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  1. that got me confused hahaha on a personal note, most my transactions are mainly through skrill and their card, and i have not faced any limits really, some banks have stupid policies and its kinda screws things up
  2. not so sure, there might be one im not aware of but, try looking at their site there should be some updates about it and the VIP contest as well. i guess its about to end.
  3. if its the bank i guess different banks have different policies, i call them the mdern thieves lol, but yeah just back track and check for best option, if other banks offer better conditions then by all means go ahead and open a different account.
  4. btc is at 8250 today, is there anything thats gonna actually stop it? I dont think so, the 25k target for july of next year seems doable.
  5. they have quiet a reputation and its not that promising, i might not be trading fresh but looking at forex peace army might give people second thoughts.
  6. hi guys how is everything going?
  7. has anyone tried it yet? any update would be highly appreciated. thanks
  8. wasnt able to actually look at it, but there are live webinars offered I think on the facebook page, i think i might have got an email with this regards.. its really a good step up.
  9. vietnamese traders are actually good, it might seem crazy but it has its own calculation, i grown a fan over the years of vietnamese traders and how serious they take the industry really.
  10. its really noticeable that skrill might as well be one of the leading methods of forex withdrawals and deposits, and it cas a competitive fee.
  11. come on, well asians are good with numbers, LOL but yeah, the competition is fierce and i would say its fair pla, there are lots of good traders out there.
  12. yeah, skrill and neteller are a given most popular methods in forex, and they are really accessible and convenient.
  13. i guess its that time of the years, good luck to all participants, thats a good contest
  14. by simply listening, there will be hints here and there, usually not directly but it will give you an idea, cant say its a signal per say but its more of a predictive contradiction and makes you make the decision LOL buts thats how it is.
  15. paypal and forex is a bad mix, paypal in my opinion is a very sensitive processor, without validating claims accounts can simply be suspended and thats not good. so skrill and neteller are the popular ones in forex.