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Found 10 results

  1. USDSOLVE See the attchment for payment proof. You can invest here 100% surely. Join here: https://usdsolve.com//?ref=trusthyips786 Usdsolve is a trusted investment website. ## Min/Max: 10/NO Limited.## @@ 5% Daily Profit For 3 Days - 6% Daily Profit For 7 Days - 7% Daily Profit For 10 Days - 80% Profit After 10 Days - 100% Profit After 15 days - 230% payout After 25 Days. @@@ +++Have a principal back After complate plan+++++ Ref: 20-10-1 Payment: Manual. But payment sent in 30 minit. https://usdsolve.com//?ref=trusthyips786
  2. New---New--New Join here: https://exccesbit.co//?ref=trusthyips786 Exccesbit is a trusted investment website. Min/Max: 20/100000. BASIC PLAN | 20% AFTER 24 HOURS. ULTRA PLAN | 50% AFTER 24 HOURS. PREMIUM PLAN |100% AFTER 24 HOURS Withdraw: Automatic/Instant Payment proof:----- Hello trusthyips.com You just received 0.00484548 BTC ($49.95 USD) from an external Bitcoin account. It may take up to 6 network confirmations before your Bitcoin is available to trade Join here: https://exccesbit.co//?ref=trusthyips786
  3. Hello I am the admin of https://hyiplist.org - an advanced HYIP Monitor with some extra useful tools. It is also the first ever certified HYIP Monitor with EVSSL. We provide the most accurate rating of HYIP programs. Our ranking system is based on the real rating given by investors/visitors and we do not provide higher ranking for money. Most of all other monitors provide the ranking based on ROI (Return Of Investments) ratio and some monitors just provide the higher ranking for higher money paid to them. We're the first HYIP Monitor to provide the real ranking decided by real visitors/investors. And our rating system don't allow someone to rate a program more than 1 time in 24 hours so there is no way to deflect the real rating score. You know, there are more than 100 HYIP Monitors are active in HYIP industry. Unfortunately, most of those are not reliable and don't care about investors. I've experienced it practically that more than 90% HYIP monitors don't care about scam reports and even some trusted blogs (except davidnews) don't care about it if the report is not from their own downlines. Our Monitor has the visible and countable Scam Report menu where anyone can report about scam and can share their screenshots or any other evidence. We really care about those reports and fight to HYIP admin for investors. With the visible scam reports you don't need to rely on our 'status' only. We have the 'Discussion' system to track and share the activities of a HYIP. Everyone can share their opinion and useful information about a HYIP in 'Discussion' menu. By sharing information we can build a real community to save each others from scams. This idea was borrowed from hyipexplorer. Once upon a time, that dicussion board of hyipexplorer was very active with real and serious investors. The time has been changed but I still want to build a community of serious and real investors in my 'Discussion' forum. We've used a fully custom script to make our Monitor more user-friendly. We've removed many unnecessary tools to keey our site simple and clean. We've removed 'vote' option that no one can keep posting fake votes. You'll found that 99% votes on GC based HYIP monitors are fake. We also provide regular news for specific HYIPs. In a word, We've tried our best to create the best HYIP Monitor from every aspects. If you have an idea in your mind to improve our service then please share it with us. We'll try to do everything useful for HYIP industry. Thanks
  4. Hi, There are many advantages to investing online, and the more you invest online, the more Internet investor resources you'll find. Online investing can save you many worries. Investment is time, energy, or matter spent in the hope of future benefits actualized within a specified date or time frame. Here you can view online investement tips, http://ajhyip.com/online-investment-tips/
  5. Iam Not Admin Fibo Holding Group Launch Online Investment Concept Worldwide Investment Plans:- Hourly Plan 1% Hourly for 120 Hours Minimum Investment $10 Maximum Investment $50 Total 120% Bronze Plan 5% Daily for 30 Days Minimum Investment $51 Maximum Investment $200 Total 150% Silver Plan 6% Daily for 30 Days Minimum Investment $201 Maximum Investment $1000 Total 180% Gold Plan 7% Daily for 30 Days Minimum Investment $1001 Maximum Investment $3000 Total 210% Compounding:- Upto 100% Referral Commission 10%, 5%, 3% Withdrawal Type Instant Minimum Payout:- $2 Payment Mode:- Perfect Money, Ego pay SSL Security & DDOS Protection JOIN NOW CLICK HERE
  6. Start Aug 10, 2013 The company Oil Con Invest was founded in August 2009. Our main direction - it is the sale of oil and natural gas in the financial market. Our program is intended for people looking for available earnings, wanting to achieve financial freedom. We have a professional team of experienced engineers, financial experts, traders and analysts. Our company is sure in work of its specialists and gives you complete assurance, that your money, which you've invested, will bring income. 15 days 1.0% daily Plan Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit Start PLAN $10 - $300 1.00 60 days 3.1% daily Plan Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit Basic PLAN $300 - $1,200 3.10 Calculate your profit >> 60 days 3.4% daily Plan Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit Premium PLAN $1,200 - $4,000 3.40 90 days 2.0% daily Plan Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit VIP PLAN $2,000 - $8,000 2.00 Perfect Money allowed, 5% referral Date: 20:31 20.09.13 From/To Account: U5792420 Amount: -30 Currency: USD Batch: 35197336 Memo: Date: 20:31 20.09.13 From/To Account: U5792420 Amount: -30 Currency: USD Batch: 35197336 Memo: Sent Payment 30.00 USD to account U5792420. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to Oil Con Invest User hot4hyip. Register and request RCB here: hot4hyip.com Hi all people i am admin hot4hyip.com My RCB: $1 - $9: 12500% $10 - $200: 1000% $201- $500: 500% $501-$5000:5000%
  7. hyipgarden

    Dear all, im new as monitored but im not new as investor, im work in hyip since 2004 and i kwow about hyip. i hope i can found best partner like as monitor and promoter... ^_^ nice to meet you all.
  9. talkgoldhyip.com

    Introducing Myself Overview: Hi,I am Eliot Green,the admin of talkgoldhyip.com .We are a professional team for researching HYIP site, advertising HYIP site,monitoring HYIP site,voting HYIP site,discuss HYIP site,and posting payment proof in many HYIP forums.So if you interested in investing,and you are admin of HYIP site,You can get some information you want,Because we collect and update the HYIP information every day.We will ensure that we provide the information are accurate.As a list,We try to remain impartial. Why we do HYIP list? HYIP means High Yield Investment Program,Many people think that a HYIP is a Ponzi scheme,I think so,and agree with them.Because I and my team members are experienced investors in the HYIP field more then 10 years,we lost a lot of money in the early.But we persevered,We constantly sum up experience and lessons.So now we almost invincible.In the past 10 years,We won more than one million dollars.In order to better share our achievements,our own HYIP list on-line. Commitment: We will always remain impartial,Our information is the most accurate,We treat investors are treated equally,Whether you are a beginner or you are a senior,Whether you are which country, or which race,We will patiently answer your questions.So now,with us to make money! End: I am very happy to join in Topgoldforum forum,I hope we can become friends,and discuss any issue of interest.2012 is not the end but a beginning for me,hope that we make more money this year.
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