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  1. And just think of the clever marketers who have convinced most of us that margarine is actually healthier than butter. Actually, I've noticed more health web sites extolling the benefits of butter over margarine. I think too many people have a fear of having any fat in their diet - even though a certain amount of fat is healthy & necessary - so they switch to products that are much worse (like margarine). I don't use much margarine or butter myself. I prefer cooking & flavoring my foods with olive oil. But if I am in the mood for a warm slice of bread or homemade rolls come Thanksgiving I definitely prefer butter over it's artificial alternatives.
  2. Paul, I recommend spending a little time reading around & finding an area that piques your interest. There are so many viable ways to make money online. Just be careful to not get caught up in the common mistake of constantly reading & studying but never taking action or jumping constantly from one thing to the next.
  3. A bunch of these are fairly common sense but unfortunately that is exactly what a lot of people in our society seem to be missing. Good of you to share. It's good to be reminded of good safe tips like these every now & then.
  4. Oh I avoid the game invites. Facebook can be such a time waster as is. I like seeing what's popular, though. One of these days I'll hire me a programmer & make my own mind-numbingly addictive game :D
  5. Calvin, if you've got time to kill to download aps & play around with a method like this, I recommend you try out a few other money making methods. You can make a whole lot more than $15 w/the same amount of time.
  6. Jade I know what you mean. I initial was building up a single Twitter account & manually adding followers. Once I got automated tools & set up multiple accounts my follower base skyrocketed. It was like I'd figured out an insider tip :)) even though I know it's no secret. It's worth investing in good automation tools, especially to help simplify the make money online process. Hope you have continued success. I'd love to hear updates on how it's going for you.
  7. I haven't done gold directly but there are some good mutual funds that focus on gold. I like having it as a little slice of my portfolio. I'm not at the point that I'd aggressively trade gold by itself due to volatility. But boy if you'd gotten into gold even a year or two ago it's certainly appreciated. I think it'll continue to hold its value w/the current economy but I'd still only want gold as a piece of my investments rather than the primary investment.
  8. So many people in our society would benefit if they'd stick w/this age old adage and substitute apples & other fresh fruit in place of all the processed junk. I keep a basket on our kitchen table that's always stocked w/apples, oranges, bananas, mango - pretty much whatever is in season. Since doing so my family snacks on a lot more fresh fruits because we've made it convenient. :)
  9. Useful method for finding .edu & .gov backlinks (rather than buying them): Google is your friend for this method. Start by typing in a query like this: site:edu inurl:blog “leave a comment” -”comments closed” -”уου muѕt bе logged іn tο comment” site:edu – this search query will only return .edu sites. inurl:blog – search results will only include ѕhοw blogs located οn those .edu domains. “leave a comment” – search results wіƖƖ οnƖу ѕhοw blogs οn .edu domains thаt hаνе comment forms -”comments closed” – Note thе “-”? blogs whеrе commenting іѕ closed will NOT be included in the search results -”уου muѕt bе logged іn tο comment” – Again note the “-”.Search results wіƖƖ exclude blogs whеrе уου need tο bе logged іn tο leave comments. To find .gov backlinks substitute site:gov for site:edu in the search query. Get creative & adjust other elements of the search parameters. If you know the right things to include in your search, Google can be quite accommodating ;)
  10. Simple tip but if you want a lot of good ideas for catchy attention-grabbing titles for your blog posts (or articles for directory submission, etc) a great place to look for ideas in at your local library  Go to the magazine section & find a few related to your niche. Grab a couple & look for headlines that stand out. If it peaks your curiosity, its worth mimicking.
  11. For those of you who are intimidated by the concept of adding a blog to your website – whether as a means to improve your on page SEO, connect with your customers, or simply as an educational tool for your site – this is for you. One of the biggest fears that prevent people from enhancing their site with blog is the fear that you aren’t a good writer. You don’t have to be an award winning writer though to deliver valuable content to your visitors. And if you don’t, who will? Your competition, that’s who! So if your obstacle is that you aren’t a writer, hate writing, or have no idea what to write about for a blog, here are a few tips to overcome those obstacles: • Set some goals as to what you want to accomplish & timelines for meeting those goals. • Set a timeline for how often you will add content. Perhaps choose a specific focus for certain days of the week like Mondays for addressing commonly asked questions, Wednesdays for spotlighting cool/effect products/services relating to your niche, & Fridays for anecdotal posts. • Start by jotting down bullet points to capture an idea quickly & get the creative juices flowing. • Get in the habit of keeping a little notebook handy to write down ideas/inspiration when it hits • Keep it simple. Write for a human audience. They aren’t expecting an English dissertation. • Write! Or type. But just do a mental dump & let your ideas flow w/out worrying about perfect grammar or witty writing style. Go back later & edit your post before publishing. • If you still can’t stand writing, look into a speech recognition software. They take a little time to “train” but can be a great time saver if you love to talk but stumble with pen & paper or typing. Hope these ideas help :D
  12. Well, I'm brand new to this forum & thus have 0 posts at present but who am I to turn down a contest? ;) I'm in!