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  3. You must take effort to advertise more your website. Do some forum posting or blog commenting about it. Do all things in good way in order to provide backlinks to your website.
  4. kaichou22

    Search engine optimization is one of the toughest job to do in my part as a blog owner. I really have to work hard to succeed it. I prefer to do it by myself because I want to learn its whole process. Among the thing I do are forum posting, blog commenting, posting my blog at social networking sites, keyword stuffing, classified ad posting, etc.
  5. kaichou22

    Last Statistics as of June 3, 2012: 1. kaichou - from 1 post >>> 64 posts (made 63 posts) 2. cameronpalte - from 39 posts >>> 101 posts (62 posts) 3. SecureHYIPMonitor - from 78 posts >>> 101 posts (23 posts) 4. Webminer - from 46 posts >>> 60 posts (14 posts)
  6. I want to ask if how shall I be able to identify fake profiles on Facebook. What do you think are their reasons of doing such fake Facebook accounts/profiles? Do you have also any fake Facebook account?
  7. kaichou22

    This is the best traffic exchange site for me. You earn also by surfing. Furthermore, it had helped me to increase the traffic in my blog.
  8. kaichou22

    It is much more okay for me if you just trade it on pawnshops. It is much safer that way. You may not know the exact amount of it if you just sell it online.
  9. kaichou22

    Wonderful points from you. I had been in the online earning world for couple of years already. I had done also several online jobs that truly tested my capacity. My present works are get paid to sites and blogging. My next targer will be a website.
  10. kaichou22

    I do now understand the importance of forum marketing for my blog. It will help me top the search engine and gain also more traffic for my blog.
  11. kaichou22

    In my own case, I start working at 6am and end 12 midnight. I do not regret it since I am enjoying my online work also. More time working online means more money also.
  12. My favorite Facebook game is Pockie Ninja. It is an anime based game. I love also playing poker, scrabble, and ninja based games.
  13. kaichou22

    I agree with you. If I graduate my course in college, I will definitely turn my mind in online business (working at home). I found it easy since I could manage my own time of work. I have also more time with my family.
  14. kaichou22

    Hello to all of you. I am Mark, from Philippines.
  15. kaichou22

    Please update the standings admin. Thank you. :)
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