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  1. charges per withdrawal is at 2% or 3usd locally, max witdhrawal for the card are huge depending on the bracket, i think im at 1500usd a day, compared to skrill max daily is 230+. but that would also depend on the ATM you are using, some atms has a max cash out per witdhrawal, thats why i use an HSBC atm since they do have a better cash out service.
  2. the card works good, no issues, and fees are way less than your average withdrawal options.
  3. the global trend report for 2017 is really nice, you should read it, there should be an email regarding this.. gives you a sumarized over view of what to expect for this year.
  4. well the new interface is good, simply and kept its originality, like they rearranged things and i think thats a really good step.
  5. im not sure about netteller isnt the two limitting cash withdrawals and card usage lately?
  6. bonuses have their uses, its not neccessarily a double your money thing. its used for certain strategies of small capitals to build it up faster into a sizable capital for trading, so be warry of the conditions thats comes with it, like i trade a hotforex account though they offer many bonuses, i simply decide not too since i try to keep things simple.
  7. well why not simply go for webinars, there are tons on youtube and brokers like hotforex offer them for free on a weekly basis,
  8. we should get an email or update about them soon enough, the hf rep should be posting them really soon.
  9. good list of subjects, looking forward for more this month, happy valentines in advance guys.. happy trading.
  10. im not sure if brokers are allowed to disclose it, but its been years now and the broker seems to never stop growing, so i can only imagine the numbers, and its not small. LOL
  11. spreads are important on long period of times, it accumulates and becomes quiet a sum, but mostly it affects scalpers, i dont mind spreads though in general hotforex offer good spreads on majors, since most my trades are swings.
  12. coz its a good way to make mone with the least physical effort, you control the most important aspect of the job and thats your own time.. the best thing i think about forex is the time that you have to do things with out being held to a desk for 8 hours a day.
  13. well i simply clasify forex broker into 3 categories, first the bad ones, the ones that are there to hunt for your money and eat it up second the good ones, that gives you a good chance with decent services and fair effort to earn like the rest of the world third the ones inbetween the ones that trying to make it big yet are simply starting cant say which is good which is bad but worth avoiding as well always go for good brokers with good reputations, I personally trade hotforex and thats my preference anyway.. best of luck
  14. skrill is killing it, i guess since its a EUR based company if im not mistaken, the recent decline in EUR did hit them bad lol, im looking for other alternatives, it would be nice if lmfx had their own debit card though
  15. from the looks of it, trump is trying to focus more efforts twards wall street, there is bond to be good opportunities for forex as well, but he is as unpredictable as it gets.