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  1. are that's true? hmm, so local changer can be an optional choice to do transaction... But I think if we use LR to do deposit we can get an extra bonus for it from FBS ^^ So I still prefer to use LR
  2. right, I feel the same like you ^^ Even LR can't be access like yesterday, we still can do deposit or WD using others method that FBS provided for us right,, so don't worry we will always can do deposit or WD from our FBS account
  3. But you know bro we have many options to do transaction with our FBS account beside LR ^^ FBS really want to make us comfortable to trading with FBS
  4. I heard that the maintenance is done sir, and I can accessed the website too now... Nice we now can deposit again with LR and get an extra bonus 3% deposit from FBS ^^
  5. From what I see on Fasapay website, I think it's like a Liberty Reserve bro ^^ I think FBS really want to get closer to Indonesian traders by do this ^^ I really hope for the next move to get closer with Indonesian trader by held a seminar in Indonesia
  6. right, I think like that too.. And now too we can use Fasapay to do transaction with our FBS account, Fasapay is a system online payment from Indonesia ^^
  7. right, we must very happy about that... all of that show to us that FBS really always try to give the traders the best service and always try to do improvement to make our trading more comfortable than before ^^
  8. nice, I hope more Indonesian traders can show up on the top ten position ^^ come on keep spirit all, everything is still possible on this contest
  9. that's right, but keep the spirit bro,,, just do our best ^^ don't ever give up what ever happen...
  10. yep, same with you... I never think to move to others broker too, because I have feel very satiesfied with all the service that FBS give for trading ^^
  11. I agree with you, if FBS can keep improve their service to more better than now, I'm sure FBS can get anothers award for their service again ^^
  12. FBS have show to us that FBS really care about the traders by always try to give the best service for the traders... So I think FBS really are deserve to get this award ^^ Hopefully FBS can be more better than now
  13. I hope like that too bro, have been so long that Indonesian trader can't be the first winner of this FBS demo contest... I hope this is the time when Indonesian trader can be the winner again after the waiting so long ^^
  14. Hmm no one from Indonesia on the top ten position ^^ I hope this contest can be dominated again by Indonesian traders, and at last the winner for the FBS demo contest this time is from Indonesia
  15. keep the spirit bro, I'm sure with hard work we can be like him ^^ so let's do our best on every contest we participate all