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  1. Change Your Life Just With $1.5...!! "Dear friend please read this message till end it only few minutes & Let 2014 be a prosperous year for you & your family..." Who Else Wants Instant CASH into Your PerfectMoney, Payza, Paypal, EgoPay, Neteller or Solidtrustpay accounts - Over and Over! ONLY with $1.5?! NO RISK! For most internet marketers, the number one priority when they first look for opportunities to participate in online is the chance to make money quickly and easily without any prior experience or know-how. *Introduction: As you know, there are some member to member systems BUT at here we are going to introduce the best NEW M2M matrix system, that has started its activities recently. This great system is Super 2x7 Matrix. Super 2 x 7 Matrix is the FIRST INTELLIGENT MATRIX system that matches members by payment preferences. This system is designed so that you with pay just and just $1.5 from your pocket can arrive to $166,931! As you can see you not only get to earn a good income but also have the opportunity to promote your other programs through the banner and text advert credits, Just With $1.5! It pays you instantly and directly to your PerfectMoney, Paypal, Payza, EgoPay, STP or Neteller accounts! Because of the its ridiculously low cost, other people may not take the program seriously and would even think it is a scam!!! (Well, :innocent: they can watch us earn thousands out of $1.5, lol). The beautiful thing about this business is the forced matrix that ultimately feeds your online payment account with cash. It's a perfect win-win scenario and it is a true 1OO% net member-to-member payout. We give a great product, system and all commissions to the members. Super 2x7 Matrix is as the name suggests a 2 x 7 forced matrix which means you sponsor 2 members, they each sponsor 2 members and their members sponsor 2 members down through 7 levels, as shown in the diagram below. Because of this uniqe configuration growth and overspill are rapid meaning members move to the higher payment levels very quicker. *What Does A Forced Matrix Mean? A forced matrix creates overspill which benefits not only you but also helps your downline grow their accounts as well. Example: If you have 2 members on your first level the next referral you get is placed under one of your level 1 members and they receive the payment. If your level 1 members also have 2 members on your first level the next referral you get is placed under one of their level 1 members and that member receives the payment. This does not mean that you do not receive any benefit from sponsoring more members. As your downline members get their level 1 filled they will upgrade to level 2 and you will receive the level 2 payment. This repeats down to your level 7. *How Do You Earn Money? When a new or upgrading member is placed under you, you will receive a payment from that member DIRECTLY & INSTANTLY according to the level the member is upgrading to, as shown in the chart below. *What is a Member to Member Program? A member to member program means that payments are paid by the paying member directly to the receiving member. Money does not come to Super 2 x 7 Matrix and there are no admin fees. This means you are guaranteed payment for every purchase made by downline members placed directly under you. The only fees that are charged are those levied by the payment processors. *What Exactly Am I Paying For? When you make a payment you are purchasing Banner and Text advertising credits as shown above. The benefit is that the banners and text ads are shown on ALL pages of the website, which means your exposure is huge. You can advertise any product or program you wish, as long as it is legal and does not contravene our Terms and Conditions. *HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? YOU START WITH A VERY LOW ONE TIME OUT OF POCKET PAYMENT OF ONLY $1.50. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW NOW! We declare clearly: If you can`t earn here, no where you can.. "Dear friend, this program is a Great Transition in Internet revenues & earnings as a great flood of people are absorbing to it day to day..." *Notice: Because of the ridiculously low cost, some people may not take the program seriously and would even think it is a scam!!! (Well, they can watch us earn thousands out of $1.5, lol) *The EASIEST Money You will EVER Make ! *Join Super 2x7 Matrix: If you have $1.5 right now, why don’t you see for yourself how it will turn to thousands? Less than 2 bucks won’t hurt for an additional stream of income. In fact, when people ask me what is the best program I recommend for a newbie, I say straight away – Super 2x7 Matrix! It’s a no-brainer! Please click here or the image below to join Super 2x7 Matrix and be part of our network *Is Super 2x7 Matrix System Legit With Legal Products? You are about to learn about a legitimate system that Super 2 x 7 Matrix allows you to resell legal products(advertising pack) for 100% commissions of each sale you make. As you upgrade through the various levels of the business, you purchase your membership and rights to various items. The great thing is that these products are valuable for someone who is completely new or struggling to advertise online. Contained in the products are Banner and Text advertising credits that you can advertise any product or program you wish, as long as it is legal and does not contravene Terms and Conditions. Their are seven levels that fills the entire matrix and your Bank accounts. I know you have the power to attract your success through this business. *Payment Processors: Super 2x7 Matrix members get paid directly to their own payment processors. You should have at least two of the following: -PerfectMoney(Suggested) -Payza -EgoPay -SolidTrustPay -Neteller -Paypal You can use from each of above processors according to your choice. *Note that just & just $1.5 for level 1 is from your pocket & the its remaining for higher levels is from your profit that will be available in your accounts. *My Result: Because Super 2x7 Matrix has a very low entry cost, there isn't a hard time inviting people to join your and soon, you will have your tier 1 (2 people) and even some of your other tiers related to your promoting potency. I consistently promote this program and invite others to join me. This proves that even when others don’t recruit, they benefit from the effort of their team. But I sure most of my downlines will work their leg too for quicker results. *My dear friend, I am advertising and promoting this great program and all additional referrals from me will spillover/spillunder to others in my downlines, So hurry up for get more referrals from me and our team. *Make a wise decision NOW! *I sure that you Can`t Say No... *Wouldn't it be great to have a decent extra income coming from a simple program like this? *Join, Invite and Receive Cash with Super 2x7 Matrix. Enjoy, it's that easy way to make money! SEE WHAT YOU ARE MISSING! If you have not joined Super 2 x 7 yet, you are missing out on these opportunities. 1. As a Super 2 x 7 Member you have the opportunity to earn $166,931 2. The $5 cycler pays you $7 over and over again 3. The $10 cycler pays you $17 over and over again 4. The $25 cycler pays you $47 over and over again 5. The $50 cycler pays you $97 over and over again 6. The $100 cycler pays you $197 over and over again 7. In the Super 2 x 7 Premium you have the opportunity of earning $716,480 PLUS you can get more than 1 Million Banner and Text Ad credits to promote any program or product you want. ALL THIS IS AVAILABLE TO YOU FOR A START UP PAYMENT OF JUST $1.50 DO NOT WASTE ANY MORE TIME JOIN NOW! Click Here For Fast JOIN Finally, Thank you for your attention & viewing the Super 2x7 Matrix program...
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