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  1. Update Attention Everyone,, ePay is bringing a new Campaign for the coming users for 2016. This is the time when you are going to get free money by Just signing up to this Payment Processor and also referring your friends and family networks into it ePay is Free to join & Doesn't Require you to enter any CC details.. Henceforth it's easy to Signup, just a few min work to complete your profile & You get the bonus Program I ; Awards Program For New Users Time: - Jan 01, 2016 - Jan 31, 2016 Details: - Once successfully registered and completed the profile - of the epay account, users will be rewarded $1, - and their first referrers will be rewarded $0.1. Program II ; Awards Program For Verified Users Time; - Jan 01, 2016—Jan 31, 2016 GMT Details; - Once successfully being verified, users will be rewarded $3, - and their first referrers will be rewarded $0.5 Further Programs ; 1.You can copy the referral link in the 'Affiliate Program' to send to friends and invite them to participate in the program; 2.You can win commissions as a referrer once any person successfully registered/being verified under your referral link during the program; 3.The rewards will be deposited to your epay account directly; 4.The number of new users will be limited to 10000 only, and verified users also will be limited to 10000 only; 5.Epay limited reserves the right of final explanation to this program.
  2. Awesome information Dennis, I`ve gone through lot of Passages like these, but this one looked really good to me (above many others) :)
  3. yeah not just the contest now a days the brokers are also offering No-Deposit bonus.. so for those who aren't interested to spend their funds shall join up the free club hehe lol
  4. InstaForex Company Will Take Part in the ShowFx Asia Singapore Finance and Investment EXPO 2012 Insta Forex international broker invites you to visit its stand at a Forex exhibition under the ShowFx Asia international exhibition brand. The event will be held in the luxury Suntec City exhibition center in Singapore on February 10-11, 2012. Major brokers as well as banks, investment companies, dealing centers, software developers and education centers will take part in the Singapore Finance and Investment EXPO. Representatives of the Forex community will tell you about current intramarket trends, introduce innovative developments of Forex trading and present thematic books, etc. All guests of the Singapore Finance and Investment EXPO will be able to visit thematic seminars as well as held interesting conversations with other traders and Forex experts and take part in entertainments.Moreover, the company prepared a gift for every visitor of its booth in amount of $50 credited to the trading account. The lucky guests will get even more money to manage on the trading account! Do not miss the chance to receive Insta Forex brand products and souvenirs prepared for all the present and potential customers. Insta Forex international broker is the primary sponsor of the Singapore Finance and Investment EXPO http://showfxasia.com/en/singapore.html?url=instaforex' rel="external nofollow">. At the exhibition the company will introduce you to its new services and present numerous advantages of trading with Insta Forex . You will have a chance to meet young and welcoming Insta Forex representatives and held informal conversations with them. We look forward to meeting you at the ShowFx Asia exhibition in Singapore on 10–11 February!
  5. FX-1 Rally: Reality or Fantasy? Everybody has his personal idea of real and fantastic methods of earning in the present-day world. At the same time, traders have their own idea of making profit on Forex market. The overwhelming majority considers the idea of making profit on the financial markets without any investments to be unreal. They accept the necessity of significant investments, high risk, and spending much time. The customers of InstaForex Company, the best broker in Asia, adhere to the contrary opinion. InstaForex has already broken these stereotypes offering new opportunities for traders to earn more. Thus, taking part in the FX-1 Rally contest, every participant has a chance to earn up to five hundred US dollars for only one working Friday without any risk to his own money enjoying the competition and adrenalin. Wouldn’t it be enough to spend the whole weekend in a good mood? So let us introduce and congratulate the winners of the last Friday race: 1 place – Nadezhda Farrakhova (8821332) - 500 USD 2 place – Nikita Pyadukhov (8820353) - 400 USD 3 place – Anatoliy Astashin (8809927) - 300 USD 4 place – Leonid Boborik (8809274) - 200 USD 5 place – Dmitriy Doroganov (8821560) - 100 USD Take part in InstaForex contests and campaigns - efface the boundary between reality and fantasy!
  6. ForexCopy - an innovation in the world of trading InstaForex international broker is happy to introduce an innovative service - the ForexCopy system which allows copying trades of successful forex traders in a real time mode. The ForexCopy system is an InstaForex product that has no analogues on the brokerage market. This service is unique for several reasons. Firstly, it does not imply investment in profit sharing projects. Secondly, orders that have been copied are executed immediately. Thirdly, followers can choose currency pairs and trading instruments to copy trades on and enjoy subtle settings of volume of trades copied. ForexCopy members are traders who allow others to follow their trading, i.e. to copy trades from their accounts, and followers who have activated the service of automatic trades copying in Client Cabinet. As ForexCopy trader, you can have a commission for rendering this service to followers. Payments are calculated and credited to ForexCopy traders automatically. You can set a fixed payment rate for each day followed or for each trade copied. Otherwise, you can receive the commission equal to part of profit gained by followers after closing the trades copied. Once the registration with the system has been passed and the settings have been customized, the system functions automatically: followers choose you in themonitoring list and copy your trades, while the system ensures the commission crediting. As ForexCopy follower, you can automatically copy trades of professional traders on certain currency pairs and trading instruments. InstaForex Company provides followers with comprehensive statistical data on trading of every ForexCopy member for them to choose traders. You can also customize adjustments for each trader, including choosing a volume of trades to copy, selecting currency pairs and trading instruments to copy trades on and setting the daily limit of copying. You can start copying trades right after you have chosen a trader in the monitoring list. ForexCopy - the best services for InstaForex customers!
  7. why did you choose forex as your business than any other business? I want to know your reasons, my own choose forex as my business because the capital needed to invest in forex is very little, ie 1 dollar
  8. "Rally FX-1": the spirit of victory chooses the favorite! The first season of the unique "Rally FX-1" tournament for the fastest traders is coming to the end! Many InstaForex customers tried themselves as Forex racers during 2011, the best racers got deserved awards and immortalized their names on the red and white podium! Today we invite everybody who had not time to even the score to take part in a final stage of this unique contest; everybody who wants to get a great supply of adrenalin for the New Year holidays; everybody whose aim is getting a personal speed record to the only in the world Forex race circuit! And now let us introduce and congratulate the winners of the recently finished contest stages. The winners of the December 16th contest: 1 place – Maxim Vezhevych (8756729) - 500 USD 2 place – Natalya Kortak (8758320) - 400 USD 3 place – Andrey Kiselev (8767701) - 300 USD 4 place – Abdusavar Rashidov (8763769) - 200 USD 5 place – Konstantin Kozlov (8767650) - 100 USD The winners of the December 23rd contest: 1 place – Nikolay Sadzhekliev (8773762) - 500 USD 2 place – Alina Afanasyeva (8781660) - 400 USD 3 place – Denis Afanasyev (8779500) - 300 USD 4 place – Vladimir Shukshin (8773166) - 200 USD 5 place - Khoe Ferry Pranoto (8782130) - 100 USD Do not miss the chance to take part in the final stage of the "Rally FX-1" contest in 2011 - celebrate the New Year 2012 as a winner, and, as the old legend says, the spirit of victory will not leave you during the next year! Contest statistics Registration page Photos and comments of the finalists

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