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Found 13 results

  1. Are you a miner or you just wanted or begin to mine cryptocurrency, NOW here comes a site bringing up a mining game – Check - https://www.kickstarter.com Laas Games was created with the goal of developing games that teach people about new technologies by mixing entertainment and education And For the last 5 months, the Laas Games team have been working hard on their project, carefully constructing a game that is both fun and informative. For you who don’t know what Blockchain is: Blockchain is an ingenious new technology that changes the way the digital information is described on the internet. Designed and created by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto – a pseudonym for the person or persons behind Blockchain technology. Information can be distributed but not copied, allowing for security and protection in the cryptocurrency market. Blockchain’s original purpose was support the usage of bitcoin but the technology has evolved, and people are finding new and inventive uses for it. So what our Aim: - The main aim of The Mining Factory is that after participating in the game, people can successfully interact with the world of cryptocurrencies. The game will help players determine the best practices to use and which cryptocurrencies are the most promising So begin with us NOW - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wrzose/the-mining-factory-buy-mine-and-trade-cryptocurren?ref=user_menu
  2. Organic Token Will help bridge the divide and bring about an atmosphere of empowerment for those who desiring to afford healthy, organic food. Built on the Waves Blockchain OrganicToken is doing something that most projects have not.... By distributing almost 75% of it's tokens for free to everyone. They are generous and reliable. they prefer giving for free to the masses instead of selling! The Organic Token project, built on the waves Platform is building a foundation based on fairness & community, with an emphasis on organic living everyone can afford to enjoy. Organic Token is hard-capped at 10 Million. Majority of tokens will be given totally free during phases. Follow them on twitter: www.twitter.com/organictoken and that's where you can get your free tokens. Their website is: www.organictoken.info
  3. Coins4Favors is the global marketplace and platform app for users to search and offer small mini-job services („favors“). It is driven by combining a location based smartphone app with blockchain technology to allow an instant and secure payment method through its unique ERC20 based token: The FavorCoins. That’s www.coins4favors.com What is the targeted market? The targeted market is the on-demand service market. With 2.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, the huge market is facing a new era in that users demand “instant gratification” and are permanently online. Global players like Uber and Airbnb have laid the ground for a new disruption of the global service market but fail to reach the non-standardized mini-service market. What is the problem we solve in this market? No global-oriented platform of today offers a marketplace for mini-jobs especially in remote locations, though the need for such small favors is obvious. They can be simple „Take a picture for me in a remote location“, or „Look for my lost bag“ to more complex tasks such as „I will be in street X in 15 minutes – keep a parking spot available for me“. There are unlimited possibilities for favors defined by the users, as they occur unplanned in daily life. Finally, no global-oriented service platform, regardless of the service offered, has yet focused on blockchain technology and its obvious advantages: instant safe payment between users and decentralization, leading to independence of the platform of credit card companies and other payment service providers and their processes. This will allow to turn everyone into a potential service seeker or provider by allowing to identify and find potential transaction partners and overcome the barrier of compensation especially if the favor is in a remote location. How can Coins4Favors solve this problem? READ MORE……now........http://www.coins4favors.com/docs/C4F_Whitepaper.pdf So Join our website now and get the benefit through it www.coins4favors.com
  4. Here are some things you should touch up on Decentralization - Shekel is a decentralized and anonymous cryptocurrency which allows you to send funds within seconds to anywhere in the world Minting Process - You can produce shekel from our Proof of Stake minting process. Whether you want to set up a masternode and support the back end of the Shekel Network or stake your Shekel you will be rewarded with Shekel resulting in passive income. Multiplatform - Can be used on all OS (mac, windows, linux) Growing Community - Over 5000 users in under 2 months You can check out the website https://shekel.io Our BitcoinTalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2455628.0;topicseen
  5. Hello everyone, Wanted to introduce you to a new Blockchain-based MLM platform. It's a gift card service leveraging large buying networks in favour of it's users to generate discounts and cash-backs. Project name: Fluz Fluz Platform: Desktop/Mobile app, Blockchain network Market: Gift card service, Network shopping Website: fluzfluz.com (ESP - Colombia); ico.fluzfluz.com (EN - Global crowdfunding) Income stream: Every user has the potential to gather 65,535 members in their network, inviting people on their own or with Fluz Fluz auto-fill mechanism. Users will receive cash-backs for every purchase made in their network. Cash-back is split 50-50 between the buying person and their upstream (people above them) network. Highlights: Created on a Blockchain network, for safe storage of gift card codes and easy transfer of benefits from one user to another MLM community, ability to generate cash back from your networks' shopping habits, invite your friends and family to join the network 200+ Global brand partnerships - among them Uber, Amazon, Nike, Under Armour and others US market introduction in 2018, currently in crowdfunding phase Current state: Platform has already been running in an non-blockchain environment for about a year in Colombia. With current user count being 40 thousand and counting, there is a scale-up planned for the global market starting in the United States - with Gift Card market size around $100b. Currently Fluz Fluz is in process of raising funds through a token sale on blockchain network where early contributors will be able to obtain genesis seats for the Global platform to be launched in 2018. You can learn more about the platform and the project on website: ico.fluzfluz.com
  6. • Free Airdrop [li] 20 million Eash tokens, will be allocated for the airdrop.[/li] [li]The airdrop will start on November 10th, 2017 at 8:00 UTC and last until valid participants reach 10k people.. [/li] [li]The airdrop will stop immediately when the total airdrop supply (20 million Eash tokens) are all claimed.[/li] [li]All the remaining tokens that haven't been distributed after the airdrop, will be kept in the smart contract for loan.[/li] • How to Participate in Airdrop [li]1.Simplely follow us on Twitter @Eash.io and retweet this tweet:https://twitter.com/Eash_io/status/928561056317808645.[/li] [li]2.Apply on google forum. >LINK<.[/li] [li]3.You can apply when the airdrop start and be paid after the airdrop end.(within 2 or 3 days)[/li] • Airdrop Rules The following rules apply: [li]1.One person can only apply for once. If it is discovered that multiple applications belong to the same person, all applications will be banned from the airdrop.[/li] [li]2.Only members' rank equal or higher than Junior member are eligible to apply.[/li] [li]3.All accounts registered on bitcointalk.org after November 10, 2017 are not qualified.[/li] [li]4.Bitcointalk accounts with negative trust are not qualified.[/li] [li]5.Your Twitter account must have at least 100 real followers before you retweet.[/li] [li]6.All accounts accept airdrop need to keep 90% of the tokens received on the account during the whole airdrop period.[/li] [li]7.All accounts who accept airdrop should pay close attention to Eash Token including our ANN thread and website and twitter or others from official. [/li] [li]8.Final explanation right belongs to the Eash Token Dev Team.[/li] If you have any ideas, feedbacks please send us a PM or Email:[email protected] Welcome to join our telegram group for discussion:Telegram. Important Note:The Eash concept is not only new but also unique, so all of your precious advice will be highly appreciated. We will continually modify and optimize our upcoming APP after it's been tested by public.
  7. About Fluz Fluz Already working product, active community and proven cash-back payouts! More than 200 cash-back partners including global top brands. (Amazon, Uber, Nike etc.) Purchases generate cash back Every purchase on the site generates reward points for the shopper and the network. You earn cash back rewards when anyone in your network purchases. Premier seats generate more cash back The premier seat secures top level placement in the global network and generates cash back rewards from thousands of members who join the network. For more information about the platform, visit: https://ico.fluzfluz.com/
  8. What is Blockchain and how come is it so powerful to build a frame of blocks that carries all the vital data. Obviously, it’s a tough one to include all the distributive ledger information without any sort of un-secure situations! Read the article for more details on this technology: http://blog.epixelmlmsoftware.com/blockchain-technology-the-building-block-behind-digital-contracts/
  9. Bitcoin vs banks...A great documentary by Discovery Channel that explain step by step what is bitcoin and how it works as a financial asset. Join bitcoin discussions on our cryptocurrencies forum.
  10. Hi guys I am a business writer specialized in white papers more so, anything to do with blockchain and cryptocurrencies. You can check my gigs on fiverr via this link https://www.fiverr.com/morrisgit/write-cryptocurrency-white-papers?arrived_from_manage_gigs=true&display_share=true or you can reach me directly via email [email protected] In Crypto We Trust
  11. Introducing Bitcoinheads.com exciting p2p donation platform Direct instant payments on the bitcoin blockchain between members. So there is no central pot of money waiting to be paid to you. You only pay one time , pay your 5 uplines including admin and your ready to start earning through bringing new members. This is a unilevel plan for more info or to join now visit this link
  12. I found the best place to build your BITCOIN business. It is brand new and people are absolutely loving it. Get payent from each of your downline directly. Automatic payments between member to member. All transactions are member to member outside the system. BENEFITS OF THE SYSTEM: - BITCOIN only - Entry is 1.00 BTC - Spill leaders who are above - Donations from member to member - Only purse BlockChain - Instant Activations - No holes or gaps in the system - Huge Potential in 10x3 LEVELS - Zero Administration fee. Find only 10 people to join you and you are in business. There is no Admin fee, it is 100% yours whatever you get as a donation. If you are interested in 0% scam program with a big potential: BTC Donations