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  1. soulmarket

    Christmas Flash Sale: 20% Off Site-Wide Tomorrow! Tomorrow, Christmas Day, we'll be running a 24 hour flash sale! You will be able to save a full 20% off on everything in our US store, including our ever popular Holiday Gift Kit (while supplies last).
  2. soulmarket

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  3. soulmarket

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  4. soulmarket

    The 4th of July is coming... tomorrow! Alright, so the 4th of July isn't until Thursday, but we don't want to wait that long to give our customers and affiliates a great sale to talk about! Starting tomorrow, July 1st, and running through the 4th of July, we're offering up an unbeatable lineup to help you convert some new customers and up your returning customer commissions in one fell swoop. So what's on tap? 20% off Kits! 15% off Cartomizers, Batteries and Accessories!*
  5. soulmarket

    Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette in NYC Watch on You Tube http://youtu.be/GdhSazdoVss
  6. soulmarket

    The Pro Kit The All-in-One Electronic Smoking Package. The Green Smoke® Pro Kit is a great way to move up to the rich flavor, high smoke volume, and smoke-almost-anywhere convenience of Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes. Each already low-priced kit comes with everything an e-cigarette smoker needs – PLUS a deluxe, fits-in-your-pocket carrying case to hold and carry all the essentials of e-smoking, FREE! Only $99.97. Great value at a great price! http://www.greensmoke.com/aff/921/index.htm?url=http://www.greensmoke.com/catalog/green-smoke/pro-kit/prod_7.html
  7. soulmarket

    Paid again 11/8/2011 $11.20 Paid 11/8/2011 : Paid To: Liberty Reserve account #/ID UXXXXXXX
  8. soulmarket

    Paid again 11/5/2011 $18.80 Paid 11/5/2011 : Paid To: Liberty Reserve account #/ID UXXXXXXX Paid again 11/5/2011 $18.80 Paid 11/5/2011 : Paid To: Liberty Reserve account #/ID UXXXXXXX
  9. soulmarket

    First Payout few hours after my request 11/3/2011 $219.00 Paid 11/3/2011 : Paid To: Liberty Reserve account #/ID Uxxxxxx
  10. soulmarket

    Last update from admin Hi there system I just wanted to remind you that its not so many hours til we open!!!!! Go grab your referral links, and trow out some of the nice banners we have made for your success. To secure Fast cycling. we have done this!! **We have changed so that you can buy max 3 spots the First 30 minutes. **Then we raise it to max 10, and after one hr max 200. 15% Ref Com!!! 140% Cycling. The banners have a good CTR so use them well, as they lead to a lot of sign ups to those who promoting them. Like the site says, Krazy Money Maker,, we want to see some Fast cycling here, therefor we have almost non Admin fee on the current lines!!! This is to make a ultra fast cyling for those who participating, and believe me, that if you are there right when we open, the chance of cycling is really good!! There is a 10 spot max for the first 30 minutes, then the cap will be lifted to max 200 (think that should be enough for most :) Remember that you Must have an active spot in the $8 line at all time to participate in the higher line. This $8 line is our "feeder" The intention is that you can start at "your" level and build your way up. that's why we have 2 lines with a little higher amount. there is always some who want to play it a little higher, but the rules apply to all... remember to buy in the $8 line first!! The $30 line will open 1 hour after the $8 line, and you can use the money earned in the $8 line to repurchase there (and you also save fee on AP-LR) :) Unfortunately we where not able to integrate STP, as the script provider dos not want to support them. And we on the other hand want things to go on auto, so when you buy a spot or more, they will go active immediately. This we couldn't get with STP, and therefore we decided to Skip it for now. Remember that this system is setup so You the Member shall earn money, not the Admin/s, we Only take a small portion to cover the fees and server costs. Also we buy the 2 first spots in all lines, and probably some more After most have bought there spots. We will use the profit for 2 things: 1. Feed the $8 line. 2. Feed WSC The program was sett up as a feeder to WSC, but at the same time this is a self standing site, running its own life. We believe in honesty, and will Never bend this ethic rule we have, and trust you with the same. That's why we always say upfront what this is, and not pimp it up to something its not (like most others do). Thanks for your Trust in us and we appreciate your time and effort to make this another great site! Soooo.. go grab your codes and get them out right now, so we can boost this site with some more members before launch! The Timer is on the front side, so pay attention, as it will be opened on the second it hits the time!! Be there!!! Regards Kent And Johnny
  11. soulmarket

    Updated NEWS We will open the program November 2th! We hope AP have fixed there CC solution before then. We have also added STP & LR. You will get a early notice about the launch date and time. Updated NEWS We will open the program November 2th! We hope AP have fixed there CC solution before then. We have also added STP & LR. You will get a early notice about the launch date and time.
  12. soulmarket

    From the admin. I just wanted you to know that we are now counting 299 members. ** IF AP have got there CC up and running as normal! ** ** We will open the program Wednesday 26th. ** ( I think we will open that date no mather what!!) ** You will get a early notice about the launch date and time. Note: This our system is a' fully automated system who activate your spots right after you have paid for them!! No waiting for activating and admins who cheat in the lines!! (like in may other similar programs) The 140% cy cling mode will cause a really Fast cycling. We have a mandatory rule that you need to b uy in the $8 before you buy in the higher lines. You must at all times have one active $8 spot. This is whats make the cycling even faster, and the members can start with the low lines and build there way up. There was a similar program to this a few year ago, who did it really good. There was tens of thousands of members and a LOT of cycling. I don't recall the name, but that's not important at all, as we are trying to make our own success program here. 1. There are not many rules here besides that: 2. You need to have one active in the $8 line at all time. 3. Absolutely NO SPAMMING!! 4. 10$ minimum WD limit. 5. Instant adding to the lines when you purchase. 6. Max 10 spots pr account for the First hour. 7. Also there is No forced reinvesting in the lines. 8. Admin buy in the lower lines from some of the profit! I absolutely feel that this can be a huge success over time, and we are awarding you with a 15% referral com mission. Its not possible to set this script to give different refcom %, or we would have had a two tired system. (I will check this out a little future, and if possible i will add this, then it will be 10% first level. 5% second level) But that is NOT confirmed yet :) Well that's all for now, thanks for your time. Go check out all these Great looking banners we got made,, and use them wherever you can. There is a Lot of money to be made here. Take care. Kent
  13. soulmarket

    KrazyMoneyMaker: over 230 members Kent wrote: Hi all members. Just a quick note as some are wondering when we will open. We will open the program as soon as we get 1000 members or before that. We will let you know a day before we open the lines. You can promote with the New banners we got made for us. Just log in and go to the Banner section and you will see all these great banners. Good luck, and thanks for your time. Kent
  14. soulmarket

    Already 45 millions shares purchased!! I have successfully converted my Metoos into Shares at a conversion rate of 10 Metoos for 1 share. __________________
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