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  1. Push.House team presents you our updated project to monetize traffic through push subscriptions. Our advantages: High envelope compared to similar affiliate programs 90% of deductions for the first month of cooperation (after 80%) Payments every 7 days and early payments every 2 days Minimum payment for $ 50 Friendly 24/7 support Redemption of Subscriptions for Verified Partners Referral program 5% For sites it is possible to disable 18+ ads For arbitrators: Trafficback with settings for those who subscribed or unsubscribed Split testing of landing pages (auto rotation) Setting the number of laps for looping Large selection of landing pages and adding any landing page upon request We invite all site owners and arbitrageurs to cooperate https://publisher.house Managers contacts: https://t.me/Leo31PH https://t.me/Robert_PH P.S. Do you want to become the owner of such an affiliate? The unique franchise offer from Push.House will give you this opportunity! Contact us and find out more!
  2. Check out This Awesome New Hybrid Project Program Description Earn 3% To 5% Daily Profit Packs Are Only $10 Each No Sponsoring Required Earn Cycling Bonuses From 2X2 Matrixes #1 Passive Opportunity For 2019 Payment Processor ฿Bitcoin Ethereum LiteCoin Solid Trust Pay Payeer Referral Comission Up To 20% Minimum Deposit .001 BTC Feature SSL Encrypted Fast & Cooperative Support DDOS Protected Custom Coded & Built Join Here: https://www.alienprofit.space/?r=81702 (Investment programs are always risky. Do not spend your grocery money.)
  3. Monetize your website with a brand new advertising format! How it looks? Your website visitors agree to get content from our advertisers via web push notifications by clicking "Allow". Subscribers receive notifications on mobile or desktop and you earn money on a eCPM basis. Advertising even doesn't look like it is coming from your website! Just a random push-notification! No minimum traffic requirements Instant account approval Lifelong Income Stream Premium & Engaging Ads 100% Google Ads Policies Compliant Great eCPM rates for Worldwide Traffic Want to earn more money? Start now: https://richpartners.co/#/signup
  4. Hello! The clients who need your services are scattered on dozens of forums. It doesn’t matter whether you are a representative of the affiliate program, or a programmer, or SEOs headed/ spammer / copywriter, your clients ALREADY use the forums. The point is how to get them out! And we know what to do! You don’t need to do anything by yourself ANYMORE. - We will post your topic on >50 selected SEO-forums; - We will watch the topics; - We will RAISE UP the topic with the meaningful messages every 3 days (or as often as possible in accordance with forum rules) What do you get out of all? ✓ Your offer or your services will be placed on all popular SEO-forums; ✓ Your topics will be constantly active, all the time at the top and bring clients; ✓ You just have to take the orders (or new members in the affiliate programs, or to take people to your course, etc.) What about the prices? 1$ for 1 forum / per month Minimum order is 50 forums We can also work with any base of forums if you have preferences. You send the list of forums which you want to use and we connect them to your order. You have found our offer at a forum and have decided to cooperate with us because forums are working and bringing the clients well, so, the only thing you need to do is to contact us! EMAIL: burjaup@gmail.com TELEGRAM: @burjaup ICQ: 723 326 716 SKYPE: live:burjaup WEBSITE: https://burjaup.com/
  5. I'm not the owner/administrator of this website! About MYALTCO.IN MyAltCoin is an efficient, creative and unique online advertising platform that has been launched in the online environment in August, 2017. Our mission is to deliver quality advertising at reasonable prices. We have brilliant ideas and sketch the best outcome strategies for our customers. We implement all that we create and restart with the same enthusiasm and passion for a thing well done. We generate income for our customers resulted from the sale of advertising packs. In order to sustain the long term availability of our platform we are also generating extra income by trading cryptocurrency. If that is not enough, we are going to be promoting our own cryptocurrency by the end of the year. Moreover, the team behind our project is made up of 4 individuals who are hungry to make a name for themselves in this field, based on their previous experience and their professional skills. But all of this is just words on a page right? What makes us so different to other companies? We're driven, passionate and motivated toward our goals, but in order to reach that destination we need you, our clients to help us, so in order for you to help us, allow us to help you! Benefits at MYALTCO.IN Up to 125% activity rewards on advertising pack positions Up to 5% referral commission on all purchases $5 minimum deposit and no max limit Withdrawals from $5 to $1000 per day Manual payments for increased security Quick payouts processed 7 days a week No repurchase rule Quality advertising with geo targeting options Day-and-night customer support ADPACK PRICING LOYAL PLAN ($5/PACK) ELITE PLAN ($10/PACK) VIP PLAN ($25/PACK) YOU MUST SURF 10 ADS DAILY TO RECEIVE THE EARNINGS FOR THAT DAY. ACCEPTED PAYMENT PROCESSORS: Perfect Money, Payeer, CoinPayments. Blog: https://blog.myaltco.in Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/myaltcoin/ Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/821563014689631/ You can also contact them on Skype or Telegram. JOIN NOW: https://myaltco.in/ref/8 Thank you!
  6. Hello, I'd like to introduce to you an interesting program. It is an advertising platform with a revenue share. The biggest advantage what I see is that ads are only displayed outside the platform and not inside, as in other similar programs. Here your ads can reach a really wide audience! They have their own currency - Traffic Points, which are traded on the stock exchange in the platform, the current price is $ 0.001 per 1 TP. TP are required to activate packages in Revenue Share. I assume that the value of TP will grow in the future, so buying of them can be an interesting opportunity how to earn money. You can earn TP in two ways: 1. URL shortener - M4T shortener pays you for each click from 0.2 to 0.4 TP (depending on the country where was clicked on the link). 2. M4T widget - you put M4T Widgets (HTML script) on your site or blog, which will rotate ads (banners) from members of M4T platform and you will earn TP for every view to your web. You will receive from 0.2 to 0.4 TP per one view. Revenue Share - 200% - 50% mandatory automatic reinvestment - Package price starts at $ 50 - Daily gain between 2-4% - The rate of earnings can be influenced by purchasing booster (TurboBoost and TurboFusion) The platform also offers a generous affiliate program. The size of ref.comms. depends on the purchased monthly membership. Price from $ 10 per month. You will receive ref.comm when you referral: - Purchase package (Comms in USD) - Activates package (Comms in TP) - Generates TP (Comms in TP) - Purchase advertising campaign (Comms in USD) Supports wallets: Perfectmoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Solidtrustpay (Payza soon) Payout min. = $ 5 Join HERE More info-guide-tutorials-tips-strategies I am adding also proof of payment and some Advertising results with this awesome platform! ADVERTISER PUBLISHER SHORTENED LINKS
  7. Hi Guys!! If You interested in making money online, you should check this out!! The Brand New Revenue Sharing Advertising. It's name is ValidRevenue What is ValidRevenue? ValidRevenue is an advertising site that offers various advertising tools as well as earning opportunity to members through revenue sharing. Our long-term and sustainable project plan will make your success. It works on bringing traffic to your website or affiliate program, and also offer a opportunity for you to make money through revenue sharing plans. ValidRevenue.com shares 95% revenue from all sales to all members who are willing to purchase Ad Packs and become a part of company. 125x125 banner advertising 468x60 banner advertising 728x90 banner advertising Text ads PTC ads There are two types of Advertising Packages: Small Pack - up to 130% return in cash. Price $5 per pack. It contains 250 banner ad credits and 350 text ad credits. No paid membership required. Big Pack - up to 145% return in cash. Price $20 per pack. It contains 1000 banner ad credits and 1500 text ad credits. VIP membership required. ValidRevenue offers to all members 10% commission on all direct referrals purchases. VIP members get 12% commission on referral purchases. VIP membership costs $6 per month. It gives additional 300 banner ad credits and 400 text ad credits. All members can earn up to $0.10 daily through PTC ads. Revenue share is distributed to all active Advertising Packages hourly. ValidRevenue accepts Payza, SolidTrustPay, PayPal and PerfectMoney as payment processors. $1000 referral contest till 14 June. TOP 50 referrers will be winners. Official launch date: 29 May. $5 minimal deposit and payout. Official ValidRevenue.com facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ValidRevenue/ Join here >> https://goo.gl/Z9E4Vk
  8. I am not admin. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PaidVerts! Prove your value, and interact with advertisements to earn instantly! PayPal, STP, PM, EP, WU, BW http://www.paidverts.com To get started, login to your account, click on the activation ad in your members main page. And then head over to the "Paid Ads" section to start clicking on paid advertisements! Paid ads will start appearing in your account within 24hours, so if there's none there right away; check back tomorrow. PaidVerts Tips: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1) Keep your account active! Only active accounts receive paid ads. You can view 'activation ads' from your members main page at any time. Every activation ad you view adds 7days of active status to your account + 100 Bonus Ad Points (BAP)! - View multiple activation ads all at once, to accumulate BAP, and activate your account well in advance. - If your account goes inactive, you can re-activate it at any time. And pick up exactly where you left off! - If you're going on holiday, let your account go inactive! This will save your Bonus Ad Points from being consumed by ads that you don't click on. As remember, you only have 18 hours to click on each ad that's delivered to you, or it'll be recycled and given to somebody else! 2) Refer Friends! Why do all the work, when you can get others to do it for you! You'll earn 10% of every ad purchase your friends make, as well as 10% of the value of every click your referrals make! So if they view a $10 ad, you'll earn $1 commission for doing absolutely nothing. To refer friends just give them your referral link. 3) Bonus Ad Points (BAP) are the key to making loads of money with PaidVerts. These are how we distinguish freebie junk traffic, from the valuable users that advertisers are interested in communicating with. Read our FAQ to learn how to earn more Bonus Ad Points. 4) Advertise with PaidVerts! Our communcation rocks! For every dollar spent on our Bulk Ad Packs, you get: - 50 visits to your website for 30 seconds, after the user has typed out your three main selling points in captcha form. So they're primed and know what they're looking for even before arriving at your website. - 100 banner impressions of our 125*125 px banner rotator - 25 exclusive top of page banner impressions for our 728*90 banners - And we even throw in 3100 Bonus Ad Points for your account! Thats $1.55 worth of paid ads that'll be delivered to your account ASAP! Basically, if you decide to purchase ad packs you will be able to earn from them but only if you will click on paid ads which will be delivered to your account. http://www.paidverts.com
  9. ATTENTION! NEW! A SUPER LAUNCH Network Marketing world ! With publicize your work to earn $ 100 per month, your money will invest in advertising packages and so will continue to earn money every month , and all this without no investment ! Register and earn : ***** ***** 30 DAYS FREE international company based in Madrid , Spain ! OFFICIAL LAUNCH 05/15/2014 . After the official release of May 15 , you have 30 days free when you view ads generated by the company and you win with your work and your organization ! AREA NETWORK is launched ! REGISTER : Advertising Packages Packages Monthly Member Fee $ 20 1 $ 25 ------ Gain Fast blogging : $ 100 per month 2 Nest Learning $ 100 ------ Gain: $ 260 per month annual Packages : 3- Bussines Training ------ $ 800 gain $ 460 per month 4- Invoixa Apps Win $ 1600 ------ $ 760 per month 5 - Fittep Found $ 2,500 ------ gain $ 1260 per month 6 Zone Pocket gain $ 3,500 ------ $ 2,260 per month note: you will get 100 % residual earnings from your registrars . For months after free registration and in our work in view ads will collect $ 5 per day , $ 25 per week ( 5 days) . After a month we have a gain of $ 100 . Paid the $ 20 monthly membership gains using our office staff ( BackOffice ) plus selected package $ 25 ( Fast Blogging ) so no one pays anything out of his pocket ! When recording a person paying a month 's activity fee $ 20 + $ 25 plan or the $ 100 , you get 100 % of your direct flat pack ! So earning a commission of $ 25 or $ 125 with a direct , if have more direct gain is greater ! DO NOT miss this opportunity ! REGISTER using the link below : http://zonanetwork.com/divin62 Details:http://www.betterwebplace.com/profit
  10. What Is Our Program? Our program (Big Banner Income) is very simple and easy to use for all. we made two separate way for you to earn much more. first is that you get registered with us and you can earn money by just viewing sponsors ads you can check your sponsors ads in view ads page and then you just need to visit their ads once and you will get paid for it. And refer others then we will pay you as your plan says. this program is very simple to use in this program you need a referral link which we will provide you in your account area. you can find your referral link in Invitation Tools Page.when you have got your referral link then promote it and earn 5 level referral commission. before joining this program must read all plans first. Benefits Of Silver Membership Silver Membership only $5 for 45 days. You can earn up to 150% in 45 days. You earn daily $0.15 by direct click ads. each referral you earn 10% of direct referral click ads. 5 level referral commission (earn 10%/5%/3%/2%/1%) Your every referral will increase your earning amount and you will be rich. 5,000 banner impressions and 500 text ads clicks. Benefits Of Golden Membership Golden Membership only $20 for 45 days. You can earn up to 150% in 45 days. You earn daily $0.60 by direct click ads. each referral you earn 10% of direct referral click ads. 5 level referral commission (earn 10%/5%/3%/2%/1%) Your every referral will increase your earning amount and you will be rich. 20,000 banner impressions and 2,000 text ads clicks. Payment Options : LR, PM, STP, EGO PAY
  11. i am not admin Welcome To Big Banner Income! Our program (Big Banner Income) is very simple and easy to use for all. we made two seprate way for you to earn much more. first is that you get registered with us and you can earn money by just viewing sponsors ads you can check your sponsors ads in view ads page and then you just need to visit their ads once and you will get paid for it. And refer others then we will pay you as your plan says. this program is very simple to use in this program you need a referral link which we will provide you in your account area. you can find your referral link in Invitation Tools Page.when you have got your referral link then promote it and earn 5 level referral commission. before joining this program must read all plans first. Benefits Of Free Membership Register for FREE START right now. You can make unlimited referrals. You earn daily $0.03 by direct click ads. each referral you earn 10% of direct referral click ads. 5 level referral commission (earn 10%/5%/3%/2%/1%) Your every referral will increase your earning amount and you will be rich. 500 banner impressions and 50 text ads clicks full free. Benefits Of Business Membership Business Membership only $50 for 45 days. You can earn up to 150% in 45 days. You earn daily $1.50 by direct click ads. each referral you earn 10% of direct referral click ads. 5 level referral commission (earn 10%/5%/3%/2%/1%) Your every referral will increase your earning amount and you will be rich. 50,000 banner impressions and 5,000 text ads clicks. http://www.bigbannerincome.net/?ref=BigBanner
  12. I'm not admin! Start: 9/26/2012 https://www.ricanadfunds.com
  13. Description Adgazine revenue sharing site is a functional marketing system that helps you to market your online business or any other business you may have. Our dual purpose model gives you the opportunity of making very stable income from our customer's revenue sharing profit pool. This opportunity works so well to generate a solid income and help you to promote your business or referral link online; it is taking the Internet by storm, and creating bulging hip pockets, for both you and your friends/customers. This is how it works: you purchase "advertising impression" by using them to promote your business or businesses. For every ad purchase you make, you qualify to earn our daily rebate depending on our profit pool. For every $6 ad share you purchase you qualify to earn till your account reaches $10 before it expires. At expiration, 50% of your total fund goes into your Repurchase account with which you can buy more Ad shares and keep your ads constantly running. Our 50% repurchase policy is to ensure the long-term sustainability of this program. Member Benefits You get 400 ad credits for each Ad shares Own a $6 Ad shares Earns $10 quick returns Fast Guaranteed Daily Withdrawals No Sponsoring Required To Earn No SURFING Required To Earn Advertise up to 5 of your program Banners Earn up to 18% in referral commission 3 levels deep Join here Regards, Andreas karlson
  14. This months HOT news Referral Contest - Major Discounts on Advertisements Member Benefits • Guaranteed Ads & offers daily. • Lots of different ways to earn. PTC, Offers, OfferWall, The Grid Game, PTSU, Referral Shares, Paid To Share. • Get Paid on up to 4 levels of Referrals. • Unlimited Direct Referrals • Guaranteed Ads Daily • 3$ Minimum Payout. • DDoS protected servers. Upgrade your account and multiply your earnings! What is an Upgraded account and what are the benefits? Upgraded account status indicates to advertisers that the viewer has successfully made a purchase using a credit card or bank account online. These members have the opportunity to view more ads, thus earning more money since some advertisers prefer to display their ads to viewers who have proven purchasing power only. There are many benefits that go along with being an UPGRADED member, like: There are 2 basic memberships. Standard and pioneer are free UPGRADED member, like: If you are interested in joining this program click HERE Promotional Contest Promotion Contest (Big Prices) ---------------------- Promotion Contest (Big Prices) Promotion Contest (Big Prices) ---------------------- Promotion Contest (Big Prices) Promotion Contest (Big Prices) ---------------------- Promotion Contest (Big Prices) The rules and prizes: Prizes are awarded to the top ten referrers, only referrals that have signed up on and after 3rd of October and only direct referrals count towards deciding the winners, however indirect referrals will play an important role as you'll find out shortly. The contest will last for an entire month, from 3rd of October to 3rd of November and all prizes will be awarded after the contest ends. If you try to cheat in any way your account will be permanently suspended and your balance forfeited, needless to say that security will work around the clock to catch the cheaters. Referrals that are using proxies will NOT count towards the contest. Also if you as a participant to this contest are constantly using proxies you will be disqualified. In order to maximize the Prizes awarded to the contest winners we have divided the contest in four stages, with another prize released after each target is achieved. The targets are represented by the total number of registered members on ZephyrClix. So, if we get past 1500 total members by the end of the contest the Advertising Packs will be added to the Rewards Fund: Each Advertising package contains: Banner Ads: 5 Days Login Ads: 1 Day The Grid Ads: 5 Days Guaranteed Signups: 10 Credits PTC Ads: 200 Views Total pack value= $3.10 Based on your position at the end of the contest you will get a certain number of advertising packs: 1st place - 10 Packs 2nd place - 9 Packs 3rd place - 8 Packs 4th place - 7 Packs 5th place - 6 Packs 6th place - 5 Packs 7th place - 4 Packs 8th place - 3 Packs 9th place - 2 Packs 10th place - 1 Pack Total Packs Value: $170.5 If we get past 3000 total members by the end of the contest the Ultimate Memberships will be added to the Rewards Fund. 1st place - 6 Months Free Ultimate Membership 2nd place - 3 Months Free Ultimate Membership 3rd place - 3 Months Free Ultimate Membership 4th place - 2 Months Free Ultimate Membership 5th place - 2 Months Free Ultimate Membership 6th place - 1 Month Free Ultimate Membership 7th place - 1 Month Free Ultimate Membership 8th place - 1 Month Free Ultimate Membership 9th place - 1 Month Free Ultimate Membership 10th place - 1 Month Free Ultimate Membership Total Memberships Value: $144.7 If we get past 4500 total members by the end of the contest the Cash Prizes will be added to the Rewards Fund. 1st place - $10 2nd place - $8 3rd place - $5 4th place - $3 5th place - $2 6th place - $1 7th place - $1 8th place - $1 9th place - $1 10th place - $1 Total Cash Prizes: $33 If we get past 6000 total members by the end of the contest the Cash Prizes that are added to the Rewards Fund will be doubled. Total Extra Cash Prizes: $33 The Cash Prizes are awarded in your ZephyrClix account balance. You can withdraw your money to Paypal, Payza or LibertyReserve account or use them to upgrade your account or purchase any type of advertising here on ZephyrClix. The Rewards Fund, these are the prizes that have been unlocked so far: We need to get to 1500 members for the Advertising Packs to be released into the Rewards Fund. Major Discounts In Advertisements Truth must be told Zephyrclix is a new site, we are growing fast but we are a new site and as with all new sites advertising must be cheap in order to appeal to advertisers. So as of now all Advertising available for purchase at ZephyrClix is much, much cheaper. What type of advertising can you purchase? PTC Ads - everybody knows about this one. It's the heart of the PTC Industry, or so it should be. The cheapest price you can get for a PTC ad on ZephyrClix is $0.00074, that equals $0.74 for 1000 views. Keep in mind that tomorrow you might be paying more so acting early is the key. Banner Ads - Banners are priced very cheap at 14 days for $2.5 or 30 days at $4, this equals $0.13 per day. Think about how many views you'll be getting 20 days from now. If this growth continues in 20 days we'll be having 6000 members. $0.13 per day is one heck of a deal, hurry or you'll miss it! The Grid Ads - Currently priced at 30 days for $2.5 and 60 days for $5, this equals $0.08 per day. As of now there are only 10 ads displayed meaning you can get hundreds of views per day for only $0.08 PTSU Credits - This is a bargain because you can get 1 sign up for $0.0095. You can use only 1 credit to get 1 sign up and the cheapest credit costs $0.0095. Traditional advertising would sometimes average $0.20 or more per sign up, using our Paid To Sign Up section you could be averaging less than $0.01 per sign up. Login Ads - This type of advertising is rather rare but it is an untapped niche of very, very cheap advertising. This works very simple: whenever a member logins to his account page he sees your ad for 5 seconds. Your ad is up for the entire day or for multiple days. Current prices are 3 days for $2.5 and 7 days for $4, this equals $0.57 for an entire day. So you'll be showing your ad to our entire userbase for $0.57 per day, not a bad deal. To set up a login ad you need a 468x60 banner and a description. I can't stress this enough: these low prices are only temporary and will be increased as ZephyrClix grows. The website has a fast growth rate and you can expect the prices to come back to their senses just as fast. Current Bonus: spend $10 on advertising and get 30 days of free advertising on The Grid for the ad of your choice. Send a Support Ticket with the ad details to claim the bonus. This bonus will change every day.
  15. New Company in Pre-Launch. Join now and be rewarded with great earning potential. Completely 100% FREE and always will be! GET PAID TO RECEIVE TEXT MESSAGES Members get paid a share of the revenue that advertisers pay to advertise. Similar to Groupon or Living Social only rather than keeping the money the members that receive the special offers by text will get a share of this income. Every text message you receive you will get a get paid. Along with this you get paid 7 levels down. Q. What is RoyaltyTexts? A. RoyaltyTexts is a text-based advertising platform that compensates you for receiving offers, deals, coupons, advertisements, etc.. sent directly to your mobile phone. Q. Why should I join RoyaltyTexts? A. Because it’ll be fun, you can make great money, and you can receive great deals from national, regional and local businesses! And since you opt into our network when you join; every time we send an offer, deal, coupon, etc. to your mobile phone, we will compensate you! DISCOUNTS YOU WANT The text messages we send out are tuned specifically for you, based on the preferences you provide in your profile. If you tell us you like to eat Thai food, it’s likely we’ll send you an exclusive discount from the best Thai food spot in your area. Like to ski? How about a text for 50% off of your next lift tickets? We think this is awesome. We think you will too. GET TEXTS. GET PAID! We pay you for EVERY text you receive. Our advertisers pay us to send out these targeted discounts, and we’ve decided to share the profits with you. Each time you receive a text from us, we’ll credit your RoyaltyTexts account. You’ll receive 10% of the amount it cost the advertiser to send that message to you! We make your balance available to withdraw twice per month. It’s as simple as that. REFER YOUR FRIENDS. GET PAID MORE! Thanks to our awesome affiliate program… if you tell a few friends about us and they join too, we’ll pay you each time THEY receive a text message from RoyaltyTexts! We’ll credit your account with 5% of the amount it cost the advertiser to send your friends each text. We’ll even continue paying you this percentage for your friend’s friends, all the way down to SEVEN tiers. Ever heard of “the six degrees of Kevin Bacon”? We like to think of this as the “seven degrees of RoyaltyTexts”! Remember, this is 100% FREE http://www.royaltytexts.com/r/getcash Sign in and get familiar with with site and listen to the recorded introduction. (804)616-4180
  16. **I am not Admin** I have just come across a new concept. This credit based traffic co-op puts your link on 1000's of traffic exchanges, in return for you promoting their splash page on your favourite traffic exchange. So basically, every time your splash page gets a visitor, you earn credits. Then, those credits count towards hits in 1000's of traffic exchanges for any website you want to promote. Very simple, very effective! Have a look ==> http://explosivetraffic.net/?rid=1992
  17. Welcome to WSO Rebates! Advertise and Get Paid - Earn 180% Return on Advertising - No sponsoring required How It Works Purchase Ad Packages and earn 180% Return on Advertising. Each Ad Package costs $10 and earns you $18 in rebates. What You Get -2,500 Text Ads -2,500 Banner Ads -10,000 Member Email Ad Blast -Chance to win $10 payments Referral Commissions You can earn passive 15% referral commissions just for referring others to our site. Payments You may request a rebate payment and/or commissions anytime your balance is $5 or more. More Founders Positions and Prelaunch Ad Package Specials still available. http://www.wsorebates.com/?wsorebates
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