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  1. Incredible ! R U sure this HYIP is still paying after 4 mths ? 144% after 12 days is high rate.
  2. topearn

    I vote for exchange service between ecurrencies cos most of us do play in HYIP/surf sites and often we need a particular ecurrency but we have excess of another ecurrency. Many forums do not allow the members do do exchanges among themselves so this will make TGF stand out amoung the crowd. However due to scammers, a feedback score should be implemented. U4694052
  3. topearn

    I want Santa to bring me 2 pieces of 100 gm gold coin a brand new car a brand new bike U4694052
  4. I make money online from 2 main sources. I'm an exchanger for Paypal, LibertyReserves, Alertpay, MoneyBookers. I also make money online by playing (I won't call it investing as it's not) HYIPs and surf programs. Also a bit of money from affiliate sites by promoting thier products. U4694052 (topearn)
  5. topearn

    Don't join ! This site is owned by "Jack Dos Santos". The owner of EMF who scammed HUNDREDS! He suspended my account after I posted something not so nice about him in another forum. Not only did he suspend my tropical-traffic account, he also ban my EMF account.
  6. topearn

    My 1st payout - received it within 2 hours of my withdrawal request ! Date: 7/10/2010 15:53 Batch: 41075683 From Account: U4647020 Amount: $10.53 Memo: Withdrawal Tropical-Traffic.com Tropical-Traffic Rocks !
  7. This HYIP is launched by Randy, who was the admin of Surf-O-Matic, a very successful surf program which pay for an incredible 2 long years. So we can be assured that this HYIP which he just launched 3 days ago on Jun 25 will not be a scam like most of the HYIPs in existence nowdays. Dedicated Server Offsite BackupsHardCopy Data Backup Offline investments SSL Certificate Verification The Plans: Daily (Calendar days) Plan Spent Amount (US$) Daily Profit (%) Plan 1 $5 - $150 0.80 Plan 2 $151 - $500 1.00 Plan 3 $501 - $1,000 1.50 Plan 4 $1,001 - $5,000 1.70 Plan 5 $5,001 - $15,000 1.80 1 Unit = $1.00 :: Cashout term = Daily Weekly Plan Spent Amount (US$) Weekly Profit (%) Plan 6 $5 - $150 7.00 Plan 7 $151 - $500 8.40 Plan 8 $501 - $1,000 11.20 Plan 9 $1,001 - $5,000 12.60 Plan 10 $5,001 - $15,000 14.00 1 Unit = $1.00 :: Cashout term = DailyUpgrades are added automatically for AlertPay, Strict pay, LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and GlobalDigitalPay There is a Yahoo Messenger Pingbox which is pretty cool for quick questions you can ask Randy if you see him online. I expect this HYIP will run for at least 1-2 years. Closed, but continuing to pay... Please post all your payments as you receive them, again thank you
  8. Just Launched ! 5% for 30 days surfing 10 sites Minimum Investment: $1.00 Low cashout: $0.10 Referral commission: 5-10% PTC: $0.01 per click Tropical-Traffic.com is currently accepting Liberty Reserve, AlertPay and SolidTrustPay. We may add more funding options in the future. Join Here - http://www.tropical-traffic.com/?ref=10 {{ topearn, can hardly believe you didn't fill in the Description... skylady}}
  9. topearn

    neobux.com - still going strong after over a year since launching on April 2008. Have paid nearly $9,000,000, OUCH !
  10. topearn

    Hi Admin, Why don't you join in the fun and then next Saturday (payday every Saturday), we can congratulate you instead ? Minimum investment is just $1, but you need to earn min $5 to withdraw. But you get $1 free as signup bonus and thus you'll earn $0.10 daily after auto-surfing just 20 sites, so if you don't want to spend a single cent, just surf 50 days to earn the min $5 to withdraw. Free Money !
  11. topearn

    Today is Saturday, Payday ! Haha ! Date: 5/23/2009 03:43 Batch: 15436801 From Account: U7589974 Amount: $5.70 Memo: Payout from Calypso Surf
  12. topearn

    My 1st payout. Date: 5/16/2009 10:32 Batch: 15185951 From Account: U7589974 Amount: $5.70 Memo: Payout from Calypso Surf Upgraded again.
  13. topearn

    Thanks, skylady. This site is new with less than 100 members, so it is easy to grow unlike programs which already have hundreds or thousands of members and then it will have the disadvantage of getting even more members to join to support the payouts to the existing members. Anyway, this program has been paying from day 1 and has already survived 1 round of payouts (14 days), so we know that they are paying. Withdrawal is weeklys on Saturdays, so make sure you have earned min $5 to cashout, as $5 is the minimum withdrawal amount.
  14. Welcome to Calypso Surf The advertising driven money-making opportunity! Member features Free Members - Free upgrade unit on sign-up for a limited time - Zero cost - Surfing ratio 1:1 - Surf only 20 sites to earn - 10% daily earnings - 14 day expiry - $5 minimum payout - Payout request any time...paid weekly on Saturday - Advertise 1 site for free - 5% referral commission Paid Members - Each upgrade unit is $1 - Surfing ratio 1:1 - Surf only 20 sites to earn - 10% daily earnings - 14 day expiry - $5 minimum payout - Payout request any time...paid weekly on Saturday - Advertise up to 10 sites for free - 10% referral commission Advertiser features - Adpacks to suit all budgets - Unlimited impressions - Rotator bar ad packages from $33.33 per month - Front page text ad packages from $6.66 per month - Front page graphic ad packages from $10.66 per month - Pay with all popular payment processors - All our Adpacks are great value for money! Payment Processors - Liberty Reserve - Perfect Money - Strictpay - Other payment processors will be added soon! - Other payment options for advertisers. Contact us for details. Join here - http://www.calypsosurf.com/index.php?refi=topearn
  15. topearn

    Ad-market is gone, sorry. As you all know, nowadays, programs close a lot faster, so if you cannot access a particular site over a no of days, most likely it is gone.
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