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  1. maybe next time you can try more
  2. sounds exciting. who had already get the debit card and bonus?
  3. I trust my current broker hotforex and actually i‘的been used it for more than 2 years, it's pretty good.
  4. you can do business on your own, or you can trade in the financial markets like forex market. however, fortune is not made overnight. do not think you will get rich very fast. You can be a freelancer to earn yourself a living, you must have some skills and develop it into a business I am trading forex and doing my own business, now it becomes stable. actually it took me over 10 years and I am more and more confident
  5. I am also asking this and wanna more people share experiences on zulu.
  6. I am using hotforex, which is an STP broker with good customer service in a stable MT4 platform, you can have a try and see whether it's suitable for you.
  7. Thanks, which SP are you following there? how about hotforex?
  8. It's very interesting, and i really want to get some gifts from them. I heard they are also on zulu, Is zulu reliable?
  9. hotforex has won the award of ''Best FX Online Broker 2012'' by the financial magazines, The New Europe Magazine. it's a good news.
  10. it all depends on your attitude in trading. you should stick to your strategy, instead of influence by your emotions.
  11. Got it. demo accounts are more easy to blow up or earn much more virtual money since they are not real money, we prefer taking more risks.
  12. You are not interested in demo contest? there are still chances and you can join too, How is your live trading?
  13. anyone know the new promo by hotforex called "bull'seye"– Predict and Win Competition? sounds crazy but exciting.
  14. How are your progress in the contest? the market is volatile and we have chances.
  15. exactly, let's try our best. btw, i got an email about hotforex's referral program, sounds not bad too. have you got it?