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  1. hmm, and I heard too that we must give extra fee for Fasapay? yeah, LR have been on maintenance so we can't do transaction with LR now, I hope it will be done soon =D
  2. that's right, the service that FBS give for us is really satiesfied and make us very comfortable to trading with FBS =D so no wonder FBS become very popular among the traders now
  3. nice job bro, congratulation for your winner Mr. Khodamfx.. We all Indonesian people are very proud for you =D It's very nice to know that the winner for this NFP contest is from Indonesia
  4. that's right, no wonder from time to time the participants of this FBS demo contest is added more and more... I'm sure this contest will be harder too to winning =D
  5. absolutely, this is a really simple contest with a big prize so no wonder many traders are interested to participate =D
  6. yeah, work very hard to never give up and always learn for trading more better =D I'm sure if we always do that, one day we can be a great trader
  7. hmm, it looks that will be very hard for Indonesian trader to catch up the first position >< hopefully next week this position can change and Mr. Dadang can be in the top three position =D
  8. same with you, I almost forget about this contest too but luckily I can be the winner of this contest although I just get the fourth position =D but I have been really happy and proud for it =D don't forget to participate again on this contest next time bro
  9. you're right she have win this contest for twice =D really great right? I hope I can be like her one day, win a contest that FBS held
  10. yeah, I agree with you. you know that the first winner have been break the records for the collected funds in this FBS demo contest. I hope he can share his stategy to us =D

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