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  1. Just requested a withdrawal. I will post and update when I receive it. The last time I requested, it was paid manually but quickly.
  2. I cycled some silver. It's a decent program! Cycle Payment for Level Silver Completion $2.50 24 Nov 2011 00:07 Cycle Payment for Level Silver Completion $2.50 24 Nov 2011 00:07 Cycle Payment for Level Silver Completion $2.50 24 Nov 2011 00:07 Cycle Payment for Level Silver Completion $2.50 24 Nov 2011 00:07 I didn't withdraw it, but I reinvested it.
  3. Latest Update: Again to recap, your shares will earn 5% daily until Christmas. It's just $5 per share and when your shares expire, you have a free 2 X 3 matrix entry.
  4. 11/25/2011 07:42 77391353 U9838072 (Favorite Wins) + $0.12 $0.01 Got paid quickly and it's a holiday. Thank you for the payment!
  5. 11/24/2011 12:03 77320216 U3518480 (ProfitHybrid...) + $0.30 $0.01 Paying faithfully. Thank you again Profit Hybrid. You're number one!
  6. Paid: 18 $1.20 3B8A0XXX 6.4 min. ago 11/24/2011 Transfer Received From instantearners.com [email protected] Completed $1.20 USD Rate is 10% today.
  7. 11/23/2011 Transfer Received From instantearners.com [email protected] Completed $1.68 USD Got paid again. The rate was 14%
  8. Welcome to Wealth 4 All Team. There are no referral commission, just an awesome program that WILL change your life. You join and then fund your E-Wallet to buy as many positions as you choose. You may use AlertPay, or STP to fund your E-Wallet. For position purchased the software creates an Earning Center 1 x 2 matrix plus a "giving" position and each are added to master matrix in next available positions. We all play by the same rules here. Anytime your EC has 2 filled positions under it you cycle and earn 50% of what you paid for your position excluding any fees charged. Example you pay $2.00 for $2 position and you earn $1 when it cycles. After cycling you receive new EC that goes into master matrix into next available position. Please note ALL your open positions you control will be re-entered automatically 7 days after you purchase them. This ensures new positions being added daily. These positions will be paid for from E-Wallet funds.When or if you choose to discontinue funding your positions ALL will be converted to angels and ALL future earning will be forfeited. Q: Do I need to fund my subscription weekly? A: No if you have the money available in the e-wallet or in the processor, if you set up the subscription (s) with any processor. Cycle times take 7 to 14 days or sooner, if you re-invest your earnings. Join Here: http://wealth4allteam.com/index.php?spon=1416
  9. It's been over a week now since the last payment proof. Did anything happen to Basebucks? I was thinking of joining them but heard that some people's payments are pending.
  10. Favoritewins Inc. a private financial company specializing in sports betting. Favoritewins Inc. officially registered in Cayman Islands and successfully providing financial services to investors worldwide. Our company is ready to offer you absolutely transparent and the main thing a highly remunerative kind of the investments based on system developed of rates for the years safe. Plans: BRONZE PLAN DAILY INTEREST: 0.6 % PAYMENT PERIOD: 7 days MIN AMOUNT: $ 5 MAX AMOUNT: $ 50 PRINCIPAL: returned SILVER PLAN DAILY INTEREST: 1.1 % PAYMENT PERIOD: 15 days MIN AMOUNT: $ 10 MAX AMOUNT: $ 500 PRINCIPAL: returned GOLD PLAN DAILY INTEREST: 1.5 % PAYMENT PERIOD: 25 days MIN AMOUNT: $ 100 MAX AMOUNT: $ 10000 PRINCIPAL: returned Accepted currencies: LR, PM, AP. Referral commission: 3% In order to use Alertpay, members must have already deposited using LR first. I joined with a small spend in the one week plan. I may invest more later. https://www.favoritewins.com/?ref=interesting Description incorrectly posted, corrected Please read the instructions for posting a Topic Thank you, skylady
  11. 11/22/2011 02:02 77078077 U3518480 (ProfitHybrid...) + $0.20 $0.01 Got paid quickly again. Thank you Profit Hybrid.
  12. 11/21/2011 Transfer Received From instantearners.com [email protected] Completed $1.32 USD I got paid a few minutes ago. Thanks GND.
  13. This is an update from the admin: Hi All, Welcome to the UltraXProject. Just to answer some quick questions before they are updated to FAQ later. 1. You do NOT need to upgrade your Residual Matrix Position if you only want to buy shares or cycler positions. 2. If you havent upgraded, 2% Shares can be bought by clicking on the Shares tab in your back-office, and using the Get More Shares link on the left hand menu. Same goes for Cyclers. 3. Status packages which upgrade your Residual Matrix Position all earn a 33% Fast Start Bonus for the referrer. Ask Amit, he already cashed out 45.80 today from this, 7 hours after opening. 4. You ALL get a Residual Matrix position when you sign up. But, it wont earn you any commissions unless you upgrade it using a Status Package. 5. Official pre-launch opens later today, but as everything appears to be working as expected, feel free to advertise publicly if you wish. 6. First Daily Dividends run is in 3 hours, get some shares now before Official Pre-launch opens, use the voucher in the Webstore, only 5 bucks each! 7. If you have already upgraded to a basic Status package, and want to upgrade further it, there is a facility or it, but it is not fully tested. It will be available we expect later today. And I must say its great to see some new faces around here! Talk later. Sean. Admin, UXP
  14. 11/20/2011 Transfer Received From instantearners.com [email protected] Completed $1.68 USD Got paid the highest rate I've received so far.
  15. UltraXProject ACT FAST NOW FOR FIRST MOVERS ADVANTAGE!! Don't delay! Get your top positions now and do it quick. 5x8 Residual Matrix. 33% Referrers Fast Start Bonuses. 2% Daily Dividend Shares 6 Stage Super Cycling Matrices. Best of All - NO REFERRING NECESSARY Passive or Active, everyone earns here. Join Here: http://www.ultraxproject.com/interesting Description incorrectly posted, corrected again... Please read the instructions for posting a Topic Thank you, skylady