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Found 1 result

  1. https://platincoin.com There will be a launch on July 11, 2017 Website: https://platincoin.com/en Wallet Client: https://platincoin.com/en Official registration of the company: https://zg.chregister.ch Blockchain: https://platincoin.info/ Kraudfanding platform: http://projektstarter.eu/ Press: http://izvestia.ru/news/681782 Instruction to registration: https://youtu.be/IUTA7NB9_lM Third generation crypto asset 10 second transactions. First Secure PoW+PoS Coin. Based on gibrid PoW + PoS own рatented system. Provably Secure. No 51% attack. No mining. No double spending. There will be no TOKENS, There will be no SPLIT, There Will not Be Mining NO DIFFICULTY! We wait for this: Finasial Licence, CryptoBank, Cryptomat, Start to Trades on 2 Exchanges. Guarenteed purchase of coins by Company Guarentee coins by Precious metals, Guarentee coins by invested in real business and StartUp's, Guarentee to the business social network that pays users for activity. Now everyone can register and t get coins at the lowest price of 10 cents euro at lounch! LEGAL SWISS-GERMAN COMPANY PLC group AG At the moment of the start in the office in Berlin will be demonstrated its own development: CRYPTOMAT - ATM, working on the crypto currency. COMPANY FEATURES: Holding, ownership - Joint Stock Company. Several areas of business and one of them - CRYPTUALS. 1. Crypto currency is already namainena / mined - 500,000,000 coins. 2. There is a developed and patented block system (PoW + PoS). 3. There is an internal purse. Mobile wallet. 4. The coins will go directly to two Crypto-exchange exchanges. 5. A banking license is issued. In the future, the opening of Crypto-Bank is planned. 6. On several million countries, stipulated by the authorized capital and the acquisition of precious metals. The depository of precious metals is in the Swiss bank. 7. The site will sell 10% - 15% of the coins. The remaining coins will be sold through the external exchange. DEVELOPMENT OF THE COMPANY. 1. Crypto currency is provided with gold and profit from investing in business projects and start-ups through the site of the world organization Business Angels. 2. A business social network paying for an activity will raise the demand for a coin. 3. Fast exchange of fiat money for Platincoin and back. 4. Possibility to legally pay a coin in any country in the world for 10 seconds. 5. The technology of offline payments in the absence of the Internet. 6. Multi-level referral program will give an opportunity to develop coins and demand. --- All this will ensure a stable increase in the coin value. --- Platincoin is implemented by PACKAGES. Available for purchase: 5; 50; 250; 500; 1.000; 5.000; 10.000; Euro. 1. Restrictions on 1 account 15.000 euros. 2. It is possible to return the purchased packages within 14 days. 3. Guaranteed buyout of company coins. PACKAGES available for purchase: 5; 50; 250; 500; 1.000; 5.000; 10.000; Euro. Restrictions for 1 account 15.000 euros. REFERENCE BONUS with 11 levels: 10%-4-5-6-7-1-1-1-1-1-1%. The levels will be opened depending on the personal package, the number of LPs and the turnover of the network - from 38% to 42%. BONUSES FROM THE RANGE. Depending on the turnover of the group and the status - from 100 to 1.000.000 euros. Maximum - if there are 20 diamonds in the first line. PASSIVE INCOME: 1) Protocol of extraction of Pos (Proof-of-Stake) - i.e. Coins bring coins on the machine. 2) Increase the value of the coin. The first million coins will be sold at a cost of 10 cents, the second - for 20 cents, the third - for 30 cents. etc. Thus, there will be growth. OFFICES: It is opened by the Swiss company in Berlin and the CIS: Moscow, Minsk, Almaty, Astana, Kiev. PAYMENT SYSTEMS: Advanced Cash, Payeer, Perfect Money. There will be no payments from bank cards yet. There will be a multicurrency Visa cryptcard. Debit cards - the European Bank. INFORMATION SUPPORT: The company bought the advertising agency Google Drive. Webinars are held every day at 20-00 Moscow time by Russian. https://newrealcoin.clickmeeting.com/world-leaders-team Videos English: Video list: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_jb...r8Dhc2&index=3 PlatinCoin | Revolution PreLaunch 2017 https://youtu.be/6_jbLGigq9o Platincoin | English Presentation PLC group https://youtu.be/rQQY37xRwPY Platincoin | Facts English https://youtu.be/TlgQwPbNSVI ******** PlatinCoin | World News EN https://youtu.be/_b7Kli5zv9k Deutsch videos: Platincoin | PLC Group AG Webinar Deutsch Was ist Platincoin minting kryptowahrung bitcoin https://youtu.be/zbs7KOYp4z8 Platincoin | Webinar (German): https://youtu.be/fD7svFNVSOc Platincoin | Deutsche Präsentation PLC group: https://youtu.be/VdXNHlY68ic - Facebook https://www.facebook.com/platincoin/?fref=ts - Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVCMVHj8YIUKjI4uKszWDzw/videos - VK: https://vk.com/platincoin
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