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  1. yes i have to agree, just to see how the process and live environment works, and to test withdrwal.
  2. yup, offering crypto has its perks, but the crypto market is wild, usd gbp and eur remain top forex currencies, and pairs that are linked to them, going into crypto changes a lot of fundamentals, its just different really though trading them technically is almost the same.
  3. demo is crucial for anyone that want to learn forex, and remember there are tons of materials online to learn from for free, there are free course on babypips, and you can always check out youtube just be sure to follow decent traders that know what they are doing but the biggest learning comes from actual trading and do it on demo
  4. I believe they stopped offering crypto a couple of months back, so i do my tarding on other platforms for crypto,, binance is good for crytpo and i dont think its a bad thing to separate from crypto its just to freakin volatile.
  5. i think hotforex stopped offering crypto recently.
  6. well thats true, cant argue with that.
  7. I try avoiding the nfp, no recent trades for me there, been looking at btc a lot lately, it took a hit on me. and hopefully i recover haha
  8. its kinda hard to keep track of the regulatory bodies hotforex are under. but at least you are pretty surue they mean serious business.
  9. havent checked yet if there are any, beeen busy lately..
  10. does this mean the logo will be on psg jersey? i hope so, and will we traders have access to the merch?
  11. its still going till transition in my opinion, we have to keep a watch till jan 20 2021
  12. you should find the schedule of webinars on the site, and the languages offered there. its still one going
  13. yup, i hope newcomers listen, forex trading is not a walk in the park. and best of luck to every one. hope everyone is staying safe
  14. you guys have experience withdrawing crypto and depositing, mind sharing ur process thank.
  15. its a constant process of learning, i have traded more than 6 years, mostly with hotforex and i dont think im in the success zone yet, but its a fun journey.

⤴️-Paid Ad- TGF does not endorse any products advertised. 🔥 Advertise here.🔥

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