done at each stage will be different. In addition, in order to maintain the platform activation for a long time, the trading platform should ensure the security of users’ digital assets and the exchange ecosystem. Exchanges should monitor the depth of trading, fee rates and smoothness of interface in an all-round way, and make updates and improvements at any time and select high-quality projects. The trading platform shall not be interfered by any external environment and internal factors, and put an end to any illegal trading. Exchanges should control the quality of tokens listed on their platform to ensure the quality of the exchange. GGBTC delivered the values of GGBTC to the top enterprises in all fields of the world at this summit, showing the advanced achievements of blockchain industry to the world. GGBTC is a globally integrated trading platform that provides diversified system functions such as token trading, margin trading and over-the-counter trading to meet the trading needs of various investors. Through this summit, GGBTC has learned many advanced experiences and solved many problems, which brings opportunities and challenges for the future development of GGBTC. At the same time, GGBTC is looking forward to in-depth exchanges and comprehensive cooperation with all walks of life. Announcement on the launch of GGC Resonance Trading GGC resonance time: expected July 20th The first 10 levels of the resonance pool are the Genesis level, the initial ratio is 1ETH: 9000GGC, and each level is decremented by 500. The 11th to the 100th are the Torch level, and each level is decremented by 50. The activity rules 1. To participate in resonance, you need to spend 10USDT to get event qualification. 2. 85% of the GGC obtained by resonance will be used for lock-up, and 5% will be unlocked every week 3. GGC can be used to deduct trading fees on GGBTC and the ratio is 1GGC: 0.5USDT. The activity rewards When a user recommends that other users successfully participate in the GGC resonance, the user will receive 5% resonance GGC of the first-level and 2% resonance GGC of the second-level and the given GGC is unlocked. Trading Opening Time The GGC/USDT trading pair is opened within one week after resonance. The PC and mobile APP beta will be officially launched on July 13. Since news broke that GGBTC started the resonance game, it has attracted the attention of countless people around the world. The launch of GGC resonance is a powerful evidence of real value. GGBTC users are welcome to participate in resonance.
  17. Oodles Technologies is one of the leading blockchain development company in India. Experts at Oodles have gained immense experience by developing and deploying some of the best custom, decentralized blockchain applications and infrastructure to help you race ahead of your business rivals. Reach us to find perfect blockchain technology solutions for various industries to form a secure, fast and transparent identity for your business.For more Details Contact Us at: info@oodlestechnologies.com Visit: https://www.oodlestechnologies.com/blockchain-applications-development/
  18. We, as the forefront cryptocurrency development company, can help you to create your own cryptocurrency like Bitcoin with 100% hassle-free using highly secured and robust blockchain technology. Developcoins takes pride in being a leading cryptocurrency development company with futuristic developers to give you a complete Cryptocoin and Altcoin development services, powered by blockchain technology. We provide an unbeatable and much needed wide range of cryptocurrency development services, to build your own Cryptocoin as well as utilize smart contracts to protect every transaction and make your work-flow highly efficient. We have a dedicated team, who are well experienced in creating reliable and flawless cryptocurrencies and render custom cryptocurrency development services which include coin creation, cryptocurrency application development, exchange software development, smart contract development, Altcoin mining services, White-paper Creation, Dashboard Setup, Wallet Setup, Coin Drop and so on. Our experience in cryptocurrency development services enables us to cater to cryptocurrency services with groundbreaking features, at the defined time.
  19. We have seen the blockchain technology revolutionize the perception of investments and fundraising. Usually, tokens were offered in an initial coin offering (ICO) and it provided access to a specific network or services. As opposed to these, security token offerings or STOs are actual financial securities that are backed by something tangible. It could be equity, assets, debts, profits, revenue and even the legal rights of voting in an organization. What makes the STOs more appealing than the ICOs is that it has the same functionality of conventional security which also facilitates fractional ownership. Unlike ICOs, STOs are subject to Federal laws and are highly regulated, and designed to safeguard the interest of the investor. Security tokens are on the blockchain and the smart contracts enable them to act in a defined way. The smart contract on a blockchain can be programmed to make automatic payments to the bank against a loan. The Regulations Governing STOs There are a lot of Government and statutory bodies that have recognized security tokens as valid securities. There are certain bodies like the CFTC that we use Bitcoin as a commodity and the IRS defines cryptocurrency as property. Commodity exchanges do not need to be licensed as a regulated entity whereas platforms offering securities are required to register as a national exchange or Alternative Trading System or apply as a broker-dealer. Even more, companies that are involved with financial assets like bonds, stocks, and bank deposit are required to comply with the consumer protection laws like the Bank Secrecy Act and the USA Patriot Act. The Benefits of Security Tokens Security tokens have started to gain preference over the traditional IPO route. issuance of security token under the stipulated regulations has been found to be cheaper and cost-effective than the traditional method. Security tokens provide investors with a channel to diversify the portfolio and not compromise much on generating dividends. The security token may also bestow the investors with certain voting rights and owning shares of a publicly traded company. Cost-Effectiveness Since there are no middlemen involved, the security tokens do not have any administrative costs involved. The reduced cost of buying and selling allows people to generate a prized return on investment. Fast With the KYC and AML checks in place, the process of buying and selling of security Token to accredited investor tend to be fast. Global Reach Security tokens promise high levels of liquidity as they do not have any Geographic restrictions when it comes to trading. Anyone around the world can access them, accept them as financial instruments and trade freely. In fact, it is this global acceptance that has contributed to its increase in liquidity. Round-The-Clock Trading One of the greatest drawbacks of the current security system is that it is restricted by time. Security tokens, however, do not have this constraint and you can treat them any time of the day which makes them more appealing than other traditional models. Disadvantages of Security Tokens Sometimes, not all ‘advantages’ comply with the definition of how advantages are meant to work, and when it comes to security tokens, that is how some ‘advantages’ precisely works. Since the security tokens are regulated, there are a lot of restrictions on who can participate in the STO. The accredited investors are not available in abundance, and it creates a huge demand-supply gap. This is one of the reasons that security tokens have not seen mass adoption yet. There was a reason why the middlemen were in place when it comes to financial trading. These middlemen took care of validating the investment and facilitating a smooth flow of cash. Since security tokens eliminate the need for middlemen, the responsibility of validating the company on which the investors are investing falls on the investors themselves. This is one more reason that act as a braking force when it comes to STO-acceptance. How to Launch Your Security Token Offering Issuing securities require registration with the Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC), and can be a complex and expensive process that is meant only for established businesses. However, thanks to the constant hunger for loopholes, the project can make use of the JOBS Act of 2012. JOBS, the acronym for Jumpstart Our Business Startup, was aimed at facilitating funds for startups, was not essentially meant but somehow seems to fit the need. There are different regulations like Reg S, Reg D, Reg A+, and Reg CF that govern the STOs, with each regulation having its own protocol. Reg S facilitates the non-US companies to raise funds from the US investors, subject to them satisfying the statutory requirements of their jurisdiction. Reg D defines annual offer limits and the kind of investors who can be solicited the STO. Rule 506 of Reg D defines no limits in annual funds raised but is limited to accredited investors, although one of the sections has permissions for sophisticated and non-accredited investors, capped at 35. Sec 504 of Reg D limits the annual funds raised at $5 million but is open to all kinds of investors. Reg A+ is in place to facilitate the raising of funds of less than $50 million from non-accredited investors and $20 million from individual willing to invest, irrespective of their investor-status. Since one of the requirements for Reg A+ two years’ financial statements, this can be expected to turn out as bliss for established companies requiring secondary levels of funds. Also, unlike Reg D, there are no restrictions on the resale of the tokens. Reg CF, as the abbreviation implies, helps startups crowdfund their investments, capped at US$1.07 million. Also, Reg CF mandates a 12-month lock period on secondary trading. While this might seem like a deterrent, the possibility of anyone investing and reaping the funds makes it a welcome avenue for small scale investors. Blockchain App Factory’s Business Consulting Blockchain App Factory brings you solutions on security tokens and STOs. Our team creates security tokens for your organization by establishing your compliance with the required regulation. Subject to the legal Framework, we also help you go public with your solicitation. Our deep understanding of the business and the implications of the blockchain enable us to create comprehensive and precise smart contracts that strengthen the value of your tokens. All you need to do is just drop in an inquiry and our team will be happy to get in touch with you and set your security token sailing in the right direction
  20. BlockTick is a decentralized (dApp) document verification tool that allows the end user to own and control their digital documents. BlockTick leverages blockchain technology for imprinting the authenticity and integrity of the issued records. The blocktick leverage blockchain technology for validating the authenticity and integrity of your digital documents. The blockchain-anchored system instantly verifies every official record important for your organization. We use Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS blockchains for ensuring the existence and integrity of the digital documents.
  21. Security token offering for a fundraiser is an optimized way for entrepreneurs to raise funds for their projects. Blockchain App Factory is the best token development firm in town offering a wide range of solutions that are guaranteed to give your business a competitive edge.
  22. angelacassan

    Cryptocurrencies are well-known for their nature of being volatile. Investors can hesitate to use cryptocurrencies in fear of incurring losses. This is where stablecoins come in, providing security and stability. Take a look at Blockchain App Factory for advanced Stablecoin development services and enjoy business with peace of mind.
  23. GGBTC is built on the Google Cloud Platform Implanted with classic Internet technology, the whole process optimizes the performance of the exchange, and the self-developed high-performance core matching engine supports Scale Out. Make full use of distributed computing, such as Google Spanner, BigTable, etc., support massive concurrent computing, and ensure the security of user data. With flexible and dynamic application container framework, Kubernetes scheduling technology automatically scales service capacity according to load. Users can get a consistent experience regardless of the user volume. Blockchain nodes apply cold/hot wallet technology, and hot wallets use gatekeepers to protect the security of user assets. According to the characteristics of each blockchain node, GGBTC optimizes the key and address operation mode. Safety first. Efficiency second. Website function continues to improve, collecting feedback data through A/B mode. It has no downtime upgrade. The website uses the open source programming language Go language, which is optimized for multi-processor system application programming. Comparable to the speed of C or C++ code, Go language is more secure and supports parallel processes. High Performance Support GGBTC’s trading system uses self-developed high-performance core-matching engine technology and leverages distributed computing technologies such as Google Spanner and BigTable to support massive concurrent computing with order processing speeds of up to one million units per second. The Ultimate Experience GGBTC adopts a flexible and dynamic application container framework. Kubernetes scheduling technology automatically scales the service capacity according to the load, which can support millions of users to operate online at the same time, and can ensure the user’s smooth operation experience to the utmost. Security Mechanism GGBTC adopts advanced multi-layer, multi-cluster system architecture to ensure high performance, security, stability and scalability of the system. Blockchain nodes apply cold/hot wallet technology and hot wallets use gatekeepers. According to the characteristics of each blockchain node, GGBTC optimizes key and address operation modes to ensure user asset security. You can join us on our Social Media: Website: https://www.ggbtc.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ggbtcofficial/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/GGBTC_Official Telegram: https://t.me/ggbtcvipenglishgroup
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