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  1. but just to avoid complication with banks i highly suggest skrill, since in my opinion its the fastest really and its been around fir ages now, its a good option.
  2. i think i replied to another topic that every days its like im new to trading i mean everyday we learn something new and we try to thrive coz the market is constantly changing.
  3. my mind set with risk is simple, EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS RISKY, let it be crossing the road to simply driving a car, we just got used to it and forgot that everything we do has out lives on the line LOL. and compared to regualr jobs and small business yes forex trading is RISKY as HECK. just accept the fact thats what we have to deal with everyday, finding ways to minimize the risk of loses and gain more wins. thats trading and the battle never ends. and yes we do blow accounts every now and then lol.
  4. imagine this, like seriously, 4-5 years ago i started a small live account with hotforex, and now after all these years half a decade later, i still think im learning,I cant say im an expert, yes i do earn, yes i did learn, but the thing with forex and this is where many newbies fail is they lack patience, the long run vision. people now a days got so used to fast money, they tend to forget it takes time to build a good business/investment. so take your time with it. take is slow and continue learning.
  5. yeah i guess most brokers do offer these services really, its becoming a trend, and its a good option.
  6. more good topics to look forward to. was waiting for the update many thanks.
  7. the title is cute, im not sure what else aside from money can be found in forex (no pun intended) haha but yeah, i wont be trading my hotforex account simply to kill time, we all love to earn.
  8. is this broker on forexpeacearmy, any bacground? regulation? and lets be realists here, trading is more on what the trader do rather than the broker, brokers are simply middle men, generally classified between good and bad ones.
  9. yes might as well be one of the most riskiest businesses there is out there. not to mention it easts up money like candy. just be mindfull before doing anything crazy.
  10. yeah the broker is doing fine, I have been trading them for years, no issues mainly every priority function is working good, if you are to join simply test them with minimum amount and see for your self, best of luck
  11. yeah credit card is acceptable they are actually improving by the month and its a good sign
  12. are they trading bitcoin or accepting bitcoin? the bitcoin is rapidly evolving into everything even hotforex i think is accepting bitcoin deposits which is a good sign.
  13. im not sure about current bonuses, but lets put it simply that if there is a 200% bonus program I would actually think twice before acquiring it, 100% is hard enough. and there is no free money in forex, though hotforex offers the 100% but i did not acquire it, other bonuses can be deemed helpful such as the rescue bonuses etc. but I would rather do all my trades plain and simple with no bonuses.
  14. just based on experience here, I do trade hotforex fyi, the things needed are basic documents from IDs to proof of billing, thats a about, do make sure to go through the verification process, I think india do have a local law regarding trading international forex, most probably not allowed, but I have to say there are many indian traders making use of third party money processors such as skrill, webmoney, and neteller. pls be sure before depositing anything that you understand the simple deposit and withdrawal methods, do not fear abusing customer support with question and ask for help. best of luck
  15. yes the thing with forex and why many people fail in this industry (i cant actually say its a business) is the simple thought of belittle, and its a HIGH risk industry, you can simply lose everything if not done correctly.

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