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Found 94 results

  1. Leverage trading crypto exchanges are the most popular exchanges currently among global investors because of the many benefits it comes along with. To attain one such exclusive leverage exchange for your business, reach out to experts from Infinite Block Tech. With their leverage exchange, you can borrow upto 100X as leverage, for just 1BTC as an initial margin. The trending features and enhanced security, will bring in huge benefits as well as profits for the investors.
  2. Infinite Block Tech is one of the recognized cryptocurrency and blockchain development solutions companies with a team of seasoned developers. Their expertise will help you with reliable, turnkey solutions for your cryptocurrency exchange software, that is highly-secure and feature-rich. The exchange software comes with multi currency and language support, high-volume liquidity, KYC/AML, advanced UX/UI, top-trending features, security and technical integrations which will attract a wide-range of global customers, thereby yield enormous profits.
  3. P2P exchange is nothing but Peer to peer exchange, where a platform permits direct, decentralized exchanges between two parties without association from any power. Peer to peer exchange are relatively increasingly secure, speedier, and simpler for financial specialists, thus is favored more as referenced before. It additionally includes different advantages like, 24/7 trading process Globalization Lower exchange costs Secure installments Elimination of third parties In the event that you are seeking to be a piece of the crypto business world, peer-peer exchanges are a fitting decision. Be that as it may, how to make your own peer to peer exchange software? What are the fundamental considerations? Basic incorporations for p2p exchange Software: Multiple cryptocurrency support Multi-Language support Automated KYC/AML Powerful trading engine Multi-currency, secure wallet Advanced blockchain technology Multi-factor authentication Preferred trading option Admin Panel Crypto-swapping option Payment gateway integration To build up a powerful p2p exchange software, with all the previously mentioned essential combinations, the best alternative is to employ a top p2p exchange software solutions company, like Infinite Block Tech.
  4. Purchase a cryptocurrency exchange software offered by one of the main organizations in the market, Infinite Block Tech. From lawful consistence, various cryptographic forms of money and language support, powerful trade matching engine, integrated liquidity API, payment gateway integration, enhanced security and so on., the product contains each quality integration required to sustain the exchange over the long run, and gain footing from worldwide clients.
  5. The right place to go, to get a robust, feature-rich, secure cryptocurrency exchange platform for yourself, will be Infinite block tech. They are one of the early adopters of cryptocurrency and blockchain development services. They offer a white label cryptocurrency exchange software that is 100% pre-tested and reliable. Here is the list of integrations that comes with their white label exchange software, Multiple cryptocurrencies support Multiple Languages support Automated KYC/AML Multi-currency wallet Liquidity API integration Admin Backend panel High-Volume TPS with 50,000 transactions per second Powerful matching engine Multiple payment gateways Cutting-edge blockchain technology and smart contracts Mobile application support Multilayer security protocols Along with these, they also offer personalized customization services. Customers can choose their desired name, logo, brand, UX/UI for the exchange. Their expertise helps with quick, cost-effective solutions. Reach out to them, to build your exchange efficiently and reap huge benefits and profits for your business.
  6. Cryptocurrency exchange development services consist of a wide range of services. These include smart contracts, choice of an appropriate platform, incorporation and regulation, banking, security measurements, and blockchain platform stack. Infinite Block Tech’s extensive experience within blockchain development and in the cryptosphere make it your go-to solutions provider in the domain of crypto exchange development.
  7. Out of a large number of organizations, offering white label crypto exchange solutions, Infinite Block Tech is a reliable decision. This is because they are one of the early adopters of cryptocurrency and blockchain development services. Subsequently, they will offer a white label cryptocurrency exchange software that is 100% dependable, powerful and feature-rich. They are anything but difficult to dispatch, adjustable, and accompany the most ideal costs in the market.
  8. Be it any business, marketing is a key tool that you cannot miss paying attention to. Marketing is the factor that decides the success and failure of your business. It is the tool that creates demand, reputation, relevance, and reach for your business among your target audience. Especially for a business that is highly on-demand such as a cryptocurrency exchange, it is essential that you conduct market research, analyze carefully, and plan an effective, unique cryptocurrency exchange marketing strategy to sustain and stand out from your wide-spread competitors. What is the best way to achieve that? The right way to achieve a marketing structure for your exchange that is effective, but also cost-effective, is hiring a well-experienced crypto exchange marketing company. One such company with highly experienced and skilled developers, is Infinite Block Tech. Their expertise will help with credible marketing strategies that rightly fit the customer needs, and also gain you a competitive advantage in the market. From marketing consultations to planning a structure, implementation of strategies, tracking customer response and bringing in improvement with the strategies, you get all-inclusive solutions at reasonable costs. They market your exchange proactively through various marketing channels, which will bring in huge traction for your business. The marketing plan includes, Content Marketing through blogs, articles, posts, forums. Video Marketing with engaging, educative content PR campaigns and Media Outreach Social Media Marketing through Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc. Email Marketing and Newsletters Telegram Marketing Influencer Marketing Community Building Affiliate Marketing Programs Paid Advertisements such as Pay-per-click. Marketing your exchange through the above-mentioned mediums will spread awareness on a global scale, and make your business popular and profitable. Get in touch with the team, to know more!
  9. Conduct direct, global transactions seamlessly now with the P2P crypto exchange software offered by seasoned developers of CES. Our P2P software is highly scalable and customizable according to user preferences. The robust integrations ensure direct global transactions with high-speed and accuracy, without any risks and a hassle-free business experience to the potential global customers.
  10. Even though cryptocurrency and crypto exchange businesses are thriving in the market, there are still security threats/hacks continually revolving around them. So, if you are a little uncertain about starting your business with crypto exchanges, and if you have this question running on your mind whether it is safe, it is completely understandable. But with the tech sector improving with new advancements through each day, the security systems are also getting better. If you are really aspiring to start your own exchange, but have taken a step back because of this security threat, the better option is to hire a well-experienced company to build your exchange. I would suggest you go with Blockchain App Factory. They work with some of the market leaders of cryptocurrency and blockchain development services, and therefore the cryptocurrency exchange software offered by them is robust and secure. They integrate multi-layered security features that will completely safeguard your exchange and your personal information from such hack threats. For your understanding, here is the list of their security features, Registry Lock DDoS protection X-XSS Protection HTTPS public key pinning CSP protection Anti-phishing code CSRF, SSRF protection Two Factor Authentication feature To find out more, and to achieve a profitable, highly secure cryptocurrency exchange platform that will help you with a seamless, risk-free business experience, get in touch with their experts.
  11. Build a cryptocurrency exchange software that rightly fits the current business model, with experts from CES. The vast experience and knowledge of our developers in the field, will help with robust technical and security integrations for your exchange software. Not only that, we also assure to constantly analyse and research the changing trends in the market, so that we integrate fitting features into the software that will attract customers from all around the globe.
  12. Acquire a flawless, high-performance peer to peer crypto exchange platform from specialists in crypto and blockchain services from Blockchain App Factory. Their extensive experience and knowledge will help with dependable integrations which will allow customers to trade directly peer-to-peer from anywhere around the world at any time, swiftly, efficiently, effectively, in a highly-secure manner. The transactions also occur with reduced costs which will drive customers interest in investing with the exchange.
  13. Blockchain App Factory consists of a team of blockchain pioneers who will offer the best p2p cryptocurrency exchange for your venture. The exchange is integrated with state-of-the-art blockchain technology, features, technical and security integrations which will help customers with highly-secure, seamless, quick, efficient transactions, thereby gaining competitive advantage for the business in the market. P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Features: Multiple Cryptocurrencies Multi-Language Support Dominant Trading engine Automated KYC & AML verification Crypto Swaps Payment Gateway integration Multi-Factor Authentication
  14. Accomplish a selective leverage trading crypto exchanges from Blockchain App Factory who has a group of a portion of the market heads working with them. Their margin trading exchange otherwise known as leverage exchange permits you to use upto 150X worth, with a margin of only 1 BTC, which will be exceptionally gainful to elevate your situation in the market, and lift your benefit esteems. The quality features and security incorporations will guarantee negligible misfortune esteem for the business.
  15. Blockchain App Factory works with a team of the market leaders of cryptocurrency and blockchain development services. Their experience will help with world-class digital asset exchange marketing services that will create an identity, brand name, credibility, and widen your scope among existing competitors in the market. They will conduct deep research and promote the exchange in a way it meets the market needs, which will attract potential global customers towards the business.
  16. To start a crypto exchange, there are two ways you can go about. The first one is building from scratch. But this method comes with its own set of obstacles. To gather all the equipment to build a robust exchange, will take a lot of time and the development process throughout will cost a fortune. Also, to sustain the exchange over competitors, quality technical assistance is required. The second method helps remove all the above-mentioned hurdles which is obtaining White label cryptocurrency exchange solutions from a sort after company. Whitelabel solutions are readily available solutions that come with every necessary technical, security integration, features etc that will help the exchange hit the market in no time, and are cost-effective. With a multitude of companies providing white label exchange solutions, here are some factors to look into that will help you choose the right one. White label exchange necessary inclusions High-Volume TPS Dominant trade matching engine Automated KYC/AML Legal frameworks Liquidity API Multicurrency/language/ crypto wallet support Blockchain technology and smart contracts Enhanced security/ Escrow system One of the top companies in the current market with a team of blockchain pioneers in Blockchain App Factory. Their vast experience in the field will help with 100% a reliable whitelabel exchange that is feature-rich and inbuilt with core functionalities that will gain you a competitive advantage and make your exchange business profitable. Get in touch with them to know more.
  17. If you ask where you can get a reliable Whitelabel crypto exchange software, I would suggest going with Blockchain App Factory. This is because they are one of the early adopters of cryptocurrency and blockchain-related services. They offer Whitelabel solutions for your crypto exchange that are 100% pre-tested and reliable. Their Whitelabel exchange comes with the following integrations that will help customers with a highly-secure, seamless, efficient business experience. Whitelabel exchange software inclusions: Multi-currency support Multi-language support Automated KYC/AML Multi-currency secured wallet Powerful trade matching engine Order matching Admin backend panel Integrated Liquidity API Cutting-edge blockchain technology and smart contracts Multiple payment gateway integrations High-volume TPS Integrated referral program Enhanced security Along with this, they also offer personalized customization services based on the preferences of the user. The best part is, their services are cost-effective and the exchange can be launched in no time without any glitches. Reach out to their team of experts to find out more.
  18. The developers from Blockchain App Factory are some of the most experienced in the market when it comes to cryptocurrency and blockchain development services. They are the best choice for cryptocurrency exchange marketing service providers because they will be well aware of the market needs and provide solutions accordingly. They will promote your exchange effectively in a multitude of marketing channels which will grasp the attention of potential customers and make your business viral among existing competitors. Unique and proven digital marketing strategies. Exchange Platform Development Strategy Building Content Marketing Press Release and Media Email Marketing Social Media Marketing Affiliate Marketing Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  19. If you are looking for an exchange platform that will help you trade your bitcoin with leverage of 100x, I would suggest Blockchain App Factory as the best option to go about. They are market leaders of cryptocurrency and blockchain development services and they work with a team of experts with ample knowledge and experience in the field. Crypto exchange with leverage platform that allows you to leverage upto 150X value with a margin deposit of just 1 BTC. This helps you in a big way to expand your position in the market among the existing competitors and participate in trades and initiate transactions quickly and efficiently. Their leverage platform comes with exclusive features that will gain huge traction among potential investors. The features include, Perpetual contracts Auto deleveraging Partial closing trades Risk management Trading bonuses Social/ Copy Trading GDPR compliance FX/CFD leverage Multi-account management Affiliate marketing These features are highly beneficial to the customers and enables them with seamless, risk-free, hassle-free business experience. It is the best choice for maximum profits with minimum investment.
  20. Everyone has one question on their mind. What can I do for the money in the COVID-19 period? Because most the Private held organization are in the lockdown. So their products are fully stopped. In these cases, money is a very essential one to lead for life. I have an idea to get passive income in & after the COVID-19 pandemic period. Yes, it’s true. Starting own cryptocurrency exchange solution for your all questions. Because cryptocurrencies are legalized more than 100+ countries. so the trader needs an updated exchange platform with advanced features. This’s the right to get the starting own cryptocurrency exchange solutions. If you want to start your Bitcoin exchange solution immediately, touch WhatsApp @ +919500575285 or mail @ hello@coinsclone.com. Coinsclone technical people will assist you at any time.
  21. The Crypto industry is rapidly growing and budding entrepreneurs are looking to build their own exchange to make more profits. Building an exchange is not an easy joke. Hence, the call for white label bitcoin exchange software. Blockchain App Factory provides a cost-effective white label solution of local bitcoin which can be customized & launched in no time, depending on your business requirements. Touch base with our experts today to launch your exchange in less than 48 hours. Unique Features of our Exchange MARGIN TRADING FUTURES CONTRACT CONDITIONAL TRADING COPY TRADING
  22. If you want to start a Cryptocurrency exchange instantly, White label crypto exchange is very helpful to start your crypto exchange with a secure trading platform. There are more benefits when you launching a white label crypto exchange into your trading platform, they are, High Volumized Liquidity Security and real-time moderation etc., Trade Engine Buying a White label crypto exchange is very helpful for you to save your crucial time and hard-earning money. If you have an idea to buy white label solutions, I would suggest the best White label crypto exchange, which is Coinsclone. They provide an advanced version of the exchange platform which is suitable for your needs.
  23. You're going to build a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance, That’s really awesome. Because Binance is one of the famous & traditional crypto exchange platform across the world. Most of the startup entrepreneurs are also like the Binance clone script. There are two ways to build your crypto exchange platform. Spend time to learn some blockchain concepts and build your crypto exchange. But it’s not a thing to build your own cryptocurrency exchange platform on your own hand. Another methods get the ready-made Binance clone script from trusted cryptocurrency exchange script providers and started your business instantly. One of the clones scripts providers got my attention, coinsclone. They offer some crypto exchange clones like Binance, Coinbase, Local Bitcoin, Bittrex & more for their clients. Are you aware to buy this clone script touch us via: Website: coinsclone.com Mail ID: hello@coinsclone.com
  24. Free Bitcoin when you sign up to Moon Exchange with invite code “lunarwolf” https://moon.exchange/welcome Use invite code “lunarwolf” to gain access and get 10,000 bitcoin satoshi’s for FREE & your own invite code to share and earn Bitcoin withhttps://moon.exchange/welcome
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