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  1. Well I think that each and every pair have their favorable timings and thus you have to keep record of them and you can earn easily or you can rely on brokers. I have earned a lot through trading with my current broker.
  2. You are right. If you choose an appropriate broker you can earn a lot through Forex and I have experienced it as I have lose much money before till I came across my current broker. I have earned a lot through him.
  3. You are right, but you dont have to consider only knowledge, a good broker is also required to earn in Forex Trading. I have earned a lot through my current broker and I can say that broker do play a vital in earning through Forex Trading.
  4. Yes you can say that all of them join Forex for making a good fortune, but most of them fails as they fail to select the best broker. I have also faced such problems but now I am trading and earning happily through Forex Trading.
  5. Demo is the best way to gain experience and it is very much important for every broker to gain certain amouint of knowledge through demo trading and then enter the real world of Forex. I have earned a lot after practicing demo with my current broker for around 6 months.
  6. Well I think that the best source to learn Forex Trading is practicing trade through demo account. The real like Forex experience helps the trader to earn a lot while trading with the real stuff. I have practice with demo with my currnet broker for around 6 months, which helped me a lot to gain till now.
  7. You can save yourself from loss by selecting appropriate broker. I have faced many difficulties while trading with different brokers previously. But as and when I have started trading with my current broker I have earned a lot.
  8. Learning means to gain the knowledge regarding various aspects of Forex. It also includes the selection of an appropriate Broker. I have been trading since 3 years ago with my broker and since then I have earned a lot.
  9. Well I choose my broker because I gained the desire result with him. I have selected him after analyzing his past records and now I am happily trading.
  10. I have traded with many broker but I never got the expected result. Than I came across my current broker and now I am earning a lot through my broker.
  11. That chart of whole month`s upcoming webinar, Thank you very much for the information.
  12. By checking webiste its about Understanding Market Basics I & Understanding Market Basics II. My advice is you can participate in every webinars offer by your broker, you must learn some good points for sure.
  13. 30% Rescue Bonus This HotForex Bonus Program is intended to protect accounts from drawdown periods. The Bonus can be lost with no limitations and also used as margin. Under this policy the Bonus cannot be withdrawn. The 30% Rescue Bonus will run for a Limited Time only so make sure that you deposit as soon as possible in order to take full advantage of this exceptional promotion! Benefits: a. Can be used as increased Leverage b. Can be lost so it can actually protect accounts from Margin Calls and Stop Outs during drawdown periods c. Effectively makes the stop out level on original bala
  14. Dollar Range Sets Another Dangerous Low Extreme volatility readings are easily spotted in all corners of the financial system. Equities in particular have been a big story as activity readings have bounced along multi-year lows recently. However, nowhere are trading conditions as remarkable as the currency market. The FX Volatility Index – a measure of expected movement a month forward – has collapsed to a seven-year low. Realized activity levels have plunged similar depths. Yet, the situation is even more incredible on an individual pairing basis. ForEURUSD, the 20-day average true ra
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