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Found 72 results

  1. Dear GGBTC users: Due to the listing of SERO Mainnet, the existing currency market fluctuated. At the request of the project initiators, the SERO will be suspended. During the suspension period, the deposit and the withdrawal of SERO tokens will be suspended until the listing of SERO Mainnet on GGBTC.COM. Please follow our announcement for the reopening. If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail us at ggbtcvip@gmail.com or contact official customer service below. We will get back to you as soon as possible! GGBTC will continue to improve our service for better users' experiences. Thank you for your support and trust! Global Gravitation Bitcoin
  2. The crypto entrepreneur having huge competition in a crypto marketplace. So, they are trying for the new bitcoin exchange solution to their business in the top-most position in the crypto marketplace. The is a narrow solution for all crypto entrepreneur is customizing their bitcoin exchange business through white label bitcoin exchange solution. They are a bunch of bitcoin exchange clone script provided by many software companies To see Which bitcoin exchange clone script is secure and reliable to start your bitcoin exchange business? Click here–>> To Buy the best and customized bitcoin clone script to start a business!!
  3. Don't know how to earn bitcoin and make money with cryptocurrency investment and trading? Explore Crypto Staunch blog to discover new strategies. The CryptoStaunch, a website dedicated to educating anyone with a desire to starting to earn bitcoin through cryptocurrency investment and trading from the ground up, as well as hone your cryptopreneurial mindset. Each article on this cryptocurrency blog is part of my documentations, which gives me a chance to share with you the insights on replicated strategies i have learned and tested on this cryptopreneurial journey, to earn bitcoin, as well as make money online. My intention is not only so you can copy them, but so you can absorb them into your life, and business to help you succeed like me. This blog has different categories for different post contents based on my experiences on cryptocurrency. You can simply visit the blog page
  4. Hello everyone! Been looking for a post about any crypto wallet in here, but found none. Maybe someone will be interested in one so I shall leave my little review here. Why Freewallet? I personally like the design and user interface. It is finally friendly even for a newcomer like myself. A friend of mine whom I called to join Freewallet from the HitBTC exchange, he likes it too. Also, the thing he likes is that the Freewallet has in-app exchange that requires basically no skill in trading, maybe some market knowledge so you won't lose. All you got to do is click here and register (email, google+, facebook, phone).
  5. Signup link : Bits Pays I received amount 18154 Satoshi March 08, 2019 to my wallet They pay within 2 hours. An innovative advertising and earning services to earn crypto Features of Earning: Investment Earning options: Adpack : 120% Return from InFrame Ads cost = Start from 10000 satoshi(profitable) Adpack : 150% Return from Banner Ads cost from=40000 satoshi(Not profitable) Buy Share: Company Shares with Healthy Dividends For Life Rent Referrals: Buy Rented Referrals Mining option Free Earning options: View Up To 100 Satoshi Ads View 273 Ads And Earn 8,270 Satoshis Now Play Free Miner Game For Satoshis Share Market Trade For Profit Daily Bonus With Cash Prizes Min withdrawal: 20,000 Satoshi Payments Accepted: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP, DASH, DOGE Strong Points of the Company they say: 7 Years Bitcoin Trading Experience 10 Years Marketing Experience 100% Professional Behavior Members of Many programs: PTC, RevShare, HYIP, ICO Feel secured with Experienced professionals handling business behind the scene so you would make the most profit possible 1st Payment proof image: https://prntscr.com/mvc4eg Payment proof video:https://youtu.be/cYZSp9EVN7o
  6. Last Update - 28.10.2017 UNIVERSA.IO How to participate in Token Sale guide FAQ ATTENTION In recent days we have detected sevaral fake sites that are mimicking our site. PLEASE BE AWARE! Our official sites are https://universa.io and https://check.universa.io. All other sites are a scam! Dear friends, As all you see we've got so heavy load on our website and payment gates, that we were not able to process all requests in time. As a TEMPORARY solution we are opening another payment gate - https://icobacker.com/campaigns/universa-tokens/ico-1 (btc/eth). This is the very same service where Universa preICO was hold. Also you can use our campaign at KickICO - https://www.kickico.com/campaigns/38941/universa-blockchain-protocol (eth) Sorry for any inconvenience. We'll do our best to make things working. [table][tr][td][/td][td][/td][td][/td][td][/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr][/table] Universa is a new generation blockchain protocol, which has every potential to become a significant landmark in the development of a blockchain industry. Alexander Borodich, a creator of Universa platform, explains why this can happen in the nearest future. “Today, the dependence of blockchain on highly costly mining process resembles the dependence of gold coins on the price of gold. Instead, we suggest new cheap and easy way of creating smart contracts, which can act as cash substitutes, in a somewhat original way. If the invention of a bitcoin can be compared to the discovery of gold, then Universa is a new stage, symbolizing the arrival of paper money to the market of mutual settlements,” he says. Five Key Advantages of Universa over Bitcoin and Ethereum 1. Universa is a pioneer of the new generation blockchain Universa has originally been developed not as a cryptocurrency, but as a protocol creating and operating chains of smart contracts. Therefore, Universa platform does not depend on mining, which results both in high speed and low cost of procession operations, in terms of the resources required. 2. Universa is 1000 times faster than user familiar Bitcoin Universa nodes do not require mining and are responsible for verifying the transactions and smart contracts that customers submit onto the network. Waiving mining opened a way to increase network performance by hundreds of times. The Universa blockchain structure is based on the language of smart contracts, developed from scratch. The well-thought-out logical structure and language hierarchy made it possible to reach the speed of 10,000 transactions per second on the network nodes. 3. Universa transactions are 100 times cheaper than those in Bitcoin Today, it deems absolutely unreasonable to charge $3,85 for a few cents worth microtransaction. Yet, on the Bitcoin platform, this price is a current money transfer fee, which accounts for the speculative nature of Bitcoin exchange rate, and its high volatility. The smart contacts system on Universa platform allowed to decrease such fees by hundreds of times. 4. Universa offers an entirely new smart contract system Various smart contract chains can be created on Universa platform. These smart contracts can be implemented in almost all business fields. Universa smart contracts can be applied to programming both intracompany applications and public ones. For example: [li]Vehicle smart key[/li] [li]Fitness and SPA pass card[/li] [li]IoT - smart home elements working together[/li] [li]Payments at parking lots or gas stations[/li] [li]Logistics, cargo tracking [/li] It will be possible to implement all of the above mentioned and many other ways of Universa smart contracts applications, in the nearest future. 5. Universa is real “smart money” The Universa platform significantly simplifies the transaction processes in the field of e-commerce. It will make it possible to accept payments in any currency in automated mode in any currency in automatic mode and formalize the transaction document with a smart contract on the spot. Along with everything else, Universa will simplify the process of applying for loans in the Internet, electronic currency exchange, and filling in customs declarations to a great extent. There is no doubt that Universa will soon become one of the key blockchain platforms and will be widely present in different business spheres. Alexander Borodich is very open about his ambitious plan to attract at least $ 100 million during ICO. Today, Borodich, the former Mail.ru Group top manager, is the most active venture investor in Russia and the founder of Venture Club crowd investment platform. SEE WHITEPAPER FOR MORE DETAILS In short: Universa defines a set of data formats, protocols and entities, which enable smart contracts owned and controlled by services, organizations and persons, with a decentralized notary cloud that certifies each transaction. Each smart contract comes in a heavily protected, packed representation, the capsule, signed by at least one party (the owner) and optionally by any number of other parties; the capsule contains an unencrypted public, and optionally an encrypted private part, with multiple-key access. For example, the contract owner may not have access to the encrypted part, and several other parties may independently have access. Each capsule has a unique ID, by which the notary cloud can confirm and revoke its approval of the respective contract. A capsule approved by the notary cloud contains a smart contract, valid for all purposes declared in its public part. A party that has the necessary rights (e.g. keys) to perform one or more valid actions under the respective contract can perform those and validate the results, e.g., transfer some e-currency from one owner to another, vote with a public or privileged share, receive dividends, or do virtually anything else. SEE WHITEPAPER FOR MORE DETAILS More information about Universa Team you can find on universa.io KEY MILESTONES ICO BREAKDOWN ARTICLES ON UNIVERSA http://www.newsbtc.com/2017/08/11/universa-expects-raise-100-million-upcoming-ico/ https://www.coinspeaker.com/2017/08/09/universa-expects-raise-100-million-upcoming-ico/ https://www.coinspeaker.com/2017/08/15/universa-to-raise-100-million-ico/ https://news.bitcoin.com/pr-universa-expects-raise-100-million-upcoming-ico/ http://www.livebitcoinnews.com/universa-expects-raise-100-million-upcoming-ico/ https://criptonoticias.com/aplicaciones/universa-busca-recaudar-100-millones-ico-desarrollo-blockchain/ http://app.morningpost.com.cn/?app=article&controller=article&action=show&contentid=1652651 http://tech.huanqiu.com/news/2017-08/11154253.html http://www.baiduxw.cn/keji/2017/0821/65610.html http://www.goguan.cn/article-74689-1.html http://www.sharesinv.com/zh/articles/PR64817/ https://www.centralcharts.com/zh/news/912228-universaico1 http://www.heimoo.com/html/86381.html http://finance.huanqiu.com/roll/2017-08/11156249.html http://stock.stockstar.com/IG2017082100000432.shtml http://www.tingredian.com/finance/2017/08-21/s331718.html http://news.jstv.com/a/20170821/1503278360227.shtml http://www.livebitcoinnews.com/five-advantages-universa-blockchain-bitcoin-ethereum/ https://www.coinspeaker.com/2017/08/28/five-advantages-universa-blockchain-bitcoin-ethereum/ http://www.newsbtc.com/2017/08/29/five-advantages-universa-blockchain-bitcoin-ethereum/ BOUNTY CAMPAIGNS Official Universa Bounty Thread
  7. I Am Not Admin/Owner Of The Project! !!! 0,6% until 2% daily JOIN NOW : http://bit.ly/2HeDzpF Online Date : 2019-1-10 Min Spend : 5$ Referral Commission : Level 1 - 5%; Level 2 - 7% Withdrawal Type Instant DDoS Protection by DDOS-Guard, SSL Security Accpet Payment : Payeer PM Payeer BTC CLICK-Here direct link : http://bit.ly/2HeDzpF About Us : "Japan - is a country that has been demonstrating the stability of economic growth for decades. The greatest success Japanese achieved in the development of advanced technologies and technological renovation of all major industries. Products manufactured in Japan is the standard of quality. ....." Join Now - click here
  8. Hello, HYIPSHOP.COM We provide ( Cryptocurrency Exchange Script similar to Bittrex - Binance - Poloniex ) We do everything to deliver a ready, managed and complete cryptocurrency exchange website. However, you can run it as your own as it is provided with a complete step by step guide. You can run on your own server and you have full control of your exchange website. If you have a question you can send us an e-mail or chat with us online at HYIPSHOP.COM We also have other scripts and services such as: Telegram Investment (HYIP) Bot UK/US/HK Company Registration BustaBit Clone Bitcoin/Ethereum cloud mining script Bitcoin Doubler ICO Bitcoin Betting Script GC HYIP MANAGER SCRIPT and so many other products. We are online since 2010 All Scripts are an instant download. We will fully help you install and manage your business. HYIPSHOP.COM : Cryptocurrency Exchange Script - Telegram Investment Bot - Clone everything Important: All our products are paid and we do not provide any free script.
  9. Shariar Porosh

    I am shariar porosh from Bangladesh, I'm new the crypto world. I have joined this forum to know new something and get a better idea. that's it
  10. Hi Please check out out latest website with aggregated content for all ICO related happenings Latest ICO News Your comments are welcome Thanks
  11. Yes. It has been a troublesome time for the bulls and the faithful. The memory of 10-20% daily increases continuously day after day seem like a long time ago. However, what has happened to ICOs since the beginning of the year. We have all read that over 80% of all ICOs have failed or been delayed after crowdfunding. Of course the downward turn of the market has affected the bottom line of many of these “ICO start-ups” but also government involvement has started to trickle into the industry and news about ICOs being closed down are slowly becoming more and more common. From government regulatory bodies in America to the European Union seeking recommendations from its member states, blockchain/cryptocurrency regulation seems to be ‘around the corner’. This puts many ICOs in a tough position. Sure, there are many laws already in place dictating how crowd funding and storage of personal data must follow however until there is a clear unified approach to the blockchain/cryptocurrency ‘problem’, it is still up to the ICOs to ensure that they follow the current laws in place. We often hear this term ‘unregulated’ however there are still certain laws that apply now that affect all industries and all sectors. The main law that needs to be followed by any company/enterprise/ ICO that processes or stores personal information of any EU citizen and that law is the GDPR. Read more at: https://www.kycbench.com/what-has-happened-with-icos-this-year/ KYCbench, your reliable KYC partner www.kycbench.com GDPR & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliant Please contact KYCbench today, the most reliable ID verification processor at: contact@kycbench.com Join our Telegram Groups: KYCBench Announcement KYCBench Community
  12. The number of complaints filed to the UK’s data protection regulator has doubled since the General Data Protection Regulation was implemented in May 2018. According to figures from law firm EMW which reveal the number of complaints to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) between 25 May and 3 July this year climbed to 6,281 versus just 2,417 during the same period last year. An ICO spokesperson said: “It’s early days and we will collate, analyze and publish official statistics in due course. But generally, as anticipated, we have seen a rise in personal data breach reports from organizations. Complaints relating to data protection issues are also up and, as more people become aware of their individual rights, we are expecting the number of complaints to the ICO to increase too.” The law firm pinned the increase on individuals having more awareness of their data rights, as well as companies being forced to report their own data breaches. Accordingly, to The Guardian in Austria, more than 100 complaints have been filed in July, along with 59 breach notifications – the same number that would typically be received in eight months. A significant amount of complaints have been filed against giant companies. Facebook and Google have already been the subject of complaints filed by privacy campaigners and consumer rights group, Noyb.eu. For firms across Europe, complying with GDPR is critical. Risking fines of minimum 10 million euros or 2% of a company’s annual turnover is a significant threat and as such is forcing companies to move toward greater transparency and openness with authorities and consumers. Read more at: https://www.kycbench.com/implementation-of-gdpr-cause-data-complaints-increase/ KYCbench, your reliable KYC partner www.kycbench.com GDPR & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliant Please contact KYCbench today, the most reliable ID verification processor at: contact@kycbench.com Join our Telegram Groups: KYCBench Announcement KYCBench Community
  13. For blockchain related projects, KYCbench is built to fulfill the requirements of the GDPR and to comply to ISO27001 in handling and storing personal data for ICO whitelisting. For non blockchain related companies where other regulatory requirements apply, KYCbench works with each client to establish a tailored and customized solution which would allow their own KYC processing requirements to be applied with a state of the art KYC processing platform. Legislators all over the world are beginning to look into ways to regulate the cryptocurrency world and ICOs. Regulators have yet to create a uniformed approach to regulating the cryptocurrency space. This brings much uncertainty to the industry. Unfortunately with the current lack of regulatory certainty this means that many people who want to invest in an ICO for its utility (to disrupt/improve current industries) feel as though they are at risk of appearing as money launderers, criminals etc. As national legislators look to create balance between protecting investors from scams and not limiting them from investing, ICOs should also take the initiative to insure they are not putting their investors at risk. While national legislation has been often absent and unclear, (KYC) which is KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER is a big concept widely known in global finance. ICO providers need to know vital information about their investors or risk regulatory scrutiny. While the development of blockchain has been based on the belief to free people from the domination of governments and banking monopolies, it doesn’t change the fact that trading parties have a legitimate interest to know some certain information about their counterparty. ICO’s need to know if their investors have for example, links to terrorism and organised crime. Regulation for ICO’s worldwide has been a large focus in the last 6-12 months and KYC (know your customer) is now in fact becoming a requirement of many ICO’s to ensure the right investors can legally participate in ICO’s. Read more at: https://www.kycbench.com/the-importance-of-kycaml-solutions-such-as-kycbench/ KYCbench, your reliable KYC partner www.kycbench.com GDPR & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliant Please contact KYCbench today, the most reliable ID verification processor at: contact@kycbench.com Join our Telegram Groups: KYCBench Announcement KYCBench Community
  14. Based on the in house designed Vguard Protocol, KYCbench has developed a GUI friendly and cryptographically secure KYC platform to verify sensitive KYC data for ICO whitelists and non blockchain enterprises wanting to improve on their existing regulatory compliant KYC processing procedures. KYCbench is built to fulfil the requirements of the GDPR and to comply to ISO27001 in handling and storing personal data for ICO whitelisting. For non blockchain related companies where other regulatory requirements apply, KYCbench works with each client to establish a tailored and customized solution which would allow their own KYC processing requirements to be applied with a state of the art KYC processing platform. The project was launched to solve a number of problems. The majority of ICOs currently exist in unregulated obscurity. In the past, ICOs have collected personal data in breach of regulatory requirements. ICO teams could inadvertently be exposed to legal liabilities of 20,000,000 EURO?s and potentially even criminal proceedings for processing KYC/AML data not in accordance with ALL the requirements of the GDPR.On the other hand, investors/end users, may find the process of continually being requested to submit their KYC information to prospective ICO investments bothersome, and also a risky practice.See full article here: https://www.kycbench.com/kycbench-tier-1-banking-institution-kycaml-solution/ KYCbench, your reliable KYC partnerwww.kycbench.comGDPR & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliantPlease contact KYCbench today, the most reliable ID verification processor at: contact@kycbench.comJoin our Telegram Groups:KYCBench AnnouncementKYCBench Community
  15. Cryptolux.io-review Today we are going to review a new cryptocurrency company called Cryptolux. Check our review if you are curious and you want to know more about Cryptolux. ………..SİGN UP: https://goo.gl/Atr5aG……… What Is Cryptolux? Cryptolux is the name of a financial network in which you can make payments and transactions by using the blockchain technology. This platform was created for independent users and it promises to offer fast and secure transactions for you by using the blockchain technology to create a decentralized and self-regulated environment. The system created by this company enables the creation of a full payment system which will be transparent and anonymous because all the transaction will be public but the name of the people who made the transactions will all remain anonymous. The company has decided to make an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to get the funds for launching the platform. The ICO will have a total of 7 million tokens sold (from the limited supply of 42 million tokens, which was chosen to prevent inflation and to valorize the ICO). Cryptolux states that it is impossible to hack its network due to the decentralization of the company provided by the blockchain technology. The company also uses many security protocols to ensure that no confidential information of its clients can ever be stolen. How Does Cryptolux Lending & Trading To Earn Cryptos Work? Basically, Cryptolux is a financial platform which works using the decentralized technology of the blockchain to enable its users to use cryptocurrency to make payments all over the world. Not only the decentralization protects the user but it also enables Cryptolux to have minimum transaction fees, which are paid to the people who validate the transactions. The platform uses a proof-of-stake method, which means that you will be able to stake your tokens. Staking means that you can use your tokens to validate transactions and you can profit from this. The more coins you stake, the more profit you get. The technology used in the construction of this platform also enables Cryptolux to be faster than many other companies that you can find in the financial market. Your transactions can be made in a couple of seconds. By using Cryptolux you will be able to have a personalized Cryptolux Debit Card which you can use to spend your tokens whenever you want. You can purchase for a value equivalent of $15 and you can even withdraw up to $3,000 USD anywhere in the world daily using this card or, in case you want to use it for a payment, you can use up to $10,000 USD. This platform will soon be supported on both Android and iOS smartphones. The final release of Cryplux is scheduled for 2018. How To Invest In CryptoLux CLX ICO Details If you want to invest in Cryptolux, you have to participate in the Initial Coin Offering. The pre-ICO will begin on March 25 and only 50,000 people can register to participate, so you should be quick if you want to pay the best prices for this cryptocurrency. Another way to get tokens is by participating in the Affiliate Challenge. It’s going to work like this: if you get more referrals than the other people, you win. The first place will get 5000 free CLX tokens, the second place will earn 2500 CLX tokens and the third will get 1000 CLX tokens completely free of any type of charge. Cryptolux Verdict Is the Cryptolux a great platform for you or should you pick another one? That can be hard to say because the company is actually pretty OK and it looks like it has its heart and its business all in the right place, but there also some downsides that you have to acknowledge before you can safely invest in a company like Cryptolux. The major problem with this company is that Cryptolux does absolutely nothing new. If you look well enough, you can probably find another company which will offer the exact same service to you and it will be better. Why choose Cryptolux then? That is the whole problem of investing in this company, it is just too unoriginal to be a great investment despite being actually a “good” company. Because of this issues, you should take your time and maybe research some other companies on our blog before you take you final decision to invest in Cryptolux. Thinking twice is always a good idea in the cryptocurrency marketand in this case you have plenty of time to do it, so it can be a good idea.
  16. Andrei Nik

    https://jsecoin.com The main feature of jsecoin is that now each browser and website will be able to get cryptocurrency! There are two types of a mining - 1 mining in the browser on the website jsecoin - 2 mining on the website. And is so more detailed about everyone: BROWSER MINING You press the Mining button, further Start Mining!The tab of a mining has to be always active, otherwise the speed and earnings falls to a minimum.You can stop and start a mining at any time and change the processor capacities allocated for a mining. WEBSITE MINING The system will generate to you a special script which needs to be established on the website.While visitors look through your website you will earn some reward. Coins of JSE can be stored either on their website or on ERC 20 wallet.I consider the big future at this project! Also I advise all to receive jsecoin coin because it is absolutely free!If have decided here LINK :https://platform.jsecoin.com/?lander=4&utm_source=referral&utm_campaign=aff19203&utm_content=
  17. amitm5003

    https://bitcoinandstock.com Plan 1: 5% DAILY FOR 7DAYS Plan 2: 7% DAILY FOR 7DAYS Plan 3: 10% DAILY FOR 7DAYS Min Deposit:$5
  18. Join the webinar and ask anything! FOR ONLY $1 DOLLAR! Go to :www.cryptoinvesting.site
  19. Cynthia Pagangpang

    TORONTO, Aug. 1, 2018 /CNW/ - Anaconda Mining Inc. ("Anaconda" or the "Company") (TSX: ANX) (OTCQX: ANXGF) is pleased to announce that it has received the permits required to proceed with the extraction of the proposed 10,000-tonne underground bulk sample (the "Bulk Sample") at its 100%-owned Goldboro Gold Project ("Goldboro", or the "Project") in Nova Scotia, Canada. In connection with the Bulk Sample, Anaconda has engaged Cementation Canada Inc. ("Cementation") as the mining contractor to assist in the underground development and Bulk Sample extraction. Cementation is mobilizing to site today and will begin development work immediately. The Bulk Sample process is expected to take approximately four months with results to follow thereafter. "The Bulk Sample is a key milestone in the development of the Goldboro Gold Project, the results of which will enable us to optimize the economics outlined in the Preliminary Economic Assessment, confirm mining and recovery methods and assess the mineral resource around the Bulk Sample. This work will move us closer to demonstrating the feasibility of building a mine at Goldboro. We are also extremely pleased to have Cementation, with its wealth of underground mining knowledge and focus on safety, as a key partner in extracting the Bulk Sample. We believe this has the potential to be a tremendous project for all stakeholders." https://www.anacondamining.com/2018-08-01-Anaconda-Mining-receives-permits-to-proceed-with-bulk-sample-at-the-Goldboro-Gold-Project
  20. Initiative Q is building a new payment network and giving away significant sums of their future currency to early adopters. It’s by invite only and I have a limited number of invites. My personal invite link: https://initiativeq.com/invite/B8kzfC7QX If the above link is full (1 place left) Join under this link https://initiativeq.com/invite/BWzMe0QQX By joining this link you will be given allot of tokens already. You can't join without my refferal link. I can accept up to 5 people so make sure to be as first [video=vimeo]https://vimeo.com/271407506[/video]
  21. WIT-B is a global financial firm we are investing our client's money in a diversified high-profit making & Low-Risk underlying assets like in Forex market, crude oils, Gold, International transactions. We are always committed to give the best returns to our clients. Our Maximum maturity time 365 days. http://http//:witb.biz
  22. Emmanuel

    BlockFollow is a brand new social platform, aiming to support cryptocurrencies getting widespread. Our goal is to provide useful services, educate people and stabilize crypto for the future, all by the power of the community. In a nutshell, we would like to be your homepage, when it comes to crypto. A reliable entry, a passage for everyone who is interested in the blockchain technology, with a huge database of information available on all languages, everyone can find the answer they were searching for. We reward anyone, who contributes to the community – great way to earn coins while helping others and doing your daily routine, it's a win-win situation. By simply holding BFN tokens, you'll get a cut from the income generated by the BlockFollow Network. Even though Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, in general, began to operate nearly 10 years ago, there are still barriers, that slow down it's spreading. BlockFollow will cover numerous missing elements. For someone who is lacking knowledge about blockchain technology, coins and the purpose of decentralization, it is really hard to understand the importance of it. We need to explain, teach and build this world together if the goal is to avoid crypto becoming a bubble. BlockFollow will provide various tools for rookie traders and professionals as well to help them make the best possible decisions. Our motto is „Revolutionize the crypto community with us!”. It is truly important for us to work together with people, who want to give something back to the society, that brings us to the next level. We want to give something big for YOU and the fellow investors, traders, and holders. We believe that communicating with the audience, asking for their opinion and integrating their ideas is the way we must follow. To understand better - here is our website - http://blockfollow.com/ You can also read more on our whitepaper for full understanding (check our website) Our facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/blockfollowofficial Our Twitter page - www.twitter.com/BlockFollow_com Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/blockfollownetwork/ Join us now and get a great result ever through ICO.......
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  24. Emmanuel

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  25. Dakuce.com - Cryptocurrency exchange starts from July 4th, 2018Official Website:https://dakuce.com/Welcome to Our Official Social Media:- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dakucecom- Twitter: https://twitter.com/DakuceCom- Telegram: https://t.me/dakucecomAbout Dakuce ICO:https://dakuce.com/icoCrowdSaleBuy Dakuce Token (from June 2, 2018 to July 3, 2018):https://dakuce.com/memberCenter/ico/buyIcoContact us:https://dakucecom.freshdesk.com/support/homeWhat is Dakuce?The Dakuce project focuses on providing a powerful cryptocurrency trading platform, which not only involves cryptocurrency exchange but also other great services. We have deployed DApp and smart contracts based on blockchain technology where cryptocurrencies are exchanged for fiat currencies. Investing in our trading platform will reward you with heavy discounts on trading fees at our platform and high returns on Dakuce token. 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