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Found 24 results

  1. In the fourth quarter of 2019, the cryptocurrency exchange KICKEX will be released and will give market users the opportunity to trade crypto assets with the lowest commissions, as well as use unique trading tools to automate trading. It will be Uber among the exchanges and this is not just big words, this blockchain project has been awarded the status of a resident of the SKOLKOVO Technopark We invite You to participate in the early start affiliate program with excellent bonuses and rewards Registration is quite simple, the standard registration procedure with mail confirmation. KickToken has long been traded on Exmo, KuCoin, HitBTC, Mercatox, Coinsbit and others. In addition to bonuses for registration, KickEX provides an excellent 10-level referral program, in which you will receive payments from trading commissions paid by users attracted by You. Constant payments from the cryptocurrency exchange, agree, sounds good. With a sufficient number of attracted users You will be able to provide yourself with a good passive income For registration on the affiliate link a new user receives 10 000 KickToken: https://ref.kickex.com/1293b7f9c42cbd08841469aceb4542a9
  2. Invite friends and share MILLION TRX A successful invitation means the friend you invited completes the installation of TronLink and writes down the code you shared (Go to Profile, find Invite Friends). This earns you and your friend 300 points each. Any independent device can be invited once only. All your point is cleared once any abnormality is detected You can exchange credits for mainstream tokens or candies such as TRX,ETH, BTC,or BTT in the future; Fundamental to all value-added services and future application cases on the platform; Exchange for goods in the credit shop. Only with code you get points. My Invitation Code: E2Qu https://dapp.tronlink.org/#/invitecode?code=E2Qu&lang=en
  3. Are YOU ready to earn between 25% and 50% when your friends use Decoin? Plus you get $10 in BTC upon registration for new members! Go To The Website.
  4. Swissborg is Airdrop 3000 Coins for free feel free to use my invite 1. Download the App 2. Click on your Profile 3. Click on Referral Code 4. Redeem the Code HB72CDA for 3000 free Coins 5. Enjoy the Headstart and free Coins they are worth real Money Swissborg is Airdropping 3000 Coins for free feel free to use my invite Coins are listed for payout Use my reference code HB72CDA to signup at https://www.swissborg.com/community-app-referral Comment down below if you joined so I can add you into friendlist. Thanks for reading, You Like? Share It! #cryptocurrency #Crypto #CryptoNews #cryptocurrencies #bitcoin #freemoney #money #blockchain #xyo
  5. 336$ passive income https://minepi.com/Absinth Pi Coin Cryptocurrency Mining Made Simple for Everyday People (Passive Income) Combining Cryptocurrency Mining with Traveling Chances are, you’ve heard about the buzzing prices of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin but probably know jack about anything else of it. Understanding how Bitcoin and Blockchain technology works can be a bit intimidating and overwhelming for new users into the Crypto-space. But hey, I’m no expert either and I just dabble in it to know enough not to miss out. As someone who aspires to become a digital nomad and travel the world, you may want to consider looking to start now. And here I can show you how easy it is to start with zero knowledge of Bitcoin, Blockchain, and cryptocurrency. If you know how to download an app to your smartphone or tablet. Then you are ready to earn cryptocurrency. You use your smartphone for pretty much everything from communicating, paying bills, watching videos on YouTube all day, looking for restaurants and etc. So why not also use it to make you money every single day and doesn’t cost you anything more but to just download an app? The tides are ever-changing, and to survive, you must sail with the wind. Not against it. Don’t leave free money on the table and read on. Pi Network (Minepi.com) is getting increasingly popular every day and is perhaps one of the fastest-growing networks in the Cryptocurrency world as of 2019. It’s no wonder you would want to get as many members under you as quickly as possible. Mining for Pi Coin cryptocurrency takes almost no effort but to simply make a single tap on the lightning symbol once a day. After that, you can continue to use your phone as normal or shut the screen off. The Pi coin is continuously mined for the next 24 hours in the background of your device without using massive amounts of energy unlike mining for Bitcoin. As the Pi Network continues to grow with 1000’s of new miners signing up every day, the mining rate will be halved accordingly, which means it’ll be harder and slower to get Pi coins. So, it’s quite obvious to be one of those people to get a really early start on this popular rising cryptocurrency. But why am I sharing my secrets? Aren’t you afraid of the competition? No, not really. Because for 1, I am a believer in Pi vision so I want to help it grow by helping you grow. Plus, even if this information is out there, I doubt that everyone who reads this will actually put in the effort to actually grow (please prove me wrong). Please read on and learn the secret! 24h a day 7d a week 168h a week 4 weeks a month 672h a month If the PI coin is listed on markets and the price is at $0,05 you have passive income from $336. If you mine passive 1 PI a hour. Its only one click on your mobile a day. What Is Pi Network? Pi Network is a small connected group of people within a security circle stitched along with other smaller security circles to create a “trust graph” that will help users know who to trust and transact with. The security circle is used to validate one’s identity to allow seamlessly and trusted transactions in the Pi cryptocurrency marketplace. This is to secure trust in the network that no fraudulent activities can take place. The Core Team Members Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis – Head of Technology Stanford Ph.D. and instructor of Stanford’s first decentralized applications class; combining distributed systems and human-computer interactions to bring cryptocurrency to everyday people. Dr. Chengdiao Fan – Head of Product Stanford Ph.D. in Computational Anthropology harnessing social computing to unlock human potential on a global scale. Vincent McPhillip – Head of Community Yale and Stanford-trained social movement builder on a mission to democratize how society defines, creates, and distributes wealth. Their Mission is to build a cryptocurrency and smart contracts platform secured and operated by everyday people like us, but with simplicity. Their vision is to make Cryptomining and spending as easy as “Pie”, making it the world’s most inclusive peer-to-peer marketplace that is fueled by Pi. · The network has about 70k daily active members mining every day on the Pi Network app and is growing incredibly fast. Once they reach the first threshold of 100k users, they will HALVE the mining rate. That’s right, so mining speed for you will become lesser and lesser as more users join the network. However, if you join today and become a (PI)oneer and help steer the Pi network into the right general direction. You’ll get a larger piece of the PI(E) and grow it into massive savings until it hits the exchange market. · They are going to release an update during Q4 2019 that will enable users to send their Pi coins to any other user on the network. This will be the beginning of seeing the true value of the coin. Personally, for me, I’m all in for the what if factor, especially when all it took was to download a single app. · You don’t have to spend any extra money to mine so long as you have a smartphone or a tablet. · Invitation Into The Pi Network · Currently, Pi network is in beta and to join the network is through an invitation code only by someone who is already a member. You can join under my name and be added into my security circle. What Can You Do with Your Pi Coins? In the future: Pioneers can wager Pi to engage the attention of other members of the network, by sharing content (e.g., text, images, videos) or asking questions Trade Pi coins with other members Use Pi to purchase goods in the Pi marketplace Use Pi for advertisement Exchange Pi for ETH or BTC which can be exchanged into fiat money Much more as the network grows to mass adoption As they are in beta now, you get to mine Pi coins at higher rates since there are fewer users on the network. Like Bitcoin for example; mining Bitcoin 10 years ago you would be able to get a few Bitcoin every hour or so. Now, you’ll get somewhere around 0.000001 BTC per hour since there are millions of miners now (mining rate differs for everyone depending on their rig). Think of Pi like in the early stages of Bitcoin when nobody really knew or understood what its technology is really all about. Imagine if you knew then what you know now. Wouldn’t you mine it like crazy? It goes exactly the same for Pi coin. Need To Know More? https://minepi.com/white-paper https://minepi.com/faq Comment down below if you joined so I can add you into my security circle. Thanks for reading, You Like? Share It!
  6. Swissborg is Airdrop 3000 Coins for free feel free to use my invite 1. Download the App 2. Click on your Profile 3. Click on Referral Code 4. Redeem the Code HB72CDA for 3000 free Coins 5. Enjoy the Headstart and free Coins they are worth real Money Swissborg is Airdropping 3000 Coins for free feel free to use my invite Coins are listed for payout Use my reference code HB72CDA to signup at https://www.swissborg.com/community-app-referral Comment down below if you joined so I can add you into friendlist. Thanks for reading, You Like? Share It! #cryptocurrency #Crypto #CryptoNews #cryptocurrencies #bitcoin #freemoney #money #blockchain #xyo
  7. From the day xyo launched the COIN app on Android and iOS, people have been absolutely OBSESSED with it. Start here Geominers have sent in videos. They’ve posted images on social media. They’ve told us wild and woolly tales of mining XYO all over the planet, at train stations, on road trips, on airplanes, just…everywhere! How obsessed are our geominers? We already have a leader board. And our first place miner has earned $765! Geomining is taking over the world — and we’re just getting started! But just as we start ramping up cool new features for our faithful miners, we’ve decided to do three key things: 1. Massively expand our global location network 2. Reward our faithful geomining kit owners not neccesary 3. Allow the people who don’t have mining kits to also join in on the fun (expanding our global location network at the same time). We’re a democracy at XYO, so here’s what we did. We sent out a survey to geomining kit owners and we straight-up asked them: Would you be fine with allowing people who don’t own geomining kits to mine XYO with the COIN app? The answer? YESSSSS. It was not even close! More than 91% of our geominers who responded — and we’re talking well over 1,400 people here — agreed that letting non-mining kit owners earn XYO was a good idea. So, here’s the deal. If you own a geomining kit, the rewards for using COIN will be huge: 12X what someone who doesn’t own a mining kit will earn. I repeat: 12X!!! You’ll also have EXCLUSIVE access to some cool new features that we’ll be unveiling soon! HOWEVER….if you don’t have a mining kit, and you have just one sentinel or two, you can still play along! The rewards won’t be quite as big, but over time, you can still earn a nice amount of XYO! Naturally, getting your hands on a geomining kit will earn you XYO much faster. 12X faster. But if that’s not part of your plan, here’s all you need to do to use COIN and mine XYO: 1. Download the COIN app for Android or iOS 2. Open the app and create your account 3. When a sentinel is detected, press the mining button 4. Profit If a square featuring your sentinel is already mined, you’ll just need to wait until it replenishes (think seconds or minutes) before hitting the mining axe button again. Remember: COIN is a game that can be played anywhere a sentinel is found, so don’t be shy about taking your sentinel (or sentinels) all over as you mine! We want to beef up our location network with as many sentinels as possible, so do your part, geominers! Comment down below if you joined so I can add you into friendlist. Thanks for reading, You Like? Share It! #cryptocurrency #Crypto #CryptoNews #cryptocurrencies #bitcoin #freemoney #money #blockchain #xyo
  8. MediConnect is a network for patients, doctors, pharmacies and drug manufacturers. The project intends to present a blockchain solution in the healthcare sector to prevent multiple use of the same recipes. For this Airdrop you can get up to +750 MEDI tokens worth ~$125. There is also a referral program: for each invited friend +10 MEDI tokens. What to do Now go to the website: https://wn.nr/K93JjK I perform simple tasks with social services.networks. The more you do, the greater the reward. There are also daily tasks – reposts with their social. networks
  9. GGBTC, the world’s leading digital currency exchange, has maintained a very high trading volume and excellent development since its launch. After the opening of its own platform coin GGC in the past few days, it has also achieved amazing results. As a globally integrated trading platform, GGBTC can provide diversified system functions such as token trading, margin trading and over-the-counter trading. Therefore, in order to thank GGBTC users for their long-term support, GGBTC will airdrop 15 BTC on August 1st at 18:18:18 (UTC+8) to hold a 50% off BTC event. The details of the event are as follows: 1. Users of this event need to obtain participation qualification in advance, and users can only obtain participation qualification by locking GGC; 2. Users can obtain basic participation qualification by locking 10000GGC and advanced participation qualification by locking 50000GGC; 3. For this event, only users who participated in the YMC half-price activity on July 28 can obtain this advanced participation qualification; 4. Users with basic qualification can use USDT to snap up 0.03 BTC at half price. Users with advanced qualification can use USDT to snap up 0.05 BTC at half price in this event. 5. After users with basic qualifications successfully snap up, 50 GGC will be deducted, and 75 GGC will be deducted after the advanced qualification users snap up. 6. If the purchase fails, the locked GGC will be unlocked within 48 hours; if the purchase is successful, the remaining GGC will be unlocked after 30 days; 7. Each user has only one chance to lock GGC for this purchase. 8. In the future, the 1st day of each month is the activity day of half-price purchase of mainstream cryptocurrency on GGBTC. Users who fail to participate this time can wait for the next activity. Participation address: https://www.ggbtc.com/#/mainrush Activity Time Participation qualification starts: July 30, 18:00 (UTC+8); Snap-Up opening time: August 1, 18:18:18 (UTC+8); Project Introduction Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer network digital currency based on the SHA-256 algorithm. The total number of bitcoins reaches 21 million by the year 2140. Current situation Current price: 9536.89512 USDT/ BTC GGBTC reserves the right of final interpretation of the above content. July 30, 2019 Find us on: Website: https://www.ggbtc.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ggbtcofficial/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/GGBTC_Official Telegram English Group: https://t.me/GGBTCOfficial_EN
  10. What is Electroneum? Electroneum is a mobile cryptocurrency aimed at mass distribution. The Electroneum team simplifies the purchase of the crypt to such an elementary action as downloading the application to a smartphone, thereby hoping for the widespread introduction of its coin. To distribute the coin among more people, the developers have launched a mobile application that is both a wallet and a means of earning! Earnings are made by means of round-the-clock mining in the cloud - that is, the application can be disabled at all, and mining still works around the clock in the cloud, so that the battery in the phone does not consume and traffic does not consume. The only thing you need is to go to the app once a day and extend earnings for another day! The coin is trading on the stock exchanges KuCoin Bitbns Coinbene TradeOgre How to use: LINK: https://electroneum.com/features/mobile-application/ Just download the mobile application and register in it Enter the code C572FB and we both will receive 5% of the earnings!
  11. Bcnex gives airdrop members $25 in XRP coins. Create an account on Bcnex, register with airdrop for Ripple coins. Also get $2 XRP for each referral. Step by step guide: 1.Account registration: https://www.bcnex.net/register.html?sPo38WGXPt 2.Check your e-mail address and password. 3.Complete your KYC. 4.Follow them on Facebook 5.Follow them on Twitter and retweet this tweet . 6.Send all data, including your XRP wallet address, to this airdrop page https://www.bcnex.net/airdrop
  12. This bounty-a platform where many projects spread their tasks, for which points are charged. Save points and output. Registration https://buzzin.com/b5db9e66c6 Flipping to the bottom, specify the mail, confirm - Specify the ether wallet, agree with the rules and confirm that you are not a robot Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, flipping to the top, subscribe - And at the bottom we have a lot of jobs, perform every day a little - Tasks are simple: basically it is a subscription to the social. networks, likes, comments and reposts The project gives Buzzin withdraw accumulated points in a certain time. Check the tab “CONVERT POINTS TO TOKENS” how many points you have already approved and you have balance. About withdrawal or exchange you will always be notified. The site will have a list of projects, tokens of which can be exchanged for your earned points. Points are collected very quickly. The job basically is to sign up for the social. network, like, comments and reposts,watching videos,nothing complicated. After you enroll points. You can then exchange your points for cash. If you have time, you can convert points to Ethereum (usually dismantled more often) Buzzin add new projects for which you can follow and later make the right choice for which tokens you want to exchange your points. The project works pays regularly
  13. https://www.bitforex.com/en/invitationRegister?inviterId=2083235 Hi, friends. In this article I want to review BitForex – exchange for trading digital assets. At the time of writing, BitForex is ranked 8th in the CoinMarketCap ranking in its category. BitForex exchange review Bitforex exchange is a platform for trading digital assets, which was established in June 2018 in Seychelles. Bitforex is headquartered in Singapore. In less than 9 months from the start of work, the exchange team was able to expand the range of tradable assets to 165 units. Funds for the development of this exchange were raised through ICO. During this process, the BitForex team, which includes former employees of Microsoft, Lenovo, Tencent and other companies, sold 10 billion BF tokens. The following funds took part in bitforex ICO: Node Capital; Qtum Foundation; Dragon Chain Capital; Block Origin and others. The BitForex trading platform uses an internal currency called BF Token. Using this token, all traders of the exchange have the opportunity to receive additional benefits: 1. Receives a portion of the exchange 2. Pay less Commission The Deposit and withdrawal of funds BitForex To proceed to Deposit, you need to select the currency to Deposit. To do this, in the “Please Choose a Token” field, select the currency you want to send to the exchange. The list contains more than 100 coins and tokens, so there should be no problems with the choice. Referral program One of the factors of successful development of BitForex exchange is its 3-level referral program. Becoming a referral agent of the exchange, you have the opportunity to receive a reward from completed transactions of traders, which you can attract. For each referral level 1, you get 30% of the Commission earned by the exchange. For each referral of the 2nd and 3rd levels, you get 10% of the exchange Commission. Completion During 2019, BitForex exchange becomes popular among users of Ukraine and the Russian Federation. This is indicated by this analytical resource Similarweb. I would like to note that the Bitforex exchange followed in the footsteps of the industry leader – the Binance trading platform. BitForex exchange has all the chances to enter the TOP 5 exchanges in terms of trading volume by the end of 2019. BitForex is one of the leading exchanges in the world and it would be nice to get its tokens for free!!! Grin + Bitforex Airdrop To participate in the Grin + Bitforex airdrop just need to register here: https://www.bitforex.com/en/invitationRegister?inviterId=2083235 Next, we confirm the e-mail and a prerequisite for obtaining coins Grin and BFtoken is the installation of F2A Authenticator in your account ( KYC is not required, if desired)
  14. Energi is now valued at +$8 per coin and with a daily volume over $2m. Sign up for the earndrop with my referral link and we will both receive 10 NRG coins ($80) extra on top of the 100 coins ($800) from the earndrop, so if you complete the KYC procedure and all social media tasks, you will receive $880 in NRG. Energi's value: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/energi/ My referral link:http://earndrop.energi.world/homepage.php?ref=38728 (Only for USA/CA). Information about ENERGI Energi's value: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/energi/ Energi's Story: https://www.energi.world/about/ Energi staking guide: https://www.energi.world/staking/ Telegram Channel: https://t.me/energiannouncements Telegram Community Chat: https://t.me/energicrypto
  15. https://imgur.com/6ttDNFQ World Premiere USDT to Giveaway Registration Rebate:New register will get 10 USDT after real-name authentication Launch Time:2019/5/27 Activity Time:5/27--6/27 Website: https://www.ggbtc.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ggbtcofficial/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/GGBTC_Official Telegram English Group: https://t.me/ggbtcvipenglishgroup
  16. GGBTC

    GQ will be Listed on GGBTC on May 17, 2019 New Registration Users will Get 188 GQ As Reward Time: May 15, 2019 to May 22, 2019 VISIT WEBSITE FOR AIRDROP: https://ggbtc.com/ Contact us: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ggbtcofficial/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/GGBTC_Official Telegram Official Group: https://t.me/GGBTCOfficial Telegram English Group: https://t.me/ggbtcvipenglishgroup
  17. Website Whitepaper Steemit Minds [/center]
  18. SYMPHONY is a next-generation blockchain-based protocol to empower a data-driven economy.SYMPHONY has a vision to create an ecosystem that unlocks personal data for fairer value redistribution and smarter data intelligence. 1. Visit the Form https://symphonyprotocol.com/questionnaire?referral=af19c882c0&channel=amblockchainvn4 Complete the survey you will receive 600 SYM tokens
  19. Alibabacoin Foundation solutions will combine the world commerce and enable it to become a more intense but abundant source by making payment and flow easier and safer. Alibabacoin is airdropping 100 ABBC (~200$) coins to their members. Create an account at Alibabacoin and complete your KYC to receive 100 ABBC coins. Also get 20 ABBC for every referral. The event will officially end on September 7, 2018. If you completed the process, the coins will be credited within two weeks.
  20. Blockchain Solutions in its finest: learn about Digital Shopping Global and Shopping Coin digital asset! Digital Shopping Global presented its utility token; ShoppingCoin as well as the use case and technical platform for said asset 6 weeks ago. Which earmarked the token sale and the airdrop campaign. The airdrop campaign came to a close today but the token sale ends in less than 8 days from now. To learn more about this kindly join the social media channel links at the end of this article. The Digital Shopping Global is a platform that revolutionizes the E-Commerce sector through its innovative Blockchain technology. You can learn more about this on our medium channel and website, respective links will also be posted at the end of the article. The token is scheduled to be listed in a few exchanges these August!! So be on the look out! How to purchase SHPC: Send ETH to SHPC Contract address: 0xA29e65A8CB83BAB2A1f34c4635a6CfCCcC4AC8d8 Minimum 0.005ETH to recieve 25,000 SHPC tokens 0.01ETH to recieve 50,000 tokens 0.1 ETH to recieve 500,000 tokens 1 ETH to receive 5,000,000 Important Links: Website: https://www.digitalshoppingglobal.com/ Whitepaper: https://www.digitalshoppingglobal.com/files/dsg-white-paper-1.0.pdf Medium: https://www.medium.com/@digitalshoppingglobal Telegram: https://t.me/DigitalShoppingGlobal Remember time is of the essence be informed today!
  21. Free Tokens: Prandex: TRANSLATION EXCHANGE 🔥TOTAL 200M ONLY 👉 COMMUNICATE PARTICLE STRONG 👉Receive 700 PRAB (Low total so future price will still fly high) Get 500 PRAB when inviting friends 👉 Link: https://www.prandex.com/referral/4715034864 1. Register account by email => in the confirmation email account then set the password. 2. Join the telegram => https://t.me/prandex 3. Log in to your account (enter the mail to get 2FA code to login) => enter setting => conduct KYC account authentication 4. Website of the project: https://www.prandex.com To sign up for the airdrop project & bouty you follow our telegram channel below: https://t.me/coinfree24h
  22. S.H.P.C Shopping Coin "SHPC" is a utility token that was created to support and facilitate the "Digital Shopping Global" platform. Shopping Coin SHPC is going serve as payment in different online stores, we're also going to be paying rewards to our "SHPC Social" users based on their activity in the social platform. SHPC will get listed immediately after or during our contributions, we are forwarding applications for listing SHPC already, SHPC is an Erc20 token. ✅Not limited to all the above more innovative plans will be deployed as we continue growing. Token Name: Shopping Coin Symbol: SHPC Contract address: 0xA29e65A8CB83BAB2A1f34c4635a6CfCCcC4AC8d8 Decimal: 18 Total Supply: 2,000,000,000 SHPC Airdrop Form: https://goo.gl/1dGWqc Referral Username: TOKENHUNTER REWARDS:🏆 All Participants that complete the task properly will recieve 5000 SHPC = $100 each, for Referring you get 500 SHPC = $10 Bonus. Keep sharing... Top 10 highest referral ID that appears will get 500,000 SHPC = $10,000 TO CONTRIBUTE: Send ETH to SHPC Contract address: 0xA29e65A8CB83BAB2A1f34c4635a6CfCCcC4AC8d8 Minimum 0.005ETH to recieve 25,000 SHPC tokens Send 0.01ETH to recieve 50,000 tokens Send 0.1 ETH to recieve 500,000 tokens Send 1 ETH to receive 5,000,000 Only 1,000,000,000 tokens are available for public, you will receive your token within few minutes after send any amount above 0.005 ETH, below that amount will be considered a donation. Airdrop Tasks to get you qualified: Follow our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Shpcglobal/ Join our Telegram Group: https://t.me/DigitalShoppingGlobal Follow our Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/Shoppingcoin Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/78FvrsD
  23. Organic Token Will help bridge the divide and bring about an atmosphere of empowerment for those who desiring to afford healthy, organic food. Built on the Waves Blockchain OrganicToken is doing something that most projects have not.... By distributing almost 75% of it's tokens for free to everyone. They are generous and reliable. they prefer giving for free to the masses instead of selling! The Organic Token project, built on the waves Platform is building a foundation based on fairness & community, with an emphasis on organic living everyone can afford to enjoy. Organic Token is hard-capped at 10 Million. Majority of tokens will be given totally free during phases. Follow them on twitter: www.twitter.com/organictoken and that's where you can get your free tokens. Their website is: www.organictoken.info
  24. What does ATS stand for and what is it? Authorship Token. The ATS, an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum technology, is a unit of exchange on a new Blockchain based book publishing system. Authors, publishers and translators are rewarded with ATS tokens in exchange to book sales, while readers are able to spend ATS tokens in order to purchase books. If you don't have a wallet with ERC-20 support you can get one on myetherwallet.com Authorship has put aside 1% (1M) of the total 100M ATS tokens to be shared, as a thank you, to everyone interested to promote the Authorship ICO. Our bounty campaign offers everyone who registers to our email list, for free, 75 ATS tokens worth a minimum of $10. Once registered, each participant is offered an unique referral link to be shared through social accounts, forum posts/signatures, blog posts, or any other marketing method available to the participant. For every referral that signups after accessing your link, you will receive 75 ATS tokens, both you and the visitor you referred. Shortly put: the more people you refer to our ICO, the more ATS tokens you will earn. There are no limits to the number of referrals you can send (when/if we reach the 1M tokens limits, the campaign will end and we will announce this public). The beauty of things: all your have to do is to hand others 75 ATS tokens for Free, in order to receive back 75 ATS tokens yourself! You are able to see live stats of the amount of tokens you earned, and you’ll receive an email notification immediately after someone registers using your link. Full transparency is extremely important to us! All earned tokens will be distributed to all participants the moment the crowdsale is over. BONUS: EARN 10 ATS tokens extra, to LIKE and FOLLOW our Facebook and Twitter pages. In exchange to a LIKE to our Facebook page and a FOLLOW to our Twitter page you will be given a bonus of 10 ATS tokens (5 ATS for each). Link: Authorship
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